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nn5n: scp-3597 The Self-Immolation Phenomenon
EuclidSCP-3597 The Self-Immolation PhenomenonRate: -17

Item #: SCP-3597

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The current victim under the effects of of SCP-3597 is to be kept in a padded room 5m x 5m x 3m within the Light Containment Zone. Those given access to this SCP must have Level 3+ clearance although no personnel may be admitted clearance to go within the containment cell. SCP-3597 must be equipped with a straitjacket at all times in order to prevent himself from attempting self-harm. All requests given from the one affected by SCP-3597 must be denied to prevent self harm.

Description: SCP-3597 is a phenomenon in which a person expresses a strong overwhelming desire to kill oneself. The person effected by this phenomenon will repetitively attempt suicide with no results. The person affected will not be able to be killed or gain any injuries by any means despite the amount of the attempts. The only known way to kill the person effected by SCP-3597 is to do it manually, which will unfortunately pass on the phenomenon's effect to the one who killed him.

The current victim of SCP-3597's effects is a man of the name of ██████ Parker. He is a caucasian male of a skinny build with brown hair and brown eyes. Before taken to Site ██ for testing, he was a member of the ████████, New Jersey Police Department. He was effected by SCP-3597 after killing the former victim in the SCP, ████ Samson, a known serial killer of the town.

The one under the effect of SCP-3597, ██████ Parker's desire to cease living seems to increase as time goes by. When first brought into the facility he was serene and had a desire to eat and join others in conversation. Currently, he only appears to have a desire for death, as his serenity has left and he now has ceased eating and normal conversation whatsoever.

Those within the same room as the person affected by SCP-3597 or up extremely close to the door to their containment cell are immediately given a minor desire to kill one effected by the SCP. All SCP personnel who come within that distance away from the cell are immediately confiscated from the room, as the effect appears to wear off as the person goes farther away from the containment cell.

The area of the SCP's effect seems to grow increasingly larger throughout the containment of SCP-3597's effected victim. When Parker was first brought into Site ██, the effect that causes people to have a desire to kill him would only span 2 feet from him but it has increased dramatically since. Many theorize why this could be. Most people believe the size of the effect increased over time or it increases as he attempts to kill himself although the cause is currently unknown.

The effects of SCP-3597 is passed on every time the victim of it is killed by another. The person who killed him will not present effects immediately. It takes approximately two weeks before the person presents minor depression, increasing to suicidal thoughts within another 90 hours. So far, it appears that the effects might be irreversible.


Addendum 3597-1: Recovery Report-

7/24/20██: Serial killer, ████ Samson, publicly declares a desire to die in the town square of ████████, New Jersey. Shooting himself in the process yet surviving. SCP Foundation is put on alert before police officer, ██████ Parker shoots and kills him for an unknown reason.

7/25/20██: The body of the serial killer, ████ Samson is brought to Site ██ for inspection. There are no clear anomalous effects presented within the body.

7/26/20██: Police officer, ██████ Parker is put on heavy surveillance in order to detect whether or not he exhibits any anomalous effects.

8/11/20██: ██████ Parker is noticed to exhibit minor emotional changes with no determined cause. He appears to be suffering from a minor depression.

8/13/20██: Parker's condition appears to be becoming more and more vital as time goes by. He has started purposefully cutting himself with sharp objects

8/16/20██: Officer Parker was caught stabbing himself several times with a knife in the throat in ████ Cafe in the downtown area of ████████, New Jersey. He was rushed to the hospital immediately but mysteriously had no broken bones or injuries. The SCP Foundation was put on high alert and immediately went to confiscate the person effected by the anomalous effect. Mobile Task Force Pi-1 "City Slickers" was sent to retrieve the police officer.

8/17/20██: During his lunch break ██████ Parker was taken by the MTF team sent to recover him using sedatives. Oddly, the people in charge of carrying the body attempted the murder of Officer Parker but were immediately sedated by fellow team mates. When arriving at Site ██, he was put in a 3m x 3m x 3m room before the condition he had was given the name SCP-3597.

- Site Director Parsons

Addendum 3597-2: Interview Transcript

Interviewed: ██████ Parker

Interviewer: Doctor Banning

Foreword: Researcher, Doctor Banning was given the task to interview ██████ Parker, a man under the effects of SCP-3597.

<Begin Log, 8/18/20██>

Doctor Banning: Hello, Mr. Parker. I am Doctor Banning. I am sure you are afraid of where you may be but don't worry. We mean no harm. Our foundation is here to protect you. I'd just like to ask a few questions.

██████ Parker: What! let me go! Who are you people! Is this a cult!? This is a goddamn cult!

Doctor Banning: We are not a cult. Anyways, please answer our questions honestly. Why did you kill ████ Samson?

██████ Parker: What? Are you friends or something? It felt good at the time? I don't know why. He's a killer. He deserved what he got anyways.

Doctor Banning: Interesting. Did you feel any psychological changes in your mind after you killed him?

██████ Parker: What? Of course not? Do you think I'd be scarred for life or something?

Doctor Banning: On August, 11th ████ you started exhibiting minor signs of depression. Do you know what caused that?

██████ Parker: I simply realized how much of a cunt I am who deserved to be fucking run over by a train. Now shut the fuck up and let me go!

Doctor Banning: I suppose you aren't going to tell me then. Well then. May you tell me how you survived a knife through your throat?
██████ Parker: Just fucking get out and leave me the fuck alone.

Doctor Banning: Very well then. Have a wonderful day.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: ██████ Parker doesn't appear to have any knowledge of him being affected by SCP-3597

Addendum 3597-3: Onsite Report

8/17/████: ██████ Parker is brought to the facility and the phenomenon affecting him is labeled at SCP-3597.

8/18/████: ██████ Parker is given an interview by a researcher, Doctor Banning. He also appears to try many attempts to hurt himself in his containment cell via hitting himself and banging his head on the walls. He is given a strait jacket and construction for a new padded cell begins.
8/21/████: After a test with a D-Class, it is investigated that those who get close to the person affected by SCP-3597 (specifically two feet) gains a desire to kill them. This was shown through the D-Class, who was originally calm stepped up to Parker and attempted to kill him. The Class D was swiftly removed from the room once this happened.

9/6/20██: Construction for a new padded cell completes and Parker is transferred to the cell.

9/10/20██: Investigations of SCP-3597's effects on ██████ Parker show that he is growing an increasing desire of death.

9/17/20██: Upon further investigation with a Class D, those who get within 1.5m of the one affected by SCP-3597 will gain a desire to kill him.

12/25/20██: Parker now refuses to eat or join in normal conversation with whoever stops by his containment cell.

4/16/20██: Upon further investigation with a Class D, anyone who go within the cell of the one affected by SCP-3597 will gain a desire to kill him.

9/17/20██: Parker seems to wants nothing but death. He doesn't care about anything but death. He refuses to speak to anyone unless it is about killing him.

11/28/20██: A containment breach nearly occurred on this date. A member of security, Adam Johnson managed to get very close to the door of Parker's containment cell and was affected by SCP-3597. Another security member in the room, Arthur Andrews witnessed this and quickly pulled their fellow security member out of the containment area before SCP-3597's affects could get to him.

- Site Director Parsons

Addendum 3597-4: Personal Notes

Greetings to those of you who may be reading this. I am █████████ Parsons. I am the director for Site ██, which happens to be the home of SCP-3597, which I am here to discuss to you my feelings about. The man being subjected to the effects of the anomoly truly does not deserve what he is getting. He seems like a nice guy. He may have been aggressive towards Doctor Banning but I understand him in his current circumstances. He was a member of the police force after all.

Anyways, I'd like to speak about SCP-3597's containment. Is it well contained? In all honesty, I don't know. After the incident on November 28th, we can't be sure. Arthur was affected by SCP-3597 when the containment cell wasn't even open. Do not me alarmed though. We will try to investigate the SCP and attempt to find a way to make sure SCP-3597's effect does not breach containment.
Thank you for listening.

- Site Director Parsons

Addendum 3597-5: Onsite Report and Testing Cancellation
Due to a problematic occurance involving the research and containment of SCP-3597, we will no longer be recording the Onsite activity of SCP-3597. We will also be discontinuing the testing of SCP-3597 for safety reasons.

I do apologise for the inconvenience and do hope you do not worry about the security of SCP-3597's containment.

- Site Director Parsons

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