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SafeSCP-3666 Mr. FiveRate: -21

Item #: SCP-3666

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3666 currently in in site-██.
SCP-3666 is to be at all times in a 10 m by 5 m room with a bed, 2 chairs and a 1.5 m by 75 cm table except 2-4 PM where SCP-3666 is allowed in the cafeteria.

Description: SCP-3666 is a 175 cm, male, humanoid in appearance and wearing a black outfit, cape (covering his body) with a hoodie and a mask covering his mouth and nose ,all which is from an unknown material.
SCP-3666 was found in a police station waiting in a cell, the police men said he tried to throw a truck at a group of kids, they also described that SCP-3666 picked up the truck with 1 hand like it was nothing, before SCP-3666 was able to throw the truck he was arrested by the police but he did not resist at all.

SCP-3666 is able to talk in any language exist, SCP-3666 also is capable of bending and braking all materials given to him.

In SCP-3666's cape there are 2 pockets on each side which is known to be a tiny portals to an empty space you can hold any object you want regardless of it size.

At site-██ SCP-3666 was questioned about the indecent(see notes)

Addendum #3666-1: "SCP-3666 said in one of the logs that his name is five, we wouldnt give us more information about it, he also isnt afraid of any thing even going to the point asking to see a keter class SCP like SCP-682 or just see other SCPs even if they are safe (such as SCP-999). Dr. ████

Addendum #3666-2: “SCP-3666 is very friendly even to the wort kind of class Ds (murderers, etc), SCP-3666 mostly likes to be in the cafeteria when hes out of his room, when he is in his room he likes to call it and I quote “my chamber of interrogations” also everyone calls him Mr. Five. Dr. ████

Addendum 3666-A: first log after recovering SCP-3666 to site-██.
<Begin Log>
Dr. ████: Can you her me?
SCP-3666: Affirmative…
Dr. ████: Why did you pick up the truck?
SCP-3666: Those "kids" they where so ignorant and kept annoying me
Dr. ████: So why didnt you resist when you where getting arrested?
SCP-3666: I calmed down a bit… is there a problem with the fact that I can pick up a truck?
Dr. ████: Absolutely none.
SCP-3666: Than why am I in a cell?
Dr. ████: So you wont hurt anyone.
SCP-3666: (whispers) So I wont hurt anyone huh?
Dr. ████: Pardon?
SCP-3666: Any why is that huh? if I wanted to hurt someone I would have already killed you and those guards out there (pointing at the guards out side of the room)
Dr. ████: How much power do you exactly have?
SCP-3666: enough to get out of here, but I dont want to… even if I will get out of here… I have no where to go.
Dr. ████: What do you mean by that?
SCP-3666: I am form no where near this "SS".
Dr. ████:"SS"? what do you mean by "SS".
SCP-3666: Solar System no.[expunge].
SCP-3666: Correct.
Dr. ████: (talks in radio) SCP-3666 is to be given "Safe" classification.
SCP-3666: Scp dash 3666 huh? so thats how you call me.
Dr. ████: Ye-
SCP-3666: First my name is Five, second I want to be able to go to the cafeteria if you have one from 2-4 PM, thirdly I want to have a talk with those you call Class-Ds.
<End Log>
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