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Eastern section of SCP-3406. Non-anomalous in nature.

Item #: SCP-3406

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter of barbed wire is to be maintained around SCP-3406 at all time, and maintained by makeshift Site-3406. At least 200 armed security guards are to patrol SCP-3406 at all times. Thermal based weapons are to be used by personnel in case of a containment breach of SCP-3406-2 instances. SCP-3406-1 is blocked off by a steel reinforced door with an electro-magnetic lock. This door is to only be removed with the approval of three Level 4 personnel or with the approval of the Site Director of Site-3406.

SCP-3406 is to be classified as a historical site, and closed off from the public in order to prevent harm to it. Any information regarding the anomalous nature of SCP-3406, SCP-3406-1, and SCP-3406-2 are to be destroyed and replaced with falsified information produced by the External Disinformation Bureau. All individuals that believe that SCP-3406 or the surrounding phenomenon is a part of a greater conspiracy regarding Sarkic Cults or Mekhanites and the Catholic Church are to be discredited and are to be labeled by Foundation funded news organizations as untrustworthy sources.

Personnel currently or formerly a part of any organized religion are not allowed to be assigned to SCP-3406. Any civilians or members of any GoIs are to be terminated on sight, along with any rogue personnel.

Description: SCP-3406 are the ruins of a city located near what is modern day [REDACTED], Italy. The covers around 30km2 of land, and are currently believed to have been built by a group of Mekhanites between 900 BCE and 700 BCE, around 300 to 500 years after the Fall of The Adí-üm Empire and subsequent collapse of "The Cult Of Mekhanite". The majority of SCP-3406's architecture includes iconography of 'Mekhane' and several details regarding the collapse of the Adí-üm Empire.1

SCP-3406 is mostly made out of a currently unidentified anomalous metal, with the eastern section of the city made out of cobble-stone. This metal is currently believed to have been created by Mekhanites living in the area at the time. SCP-3406 has been found to have the following properties:

  • Able to hinder the affects of extrasensory mind-affecting anomalies, specifically Reality Benders of Level II or higher statues.2
  • Corrosion of the metal has not been observed since initial recovery.
  • Capable of melting the organic tissue of any Sarkic related individual. Currently unknown how it identifies Sarkic related organisms and organic material.

Despite SCP-3406's metal not being capable of corrosion, SCP-3406 has been shown to have sustained significant damage from various sources. These sources come predominately from human assault on the city and human activity near the region where SCP-3406 is currently located in.

SCP-3406-1 is a tunnel near the city church, which is made out of the same material as SCP-3406. Sonar equipment has revealed that the tunnel contains around around ~50 kilometers of metal tunneling. SCP-3406-1 also contains various, unknown creatures wandering around it. These creatures, now known as SCP-3406-2, seem to be collection of various organic materials of unknown origin into a circular form. SCP-3406-2 are extremely violent, and will lash out at all non-SCP-3406-2 instances.

SCP-3406-2 will attack via crushing the subject beneath itself. This crushes the bones and internal organs of the subject. As the subject is crushed, it is also absorbed into the mass of organic tissue. It is currently unknown if absorbed SCP-3406-2 instances are capable of independent thought or are a part of a collective consciousness. (See Addendum-3406.3)

From anthropological dig sites and the subsequent recovery of several different weapons in use at the time, it is believed that the city was destroyed between 800 CE and 900 CE. Little is known about why, but it is believed that it was destroyed by an unknown group around that time.

SCP-3406 was originally under the jurisdiction of GoI-001 from (according to documents also given over the Foundation) the 9th century to 11/2/2011, when it was transferred over to the Foundation's custody. GoI-001 had given over SCP-3406 as a symbol of cooperation between the two organizations. For more information regarding the relationship between GoI-001 and the Foundation, see Document-"Catholics and the Foundation: A History".

Addendum.3406.1: Incident Log Summary

11/2/2011 — Initial recovery of SCP-3406. 37% of SCP-3406 is destroyed and damaged.

12/25/2011 — Almost a month after acquiring SCP-3406, 13 security officers were discovered destroying a western subsection of SCP-3406. All 13 officers were discovered to have been currently a part of the GoI-001. All members are or were formerly a member of the Catholic church. All 13 officers were able to destroy one building before being detained by Site-3406's security force.

1/2/2012 — ~100 civilians, all of which identified with and are currently a part of the Catholic church, had been lead to SCP-3406 by a "great angel in the sky" during a religious pilgrimage. Civilians warned that they were trespassing on both government property and a historically important site and were warned of possible jail time if this warning was not followed.

1/3/2012 — ~300 civilians found near SCP-3406, all of which were members of the Catholic church. Claimed similar visions of an angel over the city. Denied entrance.

1/10/2012 — ~400 civilians, a combination of both groups found on 1/2/2002 and 1/3/2002, were found near the entrance of SCP-3406. Both groups claimed that Foundation personnel were keeping them from becoming closer to their God. Civilians attempted to break into SCP-3406, but were held back by security personnel before local law enforcement were able to intervene, leading in the detention of all civilians.

2/18/2012 — ~300 civilians were found inside of SCP-3406, destroying the structure of the city. All civilians detained for questioning, which revealed that half of the security personnel involved in guarding SCP-3406's entrance allowed civilians to have access to SCP-3406. When questioned, personnel responded by describing various saints from GoI-001 promising them a place in "The Ark Below." All personnel have been given E-Class status and transported to Site-2893 for further research, and all civilians have been given Class-A Amnestics.

3/1/2002 — Earthquake in the region. Currently believed to be non-anomalous in nature. SCP-3406 mostly undamaged.


PoI-2112 upon arrest.

5/20/2013 — A new religious denomination founded near the city of [REDACTED], Italy lead by PoI-2112 ("Father Han"), who was a part of Incident-2/18/2002. Religious denomination3 founded on a revival of religious fervor and extreme distrusts of multi-national organizations such as the Foundation or Global Occult Coalition. Recovered propaganda suggests reverence of various saints from GoI-001 and SCP-3406.

9/21/2013 — The Foundation, in collaboration with the local government of [REDACTED], classified GoI-3000 as a dangerous cult group with various connections to various criminal organizations. The Foundation-Italian alliance were only able to detain ~10% of the groups members, and only 2% of the groups property.

10/20/2013 — Five dead security guards were found outside of SCP-3406. All were tasked with patrolling the roads leading to SCP-3406. Various organs removed. Bite marks found along the body. Analysis of bite marks are similar in nature to a canine, but DNA analysis reveals a ~99% similarity to modern humans.

2-7-2014 — Fifteen guards found missing after a patrol along the road leading to SCP-3406. Footage of the outskirts of SCP-3406 revealed a five minute interference in the transmission. Currently believed to be a temporal anomaly related to SCP-3406.

3-1-2015 — SCP-3406-2 instance found near the entrance to SCP-3406-1. Instance eliminated. Genetic analysis reveal combination of three out of fifteen missing security personnel.

5-5-2015 — Earthquake occurs. Destroys a large section of SCP-3406 and a portion of [REDACTED], Italy. Foundation begins suspecting a possible connection between seismic activity and SCP-3406.

8-13-2015 — Personnel report interference in radio equipment. Additionally, sonar equipment begins recording previously unknown sections of SCP-3406-1.

8-14-2016 — 3.8 earthquake in region. Entire town of [REDACTED] removed under the premise of concerns over public health.

8-17-2016 — 6.7 earthquake in region. Destroys town of [REDACTED]. Non-existent causalities due to lack of civilians present for event.

9-1-2016 — Former Site-Director [REDACTED] found in his office with multiple stab wounds all across the chest, legs, and face. Security footage discovered three members of security held down the Director and stabbed him repeatedly until he died, and then cut him open and removed several internal organs. Personnel have all been terminated upon recovering any possible information from them. Organs have currently not been found.

11-11-2016Full report located in Addendum-3406.3

Addendum-3406.2: Recording from Agent [REDACTED], who had infiltrated a local sermon given by PoI-2112 from GoI-3000.

<Begin Log>
Agent [REDACTED]: — work goddamn it.

PoI-2112: — and when she touched my face, I saw them. The visions! You saw them, you know it. Children thrown against the rocks to die, their skulls crashing against them like fragile glass. Women and men being burnt alive and their skin being pulled from their skeletons, and the flesh being put back on, all for the process to start over and over again. This was the Flood. This was the Deluge that would be left for our children at the end of the world! Is this what you want your children to grow up in? To live in?

<Audience screams in disapproval>

PoI-2112: Of course not! But this 'Foundation' this <Pause> this collection of disgusting corpse pilferers, this puppet of Satan attempts to steal salvation from you! From me! From your children!

PoI-2112: They block us from entering heaven! Block us from becoming one with God, and the angel. They destroy our future for us and our children. They condemn us to a life of hell. They hate us, they hate our children, and they hate our God. And are we not allowed to fight back?

<Audience yells in agreement>

PoI-2112: Are we not allowed to fight back with every single weapon that He gives us? Are we not allowed to become soldiers of God?

<Audience yells "yes">

PoI-2112: Of course we are! Now, come to me, my children. We will become children of God. You! Come to me my child.

<PoI-2112 moves across the stage, towards a trap door.>

Agent [REDACTED]: <Whispering> The hell is th—

<PoI-2112 comes back up with one creature made up of various limbs and external organs of unknown use. What is assumed to be the mouth is oozing yellow bile. The various limbs along the sides have what are believed to be claws pointing out into several different directions. >

Agent [REDACTED]: Oh my God…

<Audience cheers.>

Man: Yes!

Woman: Death to the Foundation!

Man #2: Karcist Orio knows all!

Woman #2: His wisdom guides us towards His Ark.

PoI-2112: We will use their own bodies as weapons of her grace and intelligence!
<End Log>

GoI-3000 has been reclassified as a High Priority threat by Foundation Sites located in Italy.

Addendum-3406.3: Incident-GoI-3000/11-11-2009

Incident Designation: GoI-3000/11-11-2017

Object(s) Involved: SCP-3406, SCP-3406-1, SCP-3406-2

Date: 11-11-2017

Sites Involved: Site-77, Site-2893, Site-3406

Location: Site-3406.

Summary: On 11-11-2017, Site-77 received a distress signal from Site-3406. Distress signal detailed a large earthquake in the region. A large portion of SCP-3406 and (based off sonar readings) SCP-3406-1 had collapsed. Sonar equipment picked up on a large movement of SCP-3406-2 instances towards a then currently unknown location. At the time it was believed that instances were congregating towards a more geologically stable location. Site-3406 requested three Mobile Task Forces with backgrounds in Sarkic anomalies, biological hazards, and ancient anomalous structures. MTF Psi-7 ("Home Improvement") was deployed to investigate Site-3406 before further considerations were made.

Three hours later, Site-77 received an additional distress signal, this time detailing a containment breach from various SCP-3406-2 instances from both outside of SCP-3406 and from the entrance of SCP-3406-1. Additionally, several currently unclassified organisms were reported on the premise of SCP-3406. Said organisms were violent and highly dangerous.

MTF-Alpha-66 ("Feel My Flesh"), MTF-Beta-22 ("The Whistle-Blowers"), MTF Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters") and MTF Nu-7 ("Hammer Down") were deployed to (1) deal with a possible Site-wide containment breach and (2) to discover the possible cause of said Site-wide containment breach. In total, seven hundred officers and personnel were sent to Site-3406 in order to terminate threats to containment. Personnel were equipped with various thermal based weapons.

Upon arrival to Site-3406, biological anomalies were in the process of destroying SCP-3406 along with various non-anomalous humans. In order to minimize destruction of SCP-3406, MTFs were ordered to avoid explosive weaponry, and instead focus on using incendiary ammunition and/or ordinary ammunition. Task Forces also met up with MTF-Psi-7, and, with them, increased the number of personnel up to 750.

MTF-Nu-7 were the first ones ordered to enter into the city, making their way past several SCP-3406-2 instances that acted as a physical barrier into SCP-3406, with MTF-Alpha-66 following shortly there-after due to experience with Sarkic related anomalies. MTF-Beta-7 and Beta-22 began using long-range weaponry and smoke grenades in order to confuse both non-anomalous humans and other organisms.

After three hours of fighting, and after the death of 2000 personnel on-Site personnel and 200 Task Force members, all instances were eliminated. Surviving organisms and non-anomalous humans were taken into custody.It was found that ~70% of on Site personnel were either missing or dead. It is currently unknown where the location of the missing personnel are.

Origin: From post-incident interviews and analysis of SCP-3406-1 via sonar equipment, it was discovered that GoI-3000, in order to access a currently unknown location near or around SCP-3406-1, dug 30 kilometers beneath the surface and 50 kilometers in the direction of SCP-3406 and SCP-3406-1. Investigation into this hole revealed over 5000 individuals, all of which resemble both genetically and physically of the fifteen security personnel found missing on 10/20/2013. Additionally, over 200 other members of GoI-3000 were discovered near this mine. Many were members of political and soci-economic groups who held significant control and influence over [REDACTED], Italy.

Addendum-3406.4: Interview with PoI-2112 following Incident-GoI-3000/11-11-2017


PoI-2112 prior to being infected by SK-BIO Type Ζ. Context unknown.

Interviewer: Dr. Henderson

Subject: PoI-2112

<Begin Log>

Dr. Henderson: What is your name?

PoI-2112: I am called Karcist Orio, for that is what the angel anointed me as. My former name was Father Han.

Dr. Henderson: Former profession.

PoI-2112: I had no such former profession. I have, and always will, do the work of the Lord.

Dr. Henderson: Right.

PoI-2112: Do not worry, my child. You will see the light, one day.

Dr. Henderson: Whatever helps you sleep at night.

PoI-2112: You all see the light one day. James did, and you will too.

Dr. Henderson: Who is this 'James'.

PoI-2112: A friend who lost his way. But do not worry, he has been set straight.

Dr. Henderson: How did you set him 'straight'?

PoI-2112: The Lord finds a use for us all, in the end.

Dr. Henderson: When did you see this "angel"?

PoI-2112: She came to me while I walked along the streets of [REDACTED]. Her long dress blinded me, her hair reached down to her feet. She whispers to me, tells me of God's Ark.

Dr. Henderson: What did she tell you about this 'Ark'?

PoI-2112: That you, that you violators of everything holy and pure entered into the saintly temple and built walls around it, built barbed wire fences and guard towers and disgusting creations of Satan around this place. Your sin disgusts me. You and your 'Foundation' disgusts me.

Dr. Henderson: Is this why you created this cult?

PoI-2112: 'Cult'? Is that what you call my movement? My Holy Warriors? <Spits on table> Disgusting. Yes, yes I built my movement of Warriors to combat you. Just as those who came before.

Dr. Henderson: Those who came before?

PoI-2112: You think that the temple hasn't been desecrated before? Ha! You weren't the only ones. Every Father and Priest in Italy knows the old stories. Knows the stories of old metal men who dared to resist the Lord. To resist His Holiness. To resist civilization. They butchered our women, our children, the weak and dieasesed. They were barbarians, in the Holy States.

Dr. Henderson: The Church killed them?

PoI-2112: Yes. His Holiness ordered every last one of them butchered. It was said that the tunnels where the Ark laid ran wet with blood and metal parts. Their idols were smashed, their bodies destroyed, for they violated the body that God blessed them with. But they kept the city up, for His Holiness was fooled his advisers.

Dr. Henderson: Why did you use these guards?

PoI-2112: They were weapons of the Lord. The Lord knew that we need workers, slaves to fight for our cause. He was willing to supply us with infidels.

Dr. Henderson: How did you clone them? And where did you put the originals?

PoI-2112: There are certain creatures that remember the taste of creatures, and are capable of replicating them. Pieces recycled over and over and over. Never a waste. Always conscious. Pain of hundreds keep them complacent.

Dr. Henderson: If we were to release you to SCP-3406-1, what would you do?

PoI-2112: Join his ark.

Dr. Henderson: Why?

PoI-2112: He will protect us.

Dr. Henderson: From what?

<PoI-2112 does not respond>

Dr. Henderson: What would God protect you from?

PoI-2112: He will protect us.








Addendum-3406.5: Radio transmissions

On 3/12/2018, a distress signal was received from Site-3406. This was followed by radio silence from Site-3406. When Site-77 deployed the five previous Task Forces in order to counteract another possible containment breach, it was found that SCP-3406, SCP-3406-1, Site-3406, and all personnel stationed at SCP-3406 to be gone.

The following is a recording of this distress signal.

Dr. Henderson: Oh, jesus, fuck. What the fucking fuck, just fuck.

<Dr. Henderson can be heard hyperventilating and whispering several swears.>

Dr. Henderson: Think James, think, oh jesus, I'm so fucked. Focus.

<Clears throat>

Dr. Henderson: I am Dr. James Henderson, Level 3 psychologist, formerly stationed at former Site-43 in Jefferson County, Alabama, currently stationed at Site-3406 in It—

<Dr. Henderson stops speaking as he hears a muffled footstep. Footstep stops, and a loud snap sound is heard.>

<Footsteps continue, causing Dr. Henderson to continue breathing regularly.>

Dr. Henderson: I'm <Pause> I'm currently stationed at Site-3406, Italy. I am currently hiding in a janitorial closet on the left wing of the facility, attempting to hide from my <Pause> from my former co-workers. They've gone mad, insane. All the guards, all the personnel responsible for guarding the objects started attacking us, the researchers.

I think Orio is behind this. Ever since the interview, the guards have been agitated. More violent. Please, any Foundation Sites that can hear this. Its been a couple hours since I last heard anything, and I think they all went down the tunnel. I'm going to <Pause for five seconds> I'm going to go down, and report anything I see.

Dr. Henderson: As I descend the tunnels, the metal evaporates and the flesh replaces it. Absorbs it. Feasts on it. I can see shadows on the walls of things that have no origin. I see figures that cannot and should not be. They phase in and out like some revolving door. It looks as if they want to take on some form but can't.

Dr. Henderson: I can hear chanting, below the flesh tunnels. The tunnels ooze some yellow substance. Looks like bile, but I don't want to test something like that. Let the lab coats deal with that.

Dr. Henderson: I see them near some door. The designs <Pause> they are Sarkic in nature. Not too sure which branch, though. They look like they're messing with it, chanting. As if they're prayin—

<A loud groan can be heard. Sounds of flesh ripping a part and gushing of blood overpowers Henderson's commentary.>

Dr. Henderson: This, this thing. They want to awaken it. Raise it. Rebirth it. It looks like a fetus. It breaths, and popes, and squirms in its cage. It looks like a womb, and they'—

<Dr. Henderson pauses, and can be heard gagging, and then precedes to vomit.>

Dr. Henderson: Oh god, they're <vomiting> they're fucking fusing with it. They're walking into it and joining with that giant fucking fetus <vomiting> and they're, and they're fucking enjoying. They're sucking on the thousands of breasts that attach itself to that fucking cage and they fuck it and they—

<Dr. Henderson can be heard vomiting for ten seconds before continuing.>

Dr. Henderson: It calls for me, but I know what it wants from me. It grows larger still and the cage smells to be cracking as they all just fuse with that abomination. God, what is wrong with us? The voice won't fucking leave, it hurts. Please, fuck!

<Dr. Henderson can be heard vomiting once more as he collapses.>

Dr. Henderson: We hear it, we hear her voice. The angel, she tells us. She tells us of her imprisonment, her violation by evil serpents. There is nothing but her voice around me, nothing here but her buzzing around my head and banging against it over and over and over and over until the cage is destroyed. The cage will never be destroyed without her help. The womb must be broken.

Dr. Henderson: The serpent encased in flesh beckons to me. Her dagger stabs at me a thousand times over.

Dr. Henderson: Saare is eternal.

Upon receiving the final radio signal, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake occurred near the location of Site-3406. This resulted in the death of 20,000 people near the city. Foundation personnel were able to repair the city and a majority of Italy and suppress any mention of this event in international news organizations.

Special Containment Procedures are kept in order to avoid possible belief that SCP-3406 is currently uncontained.

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