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Item: SCP-3493


SCP-3493 being held by Dr. ████ during testing

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3493 Is to be kept in a standard anomalous object locker at Site-19 sealed with a single padlock. All personnel with vision abnormalities which are repaired via corrective lenses and/or contacts are required to wear them at all times when working with SCP-3493. Under no circumstances are corrective lenses and/or contacts to be removed for any reason during testing with SCP-3493.

Description: SCP-3493 is a softcover copy of the 60th anniversary version of Ray Bradbury's novel "Fahrenheit 451". On the inside of the cover page for the book are the words "Reading sucks!" written crudely in red pen ink. SCP-3493's anomalous properties manifest when held by anyone who has visual abnormalities, an aversion to reading, or is illiterate. When held and opened by anyone who meets one (or more) of these criteria, all written words on every page within SCP-3493 will disappear entirely and will be replaced by the word "Burn" written in bold lettering across the middle of every page. Within one to two minutes after this effect takes place, the subject(s) who held the book will begin to feel a burning sensation on their hands. Within thirty (30) seconds of the burning sensation starting, blisters will begin appearing on the subject's hands and wrists in a very similar fashion to third degree burns. These injuries cannot be prevented in any way even if SCP-3493 is dropped or placed down by the subject. The "burning" stops after approximately forty seconds and can be effectively treated the same way as severe burns with no lasting effects. No anomalous properties are exhibited if SCP-3493 is read by anyone who has perfect 20/20 vision and an interest in reading or writing.

Recovery Log: SCP-3493 was recovered from the ███████ school for the visually impaired located in Brooklyn, NY on 02/08/20██ after a student named Daniel ███████ who suffered from severe amblyopia and dyslexia, presented to the emergency room at █████ ██████ University Hospital with severe third degree burns on both hands. Luckily, junior foundation researcher, agent Robert █████ was being treated in the same ER for a fractured ankle. There, he overheard several conversations between Daniel and multiple physicians and contacted foundation agents immediately. When foundation agents arrived disguised as police, a short interview was conducted with young Daniel in which he explained to Senior foundation researcher, Dr. ███████ that he was in the school's library when he found SCP-3493 behind several other books in the miscellaneous section of said library and attempted to read the book. SCP-3493 was removed from the school without incident and placed into containment. Class-A amnestics were given to all doctors, nurses, and patients in the ER along with Daniel himself. A cover story of Daniel getting severely burned by boiling water while trying to make a kettle of tea was given to Daniel, his parents, and the physicians treating him.

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