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Item #: SCP-3571

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Preserved juvenile specimens of SCP-3571 are to be kept in standard thermally-controlled storage unit at Site-66. A consistent temperature of -2° C must be maintained in order to induce hibernation without damage to the specimens.

In the event that any number of SCP-3571 specimens awaken and begin Stage 1 of infestation for any non-intentional reason, they are to be removed if possible. Termination of the escaped specimens is permitted if removal is not possible.

Any locations affected by SCP-3571 infection are to be dealt with by MTF Psi-7 ("Home Improvement"). Affected buildings are to be demolished, and SCP-3571 samples are to be recovered. Cover stories are to be issued appropriately if affected locations are within public notice/concern.

When testing instances of SCP-3571, it should be done only on abandoned or otherwise unused buildings within 50 km of Site-66. Small structures with wood or steel frames can be built for the purpose of testing SCP-3571, if needed.

Description: SCP-3571 is a distinct species genetically identical to the common earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris), although key internal and external physical differences are observable in later stages of specimens' life cycle. SCP-3571 also exhibits behavioral differences, as well as rudimentary pheromonal communication observable in large groups. SCP-3571 goes into an inert state in temperatures of -2° C, their bodies curling into a spiral position. Tissue damage occurs at -8°C.

The infestation-cycle and anomalous properties of SCP-3571 begin when at least one young, mobile specimen enters a currently unoccupied man-made structure with a wooden or metal skeleton. The original specimen(s) of SCP-3571 will enter the wall through any openings or crevices that are present on the wall, and will burrow through until reaching the skeleton of the building. From here, the life cycle and infestation cycle of SCP-3571 begins.

Stage 1 of infestation consists of the specimen(s) of SCP-3571 consuming part of the building's frame by secreting a caustic fluid of PH █.█. SCP-3571 will grow and expand to fit the sections consumed. Eventually, a majority of the building's frame will be consumed, with SCP-3571 in the place of the consumed portions. It is unknown how the building remains stable during this process.

Stage 2 occurs when a majority of the frame has been consumed. SCP-3571 specimens will arrange themselves accordingly to imitate the original frame of the building. Subjects will secrete a fluid through their pores that hardens into a thick, dense layer of unidentified organic material resembling the building skeleton's original material in appearance and properties. SCP-3571 specimens begin to asexually reproduce at this point, releasing microscopic eggs through cracks and openings in their shells.

Stage 3 of infestation begins when laid eggs hatch. Newly born SCP-3571 instances will leave the walls of the building and occupy open rooms. From there, they will change the internal layout of the building and drastically, internal dimensions contrasting with external appearance. SCP-3571 instances will create elaborate and absurd obstacles and traps, usually in the style of elimination-challenge obstacle course games and TV-programs, albeit more unstable and hazardous to passerby. It is presumed they build these objects through their secretions, although formal observation has proven difficult due to SCP-3571 instances swarming/consuming recording devices placed in infected buildings. Decor changes are also made on occasion, some cases of infestation ending in aesthetically thematic courses. Signage is often produced near the entrance by SCP-3571 instances, with the name of the course and rules pasted before the entrance. Common names for courses have included “AMAZING ANDY'S ALLEY OF AWE!”, “CREEPY CARL'S CRAZY CRYPT OF CALAMITY!”, and “WACKY WILLY AND WILD BILL'S TRAPS OF TRULY TREACHEROUS TERROR!”

Unlike the name, the rules are mostly uniform and do not change (See addendum 1), save for small variations of the overall template. All attempts to observe SCP-3571 instances during Stage 3 of infestation, in its entirety, have failed. Entrances are sealed through an unknown procedure during Stage 3, and cameras are quickly consumed by SCP-3571 instances. Brief footage shows walls, floors, and ceilings completely coated in juvenile SCP-3571 instances, but the footage fails to capture how they alter the internal dimensions.

Stage 4 begins after the building is completely transformed. Instances of SCP-3571 that exist outside of the frame vacate and migrate to another susceptible building, where Stage 1 begins again. From here, exits are unsealed.

When a human subject enters a building affected by SCP-3571 infestation, all means of entry and exit are sealed through an unknown process, with the exception of a single backdoor placed on the opposite side of the transformed structure. Pasted rules encourage the subject to move quickly through the obstacles and traps to this exit, with the promise of escape and “a grand prize”. Conditions become increasingly uncomfortable and dangerous with the amount of time elapsed, including (but not limited to) high rises/drops in temperature, poor air quality, rising water, heavy fog, malodorous scents, caustic substances leaking from unseen punctures in the ceiling, and swarms of earthworms. Subjects often take notice of these changes, and, in most cases, hasten. Subjects acting against the standard “rules” of the course will encounter more severe hazards, often rapid accumulation of the course's gradually building hazard. These hazards often mount at too rapid of a rate for most participants to respond to.

Means of long-distance communication do not function in affected buildings. If multiple human subjects attempt entry at the same time, the entry point quickly closes and seals.

The majority of subjects are killed on the course by the laid obstacles. Subjects that reach the end are able to leave through the back door. The “grand prize”, usually a briefcase or large sack of the subject's native currency, can be located in close proximity outdoors. Analysis shows that the currency is counterfeit, made of SCP-3571 secretions.

Addendum 3571-1: Below is the standard “rules” paper printed in SCP-3571 affected buildings. While this is the most standard template, variations exist. These variations often discuss the same or similar rules, albeit with different ordering and/or wording.



Addendum 3571-3:

Interviewed: Jacob ████

Interviewer: Dr. H█████ C███████

Foreword: Jacob ████ had filed a report to local authorities and press detailing an unusual and hazardous modification to his home in ██████ , WV. Mr. ████ 's report contained details consistent with SCP-3571 infestation. A small team had been sent to investigate, and Mr. ████ was interviewed by Dr. C████████. Mr. ████ was informed that the interview was for a local press report. The interview has been abridged for brevity, but noteworthy details have been unedited.

Dr. C███████: Good evening, Mr. Jacob ████. We'd like to ask you some questions for a news story we're working on.

Mr. ████: Yeah, you mentioned it to me yesterday.

Dr. C███████: Could you recall your experience from the beginning?

Mr. ████: I came home from work, like any other day, and when I tried to go in my house, the door was stuck. I used my key, my spare key, I was even thinking about calling the locksmith. The door budged after 10 minutes, just as I was about to give up and call somebody.

Dr. C███████: Continue.

Mr. ████: Well, I walk in, and I don't recognize the place. I don't mean it like somebody broke in and ransacked it, I mean it in a more literal sense. The walls looked like they were made of old filthy limestone, cobwebs and dry dirt absolutely everywhere. The floors were stone too, tiled stone, a little like cobblestone. Even the little “Welcome Home” doormat I owned had been replaced with a slab, lying on the ground. It had something like "Creepy Carl's Crypt" or something along those lines just scrawled on it, in bright red paint. Had a little picture of a ghost , like a “Pac-Man” ghost, in a weird, runny purple paint.

Dr. C███████: Did you immediately proceed?

Mr. ████: No. I thought I just wandered into some other building, maybe the heat was getting to me. I walk back to the door, and it's stuck again. I still thought I wasn't in my home, but to be sure, I pulled out my keys. My key fit into the lock perfectly, but the door was still being stubborn. I was beginning to freak out. I had no clue what was happening, it was like a dream. I tried to call a locksmith again, but this time, there wasn't any reception in the house. I figured I could find a window somewhere and break through, so I went forward from there.

Dr. C███████: Was there anything else of notice before you proceeded?

Mr. ████: There was a printed piece of paper taped to the wall, in a red typeface. It talked about rules for an obstacle course. I would have been wracking my brain trying to figure out who would be crazy enough to break into somebody's home and turn it into an obstacle course in under 8 hours, if I hadn't read the last rule. “DON'T DALLY, SALLY!”

Dr. C███████: Could you describe the building's interior from there?

Mr. ████: That 1st room had three big lanes, and occasionally a huge boulder would roll straight down one, lightning fast. I ran down the middle lane, hoping to make it before another rolled down. The hallway must have been at least 100 yards forward, but the lanes weren't very wide. A boulder rolled right down mine, and I hopped to the right-hugging lane. Two more, one middle and one right. Barely made it to the left. You get the idea? I made it to the end, out of breath, but I didn't want to find out what would happen if I “dallied”, so I just pushed forward.

Second room was a wider hallway, torches on the lower half of the wall, about up to my sides. I stopped to look, and half the torches spat flames. Every other one on both the right and left. I took my time, I felt if I went too fast, I'd fuck it up. I had a nice pace going before I felt it getting awfully hot. I wrote it off as the heat from the torches, but it just kept getting hotter, and the torches weren't any brighter. I figured that this must have been the punishment for taking so long, the building would cook me if I took my time. I winged it. There wasn't much of the hallway left, but by the time I was close to the door, one of the flame jets caught me right on the left side. My shirt caught fire, and I had a nasty burn right below my chest. Want to see?

Dr. C███████: That won't be necessary, Mr. ████.

Mr. ████: Oh, figured you'd want it for your report or something.

Dr. C███████: Please continue.

Mr. ████: Next room, and thank god, the last, was a big, open room. Looked kind of like a gymnasium, with how high the ceiling was and the width… it made me realize that there was no way this would fit in my house. In the center of the room was a big puppet of a mummy, and the strings were visible even from a distance. They went all the way up to the ceiling. Somebody was pulling it, because it was floating forward, no actual life in its movements… I got closer and saw that it had knives sloppily taped on the hands, but there was enough tape for it to stay on, by the looks of it. Just flew forward, swung the hands. Moved way faster than I could, and the heat did me no favors. It was cutting me up pretty bad. I did make it to the end, and there was a door, as well as a sign with “CONGRATULATIONS!” on it, in red neon lights. I walked out, everything was fine, and I sure as hell never tried to go back in. There was a briefcase with cash in it though, that makes up for it a little bit.

Dr. C███████: Understandable. Did you see anything alive in or near your house during the event?

(Mr. ████ pauses, and turns away for several seconds.)

Mr. ████: Well, now that you mention it, there were a lot of worms. Earthworms. They barely squirmed, but they were facing me. I didn't really stop to think about it, I thought it was just part of the crypt theme.

(Mr. ████ briefly pauses again.)

Mr. ████: Actually, the mummy's strings looked kind of fat and pinkish. Real creepy, looking back.

Dr. C███████: Noted. I think we're finished. Thank you, Mr. ████.

Mr. ████: Any time.

Closing Statement: Investigation into SCP-3571 infection continued. The building was demolished under the cover story of a house fire. Mr. ████, all involved authorities, and involved journalists were issued Class-C amnesics, and all associated written reports, video documentation, and photographs were confiscated. If the information from Mr. ████ is correct, SCP-3571 instances play a larger rule in the nature of the core courses in affected buildings than once believed. Further study is ordered.

Addendum 3571-7:

Test 3571-5

Subject: D-9277, a physically healthy Hispanic male, aged 38.

Procedure: D-9277 was placed inside a derelict building affected ██ km from Site-66. A digital camera was strapped to their forehead to record the exploration.

Prelude: Subject enters. Signage reveals the name of the course to be “FEROCIOUS FREDRIK'S FLAMING FORT OF FEAR!”

Notable Structures: Room #1 a conveyor belt spanning from the entrance of the hall to the exit stationed on the floor. Large presses impact the conveyor belt at a constant and regular pace.

Room 2 lacks stable footing, molten rock covering most of the floor. Carpets and furniture float on the surface, undamaged by the conditions. Placement of the carpets and furniture prompt subject to leap from one stable surface to another. Subject misses the jump between an armoire and a carpet. Subject perishes by falling into the molten rock, believed to have succumbed near-instantaneously due to burns.

Analysis: How molten rock was placed in Room 2 as well as the methods used to secure the furniture and carpeting from burns in unknown. Room 1 demonstrated the 1st appearance of a complex mechanical contraption in an SCP-3571 infected building.

Test 3571-27

Subject: D-28417, Caucasian male aged 25. Physically unfit, suffers from malnourishment.

Procedure: Subject was placed in Testing Structure-3571-B, a building constructed for the purpose of examining the long-term effects of SCP-3571 on susceptible structures. 8 previous subjects had entered in the past for testing, 7 of whom had perished inside. Researchers also noted the sharp decline in local animal populations after Testing Structure-3571-B was constructed. As with previous tests, the subject was given a digital camera to strap on his forehead.

Prelude: Subject enters. Signage reveals name of the course to be “WACKY WILLY AND WILD BILL'S TRAPS OF TRULY TREACHEROUS TERROR!" Subject begins course.

Notable Structures: Room #1 is a large, open room. The flooring of the chamber is coated in dead leaves. The footing of the room is unstable, many pitfalls lie concealed in the room. Subject verbally notes that the holes appear as though “something really big made them”.

Room #2 is densely packed with 14cm thick iron bars that span upward from flooring and into the ceiling of the room. The iron bars are electrified. Subject remains in the room for 6 additional minutes. A vapor, likely water vapor, from an unknown source, begins to flood the room. Visibility is reduced by eventual fog buildup. The subject moves forward.

Room #3 is wide and open, with soil, foliage, and trees occupying much of the space. The subject continues to walk for about 7 minutes before encountering an entity in hiding in the brush. The entity seems to be a grey squirrel (Cirrus carolinensis), albeit deceased, with its bodily movement being forced by earthworms inhabiting the body both internally and externally. Over the course of the exploration, the subject discovers a variety of woodland animals local to [DATA EXPUNGED], the deciduous forest surrounding Testing Structure-3571-B. Observed fauna included one American black bear (Ursus americanus), three deer of an unidentified species, (one doe, two bucks), and 31 additional grey squirrels. Every one of these woodland animals had the same abnormality as the grey squirrel, appearing dead and being infested internally and externally with earthworms. As additional time passed, animals of unidentified species were observed. Most seemed mammalian, and bore resemblance to mundane woodland animals from the area, but noticeable physical deformities were noted. These deformities included additional limbs, eyes, heads, fused limbs, a lack of limbs, extremities, and other similar appendages, lack of fur or skin, and severe necrosis. Several plants also bore this affliction.

Later in the test, the Subject was mauled by an unidentified entity. Footage of the creature shows that it bore resemblance to an American black bear, lacking skin and sporting long, prehensile limbs tipped with what resembled pedipalps found on scorpions and related arachnids, made of bony tissue. While the entity lacked eyes, three hollow eye-sockets were observed, two in a standard location for a bear, as well as one on the center of the entity's forehead.

Analysis: This exploration suggests that SCP-3571 is able to manipulate multicellular biological life, although how is unknown. Due to the difficulty involved in observing the process SCP-3571 uses to alter matter, it is unlikely that it will be observed manipulating biological organisms in detail in the foreseeable future.

Test 3571-30

Subject: D-68901, a physically fit Caucasian female, aged 38.

Procedure: Subject was placed in Testing Structure-3571-D, a building constructed for the purpose of examining the long-term effects of SCP-3571 on susceptible structures. 11 previous subjects had entered in the past for testing, all of whom had communications cut off from an unknown cause. As with previous tests, the subject was given a digital camera to strap on her forehead.

Prelude: Subject enters. Signage reveals name of the course to be “OLLIE'S OBSTACLE COURSE OF OBVIOUS OBLITERATION!" Subject begins course.

Notable Structures: Room #1 had crudely erected tombstones scattered in a grid-like formation. The gravestones have simple symbols engraved on their surfaces, although these symbols match no known language, if any.

Room #2 contains a large mechanical structure, erected in the shape of a funnel. Footage shows an uncounted amount of mammalian bodies, including rodents, canines, felines, and humans. Review of the footage has failed to identify the bodies, which were in an advanced state of decomposition. 16 human bodies were counted, which was noted to exceed the number of test subjects.

Room #3 sported various entities not unlike those encountered in test 3571-27, although the entities sport more physical deformities and biological modification. Species has yet to be identified. The room also held a large pit, roughly 6 meters in diameter. A large cluster of worms, assumed to be instances of SCP-3571, dwelt in the pit. The entities in the room were not immediately hostile, and were focused on the pit. Subject began to observe the pit. Subject observed the pit for 3 minutes before being spontaneously attacked by the entities, which pushed her into the pit. The video feed cuts off at this point.

Analysis: This test displayed that SCP-3571 was far more capable at manipulating both biological and mechanical matter than previously believed. Site Command ordered demolition of all current testing structures built for study of SCP-3571 (Testing Structures A-E). Testing is halted indefinitely.

Addendum 3571-19: Thorough investigation on the origins of SCP-3571 has begun conduction after a second spike of incidents in ███████, TX, where the first incidents were reported. █ houses adjacent to one-another had all been affected by SCP-3571 infection. The investigation was headed by Dr. H█████ C██████, Dr. G█████ ███ N██████, and Dr. K███ F██████. Several undercover field agents were selected to examine local records and interview affected civilians, as well as demolish the buildings and issue false-memories and stories of a fire ravaging the █ affected houses. The investigation carried on for █ weeks before field agents discovered evidence pointing to a local private organization that was deemed likely to possess SCP-3571 instances. The aforementioned organization held public displays of classified information pertaining to SCP-3571, which had sparked public controversy in the local community. These claims were quickly rebuked and discredited by the organizers of the investigation, under the story of the information being an elaborate hoax by the organization done for financial gain. The involved field agents frisked the organization's headquarters and discovered SCP-3571 instances, as well as classified information on SCP-███, SCP-████, and SCP-████. Several members of the organization were detained and interrogated.

The interrogated operatives claimed to not possess any knowledge on the origins of SCP-3571. One had informed the Foundation that a large population existed in a cavern near the neighboring town of ███████. The same operative had admitted that the private organization had made repeated attempts to investigate unusual phenomena in several locations across the USA, and that they had wished to share the findings to expose what they had suspected was a "larger conspiracy". The involved operatives were issued Class-A amnesics while a separate investigation was launched to uncover more about the organization. The heads of the investigation on SCP-3571 had proceeded to launch an investigation of the cavern mentioned by the operative. For details on the exploration of the cavern, see Addendum 3571-22.

Addendum 3571-22:

Foreword: Following the discovery of the cavern in the district of ███████, TX, subdivision Z9-17 of MTF Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") consisting of 8 operatives and 3 central operatives was sent to investigate. Radio contact between the operatives and Dr. H█████ C██████ at Site-66 was established.

Dr. C██████: Have we established contact?

CO-Z9-17-1: We can hear you, C██████. We're more worried about what the connection will be like inside.

Dr. C██████: The connection might dampen, but it should remain mostly stable and clear if all goes well. Is Z9-17 ready to proceed?

CO-Z9-17-1: Yes. All supplies have been accounted for, all members are physically and mentally prepared… we should be ready by now.

Dr. C██████: Very well. Proceed.

(Z9-17 walks down the trail leading to the cavern. The opening to the cavern is found after 9 minutes.)

CO-Z9-17-1: We're here.

Dr. C██████: Is there anything notable about the exterior?

CO-Z9-17-3: They've got a wooden sign, it looks like. It's all in gibberish, letters are painted over other letters, the color of the paint is inconsistent… it's a mess. There doesn't seem to be a door, so hopefully we'll all be able to enter.

Dr. C██████: Noted. Thank you, Tapeworm.

(Z9-17 proceeds into the cavern. Audible crashing is heard over the radio.)

CO-Z9-17-2: Oh, shit!

Dr. C██████: What happened? Are you alright?

CO-Z9-17-1: We're fine. We all made it in, but the part of the cave's ceiling collapsed, over the entrance. Perhaps it functions somewhat like the other areas affected by 3571, but we all were able to enter. That doesn't usually happen, does it?

Dr. C██████: No. Usually only one can enter. Do you see anything of note?

CO-Z9-17-1: Hold on, we're booting up the night-vision goggles.

(12 seconds pass.)

CO-Z9-17-1: They're on. There's papers taped all over the walls of the cavern.

Dr. C██████: Rules?

CO-Z9-17-1: I guess so. They're in gibberish just like the sign.

Dr. C██████: Anything else?

CO-Z9-17-1: No.

Dr. C██████: Proceed.

(Z9-17 continues for 4 minutes before stopping.)

CO-Z9-17-3: We've got a problem, C██████. There's a giant gap, must be at least a football field's length. I can see that there is more to the cavern beyond the gap, but I have no clue-

(Audible squirming is heard over the radio. Various operatives react with disgust and panic.)

CO-Z9-17-2: There's worms everywhere! There's just *inaudible* damn, what are they *inaudible*

Dr. C██████: Calm down, Hookworm! What are the worms doing?

(The squirming becomes gradually dies down after 47 seconds. CO-Z9-17-2 is heard breathing heavily.)

CO-Z9-17-1: We're fine, C██████. Some of us are just a little bit shook. The worms formed a wide cord across the gap, like a bridge. I think we can cross it, but I don't know how stable it's going to be. We're going to send O-Z9-17-7 to see if it's stable.

(2 minutes pass.)

CO-Z9-17-1: He made it. We're moving across.

(An additional 2 minutes passes.)

CO-Z9-17-1: That wasn't so bad, was it Hookworm?

CO-Z9-17-2: Speak for yourself, fucker.

CO-Z9-17-1: C██████, why did you assign the guy who's scared of worms to be one of the central operatives in this expedition?

Dr. C██████: We were not informed, Flatworm. Remain on task. We don't need this kind of drama during this kind of mission.

CO-Z9-17-1: Sorry. I was just wondering.

CO-Z9-17-3: We found another open room, doc.

CO-Z9-17-2: It's a fucking mess in here.

Dr. C██████: Describe the room, please.

CO-Z9-17-2 There's a lot of clutter. Mostly scrap metal, cardboard, stone… it looks like it might have been part of one of the obstacle courses, but I'm not sure.

CO-Z9-17-1: That would make sense. The sign was painted over possibly hundreds of times and the cave wall near the entrance had hundreds of rule papers. So what if this course was destroyed and rebuilt by 3571 over and over?

CO-Z9-17-3: Could be, although that would go against previously observed behavior in SCP-3571, wouldn't it?

Dr. C██████: We'll try to determine that later. For now, we're trying to determine where SCP-3571 came from. Proceed.

CO-Z9-17-2: How are we supposed to? There's so much shit in the way. We're stuck.

CO-Z9-17-1: I think we can climb over. It might take some time, but if we go over that pile, we might be able to get past this mess.

CO-Z9-17-3: It's worth a shot.

(Z9-17 proceeds over the pile. A choking sound is heard in the distance.)

CO-Z9-17-2: What is that?

CO-Z9-17-1: It's not any of us.

(The choking becomes closer and more audible.)

CO-Z9-17-3: It's coming up behind us. Move.

CO-Z9-17-2: What the fuck are those things?

Dr. C██████: Remain calm and describe the entities.

(The choking becomes more audible.)

CO-Z9-17-3: They're moving too fast!

Dr. C██████: Respond, Z9-17!

CO-Z9-17-1: Open fire!

(Gunshots, loud screams, and several other noises are heard for about 7 minutes. During this time, Dr. C██████ repeatedly attempts to get a response from any of the central operatives of Z9-17, to no avail.)

(Gunfire continues. Several snapping and tearing noises are heard.)

CO-Z9-17-1: Retreat!

(Gunfire dies down, and clattering is heard over the radio.)

Dr. C██████: Come in, Z9-17! Is anybody there?

CO-Z9-17-2: I'm here. We split up, a few of us made it over the pile. At least four operatives are down, but I think Flatworm and Tapeworm are alright.

Dr. C██████: I'm unable to establish radio contact with them. Where are you now, Hookworm?

CO-Z9-17-2: I'm down another path. There's nobody around, and I don't hear the others. Thank fucking god I got away from those things.

Dr. C██████: What are "those things"? Could you describe the entities for me?

CO-Z9-17-2: They looked like people. Dead people. There were worms popping in and out of holes burrowed in their flesh, half of them didn't have any skin, and a few were just completely fucked up beyond all recognition. They had too many eyes, or they had several extra pairs of long arms, at least one looked like a big worm made out of somebody's body… bullets didn't kill them, probably because the worms didn't die.

Dr. C██████: Hold on, Hookworm. I've reestablished connection with Tapeworm. Come in, Tapeworm.

CO-Z9-17-3: I'm here, C██████.

Dr. C██████: Where are you now?

CO-Z9-17-3: I'm at a dead end. Flatworm's down, and the rest of the operatives scattered. I'm going to have to backtrack.

Dr. C██████: Is Flatworm injured, or dead?

CO-Z9-17-3: Dead. Worms are already inside of him. I'm not going to stick around and see what's going to happen to him.

Dr. C██████: Hookworm, see if you can reach Tapeworm. You two should probably find a way to find each other.

CO-Z9-17-2: I can hear Tapeworm. Tapeworm, I went down the central path after the heap. If you can find your way back, I'll be waiting for you.

CO-Z9-17-3: Alright. I think that I'll be able to catch up with you.

CO-Z9-17-2: I'll wait for you to find the path before I go further down.

(Silence over the radios for about 4 minutes.)

CO-Z9-17-3: My arm is hurting. I'm going to stop to look at it.

CO-Z9-17-2: Do that later, I don't have all day! Another one of those damn things could be around any corner!

CO-Z9-17-3: Then go down the path yourself.

CO-Z9-17-2: Fine. I just hope that we'll be able to get the fuck out of here.

(Silence for 2 minutes.)

CO-Z9-17-2: There's another opening up ahead.

Dr. C██████: Proceed.

CO-Z9-17-2: Doc, I don't think I-

CO-Z9-17-3: (breathing heavily) There's worms in my arm.

CO-Z9-17-2: What?

CO-Z9-17-3: There's just so many, they must have gotten in through the open wound, oh god, what do I do?

CO-Z9-17-2: How? How would they have gotten in? You had your suit on, right?

Dr. C██████: Tapeworm, do you have any equipment to remove them?

CO-Z9-17-3: I could amputate the arm, but I don't know if they're already in the rest of my body, I don't know what to do, I just don't know…

Dr. C██████: Remain calm, Tapeworm. Try to amputate it. It won't change anything if they're already in the rest of the body, but if they're only in the arm, it could stop the spread.

CO-Z9-17-2: He's right, it's worth a shot. What other option is there?

(Several minutes of silence.)

Dr. C██████: Tapeworm, are you there?

(No response.)

Dr. C██████: Hookworm?

CO-Z9-17-2: I'm here.

Dr. C██████: Tapeworm isn't responding. Are you still outside of the opening?

CO-Z9-17-2: Yeah. Proceed?

Dr. C██████: Proceed.

CO-Z9-17-2: There's something big in here. It's big and it's moving.

Dr. C██████: Are you able to identify it?

CO-Z9-17-2: Is that a heart? It looks like like a huge heart, it's made of worms. It's beating. Every time it beats, more and more smaller worms come out. I can see holes in the walls, and there's huge pink things holding up the cave by the looks of it.

(1 minute of silence. CO-Z9-17-2 screams loudly.)

Dr. C██████: What is it?

CO-Z9-17-2: Worms are filling the room! They're piling on higher, they're up to my waist!

Dr. C██████: Are you able to leave?

CO-Z9-17-2: They're too high up. They're pushing me towards the damn thing. It's no use. I'm finished.

(Radio feed to CO-Z9-17-2 cuts off. 15 minutes pass.)

Dr. C██████: (Away from the receiver) Nobody's responding. Hookworm's radio died and Tapeworm won't come in. Close the feed.

CO-Z9-17-3: Isn't it wonderful?

Dr. C██████: Tapeworm? Why haven't you been responding?

CO-Z9-17-3: Shh. Quiet, he's building the world for you, C██████. Listen. Listen.

Dr. C██████: You're not making any sense. Are you injured?

CO-Z9-17-3: He does it for you. All of you. It's great, it's wonderful, the things here that do so much for us. He holds up the things we walk, and yet you all still reject it with your decadent bodies. He does what he must, and he must bring us back.

(Radio feed cuts off.)

Dr. C██████: Hello, hello? Come in, Tapeworm!

(No response.)

Dr. C██████: Close the feed.

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