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Item #: SCP-3626

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Do not stop reading this document. Do not look away from the screen. Ignore any and all unusual sounds around you. The containment procedures are being put in place as you continue reading this document. Do not stop reading this document. Follow all instructions carefully and make sure that all content is understood. Due to potentially hazardous effects of long-term exposure, avoid rereading parts of this document. An image file in PNG format is attached to this message. View the image regularly, as you keep reading. If the image changes to a degree that the original content is no longer recognizable, referred to as the distortion point, immediately forward this message to another Foundation employee displaying ability to operate under stress and loyalty to the Foundation's cause. Do not stop reading this document.

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Description: SCP-36261 is the message you are currently reading. Persons who open SCP-3626 will be transported to a pocket dimension, or otherwise separated from the outside world. All living beings within line of sight will disappear. The details of this are unclear, as when affected subjects attempt to view objects different from the device currently displaying SCP-3626 on, they will suffer hallucinations. The nature of hallucinations differs, but they are sometimes connected with traumatic events from subject's past and often follow Moloch-class fright love inducing anomalous vision patterns. Affected subjects are advised to avoid looking away from the screen. The intensity of the visions increases along with time spent under effects of SCP-3626, eventually affecting the device holding SCP-3626 itself. This influence is visible in the attached JPG file. Do not stop reading this document.

The hallucinogenic properties of SCP-3626 make it difficult for subjects to leave their immediate area because they see things that they shouldn't see. Subjects who have managed to do so, have found all the doors or windows barred and were unable to leave the room they were in when they first accessed SCP-3626, trapped alone with their thoughts, paranoid that something is out to get them. There is nothing here. Only your thoughts. Only you. Let them take over. This is hypothesized to be a conscious action by a third-party capable of bending reality attempting to keep SCP-3626 contained2. The purpose of this containment is unknown, but it is theorized that the anomaly could have large destructive potential be completely harmless and the current method is the only way of keeping its effects under control. Do not stop reading this document.

It is unknown what happens when the hallucinatory effects are allowed to progress beyond the distortion point. Due to the fact that no documentation of it is provided in SCP-3626, it is assumed that the affected subject is unable to cancel the effects of the anomaly beyond this point. Probable explanations include inability to operate the device due to the increased severity of the hallucinations, permanent confinement in the pocket dimension, or expiration of the subject. Do not stop reading this document. Stop reading this document.

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If SCP-3626 is forwarded to another individual via standard electronic email message, the effects will cease, we hope so, they have to stop, please make it stop, make it stop! This is implied by the fact that no edits were made by individuals claiming to have forwarded the message. As SCP-3626 is not an anomaly currently contained by the Foundation and likely was not even discovered, it is theorized that individuals who forward SCP-3626 undergo an effect similar to amnestic treatment, making the anomaly undetectable. It is possible that one or more individuals have decided not to forward SCP-3626, but due to similar effects the knowledge of that is supressed. This may mean that neutralization of the anomaly is not possible. Do not stop reading this document.

The first instance of SCP-3626 was received on 29th of January 2018, by Dr. Burke, Site-42 staff and the original creator of this SCP file madness. The original message is attached below and is the source of most theories about the origin and workings of SCP-3626. They lie. Do not stop reading this document.

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To the unfortunate one

I am sorry, it wasn't meant to go this way. We wanted to secure it, lock it in a cage. We did in a manner, but some cages aren't like the others. You wouldn't understand the details anyway, so I won't waste your precious time with technical details. You are in this cage and you are not alone there. The thing that's locked with you wants to get out. You have to make a choice. Either you stay and let it take you, or you pass the cage further.

Make your choice


Due to the contents of this message it is theorized that SCP-3626 is a method of containment for the aforementioned entity inhabiting the pocket dimension you are currently residing in, or a type of test, so relax and take it. It is currently unknown what happens after to the subject once the distortion point has been passed3. No subject has tested this possibility, but you can. Do not stop reading this document.

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Below is the list of personnel who have received SCP-3626 a friendly message. You are asked to add yourself to this list, in any form you deem appropriate4. Do not stop reading this document.

• Dr. Burke
• John Brown
• Agent Bradford
• Senior Researcher Jeremy Collins
• Nicolson
• Agent Stanley
• Lavena Belmonte
• Gustav Belmonte
• Security Guard John Waterman
• Doctor Paul


• Schubert
• Jonie Garnier
• Arnold Achterberg
• Doctor Huxtable
• Algar Sternberg
YouMe YouMe YouMe YouMe YouMe
• Agent Krantz
• Toft
• Agent Bradford again
• Doctor Winter

Note from Doctor Burke 12-08-2017: I cannot ask you to make the sacrifice, as I don't have the courage in me to make it myself. Every day we agree to things that do not sit well with us. We pass by the homeless, telling ourselves that there are places and people that help them. We accept the tyrannical boss, because we won't risk our career to step up and say that it's wrong to be a piece of shit. We live in cycles, spinning like a dog chasing its tail, because we do not have the courage to stop and ask ourselves why we are doing what we're doing. You will probably just send this message to someone and that someone will send it to someone and so on and so on. We will continue chasing the fucking tail, because it takes courage to not do it. Maybe one day the whole Foundation will be on the list here, not one of them realizing that they condemned their friends to take a test. It's good that we don't remember anything after this hell is over. I wouldn't be able to live after discovering my cowardice.

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You have arrived at the end of this document. You can choose to forward the message now.

A life thrown away

Something never done before

A life broken in a day

What for?

Forward message? Y/N

> N

A moment of hesitation comes as you press the key,

What horrors await beyond the veil?

What lurks just outside the event horizon?

A single message flashes across the screen:

Well done

Item #: SCP-3626

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3626 is to be kept in Site-43, Low-Value Anomalous Item Storage vault when not undergoing testing. The website address allowing for transportation to SCP-3626-1 is to be monitored for access by individuals other than verified Foundation personnel.

Description: SCP-3626 is a personal computer, composed of non-anomalous materials5 , running a copy of Windows Vista OS. No applications beyond Internet Explorer are installed on the device. It bears branding of a non-existent company Inter-planar Delivery Services. A note engraved on the side of the object reads "Property of the Ministry of Extra-planar Sociological Research". Anomalous properties of the object manifest when one accesses a website http://ewww.██████/results/████████████.gov. Any individuals viewing the screen at the moment when the website is accessed, will be transported to SCP-3626-1. Individuals viewing the screen after the website has been opened will not be affected. Closing the website on SCP-3626 will immediately return all individuals within SCP-3626-1 back to the material world. GPS and other tracking methods cannot locate individuals in SCP-3626-1, but radio communication functions normally.

SCP-3626-1 is a featureless flat landscape, located outside of the known space. The surface of SCP-3626-1 is composed of a grey impenetrable material. The only noteworthy feature of SCP-3626-1 is a wall composed of the same material. Atmosphere within SCP-3626-1 is similar to Earth's.

Discovery: SCP-3626 was recovered from Site-43 personnel quarters after Senior Researcher ███ █████ discovered that their personal computer was replaced with a different device and a note with the website address required for anomalous properties to manifest. ███ █████ claims that they were answering private messages, when the anomaly suddenly appeared. Further research pending.

Addendum 3626-A: Text inscribed on the wall found within SCP-3626-1.

Congratulations! Your universe has completed the survey successfully. Your result is █████ individual beings taking the test before the cycle was broken.

Your universe's current rank is ████

Better luck next time!

Research by: Ministry of Extra-Planar Sociological Research

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