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nn5n: scp-3553 The Many-Legged Angel of Ganymede
SafeSCP-3553 The Many-Legged Angel of GanymedeRate: -1

The Saturnanial moon of Ganymede, the current location of SCP-3553. Evidence of SCP-3553 has been censored.

Item #: SCP-3553

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3553 is located on Saturn's moon Ganymede, and requires no direct containment.

Pictures taken of Ganymede are to be edited to remove SCP-3553 and it's writings. Agents embedded in all major space agencies under standard Heimdall operating procedures are to be informed of this and edit the photographs to remove SCP-3553.

Description: SCP-3553 is a large radially-symmetric entity located on the moon of Ganymede, orbiting Saturn. SCP-3553 consists of a spherical center, surrounded by ten legs. The central mass of SCP-3553 appears to be approximately 100 meters in diameter, while the legs appear to each be 30 meters long. Because of difficulties in the observation of SCP-3553, no further information can be accurately ascertained.

SCP-3553 travels the moon of Ganymede, carving unique symbols into the surface of the planet, which are large enough to be seen from space. These symbols appear to be writing in an as of yet unidentified language. Foundation linguists are attempting to translate these symbols. After carving a set of symbols1, SCP-3553 will enter a rest period lasting in increments of 171 hours.2

SCP-3553 was first identified through its writing, and was initially believed to be an anomalous phenomenon generating the writing. However, after further inspection SCP-3553 was quickly ascertained to be a creature carving the writing.

Addendum 3553.1: The Foundation Linguistics department has identified the language of SCP-3553's writing as using the ancient Sumerian alphabet, the grammar of modern Portugese and etymology derived from Early Middle Japanese. Partial translation of the writings has begun. Writings are listed in chronological order, although translation has stared with the newest writings.

you have grown so strong

i was with you once, long ago. i raised you

i am here for you

what is that in orbit around your world?

you are in danger. i am coming to help

be not afraid

Addendum 3553.2: After completing the most recent message, SCP-3553 entered an unusually long rest period lasting ten orbital periods of Ganymede. After completing this rest period, SCP-3553 entered activity again, but did not begin to create a new writing. Instead, SCP-3553 began to create an unidentified structure. Current imagery shows that this structure partially consists of a large arch, in the middle of a large pattern believed to represent the solar system. The glyph representing Earth in this pattern is significantly more detailed than the other glyphs.

SCP-3553 has been working upon this structure for ██ orbital periods.

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