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nn5n: scp-3401 Anyone Fancy A Cup Of Jade? Or maybe some Earl, or Jasmine?
SafeSCP-3401 Anyone Fancy A Cup Of Jade? Or maybe some Earl, or Jasmine?Rate: 24

Item #: SCP-3401

Object Class: Safe



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3401 is contained in a standard anomalous item locker.

Description: SCP-3401 is a small brown clay teapot, measuring 11cm in height and 17cm in length. The bottom of SCP-3401 bears the inscription 'A lasting memento for any tea lover'.

SCP-3401's anomalous effects manifest when a small portion of human ash, approximately equivalent to a single teaspoon, is placed into SCP-3401 and then filled with boiled water. Ashes placed inside SCP-3401 will begin to infuse with the boiled water in a manner consistent to fermented tea leaves. The water will experience a change in colour and gain a particular scent depending on the ashes.

After 2-3 minutes, the water inside SCP-3401 will take a quasi-liquid form, coated in a thin clear membrane consistent with vegetable oil. In this state, the resulting ‘brew’ will resemble a miniaturised limp human body, resembling the individual whose ashes were used (SCP-3401-1). SCP-3401-1 instances are intricately detailed, portraying minor features of the individual, such as finger/toe nails, hair and wrinkles. SCP-3401-1 will behave partly as a single liquid mass, separating only when manipulated feasibly by exterior sources. Closer examination of SCP-3401-1 instances reveal a faint sound emanating from them, resembling a heart beat.

SCP-3401-1 may be drank and is often described as having a consistency similar to hot tea and watery jelly. SCP-3401-1 each have their own distinguishing taste depending on the ashes used, always being a complex mixture including but not limited to average tea flavours. In all cases, SCP-3401-1 instances have been reported as also having a flavour bearing similarities to the respective person's cause of death1 (A list of reported flavours can be found below).

A mixture of ashes to brew SCP-3401-1 is possible; however, the produced instance will appear as a physically deformed fusion of the respected bodies, and is described as tasting of blood and various other bodily fluids.

Partial Testing Log 3401

Cremated individual details Cause of death Flavour description
23 year old female Allergic reaction (bee sting) Sweet with a strong cherry zest and spice. Faint taste of freshly cut grass and honey.
42 year old man Homicide Aromatic, rich, bergamot orange. Hint of sweat, blood, metal and perfume.
26 year old female Suicide (jumping) Bleak, smokey flavour. Hint of whisky, concrete and salt water.2
14 year old male Reported accidental death (falling) Sweet with a flavour of vanilla and candied nuts. Slight hint of arsenic.
93 year old male Lung cancer Non-anomalous pure green tea (SCP-3401-1 was not produced).
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