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Item #: SCP-3648

Object Class: Euclid



Special Containment Procedures: An exclusion zone has been erected in a 1km radius around SCP-3648. Security personnel are to be stationed outside the exclusion zone to prevent civilian access, under the cover of a wildlife sanctuary for the endangered maned three-toed sloth. Once a month, MTF Rho-7 "Slash And Burn" are to enter the exclusion zone to clear out plant-life affected by SCP-3648, using incendiary weaponry. Under no circumstances are any personnel to enter or drink from SCP-3648.

Following Incident 3648.1, SCP-3648-1 has been neutralized. The remains are stored in an inert object locker in Site-73.

Description: SCP-3648 is a stagnant pool measuring approximately 4m in radius. SCP-3648 is located in a grotto approximately 2km south of Serra de Saudade, Mato Gross province, Brazil. SCP-3648's primary anomalous effect is the significant acceleration of plant growth and development in its vicinity, leading to a notable increase in rates of photosynthesis and growth. This effect was exacerbated when SCP-3648-1 was submerged within it. SCP-3648's water can preserve human physiological and neurological function for extended periods of time if a body is completely submerged within it.

SCP-3648-1 is a human corpse formerly located within SCP-3648. The body has been identified as Carlos Oliviera Jr., a 45-year-old native of Serra De Saudade. Oliviera was declared missing on 03-08-15 after the recent death of his wife and daughter. Oliviera also had a history of mental health issues and the disappearance was ruled a likely suicide by the local authorities following a small search effort. Following Incident 3648.1, Oliviera's body was discovered lying on the edge of SCP-3648.

Documents pertaining to Incident 3648.1:



Incident 3648.1


DATE: 06-08-2015


INCIDENT SUMMARY: On 06-08-15, a 14 year old male entered a police station in a town 2km north of Serra De Saudade. The subject had sustained injuries including 32 large splinters and severe lacerations across their body. The subject reported that Serra De Saudade had been "conquered by the jungle", and that the rest of the townsfolk had been torn apart. After attempts to contact Serra De Saudade failed, authorities mounted a trip to corroborate the allegation. They found that the town had been completely overgrown by plant life. All bodies found had similar wounds to the original subject.

Foundation operatives in the Brazilian government intercepted the police report, and MTF Rho-7 "Slash And Burn" were deployed to trace the source of the anomaly. Due to the unreliable wireless connection, all personnel were equipped with an audio recorder. Early in the mission, Rho-7-Bravo1 was separated from the rest of Rho-7, and the team proceeded to make their way to SCP-3648.

On 18-08-2015, 75% of plant matter affected by SCP-3648 rapidly decayed within a matter of minutes, leaving only a small living zone. Due to this, Rho-7 were able to make it to SCP-3648 earlier than expected.

They discovered the body of Bravo, who had expired as a result of several tree branches piercing his torso. SCP-3648-1 had been removed from SCP-3648 and a single bullet, matching the type used in Bravo's pistol, was located inside its brain, having pierced the entirety of the left hemisphere. In addition, the body of a large deer, the only animal yet encountered within the exclusion zone, was discovered. The reason for the expiration of the doe is unknown.



Town square, Serra De Saudade


Recording 3648.1

13:34: "This is Sergeant Vasquez, code name Rho-7-Bravo, reporting an audio log. My current position is approximately a kilometer north of Serra De Saudade, currently heading north. I've lost radio contact with my team and with Command… Uh, it's been three hours since I got separated from the rest of the team. There had been a storm moving up behind us, guess it finally hit. Rain was coming down heavy, we didn't realize the ground was becoming less and less solid. We were descending a hill, the whole fuckin thing come down as a mudslide. I got knocked off. I can't remember past that."

"When I woke up, the storm was gone. I think the rest of the team thought I died. I don't blame them, I was covered in blood, leg's still hurting like a bitch. I don't really know how I lived either. My walkie-talkie antenna is shattered, but this recorder is still working. The epicenter of the growth is south of ou- my position, I think I'm just gonna continue. If I go back, the plant growth will keep outpacing me. Only way to go is to the center, see if I can stop this. Forest is insanely thick, even for the tropics. Can barely move through the trees. Means there's a lot of cover though, so that's good. Leg's slowing me down, but not a ton. I patched it up with some bandages. I should still be able to make it fine. I've got enough rations to last me four or five days, I'm gonna be fine. Just fine."

18:23: "I think there's someone here. There've been noises behind me for the past couple of hours. Sticks breaking, grass padding, stuff like that. Have my gun out, safety off. Some motherfucker tries to get the drop on me, it's getting a nasty surprise. I'm about a quarter of the way to the epicenter, if my pedometer is right. I need to hurry, I'm already behind the rest of the squad. The animals have sort of… stopped. I don't hear any birds or shit. It's weird. It feels weird. I think I might've heard the rest of the squad a while ago. But it was pretty vague, just voices. Fuck, maybe I'm going crazy already. Wouldn't that be some shit? Rest of Rho team comes back, find me going fucking Castaway on my gun. I don't like this place at all. Gives me the creeps. Too dark and quiet. Like a fucking morgue."

19:24: "It's started raining. The cloud cover is moving into the area, and some of th- the fuck?"

<Sudden movement, rustling.>

<Silence - 43 seconds.>

<Distant footsteps.>

<Rustling leaves.>

<Two gunshots.>

<Running feet.>

"Nothing. I fucking heard it though. That was the weirdest shit. I felt like something was nearby, I dove into the bushes, and waited. Bush rustled, I popped two shots in it, and it stops. Nothing there. I'm becoming less and less tolerant of this place. It's… unnerving. I'm going to keep moving, stopping now feels risky. Dangerous, almost."

20:56: "Weather is slowing me down. Another bout of rain. Clothes kept me warm and dry, but the woods are dark enough without rain. Had to sit under a tree until it passed. I think I'm just going to hunker down here for the night. I found something under the tree. It was a branch, big one. It'd fallen down from the tree during the storm. But, it was wrong. Looking at that branch, I figured it out what was missing from this place. It's like the feeling you get when you sit outside and look at nature. That feeling isn't here, in the heart of the jungle."

"It's like everything was created by someone who was told the barest details of any of the stuff. On the surface, it's okay, if a little fucked up, but beneath? It's wrong in ways you just, you just can't describe. This place isn't alive, not in the same way I am, and it sure as hell ain't natural. The growth, it's not like a person growing, it's like a rot. A rot, eating away at everything that used to be here, the real nature. It's not right."

20:57: "I feel cold."

04:14: (whispering) "There's someone here. She's just sitting in the path. Looks like a little girl. I'm approaching the entity."

<Walking noises - click of a gun safety.>

04:15: Bravo: Get on the ground! Get on the ground!

04:15: Unknown: He needs you to wake him up.

04:15: Bravo: What the fuck are you talki-

<Exclamation of pain as Bravo is thrown backward.

04:16: Bravo: "… she's gone."

04:20T: "There was someon- something following me. But, is it following if she was ahead of me the whole time? She looks like one of them wood carvings. A facsimile of a person, good enough to make you recognize it as a person, but not good enough to fool you on a closer glance."

"She was just sitting there, in the middle of the path, waiting. For me, I guess. I go up to her, pistol drawn, tell her to get on the ground. She doesn't move, just looks up at me. Couldn't be more than a little kid, maybe 9 or 10. All she says is 'He needs you to wake him up.' and bounds off. Just, fades into the woods, gone in the blink of an eye. Don't know who she was talking about. But she was heading toward the epicenter. I'm going there, don't know what's waiting for me."

07:41: "Made good time past few hours. I think. I haven't been able to really latch onto time anymore. These fucking trees, blotting out the sun. But, they're different. They're not like the trees I saw before. Those were just… wrong. These, these are incomprehensible. Some can't be wider than a pencil, but they blot out swathes of sunlight. It sounds impossible, and by all rights, it is. But it's there, clear as day."

"They're all fucked, in different ways. Some don't have bases, the leaves just held in place by the wind. I hit one of those earlier. The leaves just fell off, like I slapped a floating pile of freshly-raked leaves. They just glided to the ground. Others have nothing but the insides of the tree. I can see the water go up through the roots, through the innards of the tree, moving up to the leaves."

"Ain't just the trees, the ground feels… less solid? It's not any muddier than usual, but it feels like if I fell, I might just fall straight through. If the plants before were made by someone who didn't recognize nature, this, this was made by someone who barely understood the concept of life. These things shouldn't be functioning, according to any laws of physics. (Bravo sighs.) I don't know anymore. But I'm getting close to the center."

08:49: "I saw a deer. In the fucking Brazilian tropics. Made of wood, just like the girl, but still. A deer, in this ungodly place. It was gigantic. Not the deer itself, deer was pretty normal, but its presence. It dominated the landscape. Like a deer-shaped absence, filled with something that wasn't a deer. Filled with something… better? No, not better. More powerful. For better or for worse."

"We stared at each other for a moment, before I noticed the tree-girl standing next to it. She looked at me, all eyes. 'He's waiting for you to end it.' She wasn't talking about the deer, deer was a female. Don't know who she was talking about. (Bravo sighs.) I'm having trouble understanding the land anymore. Either this place breaks me, or I end it. I end him. Whoever the fuck he is."

9:54: "The pond is serene. It's nice. Water is bubbling down the rocks, trees forming a little barrier. The girl is here. So is the deer. They're sipping water from the pond. It doesn't look like they want to. But they have to. You need to go back to your roots."

9:55: "The sun is high. It cuts through the water, illuminates the body lying in the pool. It's a guy, middle-aged. The corpse is pretty well preserved. Pool is about two or three meters deep. This is the epicenter, and this is whoever she's talking about. She's looking at me while I record this, waiting for me to make my decision. I think I'll fish out the body. Don't know what'll happen from there. Don't really care."

9:56: <Shuffling for 2 minutes.>

9:58: <Grunting from Bravo.>

9:59: <Splashing.>

10:01: <Coughing noises.>

10:01: Unknown: I- I won't let you take this from me.

10:02: <Gunshot, cry of pain from Bravo.>

<Recorder continues recording for over two hours before it runs out of battery.>

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