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Item #: SCP-3611

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3611 is currently not contained. Foundation implants at hospitals worldwide are to be on alert for any hand injuries that show signs of abnormal regeneration. Any SCP-3611-1 instance is to be detained and taken to the nearest Foundation facility for interview and experimentation. Handling of SCP-3611 requires Level 3 or above clearance and mnestic treatment.

Description: SCP-3611 is a phenomenon in which all the fingers, except for the thumb, are joined anomalously. The phalanges1 are fused, and the skin wraps around all four digits. Fusion does not occur between the joints, however, so the digits are capable of folding back and forth.

SCP-3611 is regenerative. If the fingers are to be separated from each other by any means, the nerves will signal the brain to secrete serotonin and endorphin, causing the subject, designated as SCP-3611-A, to experience pleasure. After four minutes, the interossei muscles2 will contract, pulling the fingers into each other. The ligaments, digital nerves and muscles, and skin will then regenerate.

Due to its memetic properties, SCP-3611 appears as non-anomalous fingers to both the affected and unaffected. As the digital joints remain movable, most daily activities that involve grabbing and holding are not significantly affected, and any hindrance to them will be disregarded as commonplace. However, the SCP-3611-A instance might react to other activities that involve more rigorous usages of fingers with, including but not limited to, confusion, irritation, and frustration.

As of writing, 25 instances of SCP-3611-A have been found. Neither the origin of SCP-3611 nor the total number of SCP-3611-A is determined.

Discovery: SCP-3611 came to the Foundation's notice on January 22nd, 2020 in Brookdale Hospital, New York City, when a man was admitted to the emergency room due to a corkscrew inserted through his fingers. Because the wounds had regenerated, the sharp object was sealed in place with no bleeding. Within the following days, hospitals worldwide began reporting similar accidents. The Foundation has detained any discovered subjects.

Interviewer: Researcher Dhwarma

Interviewee: Quill Lawrence (hereby referred to as SCP-3611-A-10)

Foreword: SCP-3611-A-10 was discovered in Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles with ten blades and screws of different sizes impaled through its fingers on January 24th, 2020. Researcher Dhwarma, Foundation implant at the hospital, interviews the subject after it received medical treatment.

<Begin Log:>

Dhwarma: Good morning, Mr. Laurence.

SCP-3611-A-10: What's up.

Dhwarma: Let's begin with, how did you receive the injury?

SCP-3611-A-10: Just fell on a stack of knives in my kitchen.

Dhwarma: Really? How could all the knives and blades get impaled through your hands?

SCP-3611-A-10: I was drunk.

Dhwarma: That doesn't mean they can just go through your hand like that.

SCP-3611-A-10: It's just like, when you're drunk, you're more likely to trip on a stone and hit your head on the pavement, right? But instead of your head, it's my hands, and instead of the pavement, it's a bunch of knives. Simple.

Dhwarma: That sounds rather contrived to me.

SCP-3611-A-10: Well, I'm telling you what I know. There's nothing more to it. You guys must have seen way freakier accidents and shit, so why am I being singled out?

Dhwarma: Because the recovery speed of your hands is much faster than normal. Is it an innate ability of yours? If not, since when did you notice any changes with your hands?

SCP-3611-A-10: If I had that kind of healing power since birth, I would be doing way more interesting things than just sitting here and overreacting to some minor wounds.

Dhwarma: Mr. Laurence, we need you to fully cooperate with us. Your case is one of a kind, so we must know as much as possible about it. You are not allowed to leave until you answer my questions.

SCP-3611-A-10: (raises its eyebrows) For real? Do you even have the authority for this?

Dhwarma: We actually do.

SCP-3611-A-10: (stares at Researcher Dhwarma, then sighs) Fine. My hands started acting weird about three months ago. The fingers couldn't move as normal as before, even though they look the same. Feels like they got stuck to each other or something. I can still use my hand in most cases, though.

Dhwarma: Could you elaborate on that?

SCP-3611-A-10: So, grabbing things is still normal. But with typing and writing, it feels off. Like, slightly more awkward, though it's not like my handwriting has always been pretty, or I need to type a lot, so it's fine. Sticking my fingers into places feels also weird, like they got tighter or something, but not that I have to do so often. But with playing guitars…

SCP-3611-A-10 stays silent, stares down at its feet for a while, then looks up and waves its right hand.

SCP-3611-A-10: It's probably just carpel tunnel syndrome or something. I've been playing my whole life, professional injuries gotta happen along the way eventually.

Dhwarma: Are you a musician?

SCP-3611-A-10: Hell yeah. Guitarist for this band called "Touching Death". Pretty big in the underground metal scene, thanks to my riffs.

Dhwarma: Have you been involved with the band lately?

SCP-3611-A-10: … Nah, I'm taking a break. Gotta have some cooldown time, you know. I've been working hard, so maybe that's why my hands got injured in the first place. Oh well, (slumps back on the chair) sacrificing for the art.

Dhwarma: Then what have you been doing during your break?

SCP-3611-A-10: Just, you know, chilling in my house.

Dhwarma: What kind of "chilling" involves stabbing your hands with sharp objects?

SCP-3611-A-10 glares at Researcher Dhwarma and sits straight up.

SCP-3611-A-10: You are being way too nosy here, and I don't like it. Why would you even care? How does this help my diagnosis or whatever?

Dhwarma: Because by knowing how the anomaly has affected you personally, we can form a pattern of behavior among the people who are in the same situation as you. And that can help us speed up our process of curing this disease.

SCP-3611-A-10: … Can you really get rid of this thing once and for all?

Dhwarma: We can't offer any promise, but taking care of things like this is our job.

SCP-3611-A-10 looks down on his hands, thinking.

SCP-3611-A-10: I've told you everything. I got drunk, I fell on some knives, the knives got stuck in my hand, and that's it.

Dhwarma: … Alright. We'll come back to that later.

<End Log.>

SCP-3611-A-10 is then transferred to the nearest Foundation facility for testing. It has been observed to refrain from interacting with other SCP-3611-A instances, and instead stay within its cell for most of the time.

Date: February 15th, 2020.

<Begin Log:>

Dhwarma: Good morning, Quill.

SCP-3611-A-10: Long time no see.

Dhwarma: How has everything been for you?

SCP-3611-A-10: Pretty alright. Though I gotta admit, you guys don't fuck around with the tests. That's some hardcore equipment man.

Dhwarma: Were you bothered with them?

SCP-3611-A-10: Pfft, nah. I'm cool with all of that.

Dhwarma: That's good to hear. Now, I want to ask you again about how you discovered the state of your hands.

SCP-3611-A-10: (groans and rolls its eyes) This again?

Dhwarma: I need to know about it. This could be vital information that can accelerate our progress to deal with the anomaly.

SCP-3611-A-10: But like I said, I got drunk, and—

Dhwarma: Quill, do you want to be able to play guitar again? If you do, we can help you. But not until you answer my question first.

The subject remains silent.

SCP-3611-A-10: (sighs) Alright. Buckle up for some sob story.

The subject leans forward, putting its hands under its chin.

SCP-3611-A-10: What can a guitarist do without his fingers? Nothing. It weirds me out to think about how much my life depends on these small, fragile body parts. And yet, (waving its hands) this happened.

SCP-3611-A-10: I started to lose gigs, then money. Then bandmates and fans. You stay inactive for one month, and people will forget about you. Or pretend to forget about you. My band even got a replacement before I called them the second time. And I used to see them as my own family.

SCP-3611-A-10 grimaces and crumples its fists.

SCP-3611-A-10: So I was alone in my place, with no friends, money, or anything. Well, I still got booze, but it kinda always stays by my side anyway. On one night, about a month after my hands became like this, I thought it would be fun to try some drunk knife-throwing. I don't even know where I got those knives from, or why I thought it was a good idea. But when you're wasted, you don't give a shit about many things. Like how bad you'll be with not stabbing yourself.

SCP-3611-A-10 inhales.

SCP-3611-A-10: What happened in front of my eyes next sobered me up completely. It was trippy, man; seeing your hands bloody and cut up for a moment, and they got healed up within seconds.

Dhwarma: Did you feel any pain?

SCP-3611-A-10: Yeah, it hurt a bit, since the wound was like finger-length… Though, I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel good.

Dhwarma: Why did it feel good to you?

SCP-3611-A-10: I… I don't know. The sensation was just, empowering. Way stronger than any drugs I ever did. Maybe it's because, it'd been so long since I stopped playing guitars, so, the artist within me was released after being held off? No clue, but, damn does it feel nice to press the frets again.

Dhwarma: And how many times have you done this so far?

SCP-3611-A-10: Just a few. I only did it when I got drunk and bored.

Dhwarma: Are you sure? You just said that you have been occupying yourself with alcohol ever since then.

SCP-3611-A-10: Why does it matter? It all comes back to normal anyway. Totally safe and sound.

Dhwarma: (stares at SCP-3611-A-10, then writes down on her notepad) Alright. Our interview ends here.

<End Log.>

Addendum 3611-1: On February 28, 2020, no more SCP-3611-A instances have been found. The Foundation decides to cease testing on the detained subjects to focus on neutralizing SCP-3611.

Incident Report 3611-1: On March 5th, 2020, SCP-3611-A-10 is found biting its own fingers off in its cell. Foundation personnel notices this when sounds of chewing and grunting are heard, and is able to interrupt the subject in a timely manner.

<Begin Log:>

Dhwarma: What do you think you were doing?

SCP-3611-A-10: You didn't tell me that the tests were gonna be canceled.

Dhwarma: Since we've discovered new subjects, we prioritize finding any new data. But that doesn't explain why you were trying to chew your fingers off with your teeth.

SCP-3611-A-10: That's because I was, bored. I was bored, yeah. There's nothing to do in this place.

Dhwarma: We've given you access to the common room and entertainment area.

SCP-3611-A-10: Oh yeah? Your taste in "entertainment" sucks. There's just some crappy old movies laying around, and all the people in this place are so—

Dhwarma: Quill, just tell me the truth. We won't use it against you.

SCP-3611-A-10: You know what? I really don't like how manipulative you are. You keep spouting shit like "progress has been made, stay cool", but nothing has happened yet.

Dhwarma: Our organization has been working on it. It's not as easy as you think.

SCP-3611-A-10: Then I could work on the problem too. I thought, "Hey, what if the saliva can neutralize whatever chemicals in my blood that's been binding my fingers shut?". Sometimes you gotta get crafty on your own.

Dhwarma: (sighs) You already know that wouldn't work.

SCP-3611-A-10: Doesn't mean I can't try.

Dhwarma: Look, I didn't press you in the last interviews, because I want you to feel comfortable. I can imagine it has been hard for you to not be able to continue making music, but please, you can confide in me.

SCP-3611-A-10 stays silent, then snickers.

SCP-3611-A-10: I don't need your pity. Fine, I'll admit: I need to feel that sensation again. I need to feel like I'm capable of playing guitar again.

Dhwarma: Why?

SCP-3611-A-10: This whole thing has been really shitty for me, alright? Losing your job and your friends and your income just because my fingers can't move normally, it sucks, alright? It fucking sucks.

The subject looks down on its hands.

SCP-3611-A-10: Making music has been my one and only pride. Now that I can't even do it, what else could I do?

Dhwarma: You can wait until a way to neutralize the anomaly is found.

SCP-3611-A-10: You don't understand, I need it! I need to feel it!

Dhwarma: This has been definitely difficult for you, but a permanent solution is better.

SCP-3611-A-10: But it feels good anyway! Just like, some quick stops before the final destination. It's no big deal! The hands always heal back, right? No matter what I do, they always heal back, so what's there to worry about?

Dhwarma: … No. I'm sorry, but no more tests will be done. You will be transferred to a common cell with another affected person in three days' time.

SCP-3611-A-10: I don't need anyone else! I only need to move my fingers just for a few minutes, then I'm done! I swear!

Dhwarma: (standing up and walking to the door) Have a good day.

<End Log.>

After the interview, two metal handcuffs are wrapped around the fingers of SCP-3611-A-10. Testing is suspended indefinitely.

Incident Report 3611-2: On March 6th, 2020, SCP-3611-A-10 is discovered attempting to tear its middle, ring, and little toes off, as well as puncture three holes on the side of each hand. Security is able to prevent the subject from inflicting any further damage.

<Begin Log:>

SCP-3611-A-10 stares at the table, unmoving. Researcher Dhwarma sighs.

Dhwarma: What were you trying to do now, Quill?

No response from the subject.

Dhwarma: Usually I would tell you about the progress on neutralizing the anomaly. Tell you to hang on just a little bit more. But this is just, crazy. What were you even thinking?

SCP-3611-A-10: (still looking down, whispering) … Growing new fingers.

Dhwarma: What?

SCP-3611-A-10: I was trying to grow new fingers.

Dhwarma: How could that work?

SCP-3611-A-10: … I thought the hands would heal, like the fingers. Maybe they can take in new flesh and turn it into a part of them. So I tried jamming the toes in.

Dhwarma: … Oh.

SCP-3611-A-10: I didn't know that they wouldn't. Well, I did. I just, hoped that I was wrong about that.

The subject covers its face with its hands.

SCP-3611-A-10: (voice breaking) I just want to play guitars again.

Dhwarma: … I'm sorry, but right now it's—

SCP-3611-A-10: It's impossible, I know.

The subject lowers its hands.

SCP-3611-A-10: I was lying about how often I messed up my hands. I had been doing so almost daily, before coming here. While sober.

Dhwarma: I see.

SCP-3611-A-10: … I'm sorry, I'm just… too angry at myself.

Dhwarma: It's not anyone's fault.

SCP-3611-A-10: If it's not mine, whose is it? Who else is responsible for not playing my guitar? Who else is responsible for not being capable of doing my own job?

SCP-3611-A-10 fixates its eyes on its hands.

SCP-3611-A-10: … You can just cure the other people first. They deserve it more than me.

Dhwarma: No. There are no exceptions when it comes to neutralizing any anomalous instance.

SCP-3611-A-10: But I— I'm just not strong enough. Just, not good enough.

Dhwarma: The first instance that we found out shoved a corkscrew through his hand. And there are also many other people who feel distressed about it, regardless of their profession. Artists, mechanics, and so on. You're not alone.

SCP-3611-A-10 remains silent.

Dhwarma: … While we can't do much for now, we're still closer to it one step at a time.

SCP-3611-A-10: … Will I ever be able to play guitar again?

Dhwarma: Yes, you will. The lab's trying to develop an agent that will hamper the regeneration of the fingers once and for all.

Researcher Dhwarma stands up and gathers the files.

Dhwarma: We'll continue the interview next week. Group therapies are held every Wednesday, from 2 to 3 p.m. Updates on the anomaly will be given to you whenever available. And you will still be moving in with another person tomorrow.

Researcher Dhwarma walks towards the door, then turns around.

Dhwarma: Have you ever considered playing other instruments?

SCP-3611-A-10: … Why does it matter?

Dhwarma: You're a musician, you have to play music. What else can you play? Drumming? Keyboards? Uh, vocals?

SCP-3611-A-10: … Drumming is fine.

Dhwarma: Perfect. (heading out) There's a drum set in the north-wing common room. I expect to see you there soon.

SCP-3611-A-10 remains silent. It is then escorted back to its cell.

<End Log.>

Addendum 3611-2: By April 6th, 2020, SCP-3611-A-10 has been observed playing music with three other SCP-3611-A instances, who have reportedly formed a band called "Inseparable Touch", in the North-wing common room regularly.

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