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Item #: SCP-3417

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3417 is to be contained in a modified Humanoid Containment cell, with all windows treated to fully block UV rays. As SCP-3417 does not require any regular food or sustenance, SCP-3417 is only to be removed from its cell for testing purposes. The lighting system has been modified to emit ultraviolet light, and is controllable only from the site's command hub. Lights are to be turned on for no more than one minute each day. Any attempts at communication are to be reported immediately. In addition to the standard partitioned interview room, any personnel involved with SCP-3417 are recommended to wear adequate eye protection.

Description: SCP-3417 is a humanoid entity which emits light on the average of 75,000 lumens. Measurements are approximately 150 cm tall (estimated, as the brightness of the entity's light emissions make visual confirmation difficult), and 41 kg in weight. Thermographic imaging shows its body temperature to be at 500 degrees Celsius, hindering attempts to gather information though physical examination. SCP-3417 has a humanoid form roughly around the measurements of a child 10-12 years of age, but with no discernible hair or sexual characteristics. SCP-3417 does not speak, though whether this is through choice or inability is currently unknown, but it appears to understands Classical Nahuatl (see interview SCP-3417-1).

While prone to sedentary behavior in containment, SCP-3417 possesses violent tendencies and will kill if given the opportunity to do so. It will attempt to spill as much blood as possible, using its brightness and heat to kill them if nothing that can be used as a weapon is around. SCP-3417 has not been observed to attack guards or research personnel, only harming D-Class personnel that has been introduced to it. It is theorized that SCP-3417 recognizes which ones are "acceptable" for it to harm, and which ones are not.

In addition to its inherent light SCP-3417 emits UV radiation, causing DNA damage, skin cancer, and other symptoms of UV radiation. While the amount of radiation emitted seems to vary depending on its recent exposure to light containing UV rays, as does its brightness, it does not appear to be fatal, compared to malignant melanoma obtained from another source. SCP-3417 has been shown to go into periods of dormancy without light containing UV rays.

SCP-3417 was acquired in a raid on a now-defunct Serpent's Hand cell operating in [REDACTED], Mexico, after reports of unusual gang murders. SCP-3417 was taken into Foundation custody along with three Serpent's Hand members. Agents reported of at least ██ corpses found, with ritualized cuts made in such a way as to spill as much blood as possible before the death of the victims.

Interviewed: SCP-3417

Interviewer: Dr J. Hugo, with Researcher M. Ramirez translating.

Foreword: After prior attempts at communicating in the primary languages of Mexico, subject responded to Classical Nahuatl. Note: classical Nahuatl is a pictographic-based writing system.

<Begin Log>

SCP-3417: LIGHT.

Hugo: You want light? Well if you cooperate, we might be able to arrange something. Why did you kill those people?

SCP-3417: BLOOD.

Hugo: Blood. You spill quite a lot of it. Why?

Hugo: …You need sacrifices, to war with 'Night'.

SCP-3417: LIGHT.

Hugo: And light, alright. How did you come to the Serpent's Hand.

SCP-3417: LIGHT.

Hugo: I repeat, how did you meet the Serpent's Hand?


Hugo: We're not getting anymore out of it. Terminate the interview.
<End Log>

Closing Statement: While we didn't get as much we planned out of it, it provided a look into SCP-3417's motives. Further interviews could prove quite valuable. -Hugo

Interviewed: █████, a member of the Serpent's Hand.

Interviewer: Dr J. Hugo, with Researcher M. Ramirez as translator.

<Begin Log>

Hugo: Let's not beat around the bush here. I know who you and your colleagues are, you know what my organization is. How did you come into possession of SCP-3417?

█████: Possession? Were my hands free I would strike you dead. I could not possess him anymore than one could lay claim to the sky. No, he came to us, and we have been glad to serve him in this war.

Hugo: War. With night?

█████: Indeed. It chose us as its servants, to bring sacrifices to empower him to fight against the evil that will consume us all. I can think of no higher honor.

Hugo: Evil? You've killed dozens of people in service to SCP-3417.

█████: A small price to pay against all-consuming Night. Your Foundation claims to do the same for the greater good, no?

Hugo: …Where did you first come into contact with SCP-3417?

█████: At the Valley. It shone like the sun from up high, our dearest wishes fulfilled.

Hugo: You've had previous knowledge of it?

█████: Of course. He is the great ███████████████, the divine hurler, the hummingbird. Our sacrifices to him are the only thing keeping endless night from consuming us all.

Hugo: Alright. This interview is over. Agent Tao, please escort her away.

█████: Doctor you must listen to me, you need to offer more-
<End Log>

Closing Statement: No I don't believe her claims to SCP-3417's identity, but it could prove a useful research point. I recommend no more D-Class should be introduced to it until we know more about it. -Hugo.

Addendum: SCP-3417 has started to grow agitated, demanding more sacrifices. Subject has attempted to breach containment several times, and has started to attack guards. Caution is advised.

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