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SafeSCP-3590 A Dirge for the SilentRate: 15

Item #: SCP-3590

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All physical documents referring and/or describing the execution of SCP-3590 are to be kept in standard containment locker SCL27/3590, currently located at Safe class containment wing of Site-27. There are no on-going research projects dedicated to the analysis of SCP-3590 and requests regarding its study should be submitted to Site-27 administration through appropriate channels (see Form SCP-3590/R, embedded).

All personnel previously involved in the execution of SCP-3590 have received appropriate amnestic treatment. Knowledge of SCP-3590 is considered nonexistent outside of Foundation databases, but reports pertaining to similar phenomena will be monitored to gauge the possibility of containment breach.

Access to earlier iterations of Special Containment Procedures for SCP-GAMMA1 is currently restricted to authorized Level 3 personnel. This document is part of the required reading for all personnel assigned to SCP-DELTA2.

Description: SCP-3590 is a ceremony which, when correctly performed, will render one of the participants, henceforth referred to as SCP-3590-1, completely mute. No physiological changes are observed upon analysis of SCP-3590-1 and the process by which the participant is rendered unable to speak is not currently understood. No means to reverse the process are currently known.

SCP-3590 bears similarities to several rituals commonly pertaining to major Abrahamic faiths, although it cannot be accurately attributed to any of them, considering:

  • Iconography employed is contradictory and pertains to entirely different doctrines.
  • Spoken verses cannot be traced to any known religious texts.
  • Spoken verses are incoherent and convey no obvious meaning.

SCP-3590 requires three participants, each being assigned different roles. Participants assigned the tasks of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] display no anomalous properties before, during or after the performance of SCP-3590. The participant assigned with [REDACTED] invariably becomes an instance of SCP-3590-1, as observed in all recorded experiments following Incident GAMMA/DELTA-A.

SCP-3590 was formerly a major component of the Special Containment Procedures for SCP-GAMMA (original designation ''Procedure GAMMA-Cezar''), displaying no anomalous properties when performed either by non-anomalous participants or other Class I Reality Bending entities besides SCP-GAMMA. Before Incident GAMMA/DELTA-A, the ceremony had been successful at completely suppressing any anomaly originating from SCP-GAMMA during long intervals, and was performed routinely at the entity's request and/or according to necessity to prevent consistent, if mild damage to containment cell of SCP-GAMMA.

No known data exists regarding how SCP-GAMMA came to be in Foundation custody. It is also unclear how the knowledge of SCP-3590 and its application as an effective counter-measure to SCP-GAMMA were discovered.

Supplemental documentation is attached:


On ██/██/████, during a scheduled performance of Procedure GAMMA-Cezar, as part of the containment procedures for SCP-GAMMA, a previously undocumented behavior of the anomaly associated with SCP-GAMMA resulted in its neutralization, the temporary breach of SCP-DELTA's containment and the death of two members of Site-27 D class personnel. It is currently unknown whether or not SCP-3590 was a factor in any of the events observed during Incident GAMMA/DELTA-A. Authorized personnel may request a full report of the incident should the containment of SCP-DELTA become a concern.

Follow-up experiments identified the now anomalous results of Procedure GAMMA-Cezar, warranting its re-designation as SCP-3590.

Report: Incident GAMMA/DELTA-A

Foreword: SCP-GAMMA, along with two D Class personnel, had almost finished performing SCP-3590, after 27 minutes elapsed since the start of the ceremony. D27-382 and D27-876 had successfully performed SCP-3590 along with SCP-GAMMA ██ times before the incident. Research team assigned to SCP-GAMMA at the time oversees the procedure via CCTV. Events transpire inside the now decommissioned IRBE27/GAMMA containment cell.

<Begin Log>

<16:18> D27-382 blows the fifth candle, thus finishing his role in SCP-3590.

<16:19> D27-876 approaches SCP-GAMMA, placing the third crucifix around its neck.

<16:19> Last chants are sung in unison by D27-876 and SCP-GAMMA.

<16:20> SCP-3590 concluded. Research team confirms recession on the Scranton scale. SCP-GAMMA seem relieved and proceeds to thank D27-876 and D27-382, whom it addresses by name. Behavior in line with previous observation.

<16:22> D27-876 and D27-382 finish collecting materials used in SCP-3590, as instructed by Research team. No consumables left.

<16:23> D27-876, D27-382 and SCP-GAMMA make casual conversation while exit quarantine protocols are lifted.

<16:25> Confirmed malfunction of IRBE27/GAMMA's entrance. Tech team dispatched to access the problem. D27-876 and D27-382 instructed to await their arrival.

<16:28> Sharp increase on the Scranton scale. Source unknown, presumably SCP-GAMMA, though the entity continues to converse with D Class personnel. No visible changes inside containment cell.

<16:28> Quarantine protocols automatically reestablished. Tech team ordered to await further instructions. D27-876, D27-382 and SCP-GAMMA seem confused over the development and are told to remain calm while the Research team deals with what appears to be an equipment failure.

<16:30> State-wide warning regarding SCP-DELTA breach of containment issued by Site-29.

<16:31 to 16:35> Steady increase on the Scranton scale is matched by elevation of radiation exposure detected in D27-876's and D27-382's implants. Readings of approximately 40 mSv confirmed.

<16:36> North and south walls of the containment cell undergo severe warping, incompatible with that which a Class I Reality Bending entity should be able to induce given the cell's [REDACTED]. D27-876, D27-382 and SCP-GAMMA are visibly distressed and attempt to escape through containment door, which remains inoperable.

<16:37 to 16:38> Formation of a Hartle IV class space-time anomaly inside IRBE27/GAMMA confirmed. Anomaly expands until both its axes measure roughly 1 m.

<16:38> SCP-GAMMA coerces D27-876 and D27-382 to perform SCP-3590 again. D Class personnel complies, despite being ordered otherwise by Research team.

<16:39> SCP-DELTA begins to emerge through the Hartle IV class anomaly, as four of its appendages become visible in video feedback. SCP-GAMMA is now panicking while it further attempts to coordinate with the equally distressed D Class personnel in order to perform a second rendition of SCP-3590.

<16:40> First instance of SCP-DELTA-B, ''Laughter'', is emitted by SCP-DELTA as its head passes through newly-formed space-time anomaly. As well documented, all sounds produced by SCP-DELTA, namely SCP-DELTA-A through SCP-DELTA-E, are considered auditory cognitohazards and receive individual designations. Research team suffers no adverse effects due to previous inoculation; attempt to perform SCP-3590 interrupted, as D27-876 and D27-382 are effected by SCP-DELTA-B and promptly [REDACTED]. SCP-GAMMA is unaffected, but increasingly desperate.

<16:42> Request to rescue SCP-GAMMA denied by Site-27 administration on grounds of possible escalation of SCP-DELTA containment breach. SCP-DELTA has now fully emerged though Hartle IV anomaly and continues to emit SCP-DELTA-B at regular intervals. Space-time anomaly remains stable. SCP-GAMMA begs to be released from containment while addressing one of the cell's cameras. Footage review reveals SCP-GAMMA seemly struggles to vocalize, possibly documenting the first instance of the anomaly associated with SCP-3590.

<16:43> SCP-DELTA attacks SCP-GAMMA, while it continues to emit SCP-DELTA-B.

<16:45> Research team requests immediate deployment of SRAs to aid in re-containment of SCP-DELTA and prevent the expiration of SCP-GAMMA. Denied by Site-27 administration on grounds of [REDACTED]. Standard Class III Reality Bending containment protocols enacted instead.

<19:05> SCP-DELTA stops emitting SCP-DELTA-B and remains inert after scattering the last remains of SCP-GAMMA throughout the cell. After a few attempts to breach the containment door, SCP-DELTA retreats through the Hartle IV anomaly, which remained stable during the incident.

<19:06> Hartle IV anomaly recedes.

<19:08> Site-29 confirms reestablishment of SCP-DELTA containment.

<19:08 to 20:31> Screams in what resembles SCP-GAMMA's voice continue to be heard through monitoring system, though no source is identifiable.

<20:32> No anomaly detected inside IRBE27/GAMMA. Quarantine protocols lifted. Recovery teams dispatched to collect relevant materials. IRBE27/GAMMA decommissioned according to previously enacted protocol.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Personnel assigned to SCP-DELTA containment at Site-29 reports the appearance of a Hartle IV space-time anomaly inside SCP-DELTA's containment cell similar to the one described in this report during its breach on ██/██/████ - it is inferred that both anomalies were, thus, connected and facilitated said containment breach, along with the further development of Incident GAMMA/DELTA-A. How these anomalies were formed is not currently known, but studies are underway.

Addendum: Regarding SCP-DELTA.

Noticeable changes in SCP-DELTA behavior were observed preceding and following Incident GAMMA/DELTA-A: Starting on ██/██/████, four days before the breach, the emissions of SCP-DELTA-A, ''Bellowing'' and SCP-DELTA-E, ''Shrieking'', were recorded to sharply increase in frequency compared to other sounds produced by SCP-DELTA. This behavior remained consistent until 14:36, ██/██/████, when Site-29 experienced localized power outages due to yet unexplained equipment failures pertaining to generators [REDACTED]. This incident did not compromise SCP-DELTA's containment, though monitoring of its cell was interrupted while it transpired.

At 14:56, ██/██/████, when power was restored, SCP-DELTA displayed yet another change in behavior, emitting SCP-DELTA-B constantly from that point until its re-containment following Incident GAMMA/DELTA-A. Since re-contained, SCP-DELTA has emitted no sound, except for a single 5 seconds long instance of SCP-DELTA-D, ''Crying'', on ██/██/████. Object Class revision for SCP-DELTA has been suggested and is under consideration.

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