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nn5n: scp-3487 The Spatial Wormhole
EuclidSCP-3487 The Spatial WormholeRate: 4

Item #: SCP-3487

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A schedule has been made to shut down all power in a 30-meter radius of the usual location of SCP-3487 to prevent activation of the anomaly. The schedule is every day from 3 pm to 5 pm exactly. if these procedures are not met every day then please read incident-1 at ██/██/20██ which involved 50 staff member casualties in the space of 12 seconds. In the event that SCP-3487 becomes active please be reminded that there is a small fraction of a chance that the anomaly will not portray severe negative behaviour. On the occasion that the anomaly portrays this behaviour MTF must be notified immediately due to previous interaction without proper security measures, please read incident-2 at ██/██/20██ which involved several senior staff researchers unfortunate death when interacting with entities inside SCP-3487. Under any circumstances do not engage with any entities through the anomaly unless any of the said entities arrive outside of the anomaly. Only D-Class have permission to receive and transmit physical contact via the anomaly. All staff are reminded not to interact with SCP-3487 due to its usual destructive behaviour.

Description: SCP-3487 is a lightly blue hovering spatial wormhole that appears to be 2 meters in length and 2 meters in height which creates a slight man-made electrical sound emitting on an average of 50db.Once activated the wormhole will either attract any metal within a 500-meter distance and erratically disperse them randomly at speeds over 300 mph, at this point the wormhole will close and await next days opening if containment procedures are not kept. The second is an opening within the wormhole which many variables exist acting as a window into alternate universes and times from our own. After the opening of the wormhole, only entities already inside its plain can exit but no enter back for unknown reasons.

On the current four successful wormhole openings that have happened four different SCP foundations have been identified but also classed as being hostile for again no known reason. The known names of these similar organisations are Run Red Corporation, S.C.P Inc., Aldune Inc. and Dark Solutions. Mysteriously the only energy source emitted is when the anomaly is acting wrongfully which only intense concentrated heat can be detected where the wormhole would normally appear.

This anomaly has been spotted outside site:██ on ██/██/20██ several times but only for exactly 12 seconds. First sighting of the SCP-3487 was in site:██ Cafeteria at 3 pm ending at 4 pm in ██/██/20 in which incident-1 occurred.

Addendum 3487-001: A request to send peaceful negotiators into SCP-3487 to establish contact to the alternate Foundation. Request pending approval.

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