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Item #: SCP-3410

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3410 is to be contained at Site-███. SCP-3410-1 and SCP-3410-2 are never to be brought into close contact. All specimens of SCP-3410-2 are to be stored in one (1) cryogenic refrigeration unit per sample at all times. Under no circumstances should any species of insect life be exposed to SCP-3410-2. In the event of a power failure, reserve power is to redirected to maintain cryogenic stasis of SCP-3410-2.

SCP-3410-1 must be prevented from leaving any cave opening monitored by Site-███. To prevent any attempted containment breaches by SCP-3410-1, a combination of infrasonic wavelengths and irradiated experimental pesticides are to be pumped into all cave openings.

SCP-3410-1 is to be regularly fed nine (9) times per week.

Description: SCP-3410-1 is a 7 m insect-like entity with an estimated weight of 1,000 kg. SCP-3410-1 does not appear to be sapient or sentient, only acting on instinctive behaviors. SCP-3410-1 has been observed to be able to consume almost anything, including all vital nutrients from any natural material or mineral necessary for sustaining organic life, oil, fossil fuels, site personnel who fell into the cavern, shadows, [REDACTED], and [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-3410-2 is a viscous organic substance that SCP-3410-1 is drawn to by a biological impulse that is not fully understood by the foundation. SCP-3410-2 has an unidentified pheromone ingrained into it's basic chemical structure that has proven to induce an irresistible attractive impulse in insects of all species. While Dr. ████████ has determined that SCP-3410-2 is not a living organism, All instances of SCP-3410-2 have demonstrated a capacity for mobility as long as it is at room temperature or higher. Whenever an instance of SCP-3410-2 is motile, it will always attempt to expose itself to SCP-3410-1.

Contact SCP-3410-2 has no effect on any biological organisms other than insects. Insects contaminated by contact with SCP-3410-2 will eventually undergo a drastic metamorphosis into instances of E-3410.

Addendum: After [REDACTED], Dr. ████████ has concluded that E-3410 is capable of asexual reproduction. Autopsies of E-3410 progeny instances have been proven to be sterile. Dr. ████████ has hypothesized that SCP-3410-2 is an analogue to "royal jelly", and if SCP-3410-1 comes into contact with SCP-3410-2, it will be able to act as "queen" and start a "hive".
Note: In the event that I'm right, and that really does happen, then we are all [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]. -Dr. ████████

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