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nn5n: scp-3615 Depressed Divine Demon of Diptera & Diarrhea
KeterSCP-3615 Depressed Divine Demon of Diptera & DiarrheaRate: 44

Item #: SCP-3615

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3615 is to be secured at Site-36 in a containment chamber outfitted with an Automated Exorcism System. A 5-meter tall ladder must be available in the room for ease of access to the top of SCP-3615. The chamber is to be flushed with insecticides on a weekly basis.

Procedure N11 is to be executed on a daily basis to prevent the manifestation of SCP-3615-1. As a precautionary measure, operatives carrying out the procedure are to be equipped with antistatic BSL-2 protective equipment and accompanied by a security guard. Although this procedure calls for the use of human meat, porcine meat can be substituted without consequence.

Should SCP-3615-1 manifest due to the incomplete or improper execution of Procedure N1, personnel are to pull the alarm situated at the entrance of the chamber to activate the AES and sprinkler system. Security personnel are authorized to use lethal force to defend themselves in the meantime.

As per Anomalous Sapient Entity protocol, SCP-3615-2 is to undergo weekly psychiatric evaluation.

At SCP-3615-2's recommendation, no pregnant women are to enter the containment chamber.

Description: SCP-3615 is a stone altar, measuring 9.15 m x 9.15 m x 4.57 m, that dates back to 586 BC. The artifact's style and construction imitates that of multiple Middle Eastern cultures from said period, with several modern modifications. These alterations include alchemical formulae, thaumaturgic sigils, graffiti of political nature, and a thin layer of human feces. All attempts at removing this coat of excrement without damaging the object have failed.

SCP-3615 has a constant buildup of static electricity, with no apparent source for this charge.

SCP-3615 anomalously attracts and alters flies2. Affected flies undergo accelerated development, progressing through their lifecycle within hours. This causes them to breed and die at an exponential rate, leading to a build up of fly corpses on the object itself, as well as any nearby surfaces.

If Procedure N1 is not be carried out, SCP-3615 will undergo a Type-H Event. In a Type-H Event, SCP-3615 will emit an aerosol of fecal matter, ignite, and materialize SCP-3615-1. Two to three days later, an acid rain shower will manifest over the site of the Type-H Event.


Recovered material, believed to be a representation of SCP-3615-1. Note similarity to content from Dictionnaire Infernal.

SCP-3615-1 is the Level I Tartarean Entity that manifests in Type-H Events. SCP-3615-1 is an amorphous mass of flesh weighing approximately 500 kg. The entity has an assortment of dipteran, avian, feline, ranine, ovine, bovine, and humanoid features and appendages. The subject has a marked aggression to all forms of life, but otherwise shows no signs of sapience. Despite its mass and tartarean nature, the entity is vulnerable to small arms fire.

SCP-3615-2 claims that its senses are connected to SCP-3615-1's senses, but that they are otherwise unconnected.

SCP-3615-2 is the designation for the entity that is contacted through Procedure N1, or through the activation of a Type-H Event. It is theorized to be a Level I Pistiphage Entity that is currently situated in a dimensional space adjacent to baseline reality. SCP-3615-2's voice emanates from the center of SCP-3615 during Procedure N1 and Type-H Events. SCP-3615-2's voice has been described as "hoarse" and "multiple voices speaking in unison."

SCP-3615-2 identifies by the mythological epithet "Baal", a name ascribed to various deities in the Middle East, spanning from 3500 BC to 500 BC. Attempts to narrow down its identity have thus far proven inconclusive, and provoke emotional distress in the subject.

SCP-3615 was discovered in a Foundation raid on [REDACTED], a suspected Serpent's Hand stronghold. Recovered materials from the raid indicate that the organization had created SCP-3615 in its present form. After the object underwent its first Type-H Event, Procedure N1 was devised from these materials.

Addendum: The following interview was conducted with the aim of ascertaining the nature of SCP-3615-2.

Interviewed: SCP-3615-2

Interviewer: Dr. Robertson

Foreword: This is the second formal contact with SCP-3615-2 since the acquisition of SCP-3615, after a preliminary session to establish SCP-3615's current containment.

Note: Contact was established through the use of an earlier version of of Procedure N1.

<Begin Log>

SCP-3615-2: Name. Who… Who is invoking my n-name.

Dr. Robertson: Hello. I would like to ask some questions about your current predicament. To begin with, who are you?

SCP-3615-2: I am the king of the re… We are… I am… the great Baal Bel… Ha… Ze… We are… the Lord of-

[Dr. Robertson notice's SCP-3615-2's distress]

Dr. Robertson: Let's move on. Can you describe your surroundings?

[Audible breathing emanates from SCP-3615 for several moments]

SCP-3615-2: …There is no light here, no darkness. All around us, the seas are dead, the fields are dead, and the skies are dead. The altar is visible. Only the altar. It is filthy. It calls for me.

Dr. Robertson: Can you feel anything?

SCP-3615-2: Heat. Cold. Stinging. Body is aching. Air is still. Very still. Stagnant.

Dr. Robertson: Body? Can you describe your form?

SCP-3615-2: No form. There is a heap of flesh atop the altar. Our corpse. A mockery, dirty mirror, robbed from us. I- we can feel flesh. Hideous form is drawing closer, closer. Strength is waning. Need sacrifices, adoration to replenish vigor.

Dr. Robertson: What would happen if you were drawn in?

SCP-3615-2: Flesh expelled. Attached to flesh, can see with eyes, breathe with mouths, taste with tongues. Pain. Unimaginable pain. To walk is to be in pain. To breathe is to be in pain. Even the ground and air is bitter. Flesh is hungry, thirsty.

Dr. Robertson: Were you always like this? Can you describe your earliest memory?

SCP-3615-2: No. Glory. There was glory once. I once strong. I was loved. Vilified. It did not matter. I had followers, lovers, children. Names. Faces. Slip by. My… our own. Ba'al. That is my name. Ba'al. Ba'al. Ba-

Dr. Robertson: Do you know why this happened?

SCP-3615-2: Flash of light… Felt weak. Did not matter. Wounds were tended for. Gods have those that tend for him. But him!

Dr. Robertson: "Him"?

SCP-3615-2: He was strong. Always was strong. Did not matter. War came and went. Death. Death came and went. The flash. We wavered. He did not. There was no mercy.

[Audible breathing once again emanates from the anomaly]

SCP-3615-2: I died. We all died. We did not come back.

<End Log>

Addendum: On 2016/██/██, a Foundation raid on [REDACTED] resulted in the internment of several Serpent's Hand members. Among them was PoI-24152, David Mercer, who was confirmed to be involved in SCP-3615's creation.

Interviewed: PoI-24152 (David Mercer)

Interviewer: Dr. Ellis

<Begin Log>

Dr. Ellis: Mr. Mercer, can you explain what SCP-3615 is?

PoI-24152: Isn't it obvious?

Dr. Ellis: Well, care to elaborate?

PoI-24152: It's an altar. What are altars meant for?

Dr. Ellis: Sacrifices?

PoI-24152: Worship. Under the guidance of texts from the library, we built a monument to our god.

Dr. Ellis: That doesn't explain the object's various anomalous effects, though.

PoI-24152: A god's altar is the spot on Earth closest to the god. It is an immanent object. Of course our lord's power will manifest itself in various ways.

Dr. Ellis: In that case, can you explain the manifestation of SCP-3615-1?

PoI-24152: That is the physical body of our lord, his just wrath unleashed.

Dr. Ellis: What about -1's physical appearance? It matches no historical depictions of "Baal", and in fact seems to borrow heavily from medieval texts on demonology.

PoI-24152: Some gods are broken, right? Our lord is no different. After being cast from his rightful place atop the pantheon, he was torn into pieces. In time, even these pieces degenerated, warped by Christians who couldn't tell apart a demon from a deity. What you see is our attempt to put him back together after the damage was done.

Dr. Ellis: You don't have any issue with this?

PoI-24152: Our lord's form might not look pleasing, but we embrace all aspects of him.

Dr. Ellis: Well, are you aware that these "pieces" are wholly separate mythological figures who just happen to share an epithet?

[PoI-24152 sneers]

PoI-24152: Names are powerful. As detailed in our scripture, the shared title betrays a continuity of being that isn't obvious to modern science.

Dr. Ellis: Do you know that SCP-3615-1's present condition is causing it a great deal of distress?

PoI-24152: …The process has some kinks. Eventually, as he accustoms to his new body, his memories will return, and his true power with them.3

Dr. Ellis: Can you explain the… fecal aesthetic?

PoI-24152: Gods are complex beings. Being torn asunder and reimagined has changed our lord. But that doesn't matter. We are reclaiming him and everything he stands for. If he has been denigrated as lord of refuse, then we're happy to embrace our role as flies.

Dr. Ellis: Moving on. You mentioned a library earlier. The Wanderer's Library?

PoI-24152: Yes.

Dr. Ellis: The Wanderer's Library is filled not only with innumerable books on other faiths, but is also home to multiple godlike entities. What compelled you to worship this entity, rather than any other of the dozens you must have been aware of? Were you raised in this cult?

PoI-24152: You don't get it, do you? I wasn't born into this faith. I came to it because its messages spoke to me. All my life, I was surrounded by idiots who preached on and on about mercy, but didn't know the first thing about it. All my life, I've told that I needed to change, that what I was, was a monster, a blight to some distant "God". My lord faced similar, and yet here he is.

<End Log>

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