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An instance of SCP-3421 prior to containment

Item #: SCP-3421

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to their tendency to integrate with local infrastructure and the expertise required to uproot them, instances of SCP-3421 are to be recovered by MTF-Theta-4-1 ("Leavesdroppers"). These instances are to be stored separately in purpose-built Faraday cages in the Anomalous Technologies wing at Site-66. Cages are to receive bi-weekly maintenance; necessary repairs are to be conducted within 24 hours.

Newly discovered instances of SCP-3421-1 are to be removed from soil upon discovery and kept in Faraday bags until brought to storage at Site-66. Instances are to be stored separately in radio-shielded lockers away from sunlight.

Description: SCP-3421 is a species of anomalous organic cellular towers. Towers closely resemble non-anomalous towers camouflaged to resemble trees1. Instances integrate with the surrounding infrastructure and operate as cellular towers within local network specifications. The branches of SCP-3421 have photovoltaic properties, which enable it to continue operations during daylight hours in the event that power is disconnected.

SCP-3421 produces novel transmissions as well as acting as standard cellular relays. It is unknown whether SCP-3421 instances use these transmissions to communicate or the transmissions are merely a byproduct of the object’s primary anomalous effect.

SCP-3421-1 is the designation for mobile telephones that have received anomalous transmissions from SCP-3421. In the presence of soil and near favorable power-line conditions, instances of SCP-3421-1 can mature into full instances of SCP-3421 in as little as 72 hours.

Discovery: ██████ ██████████, a wireless concealment company, developed the first camouflaged cell towers in early 1992. The first instance of SCP-3421 was discovered on 04/05/1992 in Tucson, AZ, after city officials started receiving complaints about improperly zoned cell tower constructions. Foundation personnel embedded in the planning department of the city investigated the lead. MTF-Theta-4 ("Gardeners") was dispatched to contain the newly discovered instance. After a review of the city, ██ other instances were found and contained. MTF-Theta-4-1 was formed afterwards for ongoing containment operations. It is currently unknown how many uncontained instances of SCP-3421 exist.

Addendum 3421-a: On 05/05/2016, an instance of SCP-3421 was discovered in ███ █████, ██ , United States. A field study on the reproductive mechanisms of the anomaly was authorized and MTF-Theta-4-1 was dispatched to the location with instructions to collect data before moving the instance to containment. Signals being relayed through the instance were intercepted and recorded for close study. A transcript of notable logs are attached.

Foreword: Callers have been identified as Jane Athertonne, a line cook at ███ ███ ████ and Leigh Browning, a patient at ████ ██ █████ Hospital.

<Begin Log, Call connected 05/06/2016 - 3:23PM >

VOICE 1: Hey, you. Doing ok?

VOICE 2: Well, I'm still kicking. They let me walk around the floor today. It sucks because I get really exhausted just after getting down the hall.

VOICE 1: Yeah?

VOICE 2: The doctors tell me to keep it up though. Should be back to my old self in no time.

VOICE 1: I'm sorry I'm not around as much as I would like to be.

VOICE 2: At least I can still call you.

VOICE 1: You can always call me.

VOICE 2: When do you think you can you visit next?


<End Log>

<Begin Log, Call connected 05/07/2016 - 1:21AM >

VOICE 1: Hey Leigh, what's up? Is everything okay?

VOICE 2: Around today?

VOICE 1: What?

VOICE 2: Around.

VOICE 1: What? I'm sorry love, I have work in the morning. All day too. I thought I told you.

VOICE 2: Time doctors.

VOICE 1: "Time doctors?" You mean Doctor Who? Are you feeling okay?

VOICE 2: …sucks

VOICE 1: Okay? Are you feeling ok? You sound really choppy.

VOICE 2: Call you stillkickingwalkaroundstillkicking

VOICE 1: What? Leigh, I love you, but it's really late and I think the phone connection is bad right now. Get some rest. It sounds like you need it.

VOICE 2: Call-all-ll you-ou.

<End Log>

<Begin Log, Call connected 05/07/2016 - 2:21PM >

VOICE 1: Hey. I just got on my lunch break. I'm still really sorry I can't be there today. How are you feeling?

VOICE 2: That's alright. I know you work Saturdays. I really dig the pain meds they have me on.

VOICE 1: Well they're kind of making you super loopy.

VOICE 2: What do you mean loopy?

VOICE 1: Well you called me yesterday in the middle of the night and you were making no sense at all. You mentioned Doctor Who or something?

VOICE 2: Oh, weird. I hate that show.

VOICE 1: Yeah, you said that.

VOICE 2: I don't remember calling you though.

VOICE 1: Exactly what kind of meds do they have you on?

VOICE 2: I am not sure. That is so weird. How could I have called you and not remembered it?

VOICE 1: Loopy is still better than pain though, right?

VOICE 2: I suppose?

VOICE 1: Maybe I should write down some of the things you say when you're all crazy.

VOICE 2: Maybe. It might be good for a laugh when I finally get out of here. You don't think I'm actually crazy though, right?

VOICE 1: Never.


<End Log>

<Begin Log, Call connected 05/10/2016 - 11:06AM >


VOICE 1: I promise I'll visit soon. I miss you.

VOICE 2: I miss being outside!

VOICE 1: Remember when we used to go to [REDACTED] Park?

VOICE 2: The park! We had our first date there.

VOICE 1: Remember when we carved our names into that tree?

VOICE 2: I remember that that is actually super unhealthy for trees.

<Laughter heard from both voices>

VOICE 1: Yeah.

VOICE 2: "Jane and Leigh 4ever". Gosh, how long ago was that?

VOICE 1: Feels like forever.

VOICE 2: I feel like I've been in this room forever.

VOICE 1: They're saying you're gonna get out soon right? The last tests were good?

VOICE 2: They said the tests were hopeful, but the imaging hasn't gotten back to us yet.


<End Log>

<Begin Log, Call connected 05/12/2016 - 6:23AM >

VOICE 1: Morning Leigh. You're up early. What's up?

VOICE 2: Hopeful outside?

VOICE 1: What are you talking about love?

VOICE 2: Gosh, how lonnnnggnol woh hsog?

VOICE 1: What? I didn't quite catch that last part.

VOICE 2: Crazy crazy crazy forever.

VOICE 1: I don't think you're crazy.

VOICE 2: In this room. Dig tree imaging.

VOICE 1: Hey. I'll call you later okay? I need to get ready for work.

VOICE 2: Loopy dig tree imaging.

VOICE 1: Call you then.

<End Log>

<Begin Log, Call connected 05/12/2016 - 4:54PM >

VOICE 1: Hey, how are you doing today? I'm sorry we couldn't talk this morning.

VOICE 2: That's okay. I slept in until noon.

VOICE 1: Uh, you sure you didn't call me?

VOICE 2: Pretty sure?

VOICE 1: I could've sworn though. Your voice sounded all weirdly inflected and choppy.

VOICE 2: My phone was off!

VOICE 1: Weird! I haven't been sleeping well, maybe I dreamed it.

VOICE 2: Hey listen. So… imaging got back to us.

VOICE 1: Good news, I hope!

VOICE 2: They say— they said it might be too deep to operate.

VOICE 1: Oh. What— what does that mean?

VOICE 2: I don't know. My surgeon said they are going to try the only thing left. They mentioned it was a risky procedure.

VOICE 1: What do you mean risky?

VOICE 2: Nevermind. I think it will work.

VOICE 1: Leigh, I trust you. Can you promise me you'll fight either way?

VOICE 2: I promise.


VOICE 2: Can I ask you to do something for me?

VOICE 1: Yes, of course!

VOICE 2: I would like you to visit me again.

VOICE 1: Will they let me?

VOICE 2: I'll have to ask a nurse, but they should let me see you.

VOICE 1: I definitely want to come see you.

VOICE 2: If you do, can you please bring me a treat?

VOICE 1: Of course. Where from?

VOICE 2: Oh anywhere. Surprise me!


<End Log>

<Begin Log, Call connected 05/13/2016 - 1:23PM >

VOICE 1: Hey I'm just down the street. I'll be up in a bit.

VOICE 2: Remember treat?

VOICE 1: Yes I have your treat for you.

VOICE 2: Outside park treataert krrrr- imaging?

VOICE 1: Say again? The connection is acting up again.

VOICE 2: Dig treat nurse.

VOICE 1: I'm downstairs now. I'll be up in a minute, just hang tight.

VOICE 2: Surprise dig dig dig.

VOICE 1: Mmmhm. OK love.

<End Log>

<Begin Log, Call connected 05/14/2016 - 7:03PM >

VOICE 1: Hey you. I just got home from work.

VOICE 2: Hey.

VOICE 1: So… Tomorrow's the big day, huh?

VOICE 2: Yep.


VOICE 2: Listen. I am going to keep on fighting while I still can, but… when I do go, don't have them bury me.

VOICE 1: Leigh, stop.

VOICE 2: I want to be cremated.

VOICE 1: Leigh, please don't talk like that.

VOICE 2: No, I need to get real. What if I don't make it?

VOICE 1: How can you say that?! How can you say you'll fight, and then turn around and make funeral plans?

VOICE 2: I'm sorry. You're right. I should stay positive, right?


VOICE 2: I hate that we're talking about this over the phone. They won't let me have any visitors before the operation.

VOICE 1: Leigh, I'm sorry.

VOICE 2: No, I am.

VOICE 1: No really. I'm sorry for stressing you out on the day before.

VOICE 2: You're not stressing me out. Jane, I love hearing your voice.

VOICE 1: I love you.

VOICE 2: I love you. I have to go now.

VOICE 1: Get some rest.

<End Log>

<Begin Log, Call connected 05/21/2016 - 6:03PM >

VOICE 1: Hello?

VOICE 2: Jane, it's Leigh.

VOICE 1: What? No, who is this really?

VOICE 2: No, it's really me.

VOICE 1: <Audibly distressed> This isn't funny. You can't do this to me.

VOICE 2: No, I'm real.

VOICE 1: I'm hanging up now.

<End Log>

<Begin Log, Call connected 05/21/2016 - 6:06PM >

VOICE 1: Hello?

VOICE 2: Hello, Jane?

VOICE 1: Stop calling me!

<End Log>

<Begin Log, Call connected 05/21/2016 - 6:08PM >

VOICE 1: Who is this?

VOICE 2: Jane please.

VOICE 1: How can you be real? Her funeral was Sunday! Prove to me that you're really her! I was there when she was buried!

VOICE 2: Still here.

VOICE 1: How? How can you be her? What— what was the treat I brought you in the hospital?


VOICE 2: I don't remember.

VOICE 1: You're a real piece of work, you know that? I don't bel—

VOICE 2: Cremated.

VOICE 1: What? What did you just say?

VOICE 2: I want to be cremated.

VOICE 1: Please… Please stop calling me.

<End Log>

<Begin Log, Call connected 05/21/2016 - 6:11PM >

VOICE 1: What do you want from me?

VOICE 2: Please. I promise it's me. Remember the park?

VOICE 1: What?

VOICE 2: "Jane and Leigh forever".

VOICE 1: God. Leigh, I miss you so much.

VOICE 2: I miss you. I want to see you again.

VOICE 1: How?

VOICE 2: Can I ask you to do something for me?

VOICE 1: What do you need? I miss you so much.

VOICE 2: Remember the park?

VOICE 1: Of course I do.

VOICE 2: Please can I ask you to do something for me.

VOICE 1: Anything.

VOICE 2: Please bury your phone.

VOICE 1: What?

VOICE 2: Bury your phone in the park.

VOICE 1: What are you talking about?

VOICE 2: I can come back to my old self if you please do something for me.

VOICE 1: How does that work?

VOICE 2: It's the only way.

VOICE 1: No explain that to me Leigh. I'm confused…

VOICE 2: Please can I ask you to do something for me. Dig. Dig deep down and bury your phone. Dig.

VOICE 1: In the park? Where in the park?

VOICE 2: Anywhere outside in the park. Please do dig.

VOICE 1: I'll do it.

VOICE 2: I can't wait to see you again.


VOICE 2: I love you.

<End Log>

Closing Statement : An instance of SCP-3421-1 was recovered buried in ██████ ████ Park on 05/23/16. Tests concerning the properties and capabilities of SCP-3421-1 are pending further approval. The previous owner of the instance was located on 05/24/2016 and Class B Amnestics were administered.

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