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Stanford family photo (Leland Stanford Jr. on the far right).

Item #: SCP-3411

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: At 1:00 PM on March the 19th of every year, MTF Y-37 "Lealand's Lickers" personnel are to form a 300m perimeter around the Stanford Mausoleum in preparation for the SCP-3411 event. Upon appearance, the SCP-3411-1 entity is to be terminated with extreme prejudice. For the SCP-3411 event in 2018, energy weapons with an output of no more than 4.184 gigajoules are tentatively approved for use by MTF Y-37. The campus is to be evacuated for the night of the event under false pretenses, appropriate small arms for use with MTF Y-37 must be equipped with silencers, and all explosives used in containment are to be passed off as fireworks by local media.

Description: SCP-3411 refers to an anual anomalous event taking place at the Stanford Mausoleum located at the Leland Stanford Junior University in Palo Alto, California, in which a SCP-3411-1 instance spontaneously appears inside the Mausoleum. SCP-3411-1 refers to the hostile entity generated, formed out of equivalent body matter to Leland Stanford Jr (same amount of bone mass, same amount of blood mass, ect.).

History: The first SCP event occurred in the year 1962, where the SCP-3411-1 entity was reportedly terminated by a Ph.D student by use of a tennis racket. In the years immediately following the first occurrence, the existence of SCP-3411 was unknown to the foundation, and containment was handled by the "Stanford College Republicans" According to interrogation with group members, termination was executed via the bludgeoning of the SCP-3411-1 instance with melee weapons by members of the group in a coordinated attack. During the 1968 occurrence, several members of the group were injured by the SCP-3411-1 instance. Following the event, an anonymous tip was sent to a foundation intermediary, which resulted in the relinquishing of containment to the SCP foundation.

For the first four SCP-3411 occurrences, the SCP-3411-1 entity produced was described to have more or less resembled the actual Leland Stanford Jr. at the time of his death from Typhoid. Interrogation of members of the "Stanford College Republicans" who participated in the containment of the SCP-3411 described containment at first, thus, as quite easy, and as one member described the event, "It isn't that hard [sic] for 14 guys with baseball bats to go and kill a 15 year old in the death throws of Typhoid fever." However, starting in the year 1967, the generated SCP-3411-1 instances have stoped adhering to the appearance of Leland Stanford Jr. in favor of neutralizing the effects of Typhoid on the body and increasing combat viability. Though limited by the amount of material present present in Leland Stanford Jr.'s body at the time of his death, recent SCP-3411-1 iterations have deviated increasingly away from normal human anatomy.

Year Notes
1969 SCP-3411-1 instance terminated without incident. Instance's main attack was the projectile emesis of stomach acid. Autopsy reveals instance respirated through Cutaneous respiration. Vital organs incased in bone. Partially decentralized nervous system.
1975 SCP-3411-1 instance terminated without instance. Autopsy reveals instance is a quinaped with a completely decentralized nervous system. Single mouth of a diameter of 1.8 meters with three rows of teeth found on bottom of organism's abdomen.
1982 SCP-3411-1 instance terminated through use of handheld incendiary mortar: Autopsy not possible. Instance superficially resembled a gigantic version of Blaberus giganteus. Movement speeds clocked in at up to 30 kilometers per hour.
1990 SCP-3411-1 instance terminated by use of sustained fire by M249 light machine gun. Instance resembles enlarged torso driven by wheel-type appendages. Eyes located on wheel stays. Casualty sustained after member of squad was ran over by the instance.
2012 SCP-3411-1 instance terminated by use of flamethrower. 5 casualties sustained. Instance superficially resembles a floating dodecahedron of bone, camera analysis shows that the instance was propelled by microscopic tendrils. Main method of attack was strangulation.
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