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EuclidSCP-3663 Nerve-ZRate: -12

Item #: SCP-3663


Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP-3663 is to be held within a sealed 4 by 4 foot wide glass cabinet, approximately 8 feet tall and 1 centimetre thick. This cabinet is to be held within a steel bunker like room accompanied by no windows but a sturdy 7 foot tall, 4 foot wide steel door with 4 locks.

In case of a breach, the bunker is to be filled with a Nerve Agent, temporarily immobilising SCP-3663. There are to be no less then three (3) guards armed with only Nerve agent out side the bunker at all times. Guards are to be suited in bio-hazard suits and armed with only Nerve agent, as any other form of weapon has seen to be inadequate so far. Anyone that has the ability and access to enter the room must do so under the actions of having a bio-hazard suit/ hazmat protection suit and no form of access being able to get out from the inside.

Several highly-trained biologists must be onsite at all times to remove SCP-3663. Research personnel must only be able to do research through surveillance or when SCP-3663 is immobilised and under heavy restraint. If SCP-3663's Cabinet is infected by it's spores, A class D personnel must be forced to enter when the entity is immobilised and touch the infected area of the cabinet, infecting the class D, from there the class D must remain in SCP-3663,s cabinet until woken, then fed to the entity , returning the spore like nerves back to SCP-3663. Any personnel coming in contact with the entity must be amputated at the point of contact to avoid spreading.

Description: SCP-3663 appears to be a corroded skeleton like figure made completely out of what seem to be nerves, equipped with a pair of adult leather shoes that do not seem to detach. SCP-3663 appears to be rather slow but has the ability to extend "limbs" if need be, which makes it easy to run from but rather hard to escape. SCP-3663 appears to be able to regenerate any part of its anatomy back to its original state after approximately 4.5 minutes.

When SCP-3663 is immobilised, the entity subconsciously contaminates the air, causing web like spores to grow on any surface that the contaminated air comes in contact with. If the entity's spores come in contact with a living organism, the spores enter through the organisms orifices. Once SCP-3663's spores have entered through the orifices, they have the ability destroy and weaken the immune system, making the organism more vulnerable to dangerous virus' and diseases.

Throbbing can occur within SCP-3663's abdominal nerves, this can occur when the entity has seen another subject of any kind and is given the urge to touch the subject or to "hug" the subject. Anything that SCP-3663 comes in contact with slowly goes into insanity, symptoms of coming in contact with the entity include; veins growing on the outside, organs appear to be louder and more noticeable, numbness in the neck and web like growths appearing at the mouth and eyes. SCP-3663 seems to have no physical strength but can adapt to escape through any crack or slit in its environment, which is why the entity must be kept within a sealed glass cabinet.

If a subject enters SCP-3663's containment without a hazmat protection suit/ bio-hazard suit, SCP-3663 has the ability to enter the subjects human body through open areas, i.e the mouth, eyes, ears or any open wounds. If the entity enters the human body, it's given the ability to take full control of the body along with giving the subject inhuman strength, the subject that has been taken over by SCP-3663 becomes very hostile and can only be stopped through dissection of the subject and removing the entity from the body, killing the subject. Once the subject that has been taken over by the entity has been killed and dissected, the contaminated body (much like when SCP-3663 is in it's immobilised state) releases a foul air from there torso, thus creating more infectious spores. There are two (2) ways to detect weather or not SCP-3663 has infected/taken over a subject body, black web like veins held within the iris, or subject is wearing brown adult leather boots.

SCP-3663 does not have the ability to speak so worded interviews with it seem inadequate. Interviewing the entity when it's taken over a host has been extremely terrifying and dangerous, as the only things SCP-3663 discuss' are very detailed and gruesome ways of dismemberment.

Additional: SCP-3663 was discovered in the hollow interior of a white oak tree, located in Victoria, Australia,1901.

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