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KeterSCP-3405 How To Get Away With Murder Without Really TryingRate: 31

Item #: SCP-3405

Object Class: Keter

Standard Containment Procedures: All criminal cases in the San Francisco area involving persons who match the most likely description of SCP-3405 are to be pursued by MTF Iota-10 ("Damn Feds"). Police, private detectives and other investigators working on the case are to be covertly undermined to reduce the probability of exposing civilians to an anomaly.

All persons with some probability of being SCP-3405 are to be interviewed and reviewed to verify that they are indeed SCP-3405.

Description: SCP-3405 is a humanoid of indeterminate age, gender, and appearance. While photographic evidence and direct visual confirmation suggest that SCP-3405 is a Caucasian woman in her mid-thirties, these sources cannot be trusted. Other unverified reports indicate SCP-3405 suffers from alcoholism and intense mood swings.

SCP-3405 has been a suspect in at least three different murder cases; however, no amount of investigation has yielded conclusive evidence to convict SCP-3405. While it is possible that SCP-3405’s methods are non-anomalous, the Foundation has determined the probability of anomalous interference too high to ignore.

Addendum SCP-3405-1: Below is a log of the murder cases SCP-3405 is suspect in.

Victim: Tyler Denniber

Cause of Death: Vehicular Homicide

Notes: The accident took place outside of a small bar on the outskirts of San Francisco. While there were eyewitnesses, all either could not recall the license plate, or were deemed untrustworthy. Below is a selected interview from the investigation:

<Begin Log>

Two officers are interviewing an eye witness from the scene of the crime.

Officer 1: So, you say you were at the scene of the crime.

Witness: Yeah. I just happened to be coming to be walking outside when it happened. It was, uh, gruesome to say the least. Friend of mine called 911.

Officer 2: Did you see the license plate?

Witness: I think I did. It was all a blur but I caught a few digits.

Officer 1: You didn't take a picture?

Witness: Um… no. I was too shocked to remember.

Officer 2: That's fine. What digits did you recall?

Witness: I think it started with zero, two, three.

Officer 2: Ok. I think that's all we really need right now.

Both officers leave the interview room.

Officer 2: Well, that seems to match most of the other reports.

Officer 1: Yes, but it was late and these people were drunk. How seriously can we really take them?

Officer 2: That is true, and some people did think they saw an "E" in the beginning.

Officer 1: Exactly. This is getting us nowhere.

<End Log>

Victim: Alex Johnson

Cause of Death: Stab Wounds

Notes: A steak knife was found at the scene of the crime with Johnson's blood on it. Fingerprints and genetic material were lifted from the knife. However, due to the low accuracy of these forensic methods, and the possibility that the steak knife was not the murder weapon1, the results were discarded as false positives.

Victim: Gryffin Lirus

Cause of Death: Gunshot

Notes: On 05/17/2016, Margaret Theld was detained as a possible SCP-3405 suspect, as she had varying levels of connection to the previous cases. At this point the investigation had moved under Foundation jurisdiction, so Agent Tennison conducted the interview:

<Begin Log>

Tennison: Evening.

Theld: Oh god. I was worried this would happen some day.

Tennison: As you should be. Have you heard of a man by the name of Gryffin Lirus?

Theld: Um… yes. Yes I have. He’s a coworker of mine.

Tennison: He was a coworker of yours. Mr. Lirus hasn’t been seen in a week.

Theld swallows.

Tennison: We contacted your employer too. Apparently, you two were competing for a promotion.

Theld: I— I can explain.

Tennison: Then please, explain these.

Tennison lays photos of an unidentified person burying the body of Gryffin Lirus.

Theld: Um… uh… damn it. I did it. I fucking killed him. It was late and I was drunk and I was so mad and worried. I promised myself I wouldn’t do it again… but I couldn’t stop myself! I… I went to his apartment and shot him. Buried the body in the woods. And then in the morning I realized what I did and and and I realized that the alcohol had gotten to me and I just I hate myself for it.

Theld hangs her head.

Tennison: Mhmm. So, you acted alone?

Theld: Yes.

Tennison: …I knew it. This is useless.

Theld looks up.

Theld: What?

Tennison: What kind of an idiot do you take me for?

Theld: But, but I just confessed… I did it. I killed him.

Tennison: That’s just what the killer wants us to think!

Theld: I— Uh…

Tennison walks out of the room.

Theld: … the fuck?

<End Log>

Mrs. Theld was amnesticized and released as per the review panel's instructions the next day. Efforts to detain SCP-3405 have been redoubled.

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