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Item #: SCP-3416

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3416 is to be stored upon a pedestal within a standard containment cell. A perimeter with a radius of 10 meters has been established around SCP-3416, in which all objects weighing less than 23kg are required to be bolted to a solid surface. Guards and personnel in proximity of the perimeter are to be wary of any spontaneously levitating objects, and must report such activity to the acting Hazardous Materials Containment Liaison (HMCL) supervisor on duty.

Access to SCP-3416 requires clearance from one level-3 personnel. A security team escort is required for any personnel entering SCP-3416’s cell. Only personnel with level 4 psychic resistance or higher are permitted within a 6 meter perimeter of SCP-3416.

Any requests from SCP-3416 are to be handled on a case-by-case basis by the acting HMCL supervisor. Privileges available to SCP-3416 are dependent on behavior, with good behavior (defined here as being non-hostile and cooperative) allowing further requests after HMCL supervisor approval. SCP-3416 should not be permitted access to materials and objects more advanced than what would be present during pre-colonial Polynesia.

SCP-3416 has been deemed prone to emotional outbursts, and any activity indicating such should be reported to the active HMCL supervisor. A trained therapist1 is assigned to SCP-3416 with regular meetings.

Following the events of Interview Log 3416-8, SCP-3416 may be permitted live animal tribute as an option still dependent on the previous rules stated for requests.

Description: SCP-3416 is a clay object sculpted to resemble a head with a height of 80 centimeters. SCP-3416 is sapient and can project a disembodied voice within an 8-meter vicinity of itself. This voice is consistently described as being deep, loud, and masculine. This voice is always heard in a listener’s primary language, albeit with a noticeable Polynesian accent.

SCP-3416 can move itself and objects weighing less than 23 kilograms via telekinetic ability. The range of this ability has shown to fluctuate, but typically remains within 10 meters of SCP-3416. The telekinetic force of SCP-3416, while unmeasured, can turn small objects (such as pens or rulers) into fatal weapons.

Additionally, SCP-3416 can instantaneously transform up to 2 liters of non-living material into pure iron once a day. This process seems to only work for materials softer than palm tree wood (an abundant material on SCP-3416’s original island). SCP-3416 refuses to perform this for any purpose other than creating weapons to attack personnel.

Any human with insufficient psychic resistance within 6 meters of SCP-3416 is at risk of mental possession. SCP-3416 can control the movement and speech of a single individual that enters a 6-meter perimeter of SCP-3416. This effect ends immediately upon exit of the 6-meter radius around SCP-3416. The method of this ability, like all of SCP-3416’s other anomalous effects, remains unknown. Affected individuals recount having full consciousness during possession.

SCP-3416 has proven itself to be prideful and commanding, despite being completely contained. SCP-3416 typically has exaggerated mannerisms in speech and action, being temperamental to the point of violence. Its abilities are easily containable and present little risk to Foundation personnel.

Addendum 3416-1: SCP-3416 was retrieved from the island of █████ ███ in Polynesia, which had noticeably remained isolated from outside influence until the capture. As this island lacked natural metals, SCP-3416 was the only source of metal in the area. Because of its abilities, SCP-3416 was worshiped as a god and ingrained in the island’s culture. Here, SCP-3416 was given the name “Anoati2,” with which it refers to itself by. It is unknown how long SCP-3416 has existed due to the lack of written records in █████ ███. Due to this past, SCP-3416 refers to itself as God and believes itself to be as such.

Selected sections of interview logs displayed below. For a complete list of interview logs, refer to Site Archivist Tharp

Interview Log 3416-3:

Interviewed: SCP-3416

Interviewer: Dr. Chelsea Simons

Foreword: Due to previous hostile behavior from SCP-3416 (Security Officer ████’s hand was impaled while intercepting an iron-transmuted pen that was used as a weapon), Dr. Simons was accompanied by a security team of four officer. SCP-3416 only speaks at a shouting volume throughout the interview.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Simons: Hello, SCP-3416. SCP-3416?

SCP-3416 is at first unseen. A repetitive banging sound projects from a corner of the room, caused by a levitating SCP-3416 slamming itself against the cell wall.

SCP-3416: No one produces Anoa-stone3 better than Anoati! I will destroy this mockery! Hah! The coward who made this must face me now!

SCP-3416 continues banging against the wall.

Dr. Simons: SCP-3416? I’m Dr. Simons. Let’s talk.

SCP-3416: Do not refer to your lord this way! I am Anoati!

Dr. Simons: I see. So, Anoati, I’ll be helping you transfer into a containment environment.

SCP-3416: I am contained by no one! I am only here because I choose to be! Now, give me a stick! I will turn it to Anoa-stone and penetrate this wall!

Dr. Simons: Anoati, you know you have to stay in here. I don't want this to be a contentious relationship. I can explain more about the Foundation to you, and I think then you’d understand why you’re here.

SCP-3416 continues banging against the wall.

Dr. Simons: Anoati, please stop that.

SCP-3416 continues.

Dr. Simons: How long have you been attacking this wall, Anoati?

SCP-3416: It has been three days since I began my assault on these confines!

Dr. Simons: Anoati, I hate to be blunt but this is pointless. You haven't made a scratch. Please, let's talk.

SCP-3416: Yes! Indeed!

SCP-3416 levitates back towards its pedestal.

SCP-3416: We shall talk! Come closer to me!

Dr. Simons approaches SCP-3416.

SCP-3416: I have controlled your mind! You are now my slave! Go! Destroy those men!

Dr. Simons audibly sighs.

SCP-3416: Do not stand there! Have you not heard me?

Dr. Simons: I have psychic resistance, Anoati. It means that your abilities won't work on me. We don’t have to be fighting.

SCP-3416: No! Kill those men!

Dr. Simons: I'd rather not.

SCP-3416: Then you are faithless! Nobody in this forsaken land knows my power! I must destroy it all!

Dr. Simons: Try to think of it our way. We’re working for a common good. We, the SCP Foundation-

SCP-3416: If you do not destroy this cage of Anoa-stonel I will destroy your puny Foundation!

Dr. Simons: Yes, I see that you're upset. I would be too.

SCP-3416: I am a god! I do not get upset!

Dr. Simons: Regardless, I'm here to help you understand what's going on around you. The containment process can be unpleasant, but I'm here to talk and explain should you need it. I’m here to help.

SCP-3416: I need no one! Your presence is unneeded, Simons, because I shall leave this place and return to █████ ███!

Dr. Simons: I'm afraid that the goal of the SCP Foundation is to keep you contained here. Due to your anomalous effects, it’s just not safe for you to-

SCP-3416: My powers have been given to me to rule!

Dr. Simons: Of course. It’s just, now you’re not the only person with powers anymore. You’re special, but-

SCP-3416: No! I will return to my people and we will destroy this terrible island! Leave me!

Dr. Simons: I see that you don’t want me around, so I can leave. Of course, you can call for me whenever and I’ll be here to help.

SCP-3416: It is too late! This place has boxed me in and refused my wishes! I must express my wrath!

Security Officer ████’s helmet, which was not properly attached to his tactical suit, begins floating two feet above his head.

SCP-3416: The wrath of the great Anoati has begun!

Security Officer ████ grabs his helmet and clips it back to his suit.

Dr. Simons: We’re going to leave now. If you need me, I’ll be back when you want to talk.

<End Log>

Interview Log 3416-7

Interviewed: SCP-3416

Interviewer: Dr. Chelsea Simons

Foreword: Session took place eight days after previous interview of SCP-3416. Of note, this is the first recorded interview after interview 3416-3 (35 days previous) in which SCP-3416 did not continually attempt to kill everyone within its room. Previous accounts report the range of SCP-3416’s effects having increased outside of its safety perimeter since last interview. Due to new security protocol, however, no injuries have been recorded. A security team comprised of four officers accompanied Dr. Simons into the chamber. SCP-3416 only speaks at a shouting volume throughout the interview.

<Begin Log>

As the team enters, their security officers’ helmets are pulled from their heads. Being properly clipped to their suits, however, all helmets remained on their respective heads. The pockets of all members entering the room were flipped inside-out, and Dr. Simons’ hair was tossed around upon entry.

SCP-3416: Face my wrath! Your god is angered and violent! The Great Anoati's wrath will only be sated by human sacrifice!

Dr. Simons: Anoati, are you ready to talk?

SCP-3416: Never! I will turn your bones to Anoa-stone and use them to break these walls!

Dr. Simons: This isn’t a good use of your time. Once you start working with me, we can be productive and help you.

SCP-3416: The Great Anoati needs no one!

Dr. Simons (addressing security team): Then let’s go.

Dr. Simons and the security team start exiting the room.

SCP-3416: I will destroy this tribe myself! You and your evil people will beg as I tower over them and I will show no mercy!

Dr. Simons approaches the door.

SCP-3416: Stop! The Great Anoati has a new decree! You cannot leave this room!

Dr. Simons: And why would that be?

Noticeable silence.

SCP-3416: I have not been given any sacrifices! Are you not faithful?

Dr. Simons: I'm not here to worship you. I'm here to help you. If you need that, I can provide it. Otherwise, I'll leave.

Dr. Simons turns to the door.

SCP-3416: Wait! Anoati seeks counsel! I am not asking for help! Speak to me!

Dr. Simons: Alright, but do you promise not to kill me?

SCP-3416: No!

Dr. Simons: That’s too bad.

Dr. Simons turns to the door again.

SCP-3416: No!

Dr. Simons: I don’t want to play games, Anoati.

SCP-3416: Leave the guards! Come to me!

Dr. Simons approaches SCP-3416. The guards remain outside of the cell on stand-by.

Dr. Simons: What's the problem?

SCP-3416: There is little problem! I am a fearless and flawless god!

Dr. Simons: That can’t be true. What’s plaguing you?

SCP-3416: Anoati does not share his problems with mortals!

Dr. Simons: Well, why don’t you try. It’ll be a secret.

This is the first recorded instance of SCP-3416's volume lowering beyond a shouting volume.

SCP-3416: I…do not want to be alone.

Dr. Simons: Then let’s talk about it.

SCP-3416: You are but a mortal. Do not pretend to understand the feeling of a god.

Dr. Simons: If I understand, you'd be feeling lonely, isolated, rejected and alienated. Would I be wrong in saying that?

Noticeable silence.

SCP-3416: I don't know.

Dr. Simons: It's normal.

SCP-3416: No! I am not normal! I am a vengeful god! People worship me in awe! They sacrifice enormous pigs and piles of birds! I create miracles for them!

Dr. Simons: But you’re not happy right now, right?

SCP-3416: I am not sad. I am not powerless. This is wrong.

Dr. Simons: This is a hard situation.

SCP-3416: Where is everyone? Where are my people?

Dr. Simons: They're still around. They're fine.

SCP-3416: Who will protect them?

Dr. Simons: We're organizing a program to incorporate their people and culture into the outer world.

SCP-3416: Outer world? There is no such thing! I am God of all land! All of the world's islands come to me for worship!

Dr. Simons: Of course. I meant, we're working to have them survive by themselves.

SCP-3416: Was I such a danger to them?

Dr. Simons: This world is full of the unexplained. Our job is to keep it contained. To protect understanding.

SCP-3416: Hah! Then I shall prove your mission faulty when I break free of this cage and slaughter all of the-

Dr. Simons: This is not what we’re talking about.

SCP-3416: Everyone but you! I have deemed you worthy!

Dr. Simons: Thank you, Anoati.

SCP-3416: Now leave me! I have much to ponder!

Dr. Simons: Ah, that reminds me. I brought something for you. You can see color, right?

SCP-3416: Of course I can! I am the Great Anoati!

Dr. Simons presents a Rubik's Cube. This object begins to float above Dr. Simons' hands.

SCP-3416: What is this weird object? Why is light, yet hard? What is it?

Dr. Simons: It's called a Rubik's Cube.

SCP-3416: Why should I accept this as my tribute?

Dr. Simons: It can be pretty monotonous in this place. You’ll benefit from some mental stimulation. And, I think you'll enjoy it.

SCP-3416: And what does a mortal like yourself do with such a cube?

Dr. Simons: It’s a puzzle. You scramble up all the sides, and you need to rearrange it so that each side is just one color.

SCP-3416: Why?

Dr. Simons: Well, it's challenging for most people. You have to use your wits to rearrange it properly.

SCP-3416: Maybe for you mortals! I, the Great Anoati, have a limitless mind! This is but a speck in the field of my senses! I will solve it with ease!

Dr. Simons: Then I’d be glad to see that next session. For now, our time is up. I’ll see you soon.

SCP-3416: This cube is nothing to me!

<End Log>

Interview Log 3416-8

Interviewed: SCP-3416

Interviewer: Dr. Chelsea Simons

Foreword: Session took place one week after previous interview of SCP-3416. Due to good behavior, a security team comprised of four officers remained on stand-by. SCP-3416 only speaks at a shouting volume throughout the interview.

<Begin Log>

SCP-3416 screams upon Dr. Simons' entry.

SCP-3416: I hate you, foul hag! You have tricked me and now, my wrath will be endless!

Dr. Simons: Hey, wow. Let's slow down.

SCP-3416: Anoati slows down for nobody!

Dr. Simons: What have I done wrong?

SCP-3416: This evil cube is unsolvable! With every foul twist it mocks me from its shining panels! I hate it! I will crush it!

Dr. Simons: Anoati, the cube isn't unsolvable. It's just hard to do. Most people can't solve it.

SCP-3416: No! I am no mortal! What is this…mind trick?

Dr. Simons: I assure you, I didn't mean any offense. It's just a puzzle.

SCP-3416: Well, Anoati despises this puzzle! I continue my war against those-who-make-weak-anoa-stone4!

Dr. Simons: Anoati, is there anything I can do to make you stop this?

SCP-3416: Sacrifice! Offer me the tribute of a life, and I shall bestow merciful mercy!

Dr. Simons: I'll see what I can do.

SCP-3416: Then go! Or I shall change my mind and slay you too!

<End Log>

Interview Log 3416-9

Interviewed: SCP-3416

Interviewer: Dr. Chelsea Simons

Foreword: Session took place four days after previous interview of SCP-3416. A security team comprised of four officers remained on stand-by. SCP-3416 only speaks at a shouting volume throughout the interview.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Simons: Good news, Anoati!

Dr. Simons enters with two security officers carrying a single deceased specimen of Sus scrofa, known as the wild boar.

SCP-3416: Hah hah! Yes! Now this is a thing I like!

SCP-3416 smashes the Rubik's Cube, which had previously been rotating six meters off of the ground, against the cell wall.

SCP-3416: I do not need this evil cube anymore!

Dr. Simons: Now, I think you can see that we're not all bad guys here.

SCP-3416: The Great Anoati must still consider! Many injustices have been done against me! Is this pig all that has to be offered?

Dr. Simons: Hey, don't push your luck.

SCP-3416: I do not believe in luck! Only the power of Anoati! More pigs!

Dr. Simons: Well, if you're going to be ungrateful, I can leave.

SCP-3416: Be grateful to me! For I am merciful and strong!

Dr. Simons leaves.

Dr. Simons: I want to be on your side. But you need to work with me.

SCP-3416: Anoati needs no one!

Dr. Simons: Anoati, I’ve been working with you for a while now. If you insist on having me leaving, I will. But be prepared that I won’t come back.

SCP-3416: Hah! Anoati is not dependent on you!

<End Log>

Interview Log 3416-10

Interviewed: SCP-3416

Interviewer: Dr. Chelsea Simons

Foreword: Session took place nine days after previous interview of SCP-3416. There had been previous reports of a "loud, bellowing sound resembling deep cries" coming from SCP-3416's cell following the events of the previous interview. A security team comprised of four officers remained on stand-by. SCP-3416 only speaks at a shouting volume throughout the interview.

<Begin Log>

The wild boar from last session still remains in the center of the cell.

SCP-3416: Simons! You have returned to me! This is a most joyous occasion! I did not know if you should ever return!

Dr. Simons: Hi, Anoati. You're ready to cooperate now?

SCP-3416: Do not leave me again!

Dr. Simons: I’d love to, but I have my own life too, Anoati.

SCP-3416: But you will not leave forever?

Dr. Simons: I'll try not to.

SCP-3416: When you said you would leave, I felt strange and wrong! I did not like this feeling! There was nobody! You are the only one I do not want to violently murder, Simons!

Dr. Simons: And the tribute didn't do anything for you? I couldn't have done it myself, after all.

SCP-3416: I respect my tribute! For it, I will not violently murder everyone from those-who-make-weak-anoa-stone!

Dr. Simons: Well, it's a start.

SCP-3416: But I hate them and their clearly inferior Anoa-stone!

Dr. Simons: I understand.

SCP-3416: Do you have any gifts to offer me?

Dr. Simons: You know, you’ve still never said hello. I figured I've worked enough for at least that.

SCP-3416: Hello, female mortal Simons!

Dr. Simons: Hello, Anoati. How have you been doing?

SCP-3416: In deep thought! If I had not destroyed that vile cube, I could've turned it into Anoa-stone and destroyed these weak walls!

Dr. Simons: It's a real pity. Pig corpse didn’t give you much company?

SCP-3416: After three days, I tired of entertaining myself with the corpse! You may have your way with it!

Dr. Simons: Sure. We can take it away. And here’s a surprise for you.

Two security officers enter carrying a deceased specimen of Sus scrofa.

SCP-3416: Ah-hah! This makes me joyful! It even makes me not want to kill the black-clad strangers who accompany you! They shall be spared from my conquest!

Dr. Simons: That's great news, Anoati.

SCP-3416: Simons!

Dr. Simons: Yes?

SCP-3416: When will I see my people again?

Dr. Simons: I’m sure the opportunity will come soon.

SCP-3416: Of course! No one can resist my indomitable will!

Dr. Simons: Is that crying I hear?

SCP-3416: No! My voice is unaltered!

Dr. Simons: Okay, Anoati, okay. They'll be glad to see you.

SCP-3416: So you know, I am still wrathful and powerful! Anoati seeks sacrifice, and reverence! Base animal offerings are an acceptable way to show this!

Dr. Simons: Of course, Anoati.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Simons' claim regarding a possible temporary return of SCP-3416 to █████ ███ are completely unsubstantiated. No plans are currently in effect to bring SCP-3416 out of containment. Dr. Simons is aware and has agreed with these protocols before the interview.

Interview Log 3416-12

Interviewed: SCP-3416

Interviewer: Dr. Chelsea Simons

Foreword: Session took place five days after previous interview of SCP-3416. A security team comprised of four officers remained on stand-by. SCP-3416 only speaks at a shouting volume throughout the interview.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Simons: Hello, Anoati.

SCP-3416: Dr. Simons! Seeing you is a welcome experience!

Dr. Simons: Thank you. I’m excited to see you too.

SCP-3416: Of course you would! Who would not be excited to see the Great Anoati!

Dr. Simons: So, I see you’ve been busy with the tribute we gave you last time.

The carcass from last session is in the center of the room, clearly mutilated.

SCP-3416: Dr. Simons! I enjoy being around you! I have made this to show you that you are one of Anoati’s chosen!

A “necklace,” made of a tied intestine with a heart attached, all transformed into iron, descends from the air.

Dr. Simons: I’m honored.

SCP-3416: As you should be!

Dr. Simons: So, I just put this around my neck?

SCP-3416 Yes! And then you never remove it!

Dr. Simons: Was there ever anybody else you’ve deemed “Anoati’s chosen?”

SCP-3416: No! You are a special human specimen! Relish in your specialness!

Dr. Simons: It’s great to work with you, Anoati.

SCP-3416: Yes!

Dr. Simons: Well, this is only gonna be a short session. I have a meeting to see if we can make those animal tributes a bit more regular for you. I’ll see you in a couple days.

SCP-3416: Do not be gone long, Simons!

<End Log>

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