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nn5n: scp-3461 Open Up a Man of Worms
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Item #: SCP-3461

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3461 is to be kept within a 5 m x 5 m x 5 m standard containment cell at all times. Surrounding it’s direct containment room should be a moat of hydrochloric acid at least 3 m across and 4 m deep, and surrounding that should be a 10 cm thick steel wall at least 5 m tall. SCP-3461’s containment cell should be kept under constant video surveillance via two wireless cameras placed in adjacent corners of the room.

SCP-3461 has exhibited no need for food, water, or sleep, although when presented with food or water, the entity will attempt to consume it.

In the event of a containment breach, all personnel are to be evacuated immediately, save for D-class, who are to be left behind with instructions as to how to subdue SCP-3461, and the facility put under lockdown.

Any worms dropped by SCP-3461 are to be recovered as soon as possible by at least two D-class personnel issued level 3 hazmat suits, and then incinerated.

Description: SCP-3461 is a humanoid figure approximately 3 m in height composed almost entirely of jet black earthworms, save for its eyes and mouth. It’s eyes are identical to those belonging to an average human, but only possessing small pupils. It’s mouth takes up the majority of its face below its eyes, and closely resembles “windup teeth” toys. SCP-3461 has a complete lack of any internal organs or a brain. Due to this, any attempts at harming SCP-3461 via conventional explosives, bullets, or other projectiles are likely to be met with failure, as the entity will simply reform using its large quantities of earthworms.

SCP-3461 is capable of perfectly mimicking every noise it hears, including words spoken to it, although it does not seem to be able use the noises and words it learns to communicate effectively. No vocal chords or other means of vocalizations have been located, so it is unknown how SCP-3461 is able to make any noise at all. For a full list of recorded vocalizations, see addendum.

When not under “face-to-face” observation, SCP-3461 will remain dormant, only occasionally vocalizing. Dormant vocalizations are limited to long “creaking” noises and whistling.

SCP-3461 only exits its dormant state when viewed directly by a sentient being, who is from then on referred to as SCP-3461-A. It does not appear to exit the dormant state when viewed through glass or other transparent material, and can be put back into its dormant state by being confronted with the corpse of █████████. In its active state, it will attempt to reach out to SCP-3461-A and burrow under their fingernails with its worms. SCP-3461-A will then become unconscious. It is unknown if this is a natural reaction to pain or a direct influence of SCP-3461. While unconscious, SCP-3461-A will experience visions of an attack on the city of ██████ by millions of entities presumed to be copies of SCP-3461. The entities are typically seen brutally killing humans, although in some cases the city is destroyed by a massive flood of the same worms that compose SCP-3461’s body. SCP-3461-A will remain unconscious until a noise distracts SCP-3461, in which case it will withdrawal its tendrils from SCP-3461-A and attempt to recreate the noise, allowing SCP-3461-A to escape. If SCP-3461 is not distracted while SCP-3461-A is unconscious, SCP-3461-A will remain so until it expires.

Occasionally one or more of the worms composing SCP-3461 will dislodge itself from the entity. These worms are referred to SCP-3461-B (if more than one worm should exist at any point in time, they are to be called SCP-3461-B-1, SCP-3461-B-2, and so on in order of dislodgement from the entity). SCP-3461-B instances exhibit similar behavior patterns to normal earthworms until they make skin to skin contact with a human (referred to as ‘subject’ from now on). SCP-3461-B will then immediately attempt to enter the mouth of the subject. If successful, the worm will immediately begin to reproduce at an alarming rate via fission, typically causing esphyxiation within one to five minutes. Once the subject has died, all SCP-3461-B instances will disappear.

SCP-3461’s existence was brought to the attention of the foundation when a video titled ███████████████████████████. was uploaded to YouTube. The video featured a man in his late twenties describing his recent encounter with SCP-3461 in detail. The video was removed and a foundation task force was dispatched to contain SCP-3461 the next day. During their search, they found the man from the video dead on his bathroom floor. His fingers were mangled beyond recognition and he had a single self-inflicted bullet wound on his forehead. It is presumed that he took his life after seeing the visions induced by SCP-3461.

Addendum 3461-A: list of all of SCP-3461’s vocalizations.
Low creaking noise lasting 3 seconds.
High pitched whistle lasting 2-7 seconds.
A 3 second portion of the song,”Walk” by Pantera. (One instance of a full playback has occurred.
An adult male screaming, “What the fuck are you?”
A high pitched scream known to cause temporary deafness and even a ruptured eardrum. (10 seconds to 37 minutes and 2 seconds).
Any mix of the two words “human” and “wrong” spoken in what is described as a higher than expected voice for something of its size. This is usually the first thing spoken to SCP-3461-A.
The sound of breaking glass.
Several different muffled words.
The sound of a slamming door.
The screams of SCP-0██(Unknown how SCP-3461 learned this vocalization)

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