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nn5n: scp-3634 Highest quality farm seeds
UnknownSCP-3634 Highest quality farm seedsRate: -28

Item #:SCP-3634
Object class: Euclid

Containment procedures:
SCP-3634 is to be kept in a standard storage box within containment locker 037-Q in Site- ██. Locker 037-Q is to be cleaned and dried routinely every 48 hours to prevent any soil or moisture from coming into contact with SCP-3634-1. All personnel involved in the testing of SCP-3634 are to wear standard issue gloves at all times. All current instances of SCP-3634-2 are to be contained within a fenced off perimeter and no unauthorised personnel are to be allowed on sight. A minimum of 3 guards are to be positioned at the entrance of SCP-3634-2. Any new instances of SCP-3634-2 are not to be created within 5km of any inhabited area or containment site and must have been authorised by at least 2 members of personnel level 3 or higher and the approval of Dr-██████

SCP-3634 is a standard seed packet manufactured by ███████, currently containing 57 instances of SCP-3634-1, however the object has been known to create more of these instances at a currently unknown rate. Scientific analysis shows SCP-3634-1 to be regular pumpkin seeds combined with a currently unknown compound. All attempts to remove this compound from SCP-3634-1 have proven unsuccessful however it is assumed by Dr ███████ that this compound is what causes SCP-3634-1’s anomalous effects.
Anomalous effects occur when SCP-3634-1 comes into contact with any amount of both soil and water. Once contact has been made the object will be begin to go through a number of stages:
Stage 1: SCP-3634-1 will begin to germinate at an excelled rate and will have grown a full sized crop within 45 seconds. This process has so far produced 4 different types of crops that are best suited to grow in SCP-3634's environment. One instance of this was shown to create a modified variety of iceberg lettuce capable of withstanding arctic climates
Stage 2: An area of 200m x 200m surrounding SCP-3634-1 will slowly become devoid of all plant life and man-made structures. So far there have been no instances where any humans or animals have been removed. The process can take between 1-3 hours depending on the amount of matter SCP-3634-1 has to remove.
Stage 3: Upon completion of stage 2, the cleared area of land referred to as SCP-3634-2 will begin to sprout numerous crops of different types that grow at the same speed as the original. A barn, farmhouse and water pump also appear near the centre of SCP-3634. The style of these buildings are identical to that of a 1800's western ranch farm, regardless of the environment SCP-3634 is created in.
Stage 4: After SCP-3634-2 is fully constructed instances of SCP-3634-2-A will begin to emerge from the farm house. SCP-3634-2-A are sentient humanoids who refer to themselves as the owners of SCP-3634-2. Anywhere between 3 and 14 instances of SCP-3634-2-A have been recorded to appear in one place and can appear as any age or ethnicity. Within the barn several farm animals best suited the environment they are in will begin appear. In one case a species of yak appeared which was able to withstand arctic temperatures. This stage takes between 5-15 minutes
Once the 4 stages have been completed SCP-3634-2 begins to enter a 24 hour cycle. At exactly 0600 the instances of SCP-3634-2-A will exit the farm house and begin to do a variety of tasks around the farm. SCP-3634-2-A have are happy to converse with foundation members and constantly hold their farm in high regard, however they seem to possess no knowledge of human history after 1873. On multiple occasions SCP-3634-2-A have tried to sell produce to foundation members. It has been made clear that no member should obtain any produce from SCP-3634-2-A unless it has been required for testing.
So far purchasing produce has been the only means in which foundation members have been able to permanently obtain it. Any attempts at stealing produce have been met by the item disappearing upon exiting SCP-3634-2 and reappearing in the hands of a random instance of SCP-3634-2-A. This has on several occasions provoked a negative response from SCP-3634-2-A, but it usually becomes happy again after the foundation member has purchased an item of produce from them.
At exactly 1900 all instances of SCP-3634-2-A will return to the farm house. All attempts to enter the farm house before 0600 or after 1900 have so far been unsuccessful. Any SCP-3634-2-A that are obstructed from returning to the farm house by means of containment or have been neutralized by foundation members will disappear and reappear as normal at 0600 the next morning. SCP-3634 will again have a negative attitude towards foundation members until an item of produce has been purchased.
At 0000 all crops that have been harvested from SCP-3634-2 will be replenished and all items of produce that were not purchased will disappear. Any alterations made to SCP-3634-2 by foundation members is always reverted back to normal. The cycle will then begin again at 0600. There is currently no known way in which to permanently remove SCP-3634-2 once the process has been completed and it is therefore suggested that no new instances of SCP-3634-2 be created unless it is for the purpose of new testing.
Recovery notes:
SCP-3634 came to the attention of the foundation after an elderly farmer in ██████- Greenland sent multiple complaints to a police station in ██████ claiming that someone had inhabited his farm and were refusing to leave. Upon arriving on the scene Agent-████████ discovered 2 killed instances of SCP-3634-2-A and the farmer being restrained by three others. Agent-████████ informed
SCP-3634-2-A of the foundation and that the farmer would be taken care of. What SCP-3634-2-A would have done with the farmer is unknown. The farmer was given a class A amnestic to have all memories of the farm removed and was delivered to his family under the guise that he had gone senile. Following this the foundation had the farm removed from all maps of the area and ordered abandonment of 3 other farms within 5km. SCP-3634-2-A was initially displeased with the idea of fencing of the perimeter of SCP-3634-2 but is now happy with the idea due to the promise of protection from other farmers and that the foundation would buy produce from them. Why SCP-3634-2-A would need protection if it doesn't permanently expire remains unclear.
There are currently 3 more instances of SCP-3634-2:

  • In the arctic at longitude ███ and latitude ███
  • In the middle of the █████ desert in Egypt
  • Approximately █km away from site ██

Addendum:An interview between an instance of SCP-3634-2-A and Dr ██████. The interview was on 16th June ████ and took place at the farm at 0800, 2 weeks after containing the first instance of SCP-3634-2

Dr ██████: Good morning SCP-3634-2-A. My name is Dr ██████ I would like to ask you a few questions

SCP-3634-2-A: Morning doc! And please call me Gerald or Al if ya fancy

Dr ██████: SCP-3634-2-A will be just fine thank you. Now could you tell me how long you've lived on this farm?

SCP-3634-2-A: Why certainly! We've been here for the last 3 generations. My granddaddy were the one who started this here farm

Dr ██████: So that old man from before, he doesn't own this farm?

SCP-3634-2-A: Nah, that were just some crazy fella. Came in here hollering about how we stole his farm. Lucky your boys got him good

Dr ██████: Indeed. Now could you tell me what it is that makes your plants grow so quick?

SCP-3634-2-A: Quick! Boy I sure hope they'd grow quick. We've have been working these last nine months for this plants. It sure does show for it though. This cabbage be the best tasting thing this side of the west. You should really buy some!

Dr ██████: Wait, did you say this side of the west?

SCP-3634: Sure did! Ain't no place better! 'Cept that it don't rain much
(raining at the time of interview)
Dr ██████: Right. So, you said your crops took nine months to grow. How come they were fully grown when you were harvesting them yesterday

SCP-3634-2-A: For a doctor you don't seem pretty dumb. We ain't seen none of you since last harvest, and boy was it a good'un
Dr ██████: Okay, thanks, that will be all SCP-3634-2-A. Please return to your work

SCP-3634-2-A: Seeya later doc! Don't forget to tell your boys to buy something. Its good!!

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