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nn5n: scp-3604 Sphere of Intelligence
EuclidSCP-3604 Sphere of IntelligenceRate: -18

Item #: SCP-3604

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3604 is to be tightly secured in a vaporized electromagnetic cell,
with a security camera of the room inside, The electromagnetic cell has a standard bed, table, and a television
with ██████ channels to keep SCP-3604 entertained.
Recorded footages of SCP-3604 are to be kept in the basement of █████████ in Site-██.

Description: SCP-3604 is a manifestational entity of a sphere, able to float at will.
SCP-3604 can seemingly change into other shapes, such as a triangle, square, or a rectangle, Subject
seems to have no main form, and is able to communicate with telepathy. When a human is emotional
to SCP-3604, SCP-3604 will not do anything for except, when it's aggressive, will vocalize
sounds that range from high pitched screeching, to noises that are designed to damage any hearing within
a 10-mile radius. SCP-3064 frequently talks about ████████ ████████████, society, ██████, and life, and
almost every topic. SCP-3064 is able to talk at will, but sometimes will refuse any verbal communication.
It has noted that when SCP-3064 is bored, it will sometimes create entities, made out of human flesh,
or sometimes made out of an unknown substance, designated SCP-3064-1. These entities also have intelligence,
but their IQ ranges at 60 to 85, possessing intelligence of a teenager, or a young child. SCP-3064-1
possesses an appearance similar to that of a mutilated doll, with eyes that are sometime gorged
out of it's sockets, Their material ranges from dirty rust to silver, The substance is made from
██████, feces, and human bones.

Addendum-3604-1: SCP-3604 now communicates with Foundation Personnel at times to talk
about things that it wants to do, Since that it communicates willingly to Foundation Personnel, SCP-3604 is
allowed to roam the facility, but with permission by Level-4 guards. Dr. ██████ is continuing research on SCP-3604 and observing on it more to this current day.

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