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SafeSCP-3531 DoombaRate: -13

Item#: SCP-3531
Object Class: Safe Euclid
Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3531 is to be kept in a 1x1x1 foot Steel Box that is 3 inches thick and bullet proof. SCP-3531 is only allowed to clean the facility when SCP-3531's weapons were removed SCP-3531 is not allowed outside its containment at any time and if seen outside its containment a trail of dust is to be made from SCP-3531 to its containment box. When SCP-3531 enters it's containment chamber SCP-3531 is to be locked in.

SCP-3531 is a modified a iRobot Roomba Red-4100 nicknamed Doomba, that has been modified to have 6 stainless steel knifes crudely attached to SCP-3531 and to have intelligence. SCP-3531 appears to hate all dirt and will become violent to any individuals who have any dirt on them. SCP-3531 will attack by spinning at a speed at 30 miles per hour at its target. If you are attacked by SCP-3531 amputation is likely to occur. SCP-3531 will escape containment when it deems the site to be dirty, unhygenic, and filthy. SCP-3531 can destroy most obstacles by spinning into them. SCP-3531 was found in a house in [Redacted], Florida and attacked agent [DATA-EXPUNGED] for tracing dirt into the house. SCP-3531 was taken into foundation custody directly after this incident.

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