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nn5n: scp-3433 A Chess Match Wager.
SafeSCP-3433 A Chess Match Wager.Rate: -3

Item #: SCP-3433

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3433-1 is to be stored in any standard 5m x 5m room or larger. Inside the containment room there must be two chairs of any make or model and an oak wood table of any shape, design, or model, as long as the dimensions of the table are large enough to hold SCP-3433-1. Failure to meet the furniture requirements will cause SCP-3433-1 to spontaneously relocate to the closest room meeting the requirements. Class B and higher personnel are prohibited from engaging in use of SCP-3433-1. Class C personnel and lower personnel are permitted to use SCP-3433-1 only in the presence of two security officers and at least one researcher with level 3 clearance.

Description: SCP-3433 is the classification for SCP-3433-1, SCP-3433-2 and SCP-3433-3. SCP-3433-1 is the designation for a magnetic wooden tournament travel chess set. SCP-3433-1 is in used condition with slight scratches on the board's exterior. The set appears to be missing the black set of game pieces. The white set seems to each be scratched or worn in some way. SCP-3433-1 will display anomalous properties when a person decides to arrange the white set of pieces as if they were about to play. Upon completing the setup of the white set, the player will begin to see SCP-3433-2.

SCP-3433-2 refers to an apparition visible only to the person who set up the game pieces. An exact description of SCP-3433-2 is indeterminate as testimony from experiments vary [See Experiment Logs]. SCP-3433-2 is believed to appear as a relevant figure in the player's life. The relation is believed to be connected by a secret, regret, or fear held by the player and may be SCP-3433-1's way of taunting the player. Theses secrets, regrets, or fears, are referred to as the player's "demons". All experiments show that SCP-3433-2 will attempt to strike a wager with the player stating that their "demons" will disappear should the player beat SCP-3433-2 in a match of chess.

Upon declining the wager, the magnets on SCP-3433-1 will reverse, knocking the white pieces off the board, and causing SCP-3433-2 to disappear. Should the player accept the wager, SCP-3433-2 will bring out the black set of chess pieces. These pieces, deemed SCP-3433-3, appear to be brand new with a polished shine, and like SCP-3433-2, the description of these pieces vary depending on the player; however, the pieces of SCP-3433-3 will also be connected to the player's "demons" in some way.

As the match plays, it is reported that as SCP-3433-2 captures pieces from the player, SCP-3433-2 will taunt the player verbally by bringing up the details of the player's "demons". Should the player get the upper hand, SCP-3433-2, will try to break the player's concentration by use of visions and/or hallucinations.

Should the player beat SCP-3433-2 in the wager, SCP-3433-2 will disappear, and all memory of the game will be lost along with all memories or knowledge of the represented "demon". Should the player lose the match, the player will be driven into a mental state similar to Schizophrenia as SCP-3433-2 would drive the player into madness consumed by the visions and verbal taunts of their "demon". Alternatively should the player forfeit the match before completion, the player will collapse into a comatose like state to which at this point in time, there is no way to wake from. Finally, should the player stalemate with SCP-3433-2, both SCP-3433-2 and SCP-3433-3 will disappear and SCP-3433-1 will cease to be anomalous for the duration of the player remaining in the room.

SCP-3433-1 was discovered inside the abandoned portion of █████████ █████ Psychiatric Center located in ████ ██████, New York. A night-shift security officer was searching for a patient who missed their checkup and fled into the barred section. The officer found the patient banging against the wall in a room with SCP-3433-1. The officer contacted his superiors and the contact was intercepted by foundation personnel.

Addendum: Below is the log of Experiment 3433.A:

Subject: D-82155

Interviewer: Dr. █████ Tellword.

Foreword: Prior to the Experiment, D-82155 had been asked to provide any information about his past that he may regret, fear, or keep secret. D-82155 refused to respond and was moved into the containment.

<Begin Log>

Tellword: D-82155, take a seat and set up the chess pieces.
[D-82155 proceeds to set up the game pieces until completion]

D-82155: [Appears to be taken back in a shock or surprise] Jesus Doc, is this some kind of joke?
Tellword: What do you see? Describe it to me.
D-82155: Its… my wife. What? What do you mean a bet?
Tellword: Calm down D-82155, what is it asking of you?
D-82155: She… she wants me to play. She says if I win, I won't feel the guilt anymore. I'll take your bet.
[D-82155 seems to be startled again.]
Tellword: What is wrong, D-82155?

D-82155: Her pieces, the black pieces, they… they can't be.
Tellword: Describe them to me. Be specific.
D-82155: The pawns… they look like my daughter. The rooks are… prisons. The knights look like the officers who found me. [D-82155 appears to grow increasingly more unstable] The… the bishops… oh no.. they are my father. The queen is my wife and the king… that… how? It's me.
Tellword: Alright D-82155, white has the first move, attempt to beat her in this game.
[D-82155 moves his first piece and the game starts. Only five minutes later, a white pawn is moved off the board by the magnet.]
D-82155: That's not true… [D-82155 seems to be agitated and begins to yell] I told her to cut it out! [The game continues on and white pieces are continued to be removed as D-82155's mental condition worsens.] She wouldn't stop! So I made her stop! Then you came home, and you threatened to call the cops, and I stopped you!
[The game continues as D-82155 is left only with his king piece, two pawns, and a rook.]
D-82155: I… did it… I beat her! I won! It- [D-82155 falls silent for a minute]. What am I doing here?
Tellword: D-82155, describe your wife to me.
D-82155: My… wife? Doc I was never married.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The audio recording of D-82155's statements were played back to D-82155 to see if he could explain what he saw. D-82155 claimed the voice was not his and certain bits of audio were cut out, but other personnel found no discrepancies in the tape.

Incident 3433.01: In the course of a trial of SCP-3433-1, D-66175 got up from the table in the middle of the match and forfeited the match. D-66175 took five steps from the table before collapsing on the floor with a mild seizure followed by a comatose state. D-66175 was extracted from the room and brought into the infirmary and subsequently terminated when no methods of a reversal presented itself.

Incident 3433.02 In the course of an experiment, all white pieces were removed from the board in the course of the game. D-11021 became erratic and flung himself around the room, screaming profanities and harming himself. Two guards stepped into the room and D-11021 charged at one of the guards and was immediately terminated.

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