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SafeSCP-3439 Hi, I'm Your Snappelganger!Rate: 11

Image sent by SCP-3439 during Experiment 3439-A-3.

Item #: SCP-3439

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3439 may be logged in on one (1) instance of SCP-3439-B, which is to be kept in storage at Site-19. SCP-3439 is not permitted to publish Snapchats to any public forum, nor may it exchange correspondences with civilians or unapproved site personnel. Approved personnel may exchange correspondences with SCP-3439 on Snapchat for the purpose of fulfilling its socialisation needs, contingent on its good behaviour. All correspondences with SCP-3439 must be screenshotted for the Foundation’s records.

SCP-3439 appears to believe that the Foundation will assist it in returning to its own body and has so far fully co-operated with the Foundation based on this stipulation. It is highly recommended that personnel assigned correspondence duty with SCP-3439 maintain this belief if possible.

SCP-3439-C is currently housed in Site-17 and is not permitted unsupervised contact with electronics. In the event of a containment breach, SCP-3439-C has been implanted with a tracking device. It is to be provided with non-electronic forms of entertainment such as books, board games or magazines targeted at a teenaged audience when requested, and is permitted supervised socialisation with approved Foundation staff members depending on their availability.

UPDATE: In light of Experiment 3439-A-4, SCP-3439 may be reprimanded in the event of a disciplinary infraction by being logged out of all instances of SCP-3439-5 for a time period dependent on the severity of the infraction but lasting no more than three weeks.

In light of Experiment 3439-B-5, it is strongly recommended as of ██/06/2018 that Foundation staff refrain from initiating discussion of communications with SCP-3439 while SCP-3439-C is present, except in the settings of either counselling sessions or during testing.

Description: SCP-3439 is an anomalous account registered under the username [REDACTED] on the messaging platform Snapchat.1 Despite its lack of a current active user, it continues to send and reply to the accounts registered on its contact list.

SCP-3439 regularly generates multimedia messages appearing to depict a female human of Eastern Asian descent in her mid-teens. The vast majority of these messages appear to be photographs taken by the aforementioned human of herself, most often using the front-facing camera,2 accompanied by captions of a usually humorous nature.

SCP-3439-B is the designation given to all instances of smartphones upon which the anomalous SCP-3439 account is registered, most notably including SCP-3439-B-1, the original instance of SCP-3439-B and an Apple iPhone X in a pink case. The background of all SCP-3439 generated multimedia corresponds with the immediate location of the relevant SCP-3439-B instance. In the instance of two or more SCP-3439-B instances existing, SCP-3439 will favour the instance which was created first.

The humanoid depicted in SCP-3439 created media has been identified as the original user of the account, a female American citizen known to associates as Stacey Lee (D.O.B: ██/██/2003, aged 15 upon recovery of the anomaly). Lee created the account in 2014 and used it until early 2018 without reported signs of anomalous activity.

SCP-3439 either is, is impersonating, or believes itself to be Lee. Messages exchanged with SCP-3439 reveal behaviour that is consistent with Lee’s personality prior to any anomalous incidents, based on the psychological profile put together via analysis of Lee’s other social media accounts and interviews with Lee’s associates. SCP-3439 demonstrates in-depth knowledge regarding Lee’s history and preferences, and furthermore appears to incorporate the same tonality and typing quirks commonly used by Lee on social media. On multiple occasions, SCP-3439 has expressed a desire to return to Lee’s body.

SCP-3439-C is a female human of Eastern Asian descent that either is, is impersonating, or believes itself to be the female human Stacey Lee. SCP-3439-C measures 1.61 m in height and weighs approximately 55 kilograms as of the writing of this article. All biological data collected from SCP-3439-C corresponds with normal values for a human female of SCP-3439-C’s height and weight. DNA taken from SCP-3439-C matches that of Stacey Lee.

Both SCP-3439 and SCP-3439-C claim to be the original Stacey Lee, and when questioned further, suggested that its counterpart was likely an “impostor". At this time, the Foundation is not able to determine whether one, both, or neither of subjects is the real Stacey Lee. Testing is currently in progress, with only inconclusive results so far regarding the anomalous nature of SCP-3439-C and the source of the anomaly.

MTF: MTF Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings")

Date: █/02/2018

Location: New York City, New York
Debrief: At 09:41 on █/05/2018, SCP-3439 posted a series of six (6) images to the public New York City Snapchat Story which seemingly depicted a duplication of the same person, and were accompanied by assertions that it was trapped within its account on the app, as well as a plea for help to the general public for assistance in getting out. It then repeated these claims every hour for the next three days. The disturbing imagery along with the length, detail and unbelievable nature of SCP-3439's statements led to viral dissemination on social media and subsequent coverage by internet journalism websites, notably including BuzzFeed and Huffington Post. Application of amnestics in wake of this incident was made unnecessary thanks to the speedy intervention of MTF Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings"), who passed the incident off as an internet hoax and took SCP-3439 into Foundation custody along with the original instance of SCP-3439-B and SCP-3439-C.

Though initially approached as a related civilian witness to the anomaly, SCP-3439-C was taken into custody for further evaluation regarding the allegations made by SCP-3439. At time of recovery, SCP-3439-C was a tenth grader at N████ High School.

Interview 3439-1:

Notes: The following is an excerpt from the initial interview between SCP-3439 and Researcher Kim. All recorded communications took place over Snapchat’s text messaging service unless otherwise specified.

Researcher Kim: Hello, SCP-3439. I’m Dr. Benedict Kim. Can you please tell us your name for our records?

SCP-3439 sends an unfiltered image depicting Stacey Lee. The caption reads: “apparently it’s little debatable right now, but I’m 100% sure that my name is Stacey Lee lolll”.

SCP-3439: (also switching to Snapchat’s text message) and before you ask, I really have no clue how I got in here hahaha!!!

Researcher Kim: Oh?

SCP-3439: yeah i just kinda woke up in here?
SCP-3439: sorry about all that stuff with the NYC story btw!!
SCP-3439: i was really scared
SCP-3439: i mean, i was mysteriously sucked into my snapchat account!! You’d be scared too, right?

Researcher Kim: That’s fine. Can you answer some questions for me?

SCP-3439: okie dokie!!

Researcher Kim proceeds to ask a variety of questions regarding the habits and preferences of Stacey Lee in order to assess similarities between the original, SCP-3439 and SCP-3439-C. SCP-3439 struggles to recall the third and fourth digits of the original Stacey Lee’s passport number. At one point, SCP-3439 interrupts and the following exchange takes place:

SCP-3439:: more importantly!! about the person who stole my body
SCP-3439:: do you think you can get it back for me???

Researcher Kim: That is unfortunately unclear at this point. Would you like to elaborate about your feelings on SCP-3439-C and the source of the anomaly?

SCP-3439:: well, it's like, literal identity theft!! invasion of the body snatchers much??
SCP-3439:: i think I would have wayyy preferred it if it had just taken my credit card details or something.
SCP-3439:: it’s gotta be an imposter, probably, right? pretending to be me for some reason?
SCP-3439: it wouldn’t be hard to learn my personality, especially if it’s been watching me for a while for a while.

The interview continues for a further twenty minutes, with Researcher Kim redirecting the conversation towards SCP-3439’s experience within the app. SCP-3439 claims to have an altered sense of time “within the app”, perceiving the three days which had passed between its initial containment and the present interview as only a single day. Other than this, no other pertinent information is obtained.

Interview 3439-C-1:

Notes: The following is an excerpt from the initial interview between SCP-3439-C and Researcher Kim.

Researcher Kim: Hello, 3439-C. I’m Dr. Benedict Kim. Can you please say your name for our records?

SCP-3439-C: Okay… um, obviously you guys are telling me that this is a little debatable right now, but I’m 100% sure that my name is Stacey Lee. And before you ask, I really don’t have anything else to tell you. I have no clue what’s going on with my Snapchat account.

Researcher Kim: Oh?

SCP-3439-C: Everyone kept asking me, you know, like… why I kept posting all that stuff. I thought I’d been hacked. I mean, kind of hard to predict that my account had mysteriously gained sentience or something, right?

Researcher Kim: Okay. I see. Can you answer some questions for me?

SCP-3439-C: Sure.

Doctor Kim proceeds to ask a variety of questions regarding the habits and preferences of Stacey Lee in order to assess similarities between the original, SCP-3439 and SCP-3439-C. SCP-3439-C’s answers are for the most part identical to those of SCP-3439, differing only regarding favourite colour (SCP-3439 had said light pink, SCP-3439-C specifies “pastel purple”). Notably, like SCP-3439, SCP-3439-C also struggles to recall the third and fourth digits of the original Stacey Lee’s passport number.

Researcher Kim: All right, that’s enough. That’s all for toda—

SCP-3439-C: (interrupting) Wait. Um, about my Snapchat account —

Researcher Kim: Yes?

SCP-3439-C: You know it’s not me, right? I mean, I’m standing right here. Just because it says it’s me doesn’t mean that it is me.

Researcher Kim: At this time we don’t have enough evidence to make a decision one way or another, unfortunately. Still, we’ll take your testimony into account.

SCP-3439-C: (becoming visibly distressed) Are you serious? It’s literally a talking Snapchat account!

Researcher Kim: Indeed. It’s unfortunate, but—

SCP-3439-C: It’s, like, like — literal identity theft, or something. Look, I don’t know what it is, but it’s definitely not me. There’s nothing anomalous about me. I’m totally normal.

Researcher Kim: Do you want to elaborate about your feelings on SCP-3439 and the source of the anomaly, then?

SCP-3439-C: Um, well… it’s got to be an imposter, right? Pretending to be me for some reason? It wouldn’t be hard to learn my personality, especially if it’s been in my account for a while.

The interview continues for a further fifteen minutes, but no other information of significance is obtained.

Experiment Series A: This experimental series focused on the limits of SCP-3439’s abilities. Experiments were carried out between ██/02/2018 and ██/06/2018 under the supervision of Dr. Dennis Coles with the assistance of Junior Researchers Benedict Kim and Peter Tan.
Designation Procedure Results
3439-A-1 SCP-3439 was logged into two (2) instances of SCP-3439-B at once. These were SCP-3439-B-1, an Apple iPhone X located in Site-19 Laboratory D, and SCP-3439-B-2, a Huawei Mate 10 Pro which Dr. Coles brought to an on-site Burger King. SCP-3439 was instructed to attempt to send an image to the Snapchat account of Researcher Kim. SCP-3439 initially sent a selfie captioned "wew science is cool" from SCP-3439-B-1, appearing to favour its initial SCP-3439-B instance. Upon further prompting, it was able to send a further image from SCP-3439-B-2 with Researcher Kim in the background, captioned: “u ordered a salad at burger king, that’s so sad doc”
3439-A-2 The SCP-3439-B instance was held by Researcher Kim. SCP-3439 was instructed to have Researcher Kim participate in the selfie. SCP-3439 sent an image in which it and Researcher Kim appeared to be posing together for a photograph, captioned: "i'm cuter, right?"
3439-A-3 The SCP-3439-B instance was left next to food items (braised chicken feet) ordered by Researcher Kim from the Chinese restaurant █████ ██████. SCP-3439 was instructed to send an image of an attempt to consume it. SCP-3439 was apparently able to "consume" food items for the purposes of the requested photograph without apparent difficulty aside from multiple complaints about the food selection. Once the image was taken, SCP-3439 reported no longer being able to access or taste the food items.
3439-A-4 SCP-3439 was logged out of all instances of SCP-3439-B for a period of six hours and instructed to send an image to the Snapchat account of Researcher Kim during this time. SCP-3439 was unable to send any images but reported still being conscious. Being logged out of all instances of SCP-3439-B appears to be the equivalent of being put into solitary isolation for SCP-3439, with possible applications as a disciplinary measure.
3439-A-5 Crosstest with SCP-2232. SCP-3439 was logged in on SCP-2232 and instructed to send an image to Researcher Kim. SCP-2232 transformed into a homing pigeon and flew to Researcher Kim's location, and then attempted to paint a portrait of SCP-3439 in a combination of its own blood and vomit. This took approximately two hours and thirteen minutes. Upon completion of the portrait, SCP-2232 vocalized the caption (in this case, "i feel a sudden urge to eat sunflower seeds") and flew back to its original location.

NOTES: To be considered for further testing — will SCP-3439 age at the same rate that SCP-3439-C does? Will SCP-3439 continue to exist if its original body dies? These questions obviously cannot both be answered now, since finding an immediate answer to the second would preclude an eventual answer to the first, but nevertheless it is a rather a fascinating inquiry. - Dr. Dennis Coles

Experiment Series A: This experimental series focused on the similarities between SCP-3439 and SCP-3439-C. Experiments were carried out between ██/05/2018 and ██/06/2018 under the supervision of Dr. Dennis Coles with the assistance of Junior Researchers Benedict Kim and Peter Tan.
Designation Procedure Results
3439-B-1 SCP-3439 and SCP-3439-C were asked to recall several details about the life of Stacey Lee prior to the anomaly, including but not limited to names and birthdays of relatives, governmental and school identification numbers, and former addresses. SCP-3439 performed somewhat better than SCP-3439-C, with a 94.3% success rate. SCP-3439-C’s performance was slightly worse with a 84.2% success rate.
3439-B-2 SCP-3439 and SCP-3439-C were tested on their preferences in comparison to the preferences of Stacey Lee as reported by relatives and friends. SCP-3439 and SCP-3439-C gave identical answers each time, matching each other at a 100% rate. Their answers were a 72% match with the estimation compiled from the suggestions of their associates.
3439-B-3 SCP-3439 and SCP-3439 were tested on their academic abilities and asked to complete an examination in the subjects that they most recently covered in school. SCP-3439 performed slightly better than SCP-3439-C, scoring 2% higher.
3439-B-4 SCP-3439 and SCP-3439-C were asked to complete a questionnaire regarding what they would do in particular situations, such as finding a lost wallet on the street or discovering that a significant other had been unfaithful. SCP-3439 and SCP-3439-C exhibited the largest difference in results here, with only a 60% match with each other. It should be noted that SCP-3439’s answers were more consistent with Stacey Lee’s personality profile.
3439-B-5 SCP-3439 and SCP-3439-C were exposed to each other for the period of a thirty minute long interview under the supervision of Researcher Kim. SCP-3439 and SCP-3439-C initially showed signs of hostility towards each other that was exacerbated when SCP-3439 asserted that SCP-3439-C’s personality did not match that of Stacey Lee. SCP-3439-C showed signs of distress throughout much of the interview. The subjects eventually de-escalated the conflict without interference. See transcript of Experiment 3439-B-5 below.

NOTE: How does one test for whether a subject is a specific individual or not, when biological data is no longer an option? We’ve tested the subjects’ memories, preferences and mental capabilities, but is that enough? It’s hard to say. We're doing all that we can, but ultimately we’re scientists, not philosophers. - Dr. Dennis Coles

Transcript of Experiment 3439-B-5
SCP involved: SCP-3439, SCP-3439-C
Personnel involved: Junior Researcher Benedict Kim
Date: ██/06/2018
Location: Site-19
Description: C was allowed to use Researcher Kim’s Snapchat account for the purposes of communicating with 3439 under the supervision of Dr. Coles and Researcher Kim. It was not necessary to remove SCP-3439 from storage for the purposes of the experiment. The following communication was transcribed from the video log, screenshots and Researcher Kim’s testimony. All speech is in text message form transmitted via the Snapchat app.

<Begin Log>

13:30:00 - [SCP-3439-C sits in an interview room with Researcher Kim, who is supervising. It has Researcher Kim’s phone in its possession.]

13:30:17 - SCP-3439: sooo… you’re me??

13:30:17 - SCP-3439-C: sooo… you’re me??
13:30:59 - SCP-3439-C: oh god this is so fucked up

13:31:20 - SCP-3439: omgg it’s the body-snatcher!!

13:31:48 - SCP-3439-C: rly?? be serious
13:32:06 - SCP-3439-C: “omgg it’s the fucked up snapchat account”

13:32:54 - [SCP-3439 sends an image in which it is making a rude gesture, captioned: “if anything this is more evidence that I’m the original”]

13:33:03 - SCP-3439-C: what?

13:33:27 - [SCP-3439 sends an image in which it appears to be shrugging, uncaptioned.]

13:33:57 - SCP-3439: you don’t act like me at all tbh!!

13:34:00 - SCP-3439-C: what

13:34:13 - SCP-3439: I mean, aside from the whole simultaneous post at the beginning
13:34:20 - SCP-3439: which was creepy af btw!!

13:34:29 - SCP-3439-C: are you joking rn

13:34:33 - SCP-3439: …kinda impressive tho, I mean gotta give u props
13:34:39 - SCP-3439: but yeah ur pretty sucky at staying in character

13:34:47 - SCP-3439-C: staying in character?? wtf
13:34:52 - SCP-3439-C: you psycho bitch

13:35:04 - SCP-3439 sends an image in which it is making an exaggeratedly sad face. It has drawn tears from its eyes.

13:35:05 - SCP-3439-C: this isn’t fiction, we aren’t characters, there’s no such thing as “staying in character”

13:35:14 - SCP-3439: babes people have personalities!!
13:35:21 - SCP-3439: yours doesn’t match mine… it doesn't even match our original's, if you don't believe im the real one

13:35:25 - [SCP-3439-C puts Researcher Kim’s phone down and inhales deeply through its nose.]

13:35:32 - SCP-3439-C: (aloud, to Researcher Kim) Do I have to keep going?

13:35:44 - Researcher Kim: (aloud) We’d like you to attempt to speak to SCP-3439 for the entire duration of the interview period.

13:36:21 - SCP-3439-C: (aloud, to Researcher Kim) This is really freaking me out. How much longer?

13:36:37 - Researcher Kim: (aloud) Just another twenty-five minutes.

13:36:53 - SCP-3439-C: (aloud, to Researcher Kim) Until two?

13:37:05 - Researcher Kim: (aloud) That’s correct, SCP-3439-C.

13:37:23 - SCP-3439-C: (aloud) Okay.

13:37:52 - SCP-3439-C: I’m not allowed to go home, call my parents, or even touch a cellphone unsupervised
13:38:09 - SCP-3439-C: you’re trying to tell me that I’m not me because I’m acting differently?

13:38:29 - SCP-3439: well, i'm not, am i? and im the one trapped in a snapchat account.
13:39:59 - SCP-3439: I can’t tell if you rly believe that you’re the real one or if ur just a rly good actress

13:49:04 - SCP-3439-C: …..
13:49:45 - SCP-3439-C: i'm real. i'm sure that i am.

13:52:14 - SCP-3439: don’t u think there’s a possibility that you just THINK you’re Stacey Lee? It could be part of the anomaly right?
13:50:55 - SCP-3439: you don't even necessarily have to know about it

13:51:09 - SCP-3439-C: isn't it the same for you?
13:51:28 - SCP-3439-C: maybe you just think you're Stacey Lee.

13:51:34 - SCP-3439: sure, but all the evidence points to me being the real one, tbh
13:53:46 - SCP-3439: I have a much more consistent personality w the original
13:53:51 - SCP-3439: you've got my body right now but like… I’m legit a sentient snapchat account now lololol
13:53:59 - SCP-3439: that's proof that it’s not outside the realm of possibility

13:52:27 - SCP-3439-C:

13:52:02 - SCP-3439: no offense tho lol!!
13:52:34 - SCP-3439: and it’s apparently v hard to prove considering that we’re both still here w our buddy benny boi,3 right?
13:52:50 - SCP-3439: i mean, there’s no ID card for your soul lmaooo

13:52:59 - SCP-3439-C: no, there isn’t

13:53:04 - SCP-3439: otherwise we’d both be outta here!!
13:53:14 - SCP-3439: no offence benny boi
13:53:35 - SCP-3439: you’re pretty great, better than a korean benedict cumberbitch!!!!
13:53:44 - SCP-3439: my fav actor btw
13:53:52 - SCP-3439: yours too, right?

13:54:01 - [Researcher Kim shakes his head. SCP-3439-C laughs weakly and stares at the phone for approximately fifteen seconds, seemingly uncertain of how to respond.]

13:54:39 - SCP-3439: i can tell ur really upset tho, so let's just drop it

13:54:52 - SCP-3439-C: it’s fine

13:55:06 - [SCP-3439 sends an image where it is giving a thumbs up. SCP-3439-C gives the phone screen a disgusted look but does not put it down.]
13:55:13 - SCP-3439: ummm… hey, they don’t let you watch tv right?

13:55:22 - SCP-3439-C: no
13:55:27 - SCP-3439-C: i'm not near electronics with screens except during testing

13:55:34 - SCP-3439: oh that sucks!!
13:55:40 - SCP-3439: I can’t watch tv anymore either, snap vids are too short lol

13:55:48 - SCP-3439-C: yeah, unless you want to watch 10 seconds at a time

13:55:59 - SCP-3439: it’s a shame
13:55:59 - SCP-3439: i miss kdrama. kim soo-hyun is so beautiful. second most stylish kim imo

13:56:03 - SCP-3439-C: after researcher kim?

13:56:22 - SCP-3439: nah bae, lab coat chic is so last season
13:56:29 - SCP-3439: after kim jong-un!! i mean, dictators are terrible, but dude’s got rocking hair amirite?

13:56:30 - [SCP-3439 and SCP-3439-C converse about the 2014 Korean television serial “My Love From Another Star” star for the rest of the experiment period.]

NOTE: Further experiments exposing SCP-3439 and SCP-3439-C are pending approval due to the marked decline in SCP-3439-C's mental health, as detailed in the psychological evaluation compiled by Researcher Kim and Dr. Geraldine Young.

NOTE: The following is an excerpt from the private journal of SCP-3439-C, written a few days after Experiment 3439-6.

I met her a few days ago. I’ve been begging Researcher Kim to let me go home this entire time, but suddenly I’m glad that they won’t let either of us “communicate with civilians” until they work out which one of us is the real one. Mum, Dad, W██… would they prefer her, if they met her? Would they think she was the real one? Is she the real one?

I think I’d prefer her, if I was them. She's cruel in small, petty ways and it should have been so easy to accuse her of being an imposter. But I can’t. Talking to her… she doesn’t even have a body and honestly she feels more real than I do. I hate her. I want to be her. She’s everything that I used to like about myself.

I’ve been so off-balance ever since all of this started… no, before that, maybe. It’s hard to put a finger on when I started feeling wrong like this. I thought it would pass but it didn’t. Now I can’t tell if I’m just depressed or if I’m literally a different person and I just haven’t figured it out yet.

It feels like my identity is slipping away with every day I spend here. The researchers here keep giving me stuff to do — experiments to participate in, books to read, psychologists to talk to… but it's all pointless. I drag myself through the day like I’m walking through treacle, just waiting for time to trickle by. I just feel tired all the time. Do I still want to go home? Does it even matter that they’re keeping me here?

Having a conversation with her was like looking into a mirror. She looks like me, talks like me… except she’s better at being me than I am. She’s me from back when everything was okay and I was happy, preserved forever in digital form like a butterfly crystallized in amber. Maybe she’s the real Stacey Lee after all. Maybe I'm just her distorted reflection in a funhouse mirror, staring out at the real thing from limbo.

I don’t know. Maybe she really is the real Stacey Lee, and if she isn’t, maybe it would be better if she was. In my head nowadays I'm not “Stacey” anymore. I've started thinking about myself as SCP-3439-C. I'm sure of that name, at least.

But… what are they going to do if they decide she’s real and I’m not, and work out how to put her back in her into my body? What happens to me?

From the Psychological Evaluation 3439.2, written post Experiment 3439-B-5 and dated ██/06/2018, by Researcher Benedict Kim and Dr. Geraldine Young, the primary counsellor for both SCP-3439 and SCP-3439-C:

Despite initially demonstrating a fundamentally similar-to-identical base personalities, SCP-3439 and SCP-3439-C have demonstrated extremely divergent progression in terms of their psychological profiles.

SCP-3439 has moderate narcissistic tendencies and demonstrates a somewhat inflated sense of its own importance as well as a need for excessive admiration. It shows no sign of any other mental health issues representing any potential risk to Foundation goals. It remains adamant about its real identity as “Stacey Lee” and all behaviour correlates strongly with Lee’s reported personality traits.

On the other hand, SCP-3439-C has displayed symptoms of moderate depressive disorder since entering Foundation custody, and cooperation with Foundation goals has been consistent but reluctant. Its overall behaviour has been inconsistent with reported behaviour of Stacey Lee prior to emergence of the anomaly. Following Experiment 3439-B-5, SCP-3439-C has begun demonstrating signs of disassociation and depressive symptoms have worsened. SCP-3439-C has notably ceased, for the most part, all claims to be the original Stacey Lee. It is recommended that medication prescribed to SCP-3439-C be increased.

At this time, it is unclear whether the difference in progression of SCP-3439-C’s mental state in comparison to SCP-3439 (despite similar projected base personalities) is conclusive evidence regarding the anomalous properties of SCP-3439-C. The results of this are unfortunately confounded by the difference in circumstance surrounding the subjects. SCP-3439-C’s deviances from reported behaviour and apparent disassociation seems to be at least moderately strong evidence for it possessing anomalous properties, even if SCP-3439-C itself is not aware of this. At the same time, however, they could also quite plausibly be interpreted as mere evidence of trauma experienced by an unfortunate teenaged girl.

The continued containment of SCP-3439-C therefore represents a difficult moral quandary for the Foundation and the Ethics Committee. It is impossible to tell at this point whether SCP-3439-C has anomalous properties or not at this point, with strong evidence pointing in both directions. Furthermore, any such anomalous properties that might be discovered in the future seem unlikely to be substantially dangerous — it is obvious at this point that SCP-3439-C does not represent the possibility of a world ending event.

Nonetheless, the Foundation has a duty to "secure, contain and protect" anomalies, dangerous or not, and thus regardless of SCP-3439-C's likely harmlessness, the only course of action consistent with the Foundation's mission would be to maintain containment of SCP-3439-C in the interest of thoroughness. As such, it is recommended that the Foundation continue to hold SCP-3439-C in custody for further evaluation for the indefinite future.

UPDATE: As of ██/08/2018, SCP-3439-C has been placed on suicide watch.

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