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SafeSCP-3655 Money ProblemRate: 2

Item #: SCP-3655

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3655 is to be contained in a standard humanoid holding cell. A large porcelain toilet is to be kept and maintained at the back of the cell for stool examination.

Due to the subject's complete compliance with Foundation personnel thus far, it has been allowed access to the library at Site-17, so long as the book requested does not contain information regarding SCP objects.

Description: SCP-3655 is a 37 year old Caucasian male, 1.8 meters in height and 90 kg in weight. Through undiscovered digestive processes, the subject's stool manifests itself as currency. The currency produced seems to be conducive to the origin of the subject's last meal. For example, upon eating American delicacies such as hamburgers or hot dogs, stool will contain American dollars and coins. The exact amount of money excreted as waste is largely independent to the amount of food eaten.

Produced waste resembles normal stool, with the exception that it is composed of compressed layers of notes, bills, and coins. The excretion process causes large amounts of discomfort in the subject, more than would normally occur with the amount that it produces.

It is as of yet unknown how SCP-3655's digestive system operates. Surgery and internal monitoring show no deviation from standard human systems, and as such the phenomenon is considered completely anomalous.

Interview Log 3655-01: Initial Interview


Dr. █████: I'd like to thank you for your cooperation so far, SCP-3655. We're only trying to understand your issue here.

SCP-3655: Understood, doctor. Ask as many questions as you like. It's not like I've got anything better to do.

Dr. █████: Alright, let's start from the beginning. When did your symptoms originally start to appear?

SCP-3655: Well, uh, let's see. Oh, that's right. A few years back, I remember having an abnormally painful time in the bathroom. So after I was done, I checked it out, you know, like examined it to see what could have been so painful.

Dr. █████: Ok, go on.

SCP-3655: My stool was bright red and yellow. I was already confused, but by the time I looked closer, I saw the markings on it and knew something wasn't right. Afterwards, I looked it up, and it turned out to be a form of Chinese currency.

Dr. █████: Had you eaten Chinese that day?

SCP-3655: I had it for lunch, yes. I don't remember exactly what I ate, but I do remember I was in a hurry.

Dr. █████: Do you think the food at the restaurant caused the problem?

SCP-3655: No. As I was leaving they gave me a fortune cookie that I ate in the car. When I opened it, the fortune read, "Money will be coming your way soon". I'm almost certain it was the culprit.

Dr. █████: And do you remember what the restaurant was called?

SCP-3655: Yeah, pretty sure it was called [REDACTED].

Dr. █████: And why didn't you go back to the restaurant?

SCP-3655: I was on a business trip. By the time I went #2, I was already halfway across the United States.

Dr. █████: Thank you, SCP-3655. Those were all the answers we needed.

<END LOG> [Note: After research, the restaurant given by the subject was not found to exist.]

Testing Log 3655-01:

Food Eaten: California sushi rolls
Currency Produced: Japanese Yen
Notes: None

Food Eaten: Pancakes with maple syrup
Currency Produced: Mixture of Canadian dollars and Euros
Notes: Pancakes are confirmed to have originated in Greece. I suppose we can have mixtures of different currencies. Makes sense. -Dr. █████

Food Eaten: Burritos, tacos, and churros
Currency Produced: Mexican Pesos
Notes: None

Food Eaten: Red meat
Currency Produced: Normal human stool
Notes: I suppose that was to be expected. -Dr. █████

Food Eaten: Chocolate
Currency Produced: Mixture of multiple materials, including onyx, jade, colored shells, and gemstones, among other things. Stool caused immense discomfort in the subject due to sharp edges.
Notes: At some point in history, these objects probably made up some form of currency. -Dr. █████

Food Eaten: Unknown snack food produced by SCP-261
Currency Produced: No stool was produced. Instead, a large output of noxious gas and thick viscous liquid-like substance caused SCP-3655 and 2 guards overlooking the test to pass out immediately. MTF Beta-7 was alerted and fully dispatched the threat in approximately █ hours. Gas and liquid underwent extensive testing afterwards. Both were found to be chemical compounds composed of elements that have only been created in heavy particle accelerators as of yet.
Notes: My bad. Let's not do that again. -Dr. █████

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