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Item: SCP-3469

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3469 is to be contained in a 20C dark room within an airtight glass box at Site ██.

Description: SCP-3469 appears to be a blank wooden ink pot from the 1960s, the ink is chemically identical to regular drawing ink. SCP-3469 was discovered at ███████ Studio in 19██.

On paper anything drawn using the ink of SCP-3469 ██████ out of the paper, any object from the ink of SCP-3469 is grey style and is made of an unknown substance that’s property’s change depending on what is drawn. Objects made from SCP-3469s ink degrade in liquids.

SCP-3469 appears to have an infinite supply of ink, any ink taken from SCP-3469 gets instantly refilled (See incident log I).

Addendum: Dr █████.

Object Drawn – 10cm x 10cm square.

Object outcome – 3D cube, 1000cm3 volume, weight 1kg.

Object Drawn – Dr ████‘s Axe drawn to a 1:1 Scale

Object outcome – A perfect copy of Dr ████‘s axe. It weighs 1.5kg it is magnetic and conductive of electricity. Investigation into why Dr ████ had an axe is ongoing.

Object Drawn – Pistol to a 1:1 Scale based off MTF █████‘s Glock 12.

Object outcome – Functional Glock 12.

Object Drawn – A simple flower with 9 petals 10cm high.

Object outcome – 10cm high flower instantly degraded into a pile of SCP-3469’s ink after 0.145 seconds.

Object Drawn – Person modelled from D-2863 to a 1:1 Scale.

Object outcome – ███████ escaped test chamber killing Dr █████, Dr ███ and 2 MTF’s after 64.251 seconds degraded back into SCP-3469’s Ink. Extreme prejudice must be taken when drawing sentient beings.

Object Drawn – Dr ████‘s level 4 key card to a 1:1 Scale.

Object outcome – A functional key card, currently in storage.

Incident Log: Incident I
After testing with SCP-3469, Dr ██████ knocked over SCP-3469. After 1 hour all of Sector █ was filled with ink, 24 class D’s and 34 members of foundation staff drowned in the Ink, Agent ██ was sent in to retrieve SCP-3469. After retrieval several beings (now known as SCP-3469-1) emanated from the ink, SCP-3469-1 attempted to █████ on Agent ██. MTF commander ███ used a fire extinguisher to degrade SCP-3469-1. Further testing needed to find out what SCP-3469-1 is.

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