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Still from Exploration Log 3398-█

Item #: SCP-3398

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3398 is contained in situ. Civilians are to be restricted access to SCP-3398 under the pretense of condemnation. The entire perimeter of SCP-3398 is to be sealed off using a standard chain-link fence, apart from a single gate allowing personnel access. Two personnel with memetic resistance are to be stationed in the adjacent building to SCP-3398 for close monitoring. Personnel may restrain or amnestize any civilians approaching SCP-3398 when deemed necessary.

Foundation web-crawler B7890a (“WINCHESTER”) has been set to monitor for all advertisements or mentions of SCP-3398. No visual media produced by SCP-3398, nor the full written name of the hotel is to be viewed.

Description: SCP-3398 is a hotel located in ████████, █████, which exhibits several mind-affecting properties. SCP-3398’s exterior takes an appearance of a semi-dilapidated 6-story building, composed of exposed concrete and blacked-out windows. Its only visible entrance is the front gate. The front gate is a smooth, white double door with no handles or any other visible marking, and is operated by simply being pushed to open. Its interior lobby is an identical copy of ██████████ Hotel, located in Bangkok, Thailand. Any attempts at entering SCP-3398 by means other than the front gate has been met with failure.

Any visual media pertaining to SCP-3398 or the mention of the hotel’s full name induces a memetic effect that compels subjects to then seek residence at the estate. Subjects display symptoms of elation and disorganized speech similar to that of a manic episode. This effect ceases 24 hours after viewing, or once the subject enters SCP-3398's primary elevator fully. Amnestics have also proved to be effective in relieving the memetic effect.

Individuals who enter the estate will begin to perceive a humanoid figure (hereafter designated SCP-3398-1). SCP-3398-1 takes form of a male of Southeast Asian descent in his 30's, dressed in a beige suit. The entity will vocalize hospitably, but this vocalization cannot be heard by any individual other than its direct recipient. SCP-3398-1 will then provide a key card to the person of entry, then guide them to the primary elevator. After this point, SCP-3398-1 de-materializes, until another person enters the building. The primary elevator contains only one button. Any individual who has entered the elevator and pressed the button is assumed lost.

The resulting floor contains a single, seemingly endless corridor (current accounted length: 3km). While it is lined with doors as expected of a hotel, most of the doors lead to more elevators. Hotel rooms themselves are rare and randomly-placed, and are all found to incorporate elevators and their components as part of their structure. The number of buttons inside the elevators usually exceed that of 2000. The floor numbers are largely inconsistent over all of the elevators; currently, the highest number recorded is 7███████████.

No further manned exploration is to be performed past ██/08/18 per Site Director's request.

Date: ██/05/18

F: Dr. Forrester, communications, Site ██
D: D-26821, 29 years old

D-26832 is sent in with basic civilian clothing, standard Foundation issue video camera mounted onto the head, standard Foundation issue radio equipment, and a bag filled with a flashlight, a knife, three sample bags, and rations for three days.


F: D-26821, do you copy?

[Video feed reveals the interior of the hotel lobby.]

D: Yes, yes. I can hear you. Loud and clear. (pause) Damn. This place looks way too nice. Way nicer than I though- Oh. Hello.

[SCP-3398-1 appears in front of D-26821. Even though its mouth appears to be moving, its voice is inaudible.]

Transcription of SCP-3398-1, based on lip-reading: Nice to meet you, sir. Welcome to [MEMETIC HAZARD REDACTED] Hotel. The place of magnificence, his majesty, [UNKNOWN].1 How nice of you to join us. We don't get many guests these days. Such is not a deserving fate of a wonderful place like this. Here, I will escort you towards your room right away.

F: D-26821, are you able to hear his voice?

D: Oh. You guys can't hear him? Well he's just- he's just welcoming me. He says that he has the room ready. The best room. He's giving me a key card. I can't wait. This place looks absolutely amazing. It's gonna be a sweet room, a sweet suite, (laughter) just diving into their plush, pristine bed, sled, showering with the joyful tears- secretions- of god, drinking pure orgasm from the pantry, enlightened, my fjore in lianm, [REDACTED]. It's going to be the best time of my life.

F: D-26821, it appears you have been exposed to a meme. We currently are not able to provide countermeasures to you, so just try to stay focused on our objective.

D: The room will solve everything. And I mean everything, everything, including my orqa. (to SCP-3398-1) Thank you so much, man. Thank you so much.

[D-26821 takes the key card. SCP-3398-1 continues to talk, but part of his mouth is obscured, preventing further lip-reading. SCP-3398-1 and D-26821 converse loudly, seemingly laughing. SCP-3398-1 leads him to the elevator. Slight static appears on the video feed. The interior of the elevator appears to be completely white, with a subtle, coarse texture. The door shuts, leaving D-26821 alone in the elevator.]

D: Okay. I'm in the elevator. There's… only one floor. I'll, uh, press it.

[As soon as D-26821 presses the button, the elevator shakes violently. D-26821 falls to the floor, seemingly under large amounts of g-force. both the video feed and the audio cuts out for 31 seconds. When the signal returns, the camera lies motionless.]

F: D-26821? D-26821, do you read me? D-26821?

D: Jesus. Ow. Fuck, Fuck. Fuck. What- what the hell happened? God, my fucking nose is bleeding.

F: We are not sure. Please get up and try to exit the elevator.

D: Fuck. Okay. Ow. God damn it. Did the elevator crash? (standing up, pause) The button's gone. The fucking button is gone. There's only the open button. (heavy breathing, pause) I can't go back down. (pause) I have to go out, don't I?

F: That was our main objective in the first place- and you don't have any other choice. So, yes.

D: Christ. Okay. Who knows, maybe there'll still be a comfy bed and hookers on the other side.

[At this point, memetic effects on D-26821 appears to have ceased. D-26821 pushes the "open" button. Door slides open, revealing a dim corridor. The walls are covered in beige wallpaper, and the floor is lined with dark brown carpet. No amount of aging can be seen. The sporadic lights have a deep yellow color. D-26821 turns right, which shows a corridor that seems to stretch endlessly. The left reveals the same. Numerous white elevators can be seen in place of hotel rooms.]

D: Okay. Dammit. Of course. No room of ecstasy for me. Fucking memes. (pause) That's a lot of elevators. Oh, Jesus- (pause) It smells really bad here. What do I do now?

F: Proceed right until you reach a wall, or any other structure. We will discuss your escape plan afterwards.

[D-26821 marks the elevator he came out from, them proceeds right for approximately 20 minutes. No noticeable difference from the previous structure can be seen. D-26821 takes a brief rest, then proceeds right for another 20 minutes.]


D: There's nothing but elevators. Fucking- elevators galore. What kind of a shitty hotel is this? Who makes t- wait. This door looks different. I think it's a room. About damn time.

[The door appears black, and has no visible signs of a number on its surface. D-26821 enters the room. Small parts of the room remain intact, with standard furniture typical for a hotel room. Half of the room is intruded by the elevator structure, making the shaft and the cables clearly visible. The shaft and the cables stretch indefinitely into darkness. one of the cables, seemingly severed, lie coiled on the floor next to the shaft.]

D: Dear god. That's unsettling. I wouldn't want to fall down there.

F: Take a closer look at one of the cables.

D: Jesus Christ. Okay. Alright. (pause) It's not metal. It's weird looking. Slimy, almost. Are those, are those v- [inaudible]

F: We can't determine exactly what it is from here. I want you to take a sample of it. Use your knife.

D: Oh man. Seriously? I have to touch- (pause) Okay. This is really hard to cut through. And it had to be so goddamn close to the gaping fucking hole. (pause) Alright, I got it. Jesus. That is not a pleasant texture. It's all squishy.

[D-26821 exits the room, and continues right for an additional 30 minutes. Sporadic expletives can be heard from D-26821.]


D: I'm sick and tired of this shit. It doesn't even feel like I've moved. Everything is just same, and it just goes on over and over and over and over again. This is worse than prison. How much more do I have to walk for?

F: I think that's enough for the corridors. Please enter one of the elevators.

D: Finally. At least it'll be something different.

[The video feed reveals all 4 walls and the ceiling. Buttons fill the entirety of the walls without any noticeable gap. Random numbers are seen on buttons without any particular sequence.]

D: Jesus.

F: D-26821, please push on one of the buttons.

[D-26821 pushes on a button from the right side. It has the number "1062" written on it. The elevator shakes violently again, sending D-26821 to the floor. Video and audio feed cuts out for 30 seconds. When the feed returns, D-26821 appears to be on foot. The elevator door remains closed. D-26821 pushes on the "open" button. Another corridor hosting more elevators is revealed.]

D: What a surprise.

F: D-26821, choose a higher floor. So far all the floors seem identical, but we'd like to make sure if anything changes later on.

D: This is getting harder and harder to track back. Okay, just give me a sec-

[D-26821 crouches and stands back up several times, looking at all the various buttons. He finds one that is marked "28121," and presses it. Video and audio feed cuts out for 70 seconds. When the feed returns, a corridor of identical appearance is seen. D-26821 continues his upward route for 3 hours.]


D: (pause) I can't- I can't fucking do this shit repeatedly, man. Fuck. Jesus Christ, it hurts so bad. W-[inaudible]

[D-26821 pushes on a button labeled "6082112." Video and audio feed cuts for 210 seconds. When the feed returns, D-26821 appears to be running through the corridor. D-26821 then hastily enters an elevator on his right side, which appears to have been tagged. The elevator door is closed. The video and audio quality is visibly degraded.]

F: D-26821? D-26821? Do you copy? What happened?

D: You're- you're back. Fuck, there was- there was some- Sorry, I can't- (pause) I saw a face. I got out of the fucking elevator, turned left and there was a person, or something, just a fucking face stuck in the wall, staring right at m-[static] It started to- oh, god, it started to scream, and the eyes, the fucking eyes, oh god-

F: D-26821, I want you to stay calm. Was it chasing you?

D: No, the thing was stuck in the wall- Jesus, I hope it didn't chase me.

F: D-26821, the best current course of action is for you to continue the exploration into a different floor. Once we deem that all that is necessary was found, we will send an extraction team.

D: No, no, no. I'm not doing this. I'm going back.

[D-26821 searches for the floor he originally came from, but fails. The buttons seemed to have changed places. Numerous expletives can be heard.]

F: D-26821-

D: No. D-26821 this, D-26821 that- I have a fucking name, you pieces of shit, fu-[static] Fuck. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fine. Fine. I'll continue to walk through this goddamn mind-numbing hellhole, because your ass is not satisfied. Then what? Oh, I guess I'll wait. I'll wait for your goddamn extraction team. How the fuck do you expect those bastards to get to me? This place is a fucking nightmare. I'm going to die. I'll just fucking die here. Why the fuck not. In the middle of these goddamn elevators, you- [static].

[D-26821 punches the left wall, pressing several buttons at once. The elevator shakes violently. The video and audio feed cuts for 3 hours. When they return, video feed is unrecognizable, but audio remains barely intelligible.]

F: D-26821? Do you copy? Are you able to locate yourself?

D: Oh thank God, it's you-[static] Do you fu-[inaudible]-on't even know the last number I saw. They only get higher and h-[static] No elevator goes down. Nothing goes d-[static] There's so many- [static] here- Please, just get me out. Just get me out. I don't feel [static]-ood. I don't-[static]

F: D-26821, I need you to stay calm. Do not move. We are going to send in an extraction team. You need to gather your rations and conserve energy, so you can stay alive until our team can get to you, okay?2

D: No, no, no, no-[static]-not going to-[static]-et me killed. Please, please ju-[static] Shit, shit, shit, I can't stay. I can't stay here. I have to-[static]

[Contact is lost for another 5 hours.]

D: God. Jesus. Pleas-[inaudible]-p me. Please. My leg. My le-[static]-'s gone. I'm mel-[static]- what floor am I on? I can't breathe. I can't-[inaudible]

F: D-26821? Can you hear me? D-26821? Can you state your current situation?

D: (sobbing) Please hel-[static] It took my leg, it took my fucking leg. My blood, it's- [static] God, help me, God, guys, please, get me out of here, it's taking me, it's ma-[inaudible]-I don't want to be [static] I don't want to-[static].

F: D-26821? Carl? Don't worry. We'll come get you. Just hang in there.

D: No, no, n-[static]-n't. You don't-[static] Pleas-[static] I don't want to be-[static]

[Contact is lost for 11 hours. Sporadic attempts at reconnection reveal unintelligible vocalizations. Brief contact is made at the end of the 11-hour mark.]

D: I found my room.

[Video and audio turns into static, then cuts off completely. After not receiving any signal for 24 hours, D-26821 is presumed lost.]


Date: ██/07/18

F: Dr. Forrester, communications, Site ██
A: Mr. ██████, hereafter "Alpha," 33 years old
B: Mr. ████████, hereafter "Beta," 28 years old
G: Ms. █████, hereafter "Gamma," 30 years old
D: Mr. ██████, hereafter "Delta," 31 years old

Members of MTF Zeta-9 (“Mole Rats”) were sent into SCP-3398 for the purpose of further exploration, gathering samples, possible determination of the events surrounding D-26821, and location of another point of exit. All members were equipped with standard Foundation issue video camera mounted onto the head, standard Foundation issue radio equipment, Local storage unit, and a bag filled with basic Foundation equipment package for hostile environment exploration, five (5) sample bags, and rations for 7 days.

All video footage has been lost. Below is a transcript of the audio logs discovered from the members' local storage unit.


A: Team, check in.

B: Check.

G: Check.

D: Check.

F: Alright, once you guys get in there, you'll have no choice but to be exposed to their meme. It will cease once you reach the elevator, but expect some bullshit along the way. Copy?

A, B, G, D: Copy.


B: What do I do with this key card? As if we didn't have eno- Jesus, that's a lot of elevators.

A: Alright. Gather some sample from the doors, the wall, and the floor.

D: Gathering sample.

G: We should continue upwards through the elevator. No use going through this corridor again.

B: Yeah, that poor D-class did it all for us. Wonder what happened to him?

A: That's what we're here to find out.


A: Reporting. We are currently on, presumably, floor 108,903. No differences has been noted so far from our previous floors.

F: Alright. Please continue upwards. The last floor our D-class was known to be in is still ways to go. I doubt that you will be able to find the exact floor he was in, but you might be able to land near the ballpark.

A: Copy that.

B: This place still smells terrible.

G: Are you sure it's not from you?

B: Shut up.

D: Heading up again.


A: Current floor is 278,310. Still no difference. Our watches indicate that it is 0000, so we'll be taking a rest in the corridor.

F: Good. We'll still be monitoring you guys, but be sure to notify us once anything changes.

B: Christ. Fucking finally. Those elevators are so tiring. Hurts so bad. (eating noise)

D: Beta, you should try to conserve your rations. We don't know how long we'll be here. Could be more than 7 days.

B: More than 7 fucking days? This place is so boring, man. Jesus. Alright, fine.

G: We'll eat you first once we run out of rations, beta.


B: Fuck! Fuck, Jesus-

G: Jesus Christ, Beta, what the fuck-

D: Get him off-

A: Reporting- base? Base? Do you copy? We woke up, and part of Beta's arm got, shit, stuck to the floor. It looks like it partially melted. We are trying to get the carpet around it.

B: It fucking looks like it's a part of my skin now, ow, no, don't touch it-

G: Should we head back down?

A: We can't. No elevator seems to go back down. And base isn't responding.

G: What? That was way sooner than we thought- shit- have we tried cutting through the floor?

D: You want to punch through 200 thousand floors? We'll die before we reach 1000, even with the equipment we have- Beta, no, it's going to be fine-

G: Shit, okay.

A: We have no choice but to head up. Delta, help Gamma bandage Beta's arm up. Yes, with the carpet.

B: Up? Are you fucking insane-


A: We are on floor 6,007,128. The numbers are increasing exponentially. We're noticing some changes. Slight degradation in the walls, but it seems to shift slightly when we're not looking. Our shoes are sticking to the carpet. Resting is not a viable option. Beta is in stable condition and is functional.

G: More so than usual, anyway.

B: Fuck you.

D: This is around where the D-class went insane, right?

G: Around, in a really vague sense.

B: The walls are fucking with my eyes.

A: Heading up. Again.

B: I think my clothes are melting off.


A: Floor 8789- 878,900,076. We can shift the walls by just touching it. Our shoes melted through. Bottom of our feet sticks to the carpet.

B: I'm bleeding.

D: Yeah.

G: I think there are faces in the walls.

A: We are going to continue to head up. Elevators have gone from pristine white to, uh, bumpy. Bony.

D: Again and again.


A: We lost Beta. He melted through. His eyes were still looking at me, though. Floor, uh, it's, 100, no- (pause) No. Yeah. People. There are a lot of people here.

D: I can see my bones. On my feet.

A: Put some bandage on it.

G: Hey, Delta. Your- this arm is grabbing me.

A: We should eat the rations.

D: Do saws work on human arms?

A: (eating noise)

D: Yeah, it works.


A: Floor, (pause) We didn't, I didn't keep count. Spider webs. Minced. Gamma found her room.

D: I can't feel my feet.

A: Well, it's- [inaudible]


A: Delta found his room.


A: There's nothing here.

[No further audio has been recorded until the time of the storage's discovery. All members of MTF Zeta-9 (“Mole Rats”) are presumed lost.]


Addendum: On ██/07/18, 4 bags, presumed to have belonged to D-26821 and members of the MTF Zeta-9 (“Mole Rats”), materialized in front of the gate. Inside contained all of the initial materials; samples of the elevator cable, elevator door, wallpaper and the carpet; and a note:

Lost luggage

Testing of the all the samples revealed them to have 99% matches to human DNA.

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