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One variation of SCP-3408's chemical structure

Item #: SCP-3408

Object Class: Thaumiel Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the popularity of SCP-3408, it is currently considered uncontained in certain dense population centers of the world.

Foundation agents are to be inserted into the various trade markets of the substance, monitoring the use and distribution of non-anomalous derivatives and analogues that are being distributed through various channels and underground markets so as to mask the compound's anomalous properties.

Clandestine laboratories are to be expunged of all compounds bearing resemblance to the anomalous chemical structures seen via SCP-3408's gas chromatography and mass spectrometry testing. This is done to minimize population exposure to the effects of the compound and regulate any further synthesis of the substance.

Sensationalist media is to be distributed through average drug scare tactics, while other outlets are to be manipulated in order to mitigate further damage to major populace centers. This method of containment has proved successful in most cases, as the usual "War on Drugs" methods are currently useful in self-containing the compound itself.

As of ██/█/████, global trade markets have been shut down in approximately 85% of most laboratories. Despite this, there are assumed to be ██ facilities still producing SCP-3408 to this day.

Foundation interception of large-scale distribution is considered a top priority at this time.

Description: SCP-3408 is an off-white compound similar in appearance to flour. It is a hallucinogenic substance of Arylcyclohexylamine structure, with effects similar to others within the boundaries of the same designation. Therefore, it produces similar effects to those within the boarders of other NMDA Antagonists, specifically those of phencyclidine (PCP) and its derivatives.

Unlike other compounds of the same nature, SCP-3408 produces a host of anomalous traits that are not found within other analogues of the same base structure.

Analysis of SCP-3408 samples has proven to be not useful, many of which have resulted in conflicting or inconclusive outcomes. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) procured during testing have effectively culminated in various erroneous information. These outcomes imply an inconsistent or variable chemical structure. It is unknown how synthesis of this compound is formed, and is likely anomalous in nature.

Since the time of its surfacing in human populaces, over ██% of the Earth's population have willingly consumed SCP-3408 for recreational purposes.

At face value, SCP-3408 shares many similarities with others of its structure. These hallucinogenics, often referred to as dissociatives, produce feelings of disconnection from sensory receptors of the brain. This is due to non-anomalous reduction of electrical activity through the corpus collosum of most humans.

Since the exponential increase in synthesis of new entheogenic compounds found in the last century, waves of novel hallucinogenic compounds have been discovered, most of which are non-anomalous1. Studies of these compounds are of great importance to the sciences of neuropsychology, many yielding vast information upon which the Foundation has taken interest in as part of research into the nature of human consciousness.

SCP-3408's synthesis can be dated back to the early twentieth century, although the specifics, including the origin of its discovery and applications, have been mostly obscured by various parties surrounding its inception. Despite this, Foundation individuals have been able to ascertain valuable information regarding its usage and anomalous properties. Such data is available upon request through Site Head personnel approval.

SCP-3408 exhibits a large array of effects, some of which are common to substances of its kind. These effects include, but are not limited to:

  • Increase in energy, stimulation
  • Euphoria
  • Sense of calm and serenity
  • Enhanced sense of disconnection with the outside world
  • Distortion or loss of sensory perceptions
  • Closed and open-eye visual hallucinations
  • Analgesia, numbness
  • Ataxia (loss of motor coordination)
  • Significant change in perception of time (most commonly dialation compared to constriction)
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Slurred speech
  • Confusion, disorientation, disorganized thinking
  • Out-of-body experiences
  • Shifts in perception of reality
  • "Hole" experiences2 and resultant personality shifts (See Interview Log 3408-1B)
  • Intense mind-body dissociation, out-of-body experiences, highly realistic visuals
  • Delusional, psychosis-like delirium
  • Ambulatory psychotic behaviour
  • Paranoia
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Psychological dependancy/addiction
  • Frightening or untimely distortion or loss of sensory perception
  • Severe dissociation, depersonalisation
  • Discomfort, pain or numbness at administration site (including IM, IV, insufflation, buccal/sublingual and rectal absorption)

However, SCP-3408 exhibits henceforth unrecorded subjective anomalous properties that deviate highly from those of its more explainable analogues. These effects are mostly known to manifest in trials using titration, as single doses often invoke non-anomalous effects.

Those who use SCP-3408 in accordance to these specifications will experience exceptionally similar results, the likes of which do not adhere to standard theories of cognitive psychological effects.

Testing of this compounds' properties is ongoing. However, the usage of SCP-3408 is known to cause often unwanted and controversial subjective effects. Debate over its consumption has proven to be highly polarizing, as anecdotal evidence supports theorized potential for LK-Class Personality Transmutation Events. As such, testing is currently halted, as per O5 request.

Interview Log 3408-1A

Interviewee: Steven ████████

Interviewer: Agent Francis █████, stationed NYPD Officer

Notes: This interview was conducted after a Foundation-staged raid of ███████ ████, a popular nightclub in downtown NYC. Apprehended individual was a known source of SCP-3408, although said person was not involved in synthesis or large import distribution of SCP-3408.

Interviewee was highly distressed upon Foundation interception, but was released after application of Class-B Amnestics post-interview.


████████: Look, man, I don't know anything about this stuff, okay? I was told it was still legal in the area, yeah? I need a lawyer or something, right? Someone give me a lawyer.

Agent Francis: Hey, kid. You aren't in any trouble here. I just gotta ask you a few questions about what you were selling over at ███████ ████. Plain and simple.

████████: Yeah, okay. You're the good cop, right? Nice uniform for an officer, but I'm not saying anything.

Agent Francis: (Sighs) Look, I'm serious, you answer my questions, you walk free this evening. Otherwise, I'll have to throw you in a tank for the night. You don't have any prior convictions, you're mostly clean otherwise. This can be over in an hour if you just answer a couple of questions. I'm not here to charge you for distribution.

████████: (Pauses) You're serious?

Agent Francis: Yeah. So, let me get this straight. You got this, uh, what are you kids calling it on the streets now?

████████: My boy's over in the Bronx calling it 'Transcendence' or some shit. I don't know much about it, okay?

Agent Francis: Alright. And have you tried the drug itself?

████████: Yeah, man. I know that's not illegal. My body, my choice, right?

Agent Francis: Okay. Like I said, no trouble for you tonight. It's your lucky day. So, tell me, what's this stuff like?

████████: Uh, It's hard to explain. Not to be that guy, but you have to try it to know what it's like, okay. It's not easy to describe. It's weird shit, man. Crazy stuff.

Agent Francis: Just do your best. I was your age once, you know.

████████: (Scoffs) Yeah, I bet. Trying to get all chummy with me, is that it? You think I'm gonna relate, cause every nigga out here tried the same shit when they was young, yeah? Well, not this. I know the scene, some of y'all been around the block before you got your badge, I get it. But this is something new. They got scientists or some shit working on this stuff. I don't know nothing about nothing when it comes to cooking up this designer shit.

Agent Francis: Right. So, tell me, what's it like?

████████: (Laughs) I told you, I can't put it into words. They had this shit called 'roflcoptr'3, lame-ass name if you ask me, but that stuff was fire. It was like you were walking around with your body just laying there, ya' know?

Agent Francis: Okay. Well, what made you start dealing this stuff? What does it have over the other drugs that are being sold out there on the streets?

████████: I don't know, man. It's just different, I guess. Special. Got this magical feel to it. Took it once and it was like I went to another place entirely. With that rofl shit, you knew you was fucked up. Knew it was a drug, right? This had something different to it. Same deal, I saw myself layin' there on that fuckin' futon. But it was like I could walk away and never come back. Nice feeling. Don't have to deal with none of this shit that's happening out there in the world right now. You got that free roam. My body could be cut to shit and I could care less because, fuck it, right?

Agent Francis: Sounds nice.

████████: Yeah it does. But you snap back after a coupla' hours, you know? Pull you right back in. Like a dream, I guess. Gotta wake up sometime.

Agent Francis: I understand. Now, a couple of people have been found comatose because of this drug, you know anything about that?

████████: Yeah, not my people though. Nobody got hurt from my deals, probably some asshole who cut it with something nasty, yeah.

Agent Francis: Actually, all of their tox reports came back and there was nothing unusual in their systems. So, what's the difference?

████████: Fuck if I know, man. The stuff I sold was clean. I'm not about to fuck anyone over. I'm just trying to get by. Maybe they just OD'd, you know? I didn't kill nobody, okay? You know what, I'm not saying anything else. Get me a lawyer, okay?

Agent Francis: That isn't possible. And you're not in trouble. Relax, kid.

████████: (pauses) 'Ight. Okay. Okay. Yeah, there was something else someone said about it, you know? This young girl. Blonde. Didn't look the type. She said something about a hole or somethin'. I heard it before, but she said some weird shit about it. Got me all messed up for a bit. Sold her some anyway, money's always green, right?

Agent Francis: What did she say?

████████: She said next time, she was gonna jump into it for real. Weirded me the fuck out. Drugs are drugs, right? Still, don't go jumping into some goddamn hole in the floor. High as balls or not. Can I leave? I'm tired, man.

Agent Francis: Alright. One last thing.

████████: (groans) Okay, what?

Agent Francis: Did you ever see this so-called 'hole'?

████████: (pauses) I think so. Took a few bumps at a party and it caught my eye. Looked dark as fuck. Wouldn't jump in if I had the choice. Part of me said go on, you know? You smoke crack on the streets, what's some shit your seein' gonna do to you that's worse than what rock has on you. I see them crackheads out in the street, itching themselves, suckin' dick for a little piece of that cook-up. But this? Nah man, I felt something bad. Something real bad. Down that hole, I dunno man. I told myself I was tripping out, but that hole seemed like a one-way trip, if you know what I'm saying.

Agent Francis: I see. Alright, you're good to go.

████████: Really? I'm just gonna walk? That's that?

Agent Francis: Yep, that's that. (to the guard) Get this kid some forget-me-nows.

████████: Some what?


Addendum 3408-1A:
As of ██/█/████, multiple cases have been reported of users experiencing massive shifts in personality. Mania, psychosis and violent behaviors seem to be most prevalent. Many users having experienced 'Hole' effects followed by comatose-like symptoms have since initiated involuntarily actions and sudden re-awakening. Affected individuals have shown marked increase of adrenaline and cortisol present in blood testing, as well as increased brain function. Electroencephalography tests yielded unusual patterns of electrical activity in the brain, similar in effects to those who have undergone corpus collostomy procedures. Such procedures are often used in last-case scenarios of patients experiencing frequent, life-threatening epileptic episodes.

Split-brain Syndrome, a common side effect of most corpus collostomy procedures, have been shown to exhibit symptoms in 100% of cases dealt this way. Subjects experiencing these shifts, now referred to as SCP-3408-1, are to be interviewed and subsequently terminated following conclusion of said interactions.

When a subject has appeared to have symptoms of Split-brain Syndrome, hemispheres of the brain take on unique attributes of their own. This results in separate impulses and perceptions for both halves of the subject's body.

One half of which may usually retain some personality traits of the original individual. The other half seems to be occupied by a unique consciousness, referred to as SCP-3408-2. These personalities are often highly sociopathic and manipulative by nature (See Interview Log 3408-1B)

Interview Log 3408-1B

Interviewee: SCP-3408-1, formerly known as ██████ ███████, SCP-3408-2

Interviewer: Dr. Brenard █████, Foundation psychologist


Dr. █████: So, 3408-1, how are we feeling today?

SCP-3408-1: What did you call me? My name is ██████, not whatever you just said. I'm doing okay, I guess. Feel a little weird.

Dr. █████: Okay, ██████ it is. Can you describe what you are feeling?

SCP-3408-1: Well, not too sober. Better than before. But still feeling a bit off.

Dr. █████: Please, explain.

SCP-3408-1: Um, well, to be honest, I feel out of it. Like my body isn't working the way I want it to. Sometimes I'm good, sometimes not. Feeling a little numb, but it'll pass, right?

Dr. █████: I'm sure it will, can you elaborate a bit?

SCP-3408-1: You know, sometimes I don't feel like myself. Feel like somebody else. Does that make sense? Doessssss-

Subject speech slurs as the patient starts to mumble incoherently. Eyes seem to lose focus as the patient slumps back in their hospital bed. It is assumed that SCP-3408-2 is currently taking control over subject's speech functions.

Dr. █████: ██████, are you alright?

SCP-3408-2: Who? Want (incoherent).

Dr. █████: I'm sorry. What did you say?

SCP-3408-2: Out. Want out.

Dr. █████: What do you want out of, ██████?

Subject flexes and moves appendages sporadically. Subject tenses and strains against hospital-provided restraints.

SCP-3408-2: Vessel. Bad. (incoherent)

Dr. █████: ██████?

SCP-3408-2: Want out. Get me out.

Dr. █████: It's going to be okay. We'll get you out as soon as you are well.

SCP-3408-2: No. Out vessel. Get me out vessel. Want out vessel. (incoherent)

Dr. █████: I don't think I know what you are talking about.

SCP-3408-2: Please. Get me out. Hurts.

Dr. █████: What hurts, ██████?

SCP-3408-2: (incoherent) in my mind. Scalpel. Cut into head. Want out. Hurts.

Subject continues to fight restaints. BPM monitors display severe tachycardia.

Dr. █████: Can you hear me, ██████?

SCP-3408-2: Out. Get me out.

Dr. █████: ██████? Stay with me, okay?

Subject screams in apparent agony. Monitors show heart rate exceeding 240 beats per minute. After a few seconds, subject ceases screaming.

Dr. █████: ██████?

BPM monitors show rapidly stabilizing functions. Subject refuses to respond to stimuli for several minutes. After a period of about fifteen minutes, it is assumed that SCP-3408-2 is now dormant within the subject's psyche.

SCP-3408-1: (groggily) Yeah, so I feel weird sometimes. A bit numb, it'll pass though, right?

Dr. █████: I'm sure it will.


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