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Item #: SCP-3652
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3652 is to be stored in a standard item storage locker at Site-179. Due to potential for harm, testing must be approved by at least one person on-site with Level 3 clearance, and testing must occur in a blast-proof room. Testing deemed especially dangerous or unethical by Level 3 personnel, including placing living creatures inside SCP-3652, must be escalated to a member of staff with Level 4 clearance for approval. Any person who is to place an item inside of SCP-3652 must be interviewed in regard to their belief on the meaning of the phrase "turn inside out" and screened for any level of education or knowledge that may affect this belief, to avoid a scenario similar to Test 5 (see Testing Logs).
Description: SCP-3652 is a corrugated cardboard Plain Brown Box (as named by Home Depot), measuring 76.2cm x 76.2cm x 76.2cm, with walls approximately 3mm thick. When an item is placed into SCP-3652 and it is shut, the item is turned inside out over a period of exactly five (5) minutes. Due to the fact that there is currently no known method of viewing the inside of the object while this occurs, SCP-3652's exact workings remain a mystery.
During this period of time, SCP-3652 exhibits the Vickers hardness of non-anomalous corrugated cardboard and will not dull knives which are used on it. Despite this, no opening in the object can be made via any currently known means, conventional (lifting the flaps) or unconventional (tearing or piercing), though it can be folded or dented in ways that do not produce an opening. Knives and other such implements used on SCP-3652 consistently appear to temporarily lose all sharpness, merely indenting the object before stopping completely. SCP-3652 will also contain concussive forces during this period of time (see Test 5), as well as repelling all forms of radiation (e.g. X-ray) intended to allow one to view inside it. Upon the five (5) minutes having elapsed, SCP-3652 is then able to be opened.
Testing has revealed that the effect of SCP-3652 appears to be dependent on the person who placed the item inside it (hereafter referred to as "subject"), specifically their perception of the meaning of the phrase "turn inside out", though this appears to have constraints (see Test 8).
When SCP-3652 is not closed, it can be damaged as if it were non-anomalous cardboard, though any such damage regenerates over a period of five (5) minutes when the box is again closed. Its function will not begin until all damage has been repaired. Given that SCP-3652 appears to be influenced by human belief, it is possible that the level of structural integrity the object must have before being "closed" is dependent on the person who closes it. As SCP-3652 requires being in a closed state to begin repairing damage, tests which may lead to severe damage (e.g. disintegration) to the object, such that it cannot be reassembled sufficiently to close (or rather, for the average human to consider it closed), must be approved by Level 4 personnel to avoid its permanent destruction.
SCP-3652 was purchased by Aiden ███████ in 2015 as part of a 5 Moving Box Bundle, for the purpose of relocating a cathode ray tube television from his parents' home to his newly purchased apartment. Television arrived at apartment in a state of extreme destruction, with the majority of the wires outside the main body of the television. ███████ attempted to bring a lawsuit against the moving company which transported SCP-3652, at which point Foundation personnel became aware of the object. The other 4 Plain Brown Boxes which SCP-3652 were purchased with display no anomalous properties, and were successfully used by ███████ to transport various other possessions, before being disposed of.
It is unknown why SCP-3652 displays its anomalous properties, as according to thorough Foundation investigation the object was manufactured identically to other Plain Brown Boxes with raw materials (paper, glue) also found in other (non-anomalous) products.

Test 1
Item: Polyester shirt
Subject: D-0892, 25 years of age
Procedure: Subject placed item inside box and then closed it.
Results: Sound of cloth rubbing against cardboard was observed for a duration described as "around five minutes", later determined to be exactly five (5) minutes through the use of a stopwatch. Box was opened to reveal polyester shirt turned inside out, similar to how a human would manipulate a shirt if instructed to "turn the shirt inside out", with the skin-facing side of the shirt facing outwards and vice versa.
Analysis: Object appears to not destroy items as previously inferred from ███████'s description during his lawsuit, but turn them inside out.


Test 2
Item: Steak purchased from restaurant, with section of bovine rib inside of it.
Subject: D-0892, 25 years of age
Procedure: Subject placed item inside box and then closed it.
Results: Sound of squelching meat and grinding bone observed for five (5) minutes, during which subject was removed from the testing room at his request, referring to the sound as "really unpleasant". Box was opened to reveal the steak, now with its meat encased by a smooth bony shell approximately 5mm thick. Shell was later determined to be of equal mass to the original bovine rib bone fragment.
Analysis: Object does not violate conservation of mass, though it is unknown where it gets the energy to perform its function. Further testing is required to ascertain if the subject’s perception of the sound of SCP-3652's function was anomalous.


Test 3
Item: Steak purchased from restaurant, with section of bovine rib inside of it.
Subject: D-0192, 40 years of age
Procedure: D-0192 placed item inside box and then closed it.
Results: Similar to Test 2. Shell was once again determined to be of equal mass to the original bovine rib bone fragment. D-0192 made no comment on the sound of SCP-3652's function and remained in the testing room for the full duration of five (5) minutes.
Analysis: Object appears to have no anomalous properties regarding its sound, or said properties are not effective on all members of the population. “Squeamish” added to D-0892’s file, to be further investigated as their reaction is odd considering the acts committed which led to them being acquired by the Foundation as D-class personnel.

Denied. Investigating why a non-anomalous homicidal maniac doesn't like squelchy sounds is a waste of time, research personnel are advised that the D in "D-class" can be considered to stand for disposable - Senior Research Officer ████████


Test 4
Item: Steak purchased from restaurant, with section of bovine rib inside of it.
Subject: Dr. ████, M.D., 35 years of age
Procedure: Dr. ████ placed item inside box and then closed it.
Results: Sound of splashing liquid observed for five (5) minutes. Box was opened to reveal a pool of liquid, later revealed to be cytoplasm. Viewing a 5 mL sample of liquid through an optical microscope determined that there were cell membranes floating inside it, making it likely that the cells themselves turned inside out. Bottom of box was noticeably damp.
Analysis: Object appears to perform its function in accordance with the meaning of "turn inside out" according to the person who places the item inside of it. Further testing is required.


Test 5
Item: Steak purchased from restaurant, with section of bovine rib inside of it.
Subject: Mr. ████ █████, possessing a Bachelor’s Degree in Nuclear and Particle Physics, 43 years of age
Procedure: Mr. █████ placed item inside box, still notably damp, and then closed it.
Results: No sound perceived for the duration of SCP-3652's function, though its sides appeared to bulge outwards. When five (5) minutes had elapsed, SCP-3652 exploded, later determined to be due to the atoms inside the steak turning inside out and the resulting arrangement of subatomic particles causing great repulsive forces. Mr. █████ was well within the blast radius of approximately twenty-five (25) metres and immediately expired. Testing room was severely damaged, causing great injury to four (4) research personnel who were supervising the experiment from outside. Injured personnel were treated, and Mr. █████'s cremated remains sent to his family after being examined to ensure they had no anomalous properties.
Analysis: Hypothesis from Test 4 supported. Recommendation has been placed to transfer SCP-3652 to a blast-proof room during testing as a precaution for future experiments.


Test 6
Item: Polyester shirt
Subject: D-0192, 40 years of age
Procedure: Research personnel assembled the fragments of SCP-3652 over a period of one hour in a blast-proof room, using Elmer's brand wood glue to assist in maintaining its structural stability. Item was placed inside SCP-3652 by D-0192 and the object manipulated into a position which could be reasonably described as "closed"
Results: SCP-3652 repaired itself over a period of five (5) minutes, sloughing off wood glue as it did so. No sound was observed throughout this time. SCP-3652 then appeared to begin its function, apparent by the sound of rubbing cloth. SCP-3652 was opened, with results similar to Test 1. Bottom of object was no longer damp as observed after Test 4. D-0192 expressed a desire to insert a member of research personnel into SCP-3652 and as such was reassigned, though his suggestion of placing a living item inside SCP-3652 was noted.
Analysis: Object repairs itself before beginning its function. Level of damage needed to begin repair is unknown, as dampness observed in Test 4 was not changed during Test 5 beyond normal drying, but was completely removed in Test 6.


Test 7
Item: Adult member of species Felis catus, a common housecat
Subject: D-4029, 34 years of age
Procedure: Item was placed inside object then closed.
Results: Sounds of scratching cardboard and feline distress were observed for approximately 2 minutes. In response to this, D-4209 attempted to open the object via various means such as lifting the flaps and tearing it, but was unable to. After 5 minutes had elapsed from the closure of the object, box was opened by research personnel (as D-4209 refused) to reveal the item's skin, surrounded by its organs (still connected) and a pool of extracellular fluid. D-4209 was reprimanded for attempting to interrupt testing procedure.
Analysis: Object works on living creatures and appears to be unable to be opened or damaged by any means while carrying out its functions. Review of procedure of selection of D-class personnel is requested, as interfering with testing procedure due to reasons including personal morals is severely discouraged.


Test 8
Item: Polyester shirt
Subject: D-3251, 19 years of age
Procedure: D-3251's knowledge of the phrase "turn inside out" was cleared using an amnestic agent. They were then re-educated that the phrase was synonymous with "turn into a red rubber ball".
Results: Similar to Test 1. No red rubber ball observed in SCP-3652.
Analysis: Subject's belief on the meaning of the phrase "turn inside out" appears to have limited influence on the function of SCP-3652 in certain cases. Further investigation required to ascertain how SCP-3652 gains knowledge of subject's personal belief on the meaning of the phrase "turn inside out", as well as where the line is drawn on said meanings deviating too far from the norm and SCP-3652's "default" behaviour when it encounters this.


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