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EuclidSCP-3663 The Adventure of the Cardboard BoxRate: 94

SCP-3663's containment zone. Entity not pictured.

Item #: SCP-3663

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Threat Level: Orange

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3663 is currently located in what were formerly the Site-54 maintenance tunnels. To prevent demanifestation, no personnel are to be given access to the area, and efforts are to be taken to reduce the tunnels' moisture levels.

Should SCP-3663 demanifest, MTF Nu-4 ("Box Cutters") are to be mobilised, with the goal of a) locating SCP-3663 and b) preventing any damage occurring to the entity. If possible, SCP-3663 is to be fitted with GPS tracking devices to aid re-containment. Once located, SCP-3663 is to be transferred to a mobile pipe network, and remanded to Site-54.

Efforts are to be undertaken to discourage SCP-3663 from transporting itself to a location within two kilometers of SCP-015.

Description: SCP-3663 is a humanoid entity constructed primarily from cardboard (in the form of boxes and tubes), adhesive tape, and twine. SCP-3663 is fully capable of movement and vocalisation via an unknown mechanism, and has proven to be semi-sapient, responding to questions and reacting to its immediate environment. The interior of SCP-3663 contains crude cardboard and paper models of all major human organs, with coloured wool representing blood vessels and the nervous system. SCP-3663 does not require these components to function, and their purpose within the entity is unknown.

SCP-3663 is capable of instantaneously transporting both itself and other objects over long distances, with no upper limit to the entity's range observed. The method by which this is achieved is currently unknown, though it is known that physical contact with the entity is required. Despite being able to utilise its abilities regardless of physical location, SCP-3663 has shown extreme preference for 3663-Applicable regions (defined as an enclosed, tunnel-like space, or network of spaces, measuring at least 40 cm in diameter), and will invariably choose to manifest within such areas.

SCP-3663 behaviour is easily predictable when not influenced by outside forces. The entity will engage in a simple cyclic pattern of actions, which have been recorded as follows:

  1. SCP-3663 manifests in a 3663-Applicable area, emitting low vocalisations and waving its arms in a manner suggesting attempted intimidation or fright. The entity will begin roaming the area, pausing periodically to emit louder, higher pitched noises.
  2. SCP-3663 will attempt to make its way towards any human subject in the area. Note that if no subject is nearby, this action will not commence, and SCP-3663 will simply remain in the area indefinitely. Rarely, SCP-3663 has been observed pursuing subjects outside of 3663-Applicable areas, to a distance of (at most) 50 metres.
  3. The subject is gripped by the entity, and experiences heightened apprehension and/or paranoia. SCP-3663 demanifests.
  4. SCP-3663 manifests in a second 3663-Applicable location, along with the subject, who is invariably unconscious but otherwise unharmed. After releasing the subject and moving a short distance, SCP-3663 demanifests a second time, reappearing in a third location and triggering the beginning of a new cycle.

If at any point during this cycle SCP-3663 is damaged in such a way as to inhibit movement, or is moved more than 50 metres away from a 3663-Applicable area, it will instantaneously demanifest, returning to the beginning of a new cycle in a repaired state. Small damages, such as minor cuts or tears, will not trigger this effect.

Addendum.1: Interview log 3663-1:

Interviewed: SCP-3663

Interviewer: Researcher Doyle

Foreword: The following interview was conducted via two-way audiovisual recording systems embedded within a makeshift interview chamber, located inside SCP-3663's central containment area (formerly the Site-54 maintenance tunnels).

<Begin Log>

Researcher Doyle: Hello SCP-3663, I was wondering if-

SCP-3663: The… the tunnel monster.

Researcher Doyle: I'm sorry?

SCP-3663: I'm the tunnel monster. Not… not SCP 3663. The tunnel monster. That's me.

Researcher Doyle: I… see. So, uh, tunnel monster, why do you do what you do? Moving people around, I mean.

SCP-3663: The tunnel monster captures people. That's me, I'm the tunnel monster. I… I capture people and take them into the tunnels where I live. In the tunnels. The pipes. I'm the tunnel monster.

Researcher Doyle: I understand that, but what do you hope to achieve by doing it? You seem to pick your locations at random, so it seems to me that you're not really making much of a difference. You could just as easily-

SCP-3663: Please stop. It's what I do, I have to do it, I'm not… I am the tunnel monster. It's me. Please stop.

Researcher Doyle: What? We're trying to help you here, you can't want to spend all your time underground. We can get you set up here with your own room, you wouldn't even have to crawl about in those dirty pipes anymore. Doesn't that sound nice? What do you say?

SCP-3663: Please. I… I'm the… [SCP-3663 pauses for ~5 seconds] …the tunnel monster. I don't want to… to do this, it's what I do. I have to do it. I'm the tunnel monster. I do it, I'm the tunnel thing, the tunnel monster. [Two wet patches are observed forming on SCP-3663's 'face'] In the pipes, hiding in the tunnels going to get you. I have to do it. Please. [SCP-3663 front surface begins to lose structural integrity due to accumulated water damage] Please. I don't want to play anymore. I'm the monster. The tunnels, I'm [unintelligible].

Researcher Doyle: …That will be all for today. Thank you.

<End Log>

Due to the possibility of severely damaging SCP-3663, to the point of initiating a new cycle and a breach of containment, no further interviews are being scheduled for the foreseeable future.

Addendum.2: Event 3663-Delta:

On ██/██/20██, SCP-3663's behaviour diverged briefly from established patterns. At 14:20, the entity emerged from the Site-54 maintenance tunnels and began to emit vocalisations in excess of 80 dB. These vocalisations, described as 'pained' by on-site staff, had a profound psychological effect, placing many personnel into a state of shock1. For ~4 hours, SCP-3663 wandered the facility, attacking staff and engaging in small-scale vandalism of facilities. Of note is the fact that SCP-3663 repeatedly attempted self-harm, by means of knives, pipes, water taps, and firearms. While SCP-3663 was repeatedly destroyed in this process, it subsequently re-manifested in the nearest air duct or maintenance area.

Following the event, two bodies of former personnel were recovered from within Site-54. Autopsies showed the cause of death was a buildup of paper residue/wood pulp in all major blood vessels, as well as sinuses, ear tubes, and the majority of the digestive and respiratory systems. A number of other staff members were found to have been affected to a lesser degree, but are expected to make full recoveries. The entity's object class and definition of an SCP-3663-Applicable area have been updated accordingly.

Subsequent information gathering revealed that this event coincided almost exactly with the death of POI-3663-12, who died of natural causes at the age of 79. Prior to their death, the individual in question had led an entirely unremarkable life, with no connection to any other anomalous groups, individuals, or objects. Attempts to establish a connection with the creation or origin of SCP-3663 are currently ongoing.

Addendum.3: Discovery Log:

Foreword: The following is a transcript of Video 3663-1, recovered from civilian CCTV footage in [REDACTED]. The footage displays the first recorded evidence of SCP-3663's existence; prior to this date, no records, sightings, or physical disturbances suggesting anomalous activity relating to the entity have been found.

<Begin transcript [15:22, 08/09/1979]>

00:00: Two young children, both males between the ages of 8 and 12, are seen playing in an abandoned construction yard. One (designated POI-3663-1) is running from the other (designated POI-3663-2), who is wearing a crude cardboard 'suit' resembling SCP-3663.

00:23: Both individuals leave the camera's view briefly, before returning. The 'game' they are playing seems to revolve around -2 chasing -1 through an unfinished water drainage system. POI-3663-2 repeatedly grabs -1 and attempts to pull them deeper into the tunnel; likewise, POI-3663-1 uses a number of make-believe weapons to fend off the assaults.

01:04: The sky is observed darkening slightly as POI-3663-1 trips on a length of pipe. POI-3663-2 is seen speaking, grabbing -1 and pulling them upright. POI-3663-1 pushes them away, apparently angered. POI-3663-2 steps backwards as if struck.

01:30: POI-3663-2 begins to shudder, while the visible sky continues to darken.3 POI-3663-1 clutches at their head, pointing at POI-3663-2 and shouting. Both children appear extremely distressed.

01:50: POI-3663-2 tries, and fails, to remove the upper portion of their 'suit'.

02:49: Camera visuals are lost, replaced by static. A continuous hum is heard. All other electronic devices in a 200 m radius are also recorded to have failed simultaneously.

04:12: Camera visuals return. Neither individual is in view, and no additional anomalies are observed.

06:08: SCP-3663 is seen walking past the camera. The entity shudders briefly, clawing at its face before demanifesting.

<End transcript>

POI-3663-1 was later found lying unconscious in a disused subway line, over 4 000 km away. They displayed no memory of either SCP-3663 or POI-3663-2, and claimed to have been playing alone. Societal reintegration of the subject occurred with no complications. To date, neither POI-3663-2 nor any record of their continued existence have been recovered.

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