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The LMC displaying the path SCP-3522 has taken through it. Notice the complete lack of stars in the affected area.

Item #: SCP - 3522

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3522 is provisionally contained by the procedures of Operation 'Dark Shroud'. Site 88 is the command centre for all ongoing activities pertaining to Dark Shroud, and will be the working hub for coordination of efforts until such a time as the threat of SCP-3522 is deemed to have passed, estimated to be the year 21██.

Operation Dark Shrouds action are threefold:

1: The complete cover up of the existence of SCP-3522 and its lasting effects, to be executed by personnel in place within the major Space Observatory groups, who are to alter findings of any trace of the entity. In doing so the permanent alteration of star records is authorised. The disruption and delivery of amnestics to unanticipated amateur astronomy groups is also authorised.
While other options are being considered, the sabotage of space telescopes between the years 21██ and 21██ may be warranted and is pending authorisation.

2: The complete cover up of the existence of the Dark Shroud devices and their effects by continuing fabrications around the theory of Global Warming and the theories of Dark Energy/Dark Matter. Prominent scientists and researchers are being exposed to heavy memetics that both of these concepts are unequivocally true. In addition, the Ethics Committee has authorised encouragement of continued warfare in the Middle East and high military budgets in order to limit increased funding of all international space programs. Measures are to be taken to slow economic growth in order to facilitate this, and politicians whose stance towards the space programs is unfavourable are to be given funding support.1
A comparison of the LMC (measured in the UV light spectrum) before and after SCP-3522's influence.

3: The continued activation of the three Dark Shroud devices currently in orbit around:

  • Neptune2
  • The Sol Star3
  • ██████4

Three level 4 technicians are to be permanently stationed on each of the devices with a single level 5 researcher overseeing each project. Foundation space station ███ is also to house a team of selected researchers of clearance level -/3522 to continue work on these devices.

In the event of device failure, all assigned personnel are to attempt to recover and repair the apparatus to working order immediately. Weaponry and defence systems are to be prepared as per Extra-Galactic Invasion Type 81 protocol dictates.

In the event that one or more of the devices fail after 20██ and before 21██, Operation Lifeboat is to be initiated by all briefed personnel. Order effect is to be immediate upon news that any device has failed between 20██ and 21██. No drill will be conducted for this.
Repeat: Any report that a Dark Shroud device has failed requires the immediate commencement of Operation Lifeboat by all cleared personnel.

Description: SCP-3522 describes the entity first detected in the region of the Large Magellanic Cloud, located around 50 kiloparsecs from earth. As of yet, its size, shape and origin are unknown but due to it's properties and actions of [REDACTED] theories lean towards Professor Grahams early studies into ████████.5 No clear image of SCP-3522 has yet been captured by Foundation Telescopes, though efforts are under way. A clear image can be expected within the next ██ years as it draws closer to the Sol System.

The entity captured by Foundation Deep Space Telescope E-████ under white light filter. Star is LMC-N████ before its disappearance.

The entity was detected after worldwide astronomical groups began to report the rapid disappearance of stars in the N206 open cluster region of the LMC; not due to supernova or the end of the star life cycle, but rather a completely untraceable series of registered stars vanishing. This resulted in a hole cut through the LMC that was approximately 3 LY wide.

Soon after the hole appeared, intergalactic stars closest to the LMC began disappearing along the same trajectory. Calculations of stellar distances soon revealed that this current trajectory would bring the Sol System into the path of SCP-3522, and it was given Keter class status. This also meant that SCP-3522 was travelling at barely sub light speed6, bringing increased speculation as to its nature. At its current velocity, it is estimated that SCP-3522 will reach the Sol System in ██ years.

Research into the 'Dark Shroud' device mechanism was successful thanks to a breakthrough in Graviton Particle Scattering by Junior Researcher ███████, ██ years after SCP-3522 was first put on it's current calculated trajectory. Three devices were built and sent into their appropriate orbits for maximal effectiveness and complete coverage of the Sol system. All attending level 4 researchers and technicians are to see addendum 1a for information on how the Dark Shroud devices work.

As SCP-3522 gets closer to Sol and its likelihood of being seen before Foundation agents can do anything about it becomes higher, various plans have been put forward to prevent it from being revealed to the world at large. These have included the current plan to sabotage all space telescopes in an interval of years where it is believed SCP-3522 will be clearly seen, but researchers are currently working upon a way to cause an early supernova reaction in the Local Group star Alpha Centurionis7 using SCP-████. This event would undoubtedly draw every eye in the astronomical community to the extent that any anomalous activity produced by SCP-3522's effect would be over before they turn back. Continued changes to verified star maps is proving more and more difficult to keep hidden.

As a member of the personnel assigned to work upon the Dark Shroud devices, let this document make one thing clear to you: the Foundation in its current form did not build these machines.

The first was discovered █ years after SCP-3522 had first been detected when an unknown object was found orbiting [REDACTED] by its monitoring Space Station. After initial concerns regarding [REDACTED] activation were confirmed false, it was noted that the device was marked with Foundation insignia. A team was sent to board it from the station and was able to access the interior through generic level 4 access codes. Inside was what appeared to be a hastily constructed vacuum container for a rudimentary FBGS8. The 'device' in full measures 75 metres in length, 20 metres at maximum width9 and contains the FBGS running through it with enough room at either end for two small living compartments. The computer system governing the operation of the machine had only one file not involved in the running of the device:

This document is only for the eyes of Foundation personnel with clearance level 510 who have been briefed on article ███████.

This device is one of three machines (Codenamed: DARKSHROUD) that have been sent to you using [DATA EXPUNGED]. This one has been sent through orbiting [REDACTED] to ensure knowledge of it's presence. The other two have been put in their optimal placements: one orbiting Neptune and the other in a remote orbit 5,500,000,000 km from the sun. These devices will serve to hide the signature of the Sol star from SCP-3522

In the year ████ public knowledge of SCP-3522 has become widespread due to an assault on Foundation assets at ██████. Certain pictures that had been taken by this observatory were in the process of being doctored and clearly showed SCP-3522 [DATA EXPUNGED] multiple passing stars in the Scutum Centaurus arm of the Milky Way. The pictures were released as other observatories found indisputable traces of the entity resulting in widespread panic worldwide. Questions arose about the amount of time taken to detect SCP-3522, and evidence of the Foundation was uprooted, leading to the collapse of multiple sites as increased levels of strife and internecine warfare erupted across the globe.

In the year ████ the human population [REDACTED] due to warfare and certain containment breaches. In this year, ███ days before the estimated arrival of SCP-3522, Head Researcher ███████ made a breakthrough in the practical application of Graviton Scattering when controlled with ███████ █████████; allowing the creation of a field within which all matter and most energy attempting to pass through to the outside are completely blocked. Forgive my break from the objective, but the bitter truth is it has come too late for us. The entity is headed towards Sol and has begun [DATA EXPUNGED]. The sun already distends in the sky like a vast teardrop as temperatures across the Earth fluctuate wildly.

As a last attempt at survival, the Foundation of ████ have entrusted to you the three DARKSHROUD prototypes in the hopes that this will never happen in truth; that no one will ever see the world as we now see it. The devices will serve to obscure the signature of the sun to SCP-3522, and it will pass over you, as the Angel of Death over the Hebrews.

I advise you not to brief █. ███████ on his erstwhile discovery, as due to the use of [DATA EXPUNGED] in sending the devices back to you, it is believed that the timeline difference between the two realities could result in an XK-class reality unravelling scenario. Let natural discovery of the phenomenon take place as it should before the year ████.

By order of O5-█, █, █, █, █, █, █ 25/3/████

The devices appear to work through the projection of a hyperbolic cone of gravitons around a stream of ███████ █████████ firing through the centre of the cone. These gravitons interact with particles from the other devices where they exert a mutual micro attraction to each other across an ever shifting field enveloping the Solar System. This has a profound effect upon all energy and matter hitting the field from inside: as it draws closer to a single graviton particle in the field, the particles around it exert a larger gravitational pull, causing the approaching stream of photons/x-rays/etc to bend along the inner edge of the field rather than passing through. The presence of the ███████ █████████ is assumed to allow energy to pass into the field as well as stabilise the graviton particle interactions, though how it accomplishes this is as yet unknown.

A quickly noticeable side effect of this was a minor heat increase diffused across the solar system and a slight distortion in the appearance of the extra-field stars. To conceal these developments two high scale misinformation campaigns have begun using prominent scientists under memetic suggestion. These individuals have been influenced to spearhead the ideas of global warming to combat the slowly increasing heat on the Earth; and the theory of dark matter, which can account for the distorted appearance of the galaxies.

Personnel assigned to the Dark Shroud devices are to concentrate on reverse engineering the mechanism, secondary to working out how the machine was developed and understanding how the device works. This is due to the alarm caused upon the discovery that Junior Researcher ███████ had died in incident X-10-███, shortly before he was to be called for briefing on research into ███████ █████████. Attempts to reverse engineer the device are to stop the potential of an XK-class break in space-time continuation due to no knowledge existing of how to create a working device by the year ████.

On the 25/3/20██ Head Researcher ████████ aboard the station orbiting [REDACTED] was found comatose on the floor of her living quarters. While she was moved to medical quarters aboard Foundation station ███, standard investigative procedure found HR ████████'s computer on and pages of text displayed upon the screen. All other information had been wiped from the device. Most of the text was indecipherable and meaningless, the following an excerpt:

//^&@#$@#%@#$@#$^&@#$@#@#$@#$destroy it destroy them it is not re#@#$@#$^&@#$@#@#$@#$as not what they said we a^&@#$@#@#cieved we are trapped we are stuck we are c^&@#$@%#@#$@#nd the souls of the damned are with us they cannot escape they ca%@ot break out we cannot escape we canno#@#$@c^&@#$@#@&@#$@#@ and death passes over us for it cannot touch us here while c^&@#$@#@*^he sun has died the system has died the galaxy has died the universe has died but we are still here we are trapped we a#$@#@#$@#$@#$^&@%#$@#@#$all has passed us by for it cannot reach us here and we ca#$@#$^&@#$@#@t is too late it is too early there is no time there is just the endless darkne#$@#$^&@#$@%#@#$@e are shrouded from@^#$@#$^&@#$@#@there is no escape we are trapped we are here eternally and the souls of th$^@c$@#$^&%@#$@#$@#$^&@#estroy them oh god just$@#$@#$^&@#let us go let us escape let us loose let us die please let us die @#

Upon awakening, HR ████████ was hysterical and relieved of duties relating to SCP-3522. When recalled to site 88, HR ████████ was disquieted but otherwise appeared mentally stable unless asked about Operation Dark Shroud, which she insists must be discontinued at once. In her debriefing interview she was adamant that when she went to her personal computer an audio file had played composed of [REDACTED] and that she had never seen or read any other file.

It is possible the event was able to occur due to the previous use of [DATA EXPUNGED] at this site to send the device through, increasing the surrounding areas permeability for time continuum anomalies. HR ████████ however has a history of sub optimal stress management and resultant psychosis, which had already lead to her being dropped from [REDACTED]. Given that no breakthroughs have come from her team related to this project for ██ years, her history of poor stress management alongside her poor mental state for some time after the incident make it more likely she succumbed to maladies under the circumstances; a psychotic episode leading her to create the document and wipe her hard drive. Future documents coming through may prove otherwise, but after discussion the current information has been deemed functionally irrelevant to the project and will be kept only for complete disclosure.

HR ████████ was administered Class A amnestics and has been permanently relieved of duties. HR █████ has been chosen as an active replacement for her.

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