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Item#: SCP-3460


SCP-3460 after communication failure

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-3460 is to be kept within and 30x30m containment cell and all surrounding walls must be made of .67m thick concrete. Placed on the ceiling of the cell are ten 5x7cm wide vents spread 3 meters apart from each other. If SCP-3460 is to have another 'fit', emergency protocol must be set into place immediately to calm it.

Emergency Protocol is as follows. If SCP-3460 has become agitated, loudspeakers within SCP-3460 cell must activate and immediately must play 'Das Rheingold', a recording by Richard Wagner. If the music fails to calm SCP-3460, a chemical solution made of serotonin and chloroform is to be ventilated into SCP-3460's cell. This is to be applied until it has calmed completely.

Once it has calmed, ventilation of the gas is to cease and the loudspeakers shall continue broadcasting until the recording has finished.

Feeding of SCP-3460 is to occur at 12:00 pm EST every two weeks. Four █-█████ █████████ are to be escorted by an MTF Alpha-1 team to SCP-3460's cell only after it has been sedated with the 'special' gas.

Once the █-█████ █████████ have entered the cell after the gas has dissipated, MTFs are to immediately evacuate and the entrance is to be sealed off.

Description: SCP-3460 is a hexapedal organism, its legs connected to a human-like pelvic bone, which is assumed to have six sockets (two located in front, one on each side, and two located in rear). Its upper body is more humanoid and stands stright, though the organism tends to slouch forwards, keeping its jaw level with the ground and it's head facing forwards.

The organism appears to be gender-less with no visible genitalia and with no discernible bodily or facial features such as eyes, nose, ears, hair or brows, aside from a large mouth filled with black razor sharp teeth measuring approximately 2cm long. Peronnel have reported SCP-3460 'smiling' at them through the canera monitors. Foundation observation personnel have also reported ache within their frontal lobes and feeling unnerved when observing SCP-3460 for long periods of time.

SCP-3460 legs are segmented much like an insect's but thicker and muscled, (Coxa, Trochanter, Femur, Tibia, Tarsus), each segment measuring up to 1.8 meters in length and ending with clawed, two-fingered hand-like feet and walks on its knuckles much like a primate would. The underside of the organisms Tibia and Tarsus hold spines, much like a Praying Mantis, and the topside is is covered by a thick layer of chitin.

SCP-3460 has four arms, two that are more human like, lacking one digit, that are located at the base of its neck. The other two arms have two-clawed digits, and are located closer to its torso. An orifice is present at the wrists of both lower arms, in which an object 1 meter long and 0.5cm thick extends outwards. This object is similar to an orbitoclast, a medical tool used for lobotomies.

In addition to these, four tendril-like appendages extend from its upper and lower back, each with long beak-like jaws filled with rows of black 8.89cm long teeth. It stands at 3.6 meters tall(excluding tendrils, 2.5 meters). SCP-3460's slouch in may be caused by the weight of the upper tendrils.

SCP-3460’s skin is thick, rough, leathery, and is thinly coated in a mucus-like substance, which is produced by small pores around its body, possibly used for hydration. It's skin seems to lack any type of pigmentation, leaving it a pale white.

During its feeding, SCP-3460 will begin to sing 'Das Rheingold' to the subjects given to it, putting them in a trace-like state. After two minutes if singing, the subjects begin to sing with SCP-3460. Subjects head explode soon afterwards. SCP-3460 will then take the subjects, lobotomize them and forcibly remove the limbs. SCP-3460 then ingests each torso with each of its tendrils which then softly illuminate with a white glow, followed by the smell of 'burning flesh' while consuming removed limbs through its true mouth. The tendrils of SCP-3460 also seem to be connected directly to its stomach. Personnel have reported SCP-3460 to be smiling during feeding.

After digestion, SCP-3460 extends its legs and lifts its body 4.6 meters from the ground. 9 flaps of skin then open on the leg segments connected directly to the pelvis and excretes black smoke and fluids from them. Tests on the fluid show it is made of plastic and cotton material, mixed with traces of stomach acid. This is hypothesized to be the subjects clothing.

Addendum 3460-1
It is unclear why it soothes the creature, but was brought to attention when SCP-3460 was heard humming after extraction from [DATA EXPUNGED].

The subject killed ███ inmates by inserting an object through the nasal cavity and impaling the brain. Inspection of bodies showed no sign of struggle. Once it started humming the tune from Das Rheingold during transport, it was immediately reported by an MTF officer to [DATA EXPUNGED]. He was also stated as saying, 'My head started to spin, and I also started humming the song. I never heard it in my life, but once it started, I knew exactly what it was and I was humming along with it.'

Event 1: Since containment, SCP-3460 has developed a habit. The organism will huddle itself into the upper right corner of its cell, wrap itself with its tendrils, and seemingly start to emit sobbing noises. It is unknown what has caused this sudden activity.

Event 2
At random intervals, SCP-3460 will vocalize a high pitched bellowing/whinny. It is unknown as to why it does this, but it is assumed to be a form of call.

Event 3
SCP-3460 was reported to be staring into the cameras in its cell. It did so for 9 hours on end until it was fed.

Event 4
SCP-3460 has started to quietly sing to itself once huddled to its corner. It has made foundation members watching video feed anxious. Officer ██████ has reported that 'He wanted to sing along with it'. He has been removed from security duty.

Addendum 3460-2: An attempt to communicate with SCP-3460 via Speaker systems under the hypothesis that it can understand German language, due to the music used to calm it.

<Begin log, skip to 01h 02min 39sec>

Dr.█████: (Speaking in German) Do you understand me?

SCP-3460: (No communication)
(Dr.█████ takes off his headset and talks in English)

Dr.█████ This is going nowhere… Proceeding to end Comm. Attempt 1

SCP-3460: (SCP-3460 starts to softly sing 'Das Rheingold')

Dr.█████: Wait, holy shit, it's talking! Um…(Dr.█████ puts the headset back on and speaks to SCP-3460 once again in German) C…can you please repeat that?

SCP-3460: (SCP-3460 continues to sing)

Dr.█████: Wha-

SCP-3460: (SCP-3460 begins to raise it's voice)

Dr.█████: Are you… Singing?

SCP-3460: (SCP-3460 begins to shake and continues to sing)

Dr.█████: I do-(Dr.█████ begins to sing along with SCP-3460)

SCP-3460: (Subject begins to vocalize loudly)

Dr.█████: (Doctor begins screaming)

SCP-3460: (Subject emits a high pitched scream)

Dr.█████'s head implodes in observation room.

SCP-3460: (SCP-3460 vocalizes again and proceeds to disable security cams A, B, and C. Camera D is still active but badly damaged)
(Subject begins ramming itself against the containment cell walls, shaking the area and damaging the walls within)

Skip to 4h 08min 03sec.
(SCP-3460 is huddled within the far right corner of the cell embracing itself and singing softly)
<End Log, 04h 09min 00sec>

Closing Statement: Dr.█████'s remains are cleaned from the observation room. Other personnel have refused to communicate with the subject .Attempted face-to-face communication is not an option.

Addendum 3460-3:
Attempts to send in crews to reinstall camera systems while the subject is sedated have resulted in crews deaths. Subject is no longer suceptable to gas and or recodrings. Termination of subject has been considered.

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