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Item #: SCP-3669

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: One copy of SCP-3669 is to remain in Wing B of Site 33. All extant copies of SCP-3669 are to be immediately destroyed, and all extant instances of SCP-3669-1 are to be placed in Wing B of Site 33 for further testing given Class-E amnesiacs and released into society. Four instances of SCP-3669-1 are to remain in Wing B of Site 33.

Due to Incident 3669-47, in the event of a containment breach a full investigation of the premises SCP-3669 was reported in must be conducted, and any civilians related to the owner of the copy of SCP-3669 must be investigated for traces of SCP-3669-1.

Further testing of SCP-3669 is subject to O5 approval, and SCP-3669-1 will be created from select Class D personnel only for the duration of testing.

The site of Incident 3669-47 is to be protected by a 20 kilometer perimeter. Any civilians attempting to cross the river are to be redirected to the ferry. Inside the perimeter, any non-authorized personnel are to be immediately detained and issued a Class-A amnesiac.

Description: SCP-3669 is a non-fictional book entitled "Modern Mathematics Made Magical" by Cornelius Fastthought on October 1st, 1963. It is 16.24 centimeters wide and 22.86 centimeters long, with 231 pages. The book's front cover is a deep green, with yellow text displaying the title and the name of the author, as well as the date of publishing. The back cover is entirely empty. There is no record of any person named Cornelius Fastthought, and there is no attributed publisher for SCP-3669.

SCP-3669's primary function is teaching the reader, designated SCP-3669-1, how to perform mathematics more efficiently using an original system based around arrows pointing in 1 of 8 directions. The arrows can be facing up, up-right, right, down-right, down, down-left, left, or up-left. The significance of the directions is unknown. This original system will be designated SCP-3669-2. SCP-3669-1 have shown remarkable quickness at performing mathematics. SCP-3669 primarily focuses on basic arithmetic, set theory, and algebra, and has a short chapter in the end dedicated to performing calculus using its methodology.

Testing of SCP-3669-2 by individuals who have not read SCP-3669 invariably results in failure, as SCP-3669-2 has been proven logically inconsistent. SCP-3669-2 uses arrows exclusively to reach a numerical solution. SCP-3669-2 bears only superficial relation to existing forms of mathematical notation, but its methodology is currently unknown. No existing known operators are used. Only those who have read SCP-3669, or have been taught how to do it by SCP-3669-1 are capable of utilizing SCP-3669-2.

When the methodology of SCP-3669-2 is used outside of theoretical calculations, SCP-3669-1 exhibit a green discoloration and growth of [REDACTED], labeled SCP-3669-3. SCP-3669-3 have exhibited the ability to consume and process metals, and the amount of mental function retained from prior to the transformation is unknown.

Furthermore, actions that use SCP-3669-2 as the basis of their calculation exhibit wildly anomalous behavior that do not function according to existing laws of physics. The only consistent behavior noted in such cases are the recurrence of 86 degree angles, and that the behavior eventually results in the calculation's original desired effect.



Experiment 3
Subject: Lionel Buress, unaffected by SCP-3669, PhD in mathematical analysis.
Date: ██/09/1996
Procedure: Subject was shown SCP-3669-2 performed in Experiments 1 and 2 to solve simple arithmetic questions. Afterwards, subject was given SCP-3669 and shown the same work again.
Results: Initially, subject expressed confusion as to what the arrows were meant to convey. After being shown SCP-3669, subject was able to reproduce the same answer as Experiments 1 and 2. When asked if reading SCP-3669 he can explain SCP-3669-2 in standard mathematics, he looked puzzled and began waving his arms around while making references to "point to point behavior".
Analysis: The fact that he can reproduce the answer is nothing new, but the fact that this knowledge can not be applied to conventional mathematics is surprising. The anomalous behavior of SCP-3669-2 needs to be studied further, but at least we can show that it is bijective, if not logically consistent. -Dr ████


Experiment 16
Subject: Sammy Bencher, SCP-3669-1, from ███████, Colorado. 3 years old, illiterate.
Date: ██/01/1997
Procedure: Subject was read SCP-3669 by a third party and given post-graduate mathematics problems.
Results: Subject was able to successfully complete the problems within one hour of the testing beginning.
Analysis: It even works with children. It took him longer to do the problem than the previous subjects, but the child could not even read the book and was still able to complete the testing. -Dr ██████

Experiment 17
Subject: Tammy Birch, SCP-3669-1, from ███████, England.
Date: ██/01/1997
Procedure: Subject was asked to use SCP-3669-2 to assist in the aiming and firing of a torsion catapult. Subject was directed to hit a watermelon with precision.
Results: Subject expressed extreme confusion at using SCP-3669-2 in a physical sense. After being encouraged by researchers, she eventually began using SCP-3669-2 on several sheets of paper. Upon completion, her skin began exhibiting a green discoloration, designated SCP-3669-3.

Subject then began preparation to fire the catapult, moving it backwards 86 degrees from the watermelon, and aimed towards the ground. Subject bit the rope through as opposed to using the provided machete. The projectile launched towards the ground as expected, but disappeared mid motion before collision with the ground, reappearing above the watermelon, successfully completing the test.

Symptoms of SCP-3669-3 remained after completion of the test.
Analysis: It seems attempting to use SCP-3669-2 in the assistance of physical calculations results in further anomalous behavior. It would be nice to be able to follow the calculations, but Dr ████ insists that it is not safe to read SCP-3669 until we further understand its anomalous properties. Similar to SCP-3669-2 itself, however, the subject's methodology veered off into seemingly arbitrarily behavior before miraculously producing the intended result. -Dr ██████

Experiment 18
Subject: Tammy Birch, SCP-3669-3.
Date: ██/01/1997
Procedure: Subject was interrogated regarding the transformation to SCP-3669-3.
Results: Subject was shown to be unresponsive to language and her name. Neurological tests revealed growth of [REDACTED], suggesting severe physiological difference between SCP-3669-3 and typical human anatomy. Testing aborted as all methods of communication have failed.
Analysis: From now on, all testing regarding SCP-3669-3 will be performed with D-Class personnel until we know that this is reversible. -Dr ████


Experiment 24
Subject: Perry Stone, D-Class personnel, SCP-3669-1.
Date: ██/04/1997
Procedure: Subject was given materials and asked to construct a box using SCP-3669-2 that follows the golden ratio.
Results: Subject expressed doubt as to whether or not SCP-3669-2 would even work in the "real world". After being reassured many times that it does, subject began work using SCP-3669-2. Upon completion, subject exhibited transformation to SCP-3669-3 and began to consume the materials provided.

After consuming all materials, the subject began leaking an unknown substance from the eyes. Subject began shaping the liquid into a rectangular prism, before placing one finger inside the prism and rotating the prism around its finger. After 31 revolutions, the subject leaked further substance from the eyes, creating a lid, which it placed on the now hollow rectangular prism.

The excess material excavated from the interior of the box, and the box itself, eventually solidified, at which point the subject stood up and attempted to exit the room. Subject was escorted to a room for further testing of SCP-3669-3.

Chemical analysis of the box reveals its composition is a uniform alloy made out of all provided materials, weighed by the amount initially provided. Examination of the box confirms that it follows the golden ratio.
Analysis: The most interesting part of this experiment is the chemical aspect of it. I recommend further testing of usage of SCP-3669-3 for creation of unique alloys. -Dr ██████████████


Experiment 29
Subject: Erin Martin, SCP-3669-1, mathematics undergraduate, taken from ████████, California.
Date: ██/06/1997
Procedure: Subject was given a previously unsolved problem, ██████ ██████████, and was informed that it is "a standard post-graduate problem".
Results: Subject was able to come up with an answer. Analysis pending to determine if this is the correct solution to the problem.
Analysis: Christ, if this works, we might have a breakthrough on our hands. -Dr ████


Incident 3669-38
Subject: Sarah McIvor, accountant, SCP-3669-1. Viewed from security footage.
Date: ██/06/1997
Report: While attempting to purchase lunch at [REDACTED], █████████████████, Canada, subject began making finger motions with her hand, identified as SCP-3669-2. Upon completion of this, subject began transformation to SCP-3669-3, causing visible distress to the other patrons of the store. An off-duty member of the town's volunteer watch attempted to apprehend the subject.

When Foundation staff received reports of an individual showing symptoms of SCP-3669-3, the subject was detained. Everyone in the small community were issued Class-A amnesiacs, and the security footage was replaced with a doctored video showing a bear entering the establishment.
Analysis: While not a proper experiment, this shows the destructive aspect of SCP-3669 very clearly. Further steps must be taken to ensure that SCP-3669-2 is never used for solving real world problems, and I am putting in a recommendation to classify SCP-3669 as Euclid as the possibility of a containment breach is too high. The book was published in 1963. Who knows how many copies are out there? -Dr ████


Experiment 46
Subject: Evan Flores, SCP-3669-1, civil engineer, taken from ████████, Canada.
Date: ██/06/1997
Procedure: Subject was asked to design a bridge using SCP-3669-2.
Results: Subject expressed confusion at how to apply SCP-3669-2 to the physical world. After being encouraged by researchers, subject created a blueprint entirely using SCP-3669-2 for a bridge. No diagram accompanied it, as the subject insisted "it would just work with arrows." No transformation to SCP-3669-3 was shown.
Analysis: In previous tests of SCP-3669-3 transformation we had the subjects do the work and mathematics themselves. In this experiment, we are having one subject perform SCP-3669-2, and other subjects follow the blueprint created. Notably, the act of creating the blueprint did not result in a transformation to SCP-3669-3. -Dr ████

Incident 3669-47
Subject: Evan Flores, SCP-3669-1, civil engineer. A team of ten (10) D-Class personnel.
Date: ██/06/1997
Procedure: Subject's design from Experiment 30 was to be constructed by a team of D-Class personnel, all SCP-3669-1. Construction materials for the creation of a standard steel suspension bridge were provided.
Results: Upon arrival at the site, the D-Class personnel immediately began surveying the river. Approximately 300 seconds after being given this task, all members of this team began to exhibit a transformation to SCP-3669-3.

One minute after their transformation into SCP-3669-3, they began waving their arms erratically in patterns similar to Experiment 4, 13, and 22. Upon completing this display, 9 instances of SCP-3669-3 began consuming the metal supports provided, dislocating their jaw up to ██.█ centimeters in order to fit their mouth around the entire beam. After they had finished, their abdominal area protruded in order to accommodate the ███ kilograms of metal they had each consumed. One instance of SCP-3669-3 stayed by the river to supervise.

The SCP-3669-3 that had consumed the metal began scratching at the ground, creating an unknown bluish-silvery substance on the bank of the river. They then began leaking a liquid from their eyes which, upon contact with this substance, solidified into steel. As this liquid solidified, their abdominal area's protrusion shrunk down. The SCP-3669-3 continued in this way, creating a bridge which spiraled directly into the sky at a 86 degree angle perpendicular to the ground. They appeared at the other end of the river bank, as if through teleportation, and scratched at the ground again, creating more of the bluish-silvery substance, and creating an identical spire to the other side.

Upon completion of this, all members of SCP-3669-3 that had consumed the metal simultaneously collapsed. The supervising member then walked up the spire on the researching staff's end of the river and disappeared upon reaching the top. Autopsy of the collapsed SCP-3669-3 showed ruptured internal organs and growth of [REDACTED]. Further research pending.

Later testing revealed that one can walk on the spire as if it were a bridge, despite it going nearly straight upwards. Subjects attempting to climb the spire describe it as "like walking across an ordinary bridge" and express no discomfort about walking perpendicular to the ground. Furthermore, upon reaching the top of one bank's spire, they reappear at the top of the other bank's spire. No disappearance as was seen in the supervising member of SCP-3669-3 was discovered.

Due to the inability to replicate or explain the disappearance, and the contagious nature of SCP-3669-1, SCP-3669 has been reclassified to Keter. Further testing henceforth requires 05 approval.

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