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Scp 3596

Item #: SCP-3596

Object Class: safe

Special Containment Procedures:
to be stored in a safe in site 17 until further notice. all tests must be supervised and only carried out by expendable d class persons. d class should be screened for phobias prior to all testing with scp 3596

scp-3596 is a note from a diary reading the following:

"dear diry

the governess has been unsually cruel this winter. gaelen was harshly scolded for taking a few anchovies from the larder jar and jaquiline's fever is still so high, she cant run a needle through a spinner, much to the governess displeasement. michael was adopted yesterday, that just leave the five of us. i wonder who will go next.

you'res truely, Janet"

the note might have been written in the early 18th or late 19th century to have been ripped out and was found in an abadoned care home along with a stabilo pen. no other pages in the diary show anomolous properties

when someone looks at the original letter they die from a heart attack normally attributed to a deep fear event like a ghost when popping out and scaring you.

this scp is based on a garrysmod scp roleplay with my friends yesterday

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