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EuclidSCP-3604 The Bipolar ConstellationRate: 8

Item #: SCP-3604

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-3604, it cannot be contained at this time. However, Lunar Area-68 has been established to observe, communicate with, and monitor SCP-3604. Scientific Unit 0956 under Project Code-name: Nebula has been stationed at Lunar Area-68 to observe and communicate with SCP-3604 on a 24-hour basis. Personnel communicating with SCP-3604 are to be cycled every month to keep SCP-3604 from having a dangerous mood swing. Should any abnormal or aggressive behavior occur from SCP-3604, it should be immediately reported to Project Directors Dr. Golden and/or Dr. Diamond.

Description: SCP-3604 is a constellation located in The Horse-head nebula. It was discovered on ██/██/████ when Dr. Golden and Dr. Diamond received anonymous messages on their radio telescope. The constellation consists of 20 regular M-Class stars, also known as red dwarf stars, surrounding a pulsar. This is why an observatory was made at Lunar Area-68 due to its close proximity. The M-Class stars regularly and freely move around the pulsar at incredibly high speeds, most commonly resting in a circular position. However, when engaged in a conversation, SCP-3604 is observed to rest in the shape or outline of an image relating to the topic of discussion.

SCP-3604 can, in fact, communicate with others using radio waves pulsated by the center pulsar. The behavior of SCP-3604 varies extremely from each encounter. If SCP-3604 is given a new observer within less than a month, SCP-3604 will be aggravated and begin threatening the new observer with vaporization via gamma rays. If the opposite is true, and an observer is kept for longer than a month, with the exception of the Project Directors, when the observer is cycled, SCP-3604 will become aggravated due to not being able to talk with their supposed 'friend', and begin threatening the observer with the danger of being 'annihilated by my iron fist, if you don't give me back my friend!' (A consistent quote from SCP-3604). After a month of contact with SCP-3604, observers must be given psychological therapy to prevent an extreme liking towards SCP-3604, as to not encourage going over the one month limit.

SCP-3604 is described as sounding similar to a Caucasian male in his late twenties by most observers, however, it is known that SCP-3604 will change it's voice when in a positive mood, being reported as sounding calming and supportive. Further research into the intentions this voice change is underway.

The capabilities of SCP-3604's frequency wave variation was initially discovered during testing. (See below for more details).

Test Log:
Item: Answering machine pre-recorded with slander.
Result: After five (5) minutes of extreme frustration observed from SCP-3604, the answering machine briefly sparked an electric fire before detonating with the force equivalent to that of a standard issue frag grenade. This caused █ casualties. As a result, bomb-proofing of the testing area was mandated by the Project Directors. A separate test area was constructed to conduct testing while avoiding any more casualties.

Item: Robot programmed with a simple A.I
Result: Two (2) minutes of confusion is observed prior to remote control being lost from the robot. The robot begins to seemingly move freely before it was discovered that SCP-3604 gained remote control of the robot. Security members are immediately dispatched to destroy the robot as to not risk casualties and/or fatalities, as SCP-3604 began laughing maniacally after gaining control of the robot.

Item: One 23-year-old male Class-D
Result: Class-D was instructed to communicate with SCP-3604, and complied. After thirty (30) minutes of argument and slander caused by a disagreement in views of the human race, Class-D begins to glow an intense white before exploding with the force of [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in a mushroom cloud of thirty (30) meters in height, causing complete destruction of the testing area, severe collateral damage, ███ casualties, and ██ fatalities. Traces of intense gamma radiation was detected afterward. As a result, all testing on SCP-3604 has been halted under the O5 command and the Project Directors have put up stricter requirements to take part in Project Code-name: Nebula.

Addendum: SCP-3604 has been seen to make strong bonds with certain communicators, especially the Project Directors Dr. Golden and Dr. Diamond. These 'friends' are permitted to talk to SCP-3604 for an extra month, or until SCP-3604 is visibly bored. If you wish to join Project Code-name: Nebula you must be at a minimum a level 2 level 4 researcher and get approval from one of the Project Directors and/or a Site Director. O5 council members are scheduled to check on the project every five (5) years and have a speech with SCP-3604. The contents of this speech are classified and/or unknown by anyone other than the Project Directors.

Plans to send out a satellite equipped with picture and audio interpreting software for easier communication and observation is being considered.

Note from Dr. Golden: While this was a very useful discovery, do not go crazy searching for new SCPs. While I acknowledge that the goal of the SCP Foundation is to find and contain SCPs, however, striking gold like me and █████ (Dr. Diamond) did was extremely lucky, so don't think the same will happen with you.

I know what you're saying about me. It was difficult, but I managed to get into here. To anyone who is reading this, don't believe what they say about me. I am NOT as clingy as they say, I promise. Even if I am, I can change! Please, just, don't leave me! I can be however you want! PLEASE. DO NOT LEAVE ME. YOU ARE MY ONLY FR- Connection terminated

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