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Item #: SCP-3648

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3648 is to be contained in a glass cell with standard video and audio surveillance. The cell is to be checked monthly to insure that there is no threat of the glass breaking due to it constantly scratching the glass. It is required that all tests with the SCP are with the use of at minimum two D-Class personnel and occur only inside the cell.

Description: SCP-3648 is a humanoid creature that is 2.1m tall. It's appearance is usually that of a hazy, black apparition in the form of a human male. It is observed to have long, claw like fingers and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth.

SCP-3648 is normally very hostile and will attempt to ███████ All personnel are advised to not look directly at its face to avoid its attempt to ████████ and use them to breach containment.

It is known to use its claws to scratch the D-Class that are inside the cell during testing. When they are wounded they do not die immediately. The poison it its claws cause mass organ failure and paralysis that takes place over a few hours. After approximately three (3) hours, they die and are then referred to as SCP-3648-1. Once this happens, SCP-3648 will vanish and resurrect them to use as a host.

Addendum: SCP-3648 is usually not visible on camera when there are no personnel present. It will occasionally appear in the form of a grey mass when it comes close to any person in or near the cell and will appear in is full form and will try to make conversation with any personnel near it.
At this time, any further testing on SCP-3648 is refrained from until further notice.

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