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The entrance to SCP-3608 upon discovery.

Item #: SCP-3608

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Site-3608 has been constructed around the entrance to SCP-3608 due to the failure of all attempts to neutralize or relocate it. The entrance to SCP-3608 must remain under 24/7 video surveillance in Secure Wing Alpha. Personnel are not to come within 15 meters of SCP-3608 without approval from Site Director Haugen.

Description: The portal leading to SCP-3608 appears as a single blue wooden door and frame, lacking attachment to any foundation or structure. It is located in the █████ region of ███████████, approximately 11.3km away from the nearest established human settlement. The blue paint is faded and cracked in several places, but the door itself is structurally sound. Paint chips were analyzed and appear chemically consistent with Valspar brand paint. No anomalous properties have been detected in the door itself.

The threshold presents no anomalous visual effects. However, upon passing over the threshold, any sapient beings disappear.1

SCP-3608 is a sapient, predatory dimension located behind the door. Foundation researchers have determined that SCP-3608 is able to siphon energy from the negative emotions of any sapient beings that enter it. It is able to obtain specific information about the being's history2 as well as general details related to an environment which feels familiar to it3. The method by which SCP-3608 obtains this information is currently unknown. SCP-3608 does not appear to have any interest in inanimate objects that are not attached to or held by sapient creatures. Inanimate objects that are thrown over the threshold pass over it and appear on the other side with no noticeable changes. Attempts to pilot drones into SCP-3608 for unmanned expeditions have been unsuccessful. Drones and other unmanned remote equipment cease to function inside SCP-3608.

Discovery: SCP-3608 was discovered by the Foundation after a rash of missing persons reports near █████, ███████████. Local authorities discovered SCP-3608, and a Foundation agent within the police force brought the item to The Foundation's attention after an officer by the name of L. █████████ entered SCP-3608 and vanished from sight. He returned hours later in a state of severe emotional distress. Officer L. █████████ was escorted to Site-██ for questioning and full psychological evaluation [See Log 3608-P]. Class-A amnestics were administered and the officer was returned to his home.

Interviewed: Officer L. █████████ of the ███████████ Police Department.

Interviewer: Dr. Sanderson, on-site psychologist for Site-██.

Foreword: Officer L. █████████ was the first person reported to the Foundation to enter and exit SCP-3608. His testimony is invaluable in ascertaining the state of SCP-3608 before the Foundation began official testing. This interview took place three days after Officer L. █████████ encountered SCP-3608.

Begin Log: ██/██/2012 14:00

Dr. Sanderson: Hello, Officer. How are you today?

Officer L: I'm okay, I suppose. Still a little confused. Where am I, again?

Dr. Sanderson: That information is classified. You'll be perfectly safe here, no need to worry.

Officer L: Right. I suppose this is about the door, isn't it?

Dr. Sanderson: Yes, we'd like some details about your experience that day.

Officer L: Well, we were in the area after a few strange missing persons reports. One of them was a homeless guy, so nobody really took him seriously, but he kept talking about a door and the "empty place" that it lead to. The higher-ups got wind of it and wanted us to investigate.

Dr. Sanderson: How many people were reported missing in total, and how many came back?

Officer L: I think it was….six people. Yeah, that's right. As far as I know, most of them came back within a day or two, but it was long enough that people were worried. One of them was gone for nearly a week, though.

Dr. Sanderson: Were there any noticeable differences between the people that came back within a few days and the one that was gone for longer?

Officer L: Well, nothing physically if that's what you mean, but he had a record with us already. Minor stuff, mostly - some vandalism and one count of aggravated assault. The really weird part was that he said he had only been gone for a few hours, but nobody had seen him for at least a few days.

Dr. Sanderson: Interesting. Now, Officer, could you please tell me, in as much detail as possible, the circumstances leading up to you entering the door?

Officer L: Well, Officers ███████, ████████████ and myself were investigating the door. We agreed that it was weird that it was just sitting there. There weren't even traces of a foundation or building that it would have been connected to in the first place. Officer ███████, joking of course, dared me to go through it.

Dr. Sanderson: And you did.

Officer L: I mean, yeah. Not the smartest thing I've done, looking back, but how could I have known? I went through the door, and….

Officer L pauses for a few seconds.

Dr. Sanderson: And?

Officer L: Well, have you ever been in an elevator when it stops too fast? It felt like that, like I just got jerked around a bit. I looked around to show the guys that I was fine, and they were gone. Or, I guess I was gone. The door took me somewhere else, I still don't know where the hell it was. Do you guys know?

Dr. Sanderson: Any information we have obtained is highly classified.

Officer L: Yeah, I had guessed that much. You guys run a hell of a tight ship here.

Dr. Sanderson: The fields we specialize in require very strict security protocols. Now, can you describe to me what the environment inside was like? Please, be as detailed as possible.

Officer L: It was just a big field, empty all the way to the horizon except for a single building sitting there. Well, I think it was a building. Could have just been a big square rock, or monument, or something. And there was no grass on the ground; it felt like astro turf, and it was all grey.

Dr. Sanderson: Can you describe the object for me?

Officer L: It was about the size of a small shed. I'd say probably three and a half meters wide, five meters deep and three meters tall. No doors or markings on it, and it was all completely grey. It wasn't made of anything I could identify, either. The sides were completely smooth, like silk. My hands just slid right off. I shouldn't have touched the damn thing.

Dr. Sanderson: Why's that?

Officer L: As soon as I did, I started having, well….hallucinations. Started seeing some things from my past that I didn't ever want to see again.

Dr. Sanderson: Would you mind sharing?

Officer L shudders and takes a deep breath.

Officer L: Just….bad stuff, mostly. My parents getting divorced, dropping out of college, and, the, uh….first time I lost a partner on the force.

Dr. Sanderson: Did you encounter any beings while you were there?

Officer L: No other beings, that's for sure. I was totally alone, except…

Dr. Sanderson: Except what?

Officer L: Well, this is going to sound stupid, but I felt like I was being watched. And not just watched, but….judged. Like something was studying me.

Dr. Sanderson: But you didn't see any other beings while you were inside?

Officer L: Not a sign of life anywhere. Just a big empty field and that weird…thing.

Dr. Sanderson: Noted. How long would you say you were inside?

Officer L: Well, it only felt like an hour or so. I was trying to figure out how to get out, but there wasn't a door anymore. I tried to radio the guys, but I got nothing but static.

Dr. Sanderson: You say it felt like an hour?

Officer L: Yeah, but apparently it was closer to seven hours. The guys had put a team together to investigate the door. They even got someone from the local university out to have a look. Physics student, smart kid, but he had no idea what the hell was going on. They were baffled when I finally came back out.

Dr. Sanderson: How did you get out?

Officer L: Well, I don't know why, but after a while the door just reappeared. I had taken what was probably my twentieth lap around the building, trying to figure out where I was and how to get back. I rounded the corner and the door was just…there. So I did what anyone would have done.

Dr. Sanderson: You went back through the door.

Officer L: I couldn't think of anything else to do. The door had got me there, if it was anything like any other door, it would take me back, right?

Dr. Sanderson: Right. Were you concerned about it taking you somewhere else?

Officer L: Of course I was. But, like I said, it was all I could think to do. Luckily, it took me back home, and then someone called you guys, and now I'm here.

Dr. Sanderson: You're certain you didn't experience anything else out of the ordinary?

Officer L: Nope, just the random inter-dimensional portal in the middle of a field.

Dr. Sanderson: Your colleagues have informed us that you were in a state of emotional distress when you returned. Is this true?

Officer L: Yeah, the hallucination or vision or whatever really hit me hard. Losing a partner… it's not something you get over easily, and it doesn't take much to reopen that kind of wound. So I was still pretty upset when I got out.

Dr. Sanderson: That's completely understandable, Officer. Do you have anything else that you would like to tell me before we conclude the interview?

Officer L: Be careful with that thing. Nothing really bad happened to me, but I've just got a feeling that it's dangerous.

Dr. Sanderson: Thank you for your concern, Officer. I can assure you that we will proceed with the utmost caution.

End Log: ██/██/2012 14:07

Closing Statement: Officer L. and all other non-Foundation personnel involved were administered Class-A amnestics and returned to their homes. The missing persons were interviewed individually, but no useful information was gained.

As of ██/██/2014, four manned expeditions into SCP-3608 have been attempted. Transcripts of expeditions can be seen below.


Subject: D-411356. 29 years old male of white European heritage, convicted of two counts of murder in the second degree.

Overseers: Dr. Vogel, MTF Alpha-5 "Paranaughts" Captain Lauder

Subject is equipped with one wireless transmission video camera communicating with a laptop held by Dr. Vogel and one wireless 2-way radio clipped to the subject’s shirt collar. Subject is also equipped with a standard issue field bag containing two day’s worth of emergency rations and several Field Recovery Kits.


14:41:15 - Subject is instructed to enter SCP-3608. Subject complies.

14:41:30 - Subject has entered SCP-3608. Subject does not appear on other side of the door. No trace of subject remains on any visible or infrared spectrum.

14:41:49 - Subject activates video feed. Transmission from subject’s camera is blurry and occasionally cuts to static. Landscape is observed as flat plains with what appear to be mountains in the distance. Subject walks a straight line from the door. Several groups of objects similar to the building described in 3608-P can be seen nearby. Dr. Vogel instructs subject to go to the nearest group of objects, designated 3608-1. Subject complies.

14:51:13 - Subject is approaching 3608-1. Subject reports a lack of movement or any signs of life in the area, inquires if he should continue.

14:51:25 - Subject is instructed to enter 3608-1 and collect any relevant information about the location. Subject is also instructed to defer to Dr. Vogel concerning any communication if contact is made.

15:09:13 - Subject has entered 3608-1. No signs of life are observed. Rudimentary objects in shapes similar to automobiles are seen on the sides of the streets. 3608-1 appears to be similar in size and layout to a small town, but all buildings are of uniform size and grey in color. No doors or windows are visible on the buildings, and the outside surfaces are abnormally smooth, according to the subject. Dr. Vogel instructs subject to continue exploring 3608-1.

15:21:10 - Subject appears to have thoroughly explored 3608-1. No signs of life have been found, nor any means of ingress to any building. Subject requests that the expedition be terminated, stating that the complete absence of any other life is making him uneasy.

15:22:01 - Termination of expedition denied. Subject is directed to find the next nearest settlement and enter. following the same protocols as with 3608-1.

15:23:12 - 15:26:41 - Subject argues with Dr. Vogel, stating that he feels as though something is watching him. Subject is very insistent upon terminating the expedition. Dr. Vogel states that if subject does not continue, video and radio communication will be severed and the door to SCP-3608 will be closed, with a high probability of leaving the subject stranded.

15:23:45 - Subject exchanges some choice words with Dr. Vogel, but agrees to continue to the next closest settlement.

15:31:19 - 15:42:19 - Subject seems to be unable to locate any boundaries of 3608-1. Even walking in a straight line for several minutes does not seem to bring the subject any closer to finding egress. Quality of video feed begins to rapidly deteriorate, until images are visible for only a few seconds in between nearly a full minute of static. Audio quality from transceiver also deteriorates, with a voice completely dissimilar to the subject's occasionally cutting in.

15:43:41 - Subject reports that his feeling of unease is escalating. Transmission quality has degraded to the point that video feed is essentially useless and audio is barely decipherable. Dr. Vogel informs subject that there is a high probability that he may be trapped. Subject does not respond with panic, as would be expected, but rather with resignation and despair. Subject requests that radio and video communications be severed so that he may, in his own words, "Suffer my fate alone". Dr. Vogel agrees and severs transmission feeds.


Note: Buildings appear consistent with the structure described by Officer L. in Interview Log 3608-P.


Subject: D-991257. 26 years old female of Chinese descent. History of severe emotional, physical and sexual abuse as a child. Convicted of three counts of kidnapping, torture and murder of middle-aged Caucasian men. Subject has no knowledge of Expedition 3608-E1.

Overseers: Dr. Vogel, MTF Alpha-5 "Paranaughts" Captain Lauder

Subject is equipped with one wireless transmission video camera communicating with a laptop held by Dr. Vogel and one wireless 2-way radio clipped to the subject’s shirt collar. Subject is also equipped with a standard issue field bag, containing two day’s worth of emergency rations and several Field Recovery Kits.


18:22:10 - Subject is instructed to enter SCP-3608. Subject complies without argument.

18:22:21 - Subject has entered SCP-3608. Like in 3608-E1, subject does not appear on other side of the door. No trace of subject remains on any visible or infrared spectrum.

18:22:30 - Subject activates video feed. Feed shows a landscape drastically different than the one in 3608-E1. Subject appears to be standing in the middle of a large metropolitan city center, designated 3608-2. However, like in the previous expedition, the city appears to be totally devoid of any signs of life or activity. Automobiles of the same style can be seen on the streets. Buildings are of the same size, color and style as those encountered in 3608-E1; the only noticeable difference being that the buildings have visible doors.

18:23:06 - Dr. Vogel instructs subject to approach the closest building and attempt ingress.

18:24:19 - Subject has reached the nearest building - classified as 3608-2A - and has attempted to open the door. It appears to be locked, so subject knocks on the door and waits for a response.

18:24:31 - Subject knocks again, more forcefully this time.

18:24:44 - Dr. Vogel instructs subject to approach a different building and attempt ingress. Subject attempts to open the door of 3608-2A once again before moving on, and finds that it is now unlocked. Subject enters 3608-2A and begins to investigate.

18:25:22 - Subject has located a small book on a table within 3608-2A, designated 3608-2A1. Subject is unable to decipher any of the writing within 3608-2A1, and no markings appear on it when viewed through the camera. Subject insists that there is writing in the book, and places it in a Field Recovery Kit in order to return it for further study. [See Log 3608-R: Recovered Materials]

18:25:34 - Dr. Vogel instructs subject to exit 3608-2A and return with the recovered materials. Subject complies, but stops suddenly upon crossing the threshold. Dr. Vogel inquires why the subject stopped.

18:25:42 - Subject responds with confusion, inquiring whether or not a black figure was seen on the camera feed.

18:25:46 - Dr. Vogel informs the subject that the figure in question did not appear on the feed, and suggests the possibility that the subject imagined it.

18:25:51 - Subject responds with anger, restating that the figure was present and real.

18:25:56 - Dr. Vogel calms subject and instructs her to follow the figure and inform them when it appears.

18:25:59 - Subject begins to follow a relatively straight path, only occasionally turning down side streets and alleyways. Subject alerts Dr. Vogel whenever the figure appears again. The figure never appears on the camera feed. The figure does not appear hostile; rather, it seems to be leading the subject somewhere.

18:36:32 - Subject has followed the figure for roughly ten minutes, and has been led to a lone building at the end of a long stretch of road. Building is designated 3608-2B. Dr. Vogel instructs subject to enter.

18:36:40 - Upon approaching 3608-2B, subject notices that the door is slightly ajar. Subject enters 3608-2B.

18:37:00 - Upon subject crossing the threshold, video feed cuts to black. A loud scream is heard from the audio feed and subject stumbles back over the threshold.

18:37:10 - Dr. Vogel inquires what happened when the video feed was cut. Subject responds with incomprehensible babble. Dr. Vogel asks again, but subject seems to have undergone severe mental trauma. Captain Lauder recommends that expedition be terminated, insisting that the subject will not be able to continue in her current state.

18:42:29 - After arguing for several minutes, Captain Lauder and Dr. Vogel agree to terminate the expedition.

18:45:22 - Subject exits SCP-3608 far sooner than would be expected accounting for how far she traveled from the original entry point. 3608-2A1 is recovered, and subject is brought to Site-██ for a full psychological evaluation and treatment. See Log 3608-2I for post-expedition interview.



Subject: D-11508. 31 years old male of Scandinavian descent. Convicted of over twenty different felonies, including grand theft auto, first degree murder, aggravated assault, robbery, rape, and arson.

Overseers: Dr. Vogel, MTF Alpha-5 "Paranaughts" Captain Lauder

Subject is equipped with one wireless transmission video camera communicating with a laptop held by Dr. Vogel, one wireless 2-way radio clipped to the subject’s shirt collar, and one advanced GPS tracking device. Subject is also equipped with a standard issue field bag, containing two day’s worth of emergency rations and several Field Recovery Kits.


08:44:08 - Subject is instructed to enter SCP-3608. Subject complies without argument.

08:44:17 - Subject has entered SCP-3608. Like in previous expeditions, subject does not appear on other side of the door. No trace of subject remains on any visible or infrared spectrum. GPS device immediately begins to malfunction; tracking displays "OUT OF RANGE" error.

08:44:24 - Subject activates video feed. Landscape is similar to that in previous expeditions, except that subject appears to have entered on top of a building looking over a metropolitan area. Buildings are observed to have visible doors and windows. Once again, no signs of life are observed in the area. Area is designated 3608-3, building is designated 3608-3A.

08:44:37 - Subject is directed to explore 3608-3A and recover any documents or other information using an FRK. Subject complies and begins walking towards a roof access door.

08:44:51 - Subject opens door and enters 3608-3A. There is a momentary glitch in the camera feed as subject crosses the threshold. Subject begins to descend stairs to the next floor.

08:45:22 - Subject has reached a landing with a door. Subject opens door and enters a hallway lined with doors fitted with pull handles. Doors appear to be very close together, with the gaps between them appearing to be less than 30cm. Subject approaches nearest door and opens it. Camera feed glitches momentarily, then shows a blank white wall behind the door. Subject's breathing becomes heavy and he shuts the door quickly.

08:45:35 - Dr. Vogel inquires if anything is wrong. Subject replies in the negative and insists that he is fine.

08:45:42 - Subject proceeds to the next nearest door and opens it. Camera feed glitches again, momentarily shows another blank wall before subject slams door shut and backs away quickly. Subject's breathing becomes panicked and erratic.

08:46:11 - Dr. Vogel once again inquires if anything is wrong. Subject vehemently denies that anything is wrong, repeatedly states that he is fine. Dr. Vogel informs subject that if he is experiencing any anomalous events, the observation team should be notified. Subject repeats again that everything is fine.

08:46:19 - Subject approaches the next closest door and attempts to open it. Unlike the previous doors, this one leads into a small room with desks similar to desks that would be found in a United States high school classroom. Desks are arranged in a semicircular formation, facing the rear of the room where there is a small podium on a raised platform. A single chair sits to the side of the podium.

08:46:23 - Subject enters room and approaches the podium. Another glitch occurs in the camera feed, and when subject reaches podium and turns around, dark figures are seen sitting in the desks. Subject does not appear agitated as would be expected from such a sudden change in his environment.

08:46:37 - Dr. Vogel inquires if subject notices anything out of the ordinary. Subject does not respond, instead placing his hands on the podium and gripping the edges as though he is about to deliver a speech or report. Dr. Vogel asks again, insisting that subject respond.

08:47:12 - Subject remains silent for some time, and when he speaks it is not in response to Dr. Vogel's inquiry. Subject appears to be addressing the figures in the desks. Subject apologizes repeatedly for his crimes, going into great detail of each crime he was convicted of and some that were not on his record4. During his apology, subject begins openly weeping and slamming his hands on the podium. Dr. Vogel calls for an on-staff psychologist.

08:51:20 - After subject's apology and confession have gone on for several minutes, Dr. Sanderson arrives. Dr. Vogel explains the situation to her and asks that she attempt to calm the subject so that the mission can continue.

08:53:06 - Dr. Sanderson speaks to subject in gentle tones and attempts to calm him. Subject is completely non-responsive to any questions or statements from Dr. Sanderson. Subject has ceased speaking and is now sobbing with his head resting on the podium, occasionally lifting his head only to slam it on the podium again. With the camera at this angle, the camera feed is now picking up an additional figure seated in the chair next to the podium.

08:53:44 - The figure next to the podium rises from its chair and approaches subject. As the figure gets closer, the camera and audio feeds rapidly dissolve into complete static.

08:55:12 - When camera and audio feeds reactivate, subject is no longer in the classroom area, but instead staring out of an open window at the metropolitan area below. Subject looks over his shoulder and sees a figure, most likely the same one from the classroom, in the hallway. The figure inclines its head slightly, appearing to give the subject a nod of approval.

08:55:21 - Subject climbs onto window frame and, despite all efforts from Dr. Sanderson to convince him not to, jumps from the window.

08:55:24 - Video and audio feed cut out before subject makes impact with the ground. Dr. Vogel and α-5 Captain agree that expedition has been terminated.



Subject: D-41517. 27 years old male of Eastern European descent. Subject has been convicted of multiple felonies, including first-degree murder, manslaughter, arson, seditious conspiracy, impersonating a federal officer, and multiple instances of kidnapping and torture. Subject was also heavily involved in the activities of a GoI that will remain unnamed in this documentation.

Overseers: Dr. Vogel, MTF Alpha-5 "Paranaughts" Captain Lauder

Subject is equipped with one wireless transmission video camera communicating with a laptop held by Dr. Vogel, one wireless 2-way radio clipped to the subject’s shirt collar, and one advanced GPS tracking device. Subject is also equipped with a standard issue field bag, containing two day’s worth of emergency rations and several Field Recovery Kits.


12:05:21 - Subject is instructed to enter SCP-3608. Subject complies without argument.

12:05:33 - Subject has entered SCP-3608. Like in previous expeditions, subject does not appear on other side of the door. No trace of subject remains on any visible or infrared spectrum. GPS device immediately begins to malfunction; tracking displays "OUT OF RANGE" error.

12:05:40 - Subject activates video feed. Area within, designated 3608-4, appears far more similar to our own Earth than in previous expeditions. Buildings are of differing sizes, shapes and colors, have visible doors and windows, and other common elements like street signs and stoplights are present. Subject appears to be standing in the middle of a street. Cars of differing makes, models and colors are present, parked along the side of the road. Despite this, no signs of life are seen, as consistent with earlier expeditions.

12:05:51 - Dr. Vogel directs subject to approach the nearest building, attempt ingress, and collect any documents or other materials that may be relevant using an FRK.

12:06:19 - Subject has entered the nearest building, a two-story domicile appearing to be of a standard brick and mortar construction. The domicile is furnished as one would expect, with a full kitchen and dining area, two small bedrooms and a master bedroom with attached bath, a "rec room" with a pool table and large screen TV, and what appears to be a nursery. Picture frames are hung on the walls, but appear empty.

12:35:09 - Subject has thoroughly explored the building and has found nothing of importance. What are presumed to be newspapers are found on the kitchen counter, but no text is present as viewed through the camera. Dr. Vogel asks subject if the pages have any useful information. Subject replies in the negative, stating that they have text on them, but it appears to be gibberish.

12:35:30 - Dr. Vogel instructs subject to leave and seek information elsewhere. Subject approaches door, which was left open, to find it closed. Subject attempts to open the door but recoils upon touching the knob. Subject states that the doorknob was too hot to touch, and begins coughing soon after.

12:35:55 - Subject continues coughing, states that the entire house seems to be filling with smoke. No smoke can be seen through the video feed. Dr. Vogel instructs subject to find egress from the building via another door or window.

12:36:14 - Subject enters kitchen area and three black figures are seen sitting at the table. Subject does not appear to notice them; grabs newspaper from counter and waves it in front of him, probably in an attempt to clear the smoke. This does not appear to help, as subject quickly discards the paper and goes to the next room. Picture frames in the hallway are no longer empty, faces later identified as several of D-41517's victims have appeared. Subject does not appear to notice.

12:36:25 - Subject has entered the rec room, and a series of images is being displayed on the television. Multiple faces of D-41517's victims are shown, along with scenes of buildings on fire, mutilated corpses, and several still frames of text including the words "MURDERER", "TRAITOR", and "FAILURE". Subject becomes more distressed upon viewing the images and begins to panic.

12:36:44 - Subject begins to throw furniture at a nearby window in an attempt to escape. Subject's coughing has become more frequent, indicating that the smoke filling the building has become thicker. After several attempts, no apparent damage has been done to the window. Subject exits room and proceeds upstairs.

12:37:06 - Subject has entered the nursery room. Subject is coughing constantly at this point and is beginning to have difficulty moving. Subject falls to the floor and begins crawling on all fours towards the window. Subject grabs the edge of a crib in the room and uses it to help him stand up.

12:36:42 - Subject looks briefly into the crib. A shadowy figure roughly the size of a human infant is seen briefly on the camera feed, disappearing after only a few seconds. Subject screams and begins to vomit violently into the crib.

At this point, GPS device display has changed from "OUT OF RANGE" to switching back and forth between the words "HOME" and "HELL".

12:37:04 - Subject, still screaming, begins to attempt to open the window. The latch appears to be stuck, and subject collapses again after trying for nearly a full minute to force open the window.

12:37:51 - Camera feed begins to glitch as another shadowy figure approaches subject. Like in Expedition Three, both audio and visual feeds degrade in quality as the figure gets closer to the subject, going completely blank as it reaches down and grasps the subject's left arm.

12:42:19 - Minutes later, video and audio feeds reactivate. The subject appears to be outside of the building now, in the yard in front of the domicile. Video feed shows that the building is engulfed in flames. Dr. Vogel inquires if subject can stand. Subject stands up, still staring at the building.

12:42:25 - Dr. Vogel instructs subject to enter another building. Subject refuses. Dr. Vogel explains that it is necessary to collect as much information as possible in each expedition.

12:42:40 - Subject refuses to continue expedition and attempts to locate his entry point.

12:44:15 - Subject has been unable to locate any exit point where he originally entered SCP-3608. Subject becomes agitated.

12:44:22 - Dr. Vogel informs subject that his best chance of egress is to continue exploring in the hope that an exit point will present itself.

12:44:27 - Still agitated, subject agrees to continue exploring on the grounds that he will only explore one additional building. Dr. Vogel agrees. Subject walks past several buildings before stopping in front of what appears to be a courthouse5.

12:47:11 - Subject proceeds up the steps to the large front doors and opens them. A flash of light obscures the video feed momentarily. When it clears, the only thing seen behind the doors is a white wall with the word "GUILTY" written on it in what appears to be blood6.

12:47:15 - Subject is evidently hurled backwards by an unseen force. When it was expected that he would make contact with the pavement, the entrance to SCP-3608 opens and subject re-enters our universe at a high velocity. Impact with ground appears to render subject unconscious.

12:47:43 - Subject is recovered and taken to on-site medical facilities for treatment.


Note: Subject was found to have a number of blisters on his skin consistent with severe burns. Subject also suffered from mild asphyxiation consistent with damage from smoke inhalation.

Post-expedition interviews yielded no insights. As a result of the emotional trauma of the occurrences inside SCP-3608, the physical trauma received upon re-entry, an effect of SCP-3608 itself, or a combination of the three, the subject was unable to remember anything after entering the first building.

Interviewed: D-Class Personnel D-991257

Interviewer: Dr. Sanderson, on-site psychologist for Site-3608

Foreword: D-991257 suffered from what appears to be a severe psychotic break during Expedition 3608-E2. Subject was unable or unwilling to communicate with any Foundation personnel until six days after she returned from the expedition.

Begin Log: ██/██/2012 09:00

Dr. Sanderson: Greetings, D-991257.

D-991257: …..Hi.

Dr. Sanderson: How are you today?

D-991257: How the ████ do you think I am?!

Dr. Sanderson: Please, calm down. I am here to help. I understand that during your time inside of SCP-3608, you experienced some trauma?

D-991257: Trauma. Such a sterile word. I call it a ████ing nightmare.

Dr. Sanderson: D-991257, I must ask you to keep your language in check. I understand that what happened to you-

D-991257: You understand? Let me tell you right now, you don't understand a goddamn thing about me, or that thing, or what it can do.

Dr. Sanderson: Well, that's what I'm here to help The Foundation find out. Can you please tell me what happened to you inside SCP-3608?

D-991257: Fine. Not like it'll make a difference anyway.

Dr. Sanderson: Thank you. If you would, please tell me about the figure that you encountered after exiting the first building?

D-991257: The shadow? Well, it looked sort of human, bipedal and all. But it wasn't…solid.

Dr. Sanderson: Not solid? Could you elaborate?

D-991257: It was like it was made of smoke. It was shifting around, and it was blurry, and sort of hard to focus on. And it didn't talk, but I could tell it was trying to tell me something.

Dr. Sanderson: Did it communicate with you telepathically?

D-991257: No, nothing like that. Just, something I could feel. It wanted me to follow it. It wanted to show me something. And it did, ████ did it show me something….

Dr. Sanderson: The expedition footage shows that the figure led you to a building.

D-991257: Yes.

Dr. Sanderson: And that something occurred when you entered the building…something that caused you great distress.

D-991257: When I went into that building….

Subject shudders and takes several deep breaths before continuing.

D-991257: It was like walking into hell itself. I felt….everything. Every time someone held me down and [DATA EXPUNGED] me, every bruise and scratch, the feeling of shame and filth and the long showers that you know can't wash this away, and how difficult it is to let anyone, even someone you love, touch you that way because all you can do is relive being violated, and then the rage and the feeling of satisfaction from killing them, men who got off scot-free after [DATA EXPUNGED] a little girl! SHE WAS ONLY SEVEN FOR CHRISSAKE!

D-991257 stands up, slamming her hands on the table. Security personnel move to restrain her, but Dr. Sanderson motions for them to stay back.

D-991257: And the court hearings, and that goddamned jury who'd rather see me locked up for giving them what they deserved than see those ████ers punished for ruining her life JUST LIKE MINE, and then your Foundation, they show up with waivers and a promise that I could help save the world, but we can't, because the real monsters aren't locked up in here, they're all around us in the world, and they all look like people…

D-991257 begins panting heavily and sits back down. She is crying. Dr. Sanderson offers her a box of tissues. D-991257 takes one and wipes her eyes.

Dr. Sanderson: I am sorry that you were forced to relive all of these events. Your file informed me of your past, but words can never truly convey the lasting effects of trauma like this.

D-991257: All of that….all of it, all at once, flooding my mind…

Dr. Sanderson waits as D-991257 continues crying. After some time, she stops, hiccuping slightly. She is clearly still distressed.

D-991257: C-can I go now?

Dr. Sanderson: Yes, thank you. You have given us some very important information.

D-991257: Doctor, before I go…

Dr. Sanderson: Yes?

D-991257: Don't…don't let them do this to anyone else. That thing, whatever it is, it gets in your head, it knows you somehow, knows how to destroy you…

Dr. Sanderson: I will do my best.

End Log: ██/██/2012 09:05

Closing Statement: Dr. Sanderson submitted an official request to cease testing on the grounds that continued testing would be tantamount to willingly subjecting D-Class personnel to what amounts to psychological torture. Request was denied by O5 supervisors with the following comment from O5-09: "Dr. Sanderson, we understand your concerns. However, D-Class personnel are made aware of the risks of their tasks when they are brought into Foundation custody. Sacrifices must be made to gain a better understanding of the forces that we are dealing with. Expeditions and testing will continue."

3608-2A1 is the sole piece of material recovered from The Foundation's expeditions into SCP-3608. D-991257 recovered the item, which appears to be a standard lined notebook with dimensions of 88mm x 125mm x 7mm, from a small table within 3608-2A. During the expedition, D-991257 claimed that there was writing in the notebook but she was not able to read it. No text was seen on the pages when viewed through the camera. 3608-2A1 has been given to multiple subjects, including several D-Class personnel as well as Dr. Vogel and Site Director Haugen. It appears as though the text within the notebook changes depending on the person reading it. Excerpts of the text as dictated by the readers can be seen below.

Reader: D-411985

Contents: "They are lying to you. They know these things can kill you. You are disposable." These three statements were repeated ad infinitum until the end of the pages.

Note: D-411985 was caught attempting to leave Site-██ sixteen hours after reading 3608-2A1. Subject was hostile upon approach and was thus terminated.

Reader: D-97124

Contents: "Your family has forsaken you. Your father tries to forget your name. Your mother tries to forget your face. Your sister changed her name so that she could not be tied to you anymore."

Note: D-97124 was caught attempting to take his own life nine hours after reading 3608-2A1. Subject was stopped and is currently undergoing treatment in the psych ward of Site-██.

Reader: Dr. Vogel

Contents: "You're so close. So close to the truth. You know what must be done."

Note: This text and presumably others, acquired via non-approved contact by Dr. Vogel, are likely linked to Event 3608-V.

Reader: Site Director Haugen


Note: Data removed for security purposes. Contents included classified Foundation information.

Reader: Dr. Sanderson

Contents: "He's leaving you. You work too much, █████████7."

Note: Roughly seven hours after Dr. Sanderson read 3608-2A1, she received an email from her husband informing her that he wanted a divorce. This information was voluntarily given to the Foundation.

Operation Locktight


Operation Goals: To relocate, seal, or terminate the entry point to SCP-3608. O5 authorization granted to use any and all means at the Foundation's disposal, within reason, to complete the operation.

Operation Overseers: Site-3608 Director Haugen, Dr. Vogel, MTF Alpha-5 "Paranaughts" Captain Lauder

Operation Overview:

Attempt One: D-9912 applies standard civilian-strength wood glue between the edges of the door and the frame. The glue does not set or adhere as it should. It quickly dissolves and leaves no chemical trace.

Attempt Two: D-9912 applies industrial grade sealant to the edges of the door. Sealant dissolves in a manner similar to the glue in Attempt One.

Attempt Three: D-9912 applies Foundation-grade sealant approved for use in containment cells of Euclid-class objects. Same result as Attempts One and Two.

Attempt Four: D-9912 applies ██████ sealant, approved for use in containment of Keter-class objects. Sealant takes longer to dissolve than the substances in Attempts One through Three, but is still ineffective in sealing the door.

Attempt Five: D-9912 applies heavy duty construction-grade metal clamps to the frame. After roughly five minutes, the clamps are bent (requiring a force of over ███ N) and fall off of the frame.

Attempt Six: D-9912 is given a standard alloy steel felling axe and instructed to destroy the door. After 12 swings, the edge of the axe is completely blunt. No apparent structural damage to the door.

Attempt Seven: D-9912 is given a ██████-edged axe and instructed to destroy the door. After 27 swings, the edge of the axe is completely blunt. No apparent structural damage to the door.

Attempt Eight: D-9912 is given a chainsaw and instructed to destroy the door. Upon contact with the door, the chainsaw stops and the motor burns out within seconds. No apparent structural damage to the door.

Attempt Nine: D-9912 is given a concrete saw with diamond blades and instructed to destroy the door. Same result as in Attempt Eight.

Attempt Ten: D-9912 is given a container of H2SO4 (Sulfuric Acid) and instructed to dump it on the door. The substance is absorbed into the wood with no apparent adverse effects. As D-9912 is returning from the door to begin the next attempt, a concentrated stream of acid is sprayed from the doorknob and onto D-9912's head with expected results. Samples are collected by site scientists and found to be H2SO4. No aperture is found on the doorknob from which the acid could have been sprayed. Dr. Vogel recommends that additional planned attempts with acid be cancelled. Director Haugen agrees.

Attempt Eleven: D-90337 douses the door in kerosene and throws a lit match at it from a safe distance. The door appears to catch fire, but in roughly twenty seconds the fire burns out, leaving no trace of damage to the door.

Attempt Twelve: Using standard construction equipment, a 5m x 5m area around the door is excavated in an attempt to relocate the door. The door remains in its original position, now hovering in place.

Attempt Thirteen: A standard building demolition-grade wrecking ball is brought in. After seven impacts with the door, the ball cracks and detaches from the machinery.

Attempt Fourteen: Demolitions-grade explosives are applied to the door and detonated. No apparent structural damage to the door.

Attempt Fifteen: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Attempt Sixteen: The door is sealed in a fluorine-treated steel container which is then filled with ClF3 (Chlorine Trifluoride gas)8. After several minutes, no changes have been observed. ClF3 gas is neutralized and steel container is removed.

Note from Dr. Vogel: "Unbelievable. That cannot be possible. I've seen that gas chew through a reinforced steel door in minutes; it'd probably be an SCP if we didn't know what it was made of. This is pointless. Cancel any other attempts we had planned. Nothing short of another SCP is going to neutralize this."


Note from Site Director Haugen: Operation Locktight was ultimately unsuccessful. The only feasible method at present is to contain SCP-3608 via isolation. Expeditions have been temporarily ceased, pending approval from O5.

Operation 3608-V


Operation Goals: To locate and retrieve Dr. Vogel from inside SCP-3608.

Operation Overseer: Site-3608 Director Haugen

Operation Members: MTF Alpha-5 "Paranaughts" Captain Lauder, Agents Yukon, Powers, and Imski.

Foreword: On ██/██/2015, four hours prior to this operation, Dr. Vogel, acting against all Foundation security and operational protocols, and in clear breach of containment procedures, entered SCP-3608. Director Haugen approved Operation 3608-V immediately when this was discovered.


05:00:00 - 05:04:15 - Alpha-5 team members perform standard pre-mission checks of weapons and communications equipment. Each team member is equipped with short-range radios for intra-team communication, long-range radios for communication with Director Haugen, and chest-mounted body cameras. Each member is issued a field bag with five days of survival rations, six FRKs, an emergency medical kit, six autoinjecting needles with Class-D amnestics, and additional ammunition for their firearms.

Cpt. Lauder: Alright, boys, standard search and retrieve. You all know who Dr. Vogel is, he's the target. If he's become compromised by the effects of 3608, we are authorized to terminate and retrieve the body. Understood?

Yukon: Got it.

Imski: Understood.

Powers: In and out, sounds pretty simple.

Dir. Haugen: To recap, the entity is a sapient dimension with, presumably, complete control over its internal layout. It's also been documented to have the ability to cause severe emotional distress. You were chosen because you all have clean records, no notable phobias, and high scores on the PRI9. D-Class have only been sent in one at a time so far, and we're not sure how it will react to multiple targets. No direct hostile activity has been seen from any entities inside; the danger seems to come from the entity's ability to manipulate emotions.

Imski: I don't know boss, I stole a candy bar when I was seven. Might want to keep our eyes out for a giant, angry Mars bar.

Powers and Yukon laugh.

Cpt. Lauder: Can it. Anyone beginning to experience any regret, sadness, anger, anything like that, is to report it to the team immediately. We have low-strength Class D amnestics handy for short-term, recent memory erasure. Any hostile behavior towards a teammate or repeated refusal to follow orders will be seen as probable contamination and result in immediate termination. There will be no exceptions to this. We can't risk letting this thing into our heads. We all need to be on high alert - eyes up, ears open, heads clear.

Alpha-5 team approaches the door. As Cpt. Lauder extends his hand to open it, the door opens before he makes contact.

Powers: Well, that's not ominous.

Cpt. Lauder: Sounds like we have a volunteer to go in first. Nods at Powers. Powers leads, Yukon and I follow, Imski brings up the rear.

As Agent Powers crosses the threshold, his body-cam malfunctions. Cpt. Lauder and Agent Yukon attempt to follow, but the door violently swings shut, catching Agent Yukon's fingers between the door and frame, cleanly severing his forefinger and middle finger at the distal interphalangeal joint10. Agent Yukon shouts in pain and stumbles back from the door, attempting to stem the bleeding. Captain Lauder attempts to force the door open, but it remains shut.

Cpt. Lauder: Shit! Powers, do you read? The door shut behind you, the rest of the team is not with you. Do you read?

No response is heard from Agent Powers for roughly twenty seconds. Captain Lauder continues his attempts to force open the door. Agent Imski calls for on-site medical staff to assist Agent Yukon.

Powers: I read, Captain. Christ, that hurts…

Cpt. Lauder: Powers! Powers, what the hell happened?

Powers: The door opened in the middle of the fucking sky. I fell probably…10 meters? Left leg is injured, potentially broken, and this place is…oh. Oh, shit. What the hell?

Cpt. Lauder: What is it, Powers?

Powers: I'm…I'm back at Site-3608. It dropped me right outside the entrance. But it's…wrong.

Dir. Haugen: Of course it's wrong. I just checked with the security team, there's nobody at the entrance.

Cpt. Lauder: Jesus. It recreated the site.

Powers: What?

Cpt. Lauder: It's able to get information about the subject's universe of origin. Dr. Vogel is inside right now. It's probably recreating the site from his mental image.

Dir. Haugen: We've only seen it make uniform changes on a larger scale up to this point, but that sounds feasible. You are likely seeing 3608's recreation of Site-3608.

Powers: I'm…not sure what I should do. Command, advise?

Dir. Haugen: I would recommend proceeding into the facility with great caution. Attempt to locate the equivalent of Secure Wing Alpha in the hopes of finding an egress point.

Cpt. Lauder: Agreed. Sounds like your best chance of getting out is to go in.

Powers: I…I really don't like that idea. This place is really starting to get to me.

Cpt. Lauder: Powers, stay calm. Remember, this thing hasn't hurt anyone directly. You're one of our best agents, and you've survived a thousand times worse shit than this. You can do this. No doubt, no fear.

Powers: No doubt, no fear. Eyes open, head clear.

Imski: You got this, Powers. Show this son of a bitch that it can't scare the Paranaughts!

Yukon: And hey, uh, grab my fingertips if you can find them?

The three MTF agents and Captain Lauder laugh.

Powers: I'm going to splint my leg and head in. Still nothing on the video feed?

Dir. Haugen: Sorry, Agent Powers, still nothing but static.

Cpt. Lauder: We'll continue to monitor it as you go. Keep us updated if you notice anything abnormal, but assuming the site layout is identical, you should be able to get to Secure Wing Alpha no problem.

Powers: Copy that, Captain.

The sounds of Agent Powers bandaging his leg are heard. Medical staff have bandaged Agent Yukon's fingers and he is attempting to force the door open with Agent Imski. Captain Lauder and Director Haugen are monitoring Agent Powers' audio and video feeds.

Powers: Alright, my leg is patched up as best as it's going to be.

The sounds of Agent Powers getting to his feet are heard.

Powers: Putting some weight on it. [Grunts.] It still hurts, but I think I'll manage. I'm heading to the main door.

Cpt. Lauder: Copy. Keep us updated as you continue through the complex. Yukon and Imski are still trying to get that damned door back open.

Powers: You got it, cap. The main door opened by itself as I approached, didn't need to insert my access card. I suppose complex security systems are a bit beyond this thing's ability, at least for now.

Cpt. Lauder: What's the inside look like?

Powers: It's identical to the site. It's kinda unnerving, seeing how it all looks right but just feels wrong, you know?

Cpt. Lauder: Powers, we're the Paranaughts. Looking right but feeling weird is what we do.

Powers: Got that right, captain. I think that this is helping, it's keeping me grounded. I'm heading through the door to the main hallway. No signs of activity.

Cpt. Lauder: Just keep going. Still feeling alright?

Powers: Yeah, I feel okay. There have been sort of…pinpricks is how I'd describe them. Like, it feels like something is trying to mess with me, but it just can't get in, can't get a grip on anything.

Yukon: [Shouting] It's got nothing because you won't give it anything! No fear!

Powers: Hallway was totally empty. I've reached the door to Secure Wing Alpha.

Cpt. Lauder: You're almost out, Powers. Get in there, find the door, and get back to us. Drinks are on me.

Powers: Yeah, like that would ever happen.

The three MTF agents laugh.

Cpt. Lauder: Oh, shut it, Agent.

Powers: Just kidding, cap. I'm entering Secure Wing Alpha now.

Cpt. Lauder: We all know you can do this, Powers.

A sharp burst of static is heard over the audio feed.

Powers: No! You're not getting in my head, you piece of shit!

Cpt. Lauder: Powers, what's going on?

Powers: I crossed the threshold and just…a spike of anxiety and fear hit me. It didn't try to bring up anything specific, it was like it was just trying to force emotions on me. I think I deflected the worst of it, though.

Cpt. Lauder: Damn right! Show this thing who's boss!

Powers: [Shouting] Yeah, you son of a bitch! My mind is my own, you can't feed on me!

Cpt. Lauder: Alright Powers, you should be nearing the door now. What do you see?

Powers: I'm entering the containment chamber now. And the door is…what the hell? Doctor?

Dr. Vogel: Hello, Agent Powers.

Cpt. Lauder: Powers! You found Vogel?

Powers: Yeah, he's here. Doctor Vogel, I'm here to bring you back home. Do you know how to get out-

Dr. Vogel: There is only one exit, Agent Powers. Me.

Powers: Doctor, come on, we need you back at the site. Especially now, you've got some really useful information. We'll get you back to work-

Dr. Vogel: Laughs. That's nonsense, and you know it. I've breached protocol. If I come with you, I might as well be dead. Which is why that's the only way you're getting out. You have to kill me.

Powers: Screw that! Doctor, come on. You haven't done anything that can't be fixed. Director Haugen will understand-

Dr. Vogel: Haugen is a fool! Just because some D-Class got scared, he wanted us to stop! To stop exploring this world! He is not a man of science, not like me.

Cpt. Lauder: Powers, I think….I think you have to do it. We knew this might be an outcome. The doctor has clearly been compromised by this thing.

Powers: I…alright. If that's your order, captain.

Muffled movement is heard, presumably Powers unholstering his sidearm.

Powers: Doctor, I'm sorry about this.

Cpt. Lauder: Powers, wait!

Three gunshots are heard in quick succession. The door to SCP-3608 opens, and Doctor Vogel's lifeless body falls through it.

Cpt. Lauder: Shit! Powers, get out of there, now!

Powers begins screaming, and his audio feed begins to become distorted. The video feed reactivates, and shows the scene of Powers shooting Doctor Vogel twice in the chest and once in the head on repeat. Agent Powers is seen through the door as it begins to close, raising his gun to his temple.

Cpt. Lauder: [Shouting] POWERS!!!

A gunshot is heard as the door slams shut.


Note from Director Haugen: All testing, expeditions and operations are officially ceased. Personnel are forbidden from going within 15 meters of SCP-3608 for any reason. We have recovered a small audio recording device from Doctor Vogel's body. We hope that it will give us some insight into his actions. We are holding a small ceremony for him and Agent Powers, after which amnestics will be administered. The loss of Agent Powers has clearly had an effect on the morale of the other Alpha-5 team members, and it would be dishonest of me to say that the loss of Dr. Vogel has not affected me. It would be a liability to allow us to remember.


Addendum 1: Testing has been ceased pending review from O5 Supervisors. No personnel are to interact with or approach SCP-3608 without express approval from Site Director Haugen.

Addendum 2: After Event 3608-V, 3608-2A1 is considered contaminated, as it appears to retain a portion of the entity's ability to manipulate emotions. 3608-2A1 is to be locked in a standard Anomalous Object Containment Safe in Site-3608, the code to which will be known only by Site Director Haugen and O5 Personnel.

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