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KeterSCP-3472 The ExploitRate: -32

Item #: SCP-3472

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3472-1 is uncontainable. Protocol is strictly related to documentation and research. Containment is not to be attempted at this time.

A small locked enclosure is constructed around SCP-3472-2 and is to be guarded by no less than 2 agents. Unauthorized persons caught attempting to access the enclosure are to be detained and questioned, and either terminated or amnesticized as appropriate.

Description: SCP-3472-1 are instantaneous changes to universal reality (hereafter referred to as "shifts"). Shifts vary greatly in subject, severity, and frequency. Shifts have a secondary mind-affecting property: all humans, with the exception of those possessing the Armstrong implant1, will perceive any differences in reality after shifts as if they have always been present. Since discovery in 1998, 27 new shifts have been observed.

SCP-3472-2 is a mailbox located in ███████, Canada. After every shift, an envelope containing a single sheet of paper with various text printed on its surface will manifest inside. The envelopes bear no markings except the phrase "Player Newsletter" printed on the back. It is unknown if more SCP-3472-2 instances are currently in existence.

SCP-3472-1 was discovered through long-term testing of an experimental alternative to traditional mnestics in the form of a device implanted into the brain. While results were unsuccessful, it was discovered that users with the implant could bypass the mind-affecting properties of shifts, leading to SCP-3472-1's discovery. The device was approved for the research and documentation of shifts and was dubbed the "Armstrong implant". SCP-3472-2 was discovered 2 years later during an investigation into an area reported to have an abnormally high number of sightings of GOI-207 ("Nobody"). No sightings have been reported in the area since containment of SCP-3472-2 was established. Connections between SCP-3472 and "Nobody" are being investigated.

Shift Number: #3
Description: Dimensional Anomalies 356, 024, and 899 cease anomalous properties. All flashlights, smartphone screens, and lamps now shine 10 lux brighter.

Shift Number: #14
Description: 93 GOC members and 2 GOC strike teams disappear from existence. The Serpents Hand now has 5 additional anomalies in its possession. Traffic congestion in all urban cities decreases by 15%.

Shift Number: #7
Description: 50 various successful/influential people and prolific GOI members disappear from existence.

Shift Number: #18
Description: The visual spectrum/the way humans view the visual spectrum was altered, but it is not yet completely known how. The atomic bomb was now first tested on 1945 and the first successful Polio vaccine was now developed in 1952, causing a significant alteration in the course of history. Additionally, the average human intelligence was increased by 10 points.

Shift Number: #24
Description: [DATA EXPUNGED]

These letters all correspond to shifts described in the previous list, in order.

Corresponding Shift Number: #3
-Miscellaneous physics engine bug fixes (including the area in London where players could fall off the map)
-Lighting engine tweaks (made light from devices brighter)

Corresponding Shift Number: #14
-Gameplay balance tweaks (decreased firepower of the Book Burners, increased holding capacity of the Serpents, hopefully this will make the factions a little more balanced)
-Ease of life tweaks in urban areas (traffic should now flow faster, thanks u/igneousrocks!)

Corresponding Shift Number: #7
A ban wave has been put into effect to acknowledge a popular cheating program for Windows. We want to remind our players that this behavior is not tolerated and appeals to remove bans will be ignored.

Corresponding Shift Number: #18
-Updated from Unity 4 to Unity 5 (please let us know about any bugs in the forums, thanks!)
-Technology tree balance tweaks (various late-game tech is now available a little earlier to give aggressive players more of an advantage)
-AI tweaks (NPC behavior should now be a little more interesting)

Corresponding Shift Number: #24
The Religion DLC has been officially released, and is available for $14.99! Thanks to all our players for their support thus far.

- 5 new factions!
- Control the masses with brand new Religion Abilities!
- Updated lore!
- New Areas! (Vatican City, Jerusalem, The Parthenon, and more!)
- Compatible with the Digital Age DLC and the Monsters and Magic DLC!

On 2/4/2001, a letter resembling the ones found in SCP-3472-2 spontaneously manifested on the desk of all 13 O5 command members. Content written was identical across all documents. These documents do not correspond to any known shift. The letter is transcribed below:

Dear Foundation,

It seems you've uncovered something you shouldn't have. You've taken advantage of an exploit, a bug in the system. You might be wondering why we haven't fixed this bug and wiped your memories clean. Unbeknownst to you, we already did. But news got out of your discovery, and people back-lashed against our decision. We thought allowing you to know would be immersion-breaking, but apparently, our players thought it was "cool". We also caught some flack from those SJW AI rights people, who claimed that they "deserve to know".

Eventually, we caved. We returned your knowledge and un-erased your little device from history. As long as this information does not become common knowledge within your organization, we have no problem with allowing a little piece of lore like this to exist. But remember, if you start becoming disruptive to the player experience, all it would take is a few lines of code to make you forget.

I know your discovery was probably a shock to you. My advice? Don't think about it too much. Play the game. Have fun. Fulfill your purpose.


Jonathan Springer
CEO of Walkway Entertainment

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