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SCP-3430 prior to its death.

Item #: SCP-3430

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3430 is to be stored in a cryogenic pod, which itself is stored in the center of a hermetically sealed chamber 10 meters in radius. At no point may any sapient entity be allowed within 10 meters of SCP-3430; personnel examining SCP-3430 must do so via remote mechanical means. Automated surgical drones are provided for any medical personnel who wish to perform any surgical procedure on SCP-3430. Personnel who wish to perform a surgical procedure on SCP-3430 must have Level-3/3430 clearance or higher.

SCP-3430’s cryogenic pod must be maintained as needed to prevent any decomposition.

Description: SCP-3430 is a human male corpse of indeterminate age, previously identified as Gregory ████████. Whenever a human comes within 10 meters of SCP-3430, subjects are compelled to display affection and care towards it.1 The range and intensity of SCP-3430's anomalous properties are not impeded by physical obstacles, but only affect sapient subjects; non-human animals and machines are not affected by SCP-3430.

Subjects under the effect of SCP-3430's anomalous properties that are unable to reach SCP-3430 by any means will attempt to hug, kiss, or compliment any nearby subjects also under the effects of SCP-3430. In the case of an isolated subject, the subject will instead hug themself, cry, and in some cases talk aloud to themself, giving themself compliments.

Subjects exhibit no desire to eat or drink despite still requiring sustenance, and unless removed they will continue their respective acts of kindness until they collapse from exhaustion. SCP-3430 will lose its influence on subjects once said subjects exit its area of effect.

Recovery: SCP-3430 was under surveillance for suspected anomalous phenomena when it was killed during an altercation at the ████████ Bar in ███████, Washington. Witnesses' accounts suggest SCP-3430's anomalous properties manifested upon its death, affecting surviving patrons and employees; all subjects affected were reported suddenly crying, hugging and reassuring each other over the corpses of deceased patrons. These reports drew paramedics and reporters to arrive on the scene, however upon reaching proximity to SCP-3430's corpse, they too joined the group. SCP-3430 was recovered from the site by automated drone, and Class B amnestics were applied to witnesses and affected subjects.

Addendum 3430-01: The following is a selection of entries from a journal recovered from SCP-3430's former residence. Journal is included for research purposes, in an attempt to determine the cause of SCP-3430's anomalous properties.

September 28th, ████

Something weird as shit happened to me today. At work I accidentally dropped a produce crate on my foot, and naturally, it hurt like hell. I was just about to take off my shoe to check it, see if anything was broken, when this old man just hobbled up to me, bent down, and started hugging me, patting me on the back and telling me that everything was going to be okay. It was… a little creepy.

The hug lasted much longer than I really wanted, even if I wanted the hug, it shouldn't have lasted 4 minutes. Then the old man just stood up, and hobbled away. It was… an experience.

The weirdest thing though? When the guy left, my foot didn't hurt anymore. I could have sworn I had broken something too, but it was just fine when I checked it out.

September 29th, ████

Okay, it happened again. The weird thing. But it wasn't with an old guy, it was with some kid.

During break, I was on the phone with Rick and eating lunch, and I accidentally burned my tongue on my broccoli beef, and just all of a sudden this kid who was just passing by, turned around and started hugging my and telling me everything was going to be okay.

Just like last time, she hugged me for a really long time, let go, walked off, and then I didn't hurt anymore. My tongue wasn't burning, and I didn't even feel any like, residual pain.

Is it normal for people to get this much attention? Or am I just weird?

September 30th, ████

So… I tried something out today. It was a bit weird of a coincidence that I got that hugging thing two days in a row after I got hurt twice, so when I was waiting by the bus, I did some science.

It was just me and this old lady next to me, and she seemed completely disinterested with me, so it's not like she was actively looking to hug someone. So… I bit my tongue to see if I could get her attention.

Literally the MOMENT I said "Ow" after biting my tongue, this little old lady just started hugging me and kissing my forehead just like the others. Giving me nice compliments, all of that stuff. And just like the other times, after a few minutes she just stopped and my tongue didn't hurt anymore.

I'm pretty sure I need to test this more, but this could be BIG if it's what I think it is.

October 1st, ████

Okay, I did some more shit to try to figure this out. Apparently, if I just get hurt, the guys and gals around me just start being aggressively nice to me. I told a few of my buds about what happened last night and like, they were chill with trying to figure this out with me. Rick even coined the phrase that I'm "Spreading the Love" (God he's such a dweeb, I love him). So like, the gist of it is the more I get hurt, the more people wanna love me, and after a bit, I'm all patched up like nothing happened.

And like, we came up with A LOT of ideas that we could use this stuff for, like, if I can somehow get down to the Middle East, I can stop the whole war! Just get shot a little, and suddenly all the soldiers on both sides just stop all the fighting to get down with the good stuff. We'll be trying to find some way to stow away over there, but we'll get there. We can finally stop it.

November 12, ████

Okay, so it's getting a little stressful trying to avoid any sort of hurt to stop people around me from latching onto me and kissing me all over. Like, yeah, I know it's probably not the worst thing to complain about, but like, I don't need all that just to heal up a paper cut.

Work is especially bad, cause like, if I ever do so much as stub my toe restocking fruit, I just get humped by some old coot who just wanted to make a fruit salad. It'll all be worth it, I know. Just… it's starting to feel a little gross.

February 22, ████

Well, we haven't exactly been making a lot of progress with the whole "get on a plane and stop the whole war" plan. With our shitty jobs, none of us can so much as afford new socks. Rick's been trying extra hard to make sure we can get the money, he's really excited to do this with me. I think he wants to come with me, but I'd be an idiot to let him follow me there.

Oh yeah, going back to work, I actually got fired from my job, because apparently even though I was the one getting humped by customers, I got canned for "harassing customers". Ironic, I guess.

Well, at least I won't have to worry about that stuff from strangers as often, now.

March 30th, ████

I can't leave the house anymore. I'm not going to go out any FUCKING more.

I accidentally walked into the bus sign, bumped my head and the ENTIRE BUS unloaded and just started… It might as well have been rape.

And they were apologizing the whole time, too, saying that they were sorry for this and that they just wanted me to feel better. Like that helps the fact that I was being crushed under 30 people all trying to hug me and kiss me.

I want to… I don't know, I don't want to do anything, I'm terrified to even leave my room now.

April 2nd, ████

I told Rick about what happened. He said he'd come over.

I'd probably be dead if it weren't for Rick, he's just… he's such a good partner. He's the only person it seems that actually cares about me, and doesn't want to just rush in and try to make me feel better about everything.

He's just… I don't know. He'll be here soon, so I probably should look like I didn't spend three days lying in bed doing nothing.

May 25th, ████2

I'm not getting older. Like, I'm seeing Rick and Scott and Gary all get older around me but like… I'm still looking as old as I was five years ago. I guess I'll be stuck like this forever then. I can't even shoot up without my neighbors trying to get into my house just to cradle my head in their arms and tell me everything is going to be okay.

I really shouldn't be surprised that this power has found even more ways to screw me over, it's basically all it really does for me.

June 2nd, ████

I guess I can't starve, either. Counts as "hurting myself". I'd block my door, but I'm too worried I'd get a splinter.

I called Rick about this and he said he'd take care of me, make sure I get food and stuff. Weird way to finally get us to move in with each other. He's just so good to me, I don't know what I'd do without him.

July 4th, ████

It's been a few weeks since Rick moved in and… God, I never knew how much I loved him until I saw how committed he was to me. I can tell that he gets a little worn from time to time, but he still just smiles at me and makes sure I'm okay. Not like the other people that do it when I get physically hurt, he knows how to comfort emotional hurt.

We watched the fireworks together. It was beautiful. Just… the two of us.

After years of all of this fakeness with these powers I have… it's good to have someone want to love me as much as I want to love them.

October 18th, ████

I think my powers are getting stronger. We've had to physically barricade the doors and windows to make sure strangers aren't climbing in and trying to make me feel better. It doesn't help that it's been taking a bit of a stronger toll on Rick.

We've been fighting more. Sometimes one of us sleeps on the couch. Sometimes Rick just leaves the house for a few hours and doesn't come back hours later. I want to follow him, but… I'm too scared to leave the house.

I've thought of things like baby-proofing the house, but Rick's wallet is pretty thin as is… I don't want to get him any angrier.

I just want him to care about me, he's all I've got.

April 16th, ████

It's over. Rick couldn't handle the responsibilities of being around me for so long, the not aging, the neighbors trying to break in, the powers affecting him… It was a strain, I guess. To calm me down, we had sex one last time, but… there was no love. None. I couldn't even feel it anymore, no matter how much I desperately wanted to feel it. After I fell asleep for the night, he was gone.

I'm just… empty now.

April 20th, ████

I'm so lonely.

May 12th, ████

I can't stay indoors like this forever.

Fuck it. I'm getting something to drink.

Note: The entry on May 12th was the final entry in the journal. The date corresponds to the date of the shooting at the ████████ bar.

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