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SCP-365 - Pool Noodle
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Item #: SCP-365

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-365 is to be stored in a storage locker at Storage Site-23. SCP-365 must be kept away from any body of water except for testing purposes. SCP-365 is to be kept in its testing pool at all times. The door to the pool is to be locked and guarded by one security guard (see Addendum 365-02). Experiment requests must be approved by a Level-3 researcher.

Description: SCP-365 is a green pool noodle made of polyethylene foam. By itself, it displays no unusual properties and is physically identical to a typical noodle of similar size. SCP-365''s unusual properties manifest only when it is placed in a body of water. When a subject completely submerges in said body of water, they become unable to get out.

Subjects report a sense of dread, and describe themselves in an infinite sea, swimming endlessly in a direction and finding only more water (see Audio Log 365-03). It is important to note that to outside observers, the subject simply seems to be flailing in place.

The only way to remove a submerged person from the water is to remove SCP-365, negating its effects. All other methods of rescue have failed; cables and ropes have exhibited an unnatural resistance and snapped, drainage systems have failed, and human intervention has led to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 365-01: SCP-365 was discovered in ███████, ██████, on ██/██/19██. Retrieval personnel found it at the ██████████ Public Pool along with the bodies of ██ civilians. Because SCP-365''s properties were unknown at the time, █ agents lost their lives. SCP-365 was eventually found and removed from the pool, and carbon monoxide from an improperly maintained water heater was used as a cover story.

Addendum 365-02: On ██/██/20██, Researcher █████ discovered that Hallway 19 of Storage-Site 23 was flooded. █████ noticed water leaking from SCP-365''s storage locker at a rate of 5 L/min. She quickly notified Doctor Talon, who opened the locker to find SCP-365 producing water from its holes. SCP-365 was subsequently moved to its testing pool, whereupon the flow of water stopped. SCP-365''s containment procedures have been changed accordingly.

Audio Log 365-03: Recorded on ██/██/19██, in the aftermath of Incident 365a.

<Begin Log>

Doctor Talon: Please state what you experienced in the water.

D-365-01: [mumbles, unintelligible]

Doctor Talon: Speak louder, please.

D-365-01: It was… dark… so… so dark… and… it felt wrong… like off.

Doctor Talon: What do you mean by that? Please clarify.

D-365-01: My god… It was like… just water… like, water… but just that.

Doctor Talon: Elaborate, please.

D-365-01: It''s like… it wasn''t just water, but less than that. Like pure water… too pure. Like, super pure.

Doctor Talon: I see…you mentioned it was dark?

D-365-01: Yeah… It''s completely black… But you can see everything. It''s… it''s hard to explain.

Doctor Talon: Very well… Anything else?

D-365-01: Yeah… it felt like… I didn''t belong. I wasn''t welcome. They… they wanted me gone.

Doctor Talon: Who is ''they''?

D-365-01: The… things… ughh. There were… things in the water. They were just… there… oh god.

At this point, D-365-01 paused for 10 seconds, and appeared to be short of breath.

D-365-01: L-Look, are we d-done here? I-I can''t talk about this any further… ughh…

Doctor Talon: Very well, I think we''re done. Get him out of here.

Agent ███████ comes into the room and brings D-365-01 back to his cell.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: D-365-01 successfully recovered from his condition and was terminated at the end of the month. Interestingly, D-365-01 began suffering from aquaphobia and refused to shower or bathe until his death.

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