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EuclidSCP-3511 Reach Out And TouchRate: 118

Picture of SCP-3511 taken at age 13

Item #: SCP-3511

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3511 no longer exhibits anomalous properties, and therefore requires minimal containment. One Foundation agent is to monitor SCP-3511 in case its anomalous properties reemerge. In this event, refer to previous containment procedures.

SCP-3511 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell furnished with reasonable amenities and furniture. SCP-3511 is to meet with the Site therapist once per week. All attempts to detain SCP-3511 are to be undertaken with the use of remote-controlled, non-combat drones. SCP-3511's meals are not to include meat.

Description: SCP-3511 is a female human of Latin American descent, 170 cm in height and 65 kg. SCP-3511 is anemic and is prone to poor blood circulation as well as fainting spells.

SCP-3511's anomalous properties only affect living biological organisms from the kingdom Animalia. Any such matter coming within 7cm of SCP-3511 is repelled. This force does not exert itself on SCP-3511.

Recovery Log: The Foundation was alerted to SCP-3511 when radioscanners detected the following conversation on a small radio show produced out of Oaklin, Wisconsin.

Host A: I’m Jim.

Host B: And I’m Carrey.

Host A: And welcome to Jim and Carrey Fix Strangers’ Problems. Today we’ll be taking calls from people dealing with child problems!

Host B: And problem children!

Host A: Okay, here’s our first caller. Hello?

Caller: Hello.

Host A and Host B: Hi!

Host A: So, I assume you’re having children problems.

Caller: I— yeah. Yeah, I do.

Host B: Well, we’re all ears.

Caller: So, I’m a teacher, and I have this one student. Really quiet girl.

Host A: You know what they say!

Host B: The silent ones are sometimes the scariest.

Caller: I um, I guess you could put it like that. She started acting fairly… difficult lately. When I’d ask her about her homework she’d talk back with an attitude. Sometimes just all out skipped class. But you know, it was normal rebellious teenager things.

Host A: So, when does it get crazy?

Caller: On the last day of school. We just finished up exams and kids were packing up to go home. But then Erica she just… she got up and stood in the door frame. Kids tried to leave but they just, couldn’t get past her.

Host A: They didn’t just push her out of the way?

Host B: You know, sometimes a little shove can do some good for a kid. It’s how I survived the playground every day!

Caller: No, it’s not like that. They couldn’t push her. They couldn’t touch her.

Host A: Couldn’t touch her?

Host B: Afraid of getting cooties?

Caller: No! I mean they literally couldn’t touch her. They’d get close and then they’d just… just stop. People got antsy and started fighting. Students in the hall gathered around to see what was going on. But after a few minutes, my kids just stood there and looked at her. I asked her to move but she looked at me and said “Notice me. I want to be here. I want to be seen. I want to be touched. So no, you move me.”

Host A: That's… that's really strange.

Host B: I know if my kids said that to me they’d get a good talking to.

Caller: I mean, I probably misremembered it. I don’t remember if it was that dramatic… I've talked this over with my colleagues, the principal. I also talked to her parents, but they just seemed confused. I felt bad about it because they were quite pleasant.

Host A: You sure? Sounds like maybe something weird happening at ho—

Host B: My prescribed solution is to get a therapist on the case.

Caller: But what about—


Host B: Okay, let’s move on to our next caller!

Agent Tennison was dispatched to perform interviews with relevant Oaklin residents to collect necessary information about SCP-3511 before containment. While some residents acknowledged that SCP-3511 was abnormal, none believed it to be anomalous, due to a number of reasons. The most notable interview was with a high school student named Tyler Orthrow.

Tennison: Evening.

Orthrow: Hi, um… officer?

Tennison: Just call me Mr. Tennison. I’ve heard you’ve had some interesting experiences with an Erica Stross.

Orthrow: I mean, I guess. I knew her since I was six. Went to elementary school together, but we definitely weren’t close. Hell, we’re as far from close as you could get.

Tennison: Can you elaborate?

Orthrow: Well, in elementary school… I wasn’t exactly the nicest of kids. We got into playground fights a lot. I don’t remember what we fought over. Luckily, we went our separate ways after elementary school. I heard her parents demanded she change schools. I guess it'd make sense, they were pretty protective of her.

Tennison: So, did anything happen after that?

Orthrow: Not for about ten years. Until um, she spotted me at a park, and came over. I hadn’t seen her since elementary school so this felt… let’s just say strange. I was hanging out with my friends over by the river, and then I saw her walking toward us. Barely recognized Erica. I got up to ask her what she was doing and, she started yelling at me. Stuff like “you bastard” and “you made me like this”.

Tennison: Do you know what she was referring to?

Orthrow: I have no goddamn clue what I did. But she kept walking and I felt myself backing up toward the river. Like something was pushing me that way. Luckily, she stopped before I fell into the water. I just looked at her with my back foot over the edge of the riverbed. Took a solid five seconds before I could muster an “I’m sorry”. Luckily it got through to her. Not like, super well. But she turned around and left at least. God was that weird to explain to my friends.

Tennison: Do you remember any other… incidents?

Orthrow: I don’t think so, but then again, I didn’t see her much.

Tennison: I see. Thank you for your time.

After this interview, SCP-3511 was detained through the use of remote-controlled drones. All civilian observers were administered Class-C amnestics. SCP-3511's parents were also administered amnestics, and told that their daughter had been killed in a car crash. On the second day of containment, it was deemed appropriate that SCP-3511 should have access to an on-site therapist. Below is the transcript of its first session:

Wey: Hello Erica, I’ve been assigned to be your therapist.

SCP-3511 remains silent.

Wey: I know that this situation must be putting a lot of stress on you, but I’d like to talk to you about back home and your condition.

SCP-3511 is still silent.

Wey: If you’re not in the mood to cooperate, then I can come back tomorrow.

Wey gets up to exit the room.

SCP-3511: Wait! Um…

Wey returns to his seat.

Wey: Yes?

SCP-3511: I, uh, I guess I don’t know what there is to say anymore. I’m going to be locked up here for, well however long. Probably forever. And that’s that, right?

Wey: Not exactly. There's more to the story than that. Maybe we could talk about your parents. They barely spoke of you during our interviews. What were they like?

SCP-3511: …Crazy.

Wey: Really?

SCP-3511: Completely insane. There.

Wey: Could you elaborate?

SCP-3511: Home wasn’t… it wasn’t comfortable. It didn’t even feel safe. It just… I don’t want to talk about it.

Wey: I think talking about it will be beneficial. We can start small. Maybe a common family activity, or something your parents would say to you often.

SCP-3511: … starfish. They called me their little starfish. But not in a cute, ditsy way. It always sounded so, so deranged. They’d say things like “We must protect the starfish”, “Our little starfish is our little lightfish”, and “guide us to the end”. I don’t know what they meant. It felt wrong. But I was, I was too young to know what to do about it.

Wey: Okay. That’s a good first step. Now let’s move onto something a bit different. We spoke once with an old acquaintance of yours, Tyler Orthrow. He told us about an incident where you supposedly blamed him for your condition. Are you able to elaborate on that?

SCP-3511: Oh, that. I, um… I’m not comfortable talking about that. I don’t like remembering what it felt like to, to feel.

Wey: That’s fine. We’ll adjourn this session for today.

Addendum SCP-3511-1: At the end of the first two weeks of containment, Dr. Wey attempted to ask SCP-3511 more about its parents, hoping to discover exactly what caused SCP-3511 to gain its anomalous properties. Below is the transcript of this session:

Wey: Hello again.

SCP-3511: Hi…

Wey: Are you able to talk today? I’d like to ask you more about your parents.

SCP-3511: I um… I can probably talk.

Wey: Okay. Is there something specific you’d like to start with?

SCP-3511: I don’t think so. Um… actually never mind.

Wey: What is it?

SCP-3511: Well, last time we talked about my parents I brought up the starfish thing, right? I was thinking maybe we’d, um, start from there.

Wey: That sounds like a good idea.

SCP-3511: Because I didn’t mention that’s just what they called me in private.

Wey: And what did they call you in public?

SCP-3511: “The minor”. They were cold toward me. Whenever anyone talked about me, my mom would generally say “She’s just a child.” Or something like that. They’d catch some strange glances for it, but no one paid it much mind.

Wey: Did that make you feel particularly upset?

SCP-3511: Not really…

Wey: Then how did it make you feel?

SCP-3511: Um… unimportant I guess. Kind of like I wasn’t worth being around. Maybe it's why other people ignored me too… Like my teachers. You know, if my parents think so lowly of me, why should anyone else be better?

Wey: Your teachers treated you poorly?

SCP-3511: I mean, not really. They were just kind of dismissive. Whenever I brought up an issue they’d wave me off. Told me to talk to someone else. Sometimes I had to get in their faces about it, and I’d be called difficult. Even if it was to go see the nurse…

Wey: The nurse?

SCP-3511: I mean, that sort of thing only happened in elementary school. Before I uh… You know.

Wey: Of course. You know, I think we've made good headway for today. Unless you want to keep going, we can call this session to a close.

SCP-3511: I'd be fine with that.

Wey: Okay. I will see you next week.

Addendum SCP-3511-2: During the fifth month of containment, security footage showed strange behavior from SCP-3511. At night, SCP-3511 would sleep on its left side, causing its arm to lose circulation. Upon waking, SCP-3511 would manipulate that arm in various ways. Due to concerns for SCP-3511's emotional state, the following interview was conducted:

Wey: Hey there.

SCP-3511: Hi.

Wey: I know that normally you are allowed to drive the conversations in these sessions, but today I'd like to talk about some, well concerning habits.

Wey presents pictures of SCP-3511's recent behavior.

SCP-3511: Oh, that. Yeah.

Wey: We're worried about both possible nerve damage it could cause, and, more importantly, what it implies about your emotional state.

SCP-3511: I mean, I've done this since I was little. Few years after I… I started being like this. Usually, after mom and dad ignore me for a long time.

Wey: Can you elaborate on why?

SCP-3511: Um… well, you know… sometimes it’s really hard to distinguish between your own body and someone else’s. If you cut off circulation to your left hand, then you can pretend like it belongs to a stranger and hold it with your right hand. If your whole arm goes numb, then you can put it around yourself and it feels like a pat on the back. You probably know this but they, they haven’t given me a normal physical. You know, where the doctor feels around for your heartbeat and your breathing. It’s not very comforting but at least they let me touch someone else. Instead, the checkup was done with robots. And it felt so… so cold. The silicon tips, the metal joints, the plastic caps. All so cold.

Wey: I’m sorry it’s been lonely, bu—

SCP-3511: Do you know how long it's been since I last touched someone? Six years. You know why?

Wey: I mean, that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

SCP-3511: Because Tyler Orthrow cracked my head open one day so I came home with a bloody bandage wrapped around my head. My parents freaked and dragged me to the basement. I don't remember what they did to me down there… it was all a blur. All I remember is my mom saying something like "Just until our starfish grow up." That rings in my mind you know. It's haunting.

Wey pauses to let SCP-3511 calm down.

Wey: Okay. I will contact my superiors to see if we can give you more opportunities to socialize. I think talking to me is helpful, but a variety of listeners might help you get your mind off of these things. I'll also ask if there is a less… mechanized way we can conduct your physicals.

SCP-3511 remains silent.

Wey: Erica? Do you think that would help?

SCP-3511: … thank you.

Dr. Wey's suggestions were incorporated into SCP-3511's schedule following the interview. Foundation personnel attempted to detain SCP-3511's parents for an investigation into possible connections to anomalous organizations, however, they were not found at their residence in Oaklin. Recovery of SCP-3511's mother and father is still underway.

Addendum SCP-3511-3: After thirteen months of containment, SCP-3511’s eating patterns underwent a steady change. SCP-3511 consumed smaller portions of meals, attributing its actions to a lowered appetite. An emergency therapy session was held once SCP-3511 stopped eating altogether.

Wey: Afternoon, Erica.

SCP-3511: Afternoon.

Wey: So, we’ve noticed even more concerning behavior. This time with regards to your eating habits.

SCP-3511 looks away from Wey.

SCP-3511: That’s fine. You’ll save some on your budget.

Wey: I’ve gone over this before, but you’re not a burden on us. This is what we do.

SCP-3511: But what am I supposed to do? Just whittle my life away here?

Wey: We’ve been expanding your social regime, but if you want, we can—

SCP-3511: No. You and I both know that’s not what I mean.

Wey: Then what do you mean?

SCP-3511: I mean, I always knew I wasn’t getting out of here. But it just… I overheard someone talking about charity work. Some fundraiser for holiday food baskets. And you know what I realized? I’m not doing anything. I’m just… I’m just here. And I’m barely here at that. I can’t even tap someone on the shoulder. I mean, they might notice me. But they won’t feel me. The world won’t feel me.

Wey: A lot of people go through these kinds of thoughts. I have colleagues who worry that the world will be no different without them.

SCP-3511: But are they locked up? Do they only see the light of day twice a week on escorted walks? I doubt it. I’m just a drain on the budget. An hour and a half of your week. I want to feel again. If I can’t touch someone literally, then I’ll take the metaphor. I want to feel accomplished, a part of something. But if I’m just destined to go numb, just fucking euthanize me already!

SCP-3511 slumps in its chair and holds its head in its hands.

Wey: We’re not going to do that because you’re definitely worth more. If you want an opportunity to make an impact on the world, we will see what we can do. I’ll ask my superiors to come up with a program, just like last time. All you need to do is ask. But in the meantime, since we don’t want your emotional state to worsen, is there anything else we can maybe do to help?

SCP-3511: … A hug would be nice.

Various options were proposed for how to accommodate Dr. Wey's suggestion, however, none were approved before SCP-3511's neutralization.

Incident SCP-3511-I: On ██/██/20██, SCP-3511 was neutralized. SCP-3511 had turned eighteen that day.

SCP-3511 wakes up and reaches to scratch its shoulder. After a few minutes, it scratches its shoulder again, but with a confused look on its face. It pulls its shirt back to reveal a small bug bite. SCP-3511’s face assumes an expression of surprise.

SCP-3511: I… I got bit.

SCP-3511 rushes to the door to its containment cell.

SCP-3511: Hey! Hey! Come here! Please! Tell the docs I’m normal again. I want to feel someone! Please!

Security personnel walk to the door of SCP-3511’s cell.

SCP-3511: Please! Your hand. Just your hand. Please!

Guard: Sorry ma’am, but we can’t let you out.

SCP-3511: Then call Dr. Wey! Please! Call it an emergency session or something!

The security guards turn to each other and shrug. The calls are made and after 30min Dr. Wey arrives at SCP-3511's cell. The guards open the door, and Dr. Wey enters.

Wey: Hello Erica. How have you—

Before the guards have time to respond, SCP-3511 hugs Dr. Wey, and begins to cry.

Wey: Why… I guess this means we'll have our last session then.

Wey motions to the security guards to stand down, and returns the hug.

Following the event, SCP-3511 underwent additional testing before it was deemed neutralized. SCP-3511 was administered Class-C amnestics and returned to Greensdale, OH with a reasonable cover story.

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