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KeterSCP-3674 The Loss of Sector HRate: 15

Item #: SCP-3674

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Sector H was already sequestered from the public under normal security protocol. Contingency plans to take control of the building (or, at least, contain SCP-3674 within it) are currently under review, and additional resources from other Foundation sites have been requested. Personnel are prohibited from entering Sector H at this time. Temporary observation towers maintain a perimeter around the facility; any persons approaching this perimeter will be shot on sight.

Surviving personnel previously assigned to Sector H are to remain in quarantine until the examination team has completed their review. They will be reassigned according to necessity.

Description: SCP-3674 is the designation for an unidentified entity and/or group of entities responsible for the assault on Site 24's Sector H on August 8, 2018. This incident resulted in the death and/or disappearance of 44 of the 97 personnel stationed in the facility, and 18 members of the emergency response team. The building was completely overrun, and is still believed to be occupied by one or more of the entities. As of this date, the facility remains under SCP-3674's control. Investigations into its current state via autonomous drones have been met with failure and loss of equipment.

Though SCP-3674's nature remains unclear, evidence suggests that Agent Christian Brandt is at least partly responsible for causing its manifestation, and/or may have aided these entities during their incursion).

Eyewitness reports describe SCP-3674 as multiple independent entities; however, evidence suggests that they may be a single entity with metamorphic properties. For the purposes of this document, they will be treated as discrete entities. All entities are purportedly capable of speech, and are heard as a mixture of languages dependent on what the listener is fluent in.

Designation Description
SCP-3674-A Entity had the body of a human male, with an owl head. Some witnesses reported that it had large raven-like wings, while others have claimed it had no wings.
SCP-3674-B Humanoid male in a lab coat, with an unidentifiable, possibly shifting face. The entity carried a sword capable of igniting fires.
SCP-3674-C A large bird, possibly a stork or crane, capable of speech.
SCP-3674-D Unknown. This entity is possibly the main opposition to recovery teams' attempts at reclaiming Sector H. Its speech has been measured at up to 135 decibels, and is detrimental to humans.

All records of SCP-3674's anomalous activity come from recorded video and radio transmissions between Sector H and Site-24 during the incursion (along with anecdotal accounts from surviving personnel). A sampling of these records is provided below in what is estimated to be their chronological order (with some overlap between files).

Initial Report of SCP-3674 activity

The following is a log of secure communications between Communications Officers Felix Juhl of Sector H, and Annika Bach of Site 24. Due to the use of mixed languages, translations have been provided in parentheses. These are considered best guesses, and may not be accurate.

Juhl: Hello 24, this is Felix. We may have a situation here. I've been getting multiple reports of some possibly anomalous activity happening within Sector H. I'm trying to sort through the various reports, and nothing seems consistent yet.

Bach: Understood, Felix. Can you give any specifics at this time?

Juhl: A fire broke out in one of the storage rooms, and there's apparently some naked guy walking around with an owl mask on. Don't know if they're connected. I'll let you know once the fire is out and we figure out who the streaker is.

Bach: Doesn't sound that anomalous to me. I'm assuming naked owl man is just some research assistant who partied a bit too hard. Fires happen.

Juhl: Maybe. I don't have a good feeling about this. Hold on a second.

Bach: Felix? Is everything okay?

Juhl: No. A very large dog or wolf just trotted past the room. I've secured the door.

Bach: A dog? Just call security, you'll be alright. Any update on the fires reported?

Felix: Anna, it was at least two meters tall at the shoulder. It winked at me as it walked by.

Bach: Oh. Okay. Keep us updated. We can send-(loud screeching noises can be heard) Oh what the hell? What is that? That really hurt my ears. Felix, are you okay?

Unknown voice: Hallo.

Bach: Who is this? Identify yourself.

Voice: I am…Ablekung. (I am distraction.)

Bach: What do you mean? Are you responsible for this? Where is Felix?

Voice: No verlangen, eve cunt. No verlangen from Sie. Arbeit is for the Amalgam. My abrbeit ist nicht for eve cunt. And adam cock ist tot. (No demands, eve cunt. No demands from you. Work is for the amalgam. My work is not for eve cunt. And adam cock is dead.)

Bach: Pick a language, asshole. I've just pressed the cavalry button and whatever you are, they'll be ready.

Voice: unintelligible screeching Funny. No verstehen. Überraschung. Just warte until Amalgam ist ganze, eve cunt. (Funny. No understanding. Surprise. Just wait until amalgam is whole, eve cunt.)

Bach: What is your name?

Voice: Oh. There ist some verstehst, eve cunt? I am Andras. Nicht mehr commands. Brechen Sie ihn. (Oh. There is some understanding, eve cunt? I am Andras. No more commands. Break him.)

Bach: What?

After this, Bach attacked her assisting communications officer, Oscar Hansen, severely injuring him before being restrained by others in the room. She is currently still under sedation, as she becomes immediately hostile and violent when conscious.

Interviews with Sector H Survivors

All interviews were conducted by Dr. Bartus from Site-45 under direction of O5 Command.

Assistant Researcher Aarti Lindgren was severely burned during the events that took place at Sector H. His responses were written by him on a notepad.

Dr. Bartus: I understand you were there when the first fire broke out. Can you tell me what you witnessed in detail?

Lindgren: I'll do my best. There are things that I saw, things that affected me, that I can't really put into words. It's hard to express.

Dr. Bartus: I understand. Just tell me what you can. We're trying to put together a timeline of events, and we're missing so many pieces. You were with Researcher Boswel at the time?

Lindgren: Yes. She and I were heading towards Storage room A5. The door was already opened, and as we approached I tried to see who was already inside. And then suddenly, there was nothing but fire.

Dr. Bartus: What did you do?

Lindgren: We both froze. It was so sudden and unexpected. By the time I thought to hit the nearest fire alarm, something walked out of the fire.

Dr. Bartus: What was it?

Lindgren: I don't know. It had the shape of a man. It looked sort of like me, just a guy in a lab coat… but it was holding a sword. It was very tall, and its head wasn't right.

Dr. Bartus: Can you elaborate?

Lindgren: I can try. It touched the wall to its left with the sword, and the fire in the room behind him quickly spread to that point. He obviously wasn't affected by the flames. For some reason the sprinklers weren't working. I couldn't breathe.

Dr. Bartus: And his head? What wasn't right about it?

Lindgren: That's harder. My brain wanted it to be a normal head so bad. My eyes couldn't grasp it though. It was like three things at once, all at the same time. Not a mixture, you know? It was all of them. All existing simultaneously. It gave me a headache to look at it. A cat. A snake. And something that resembled a man, I guess. I don't think it's good to think about it.

Dr. Bartus: I know this was traumatizing.

Lindgren: No, it's not that. I mean, it is hard in that way too. But I mean that it's not good to think about it because it's wrong. It shouldn't be. Whatever it was, it was wrong. I felt like it was a carcass that didn't understand how to be a carcass. And when I said it was tall, I mean it was taller than the hallway, yet it still able to fit somehow.

Dr. Bartus: I'm not sure I understand.

Lindgren: I'm not sure I do either. It's like it was two heights at once. It was two meters tall, because that fits in the hallway, and that's what makes sense. That doesn't break natural laws. But, it was also probably ten times that tall. It towered above me in a 3 meter tall hallway.

Dr. Bartus: Interesting. Did it speak to you?

Lindgren: Lindgren does not write anything for a minute.

Dr. Bartus: Lindgren? Did it?

Lindgren: Yes. It spoke. It was a bizarre mixture of English, Dutch, Swedish, and maybe Romanian? It was hard to understand, since my Dutch is weak, and my Romanian is non-existent. It called us names, like insults, but not in a mean way. Like it was incapable of addressing us in any other way. Its voice was painful. Not mentally or physically, but like quantumly? Is that even a word? It hurt my existence, I couldn't stand up anymore. And it killed Mila.

Dr. Bartus: It killed her? How? With the sword?

Lindgren: No. The voice killed her. I don't think she could take it. I don't know why it didn't do the same to me. She just crumpled. And then I fell to the ground and I looked in her eyes, and I just knew exactly why she died. I don't know how I knew, but I did. Her reality couldn't handle it. This thing that shouldn't be. And she just ceased.

Dr. Bartus: I know this is difficult, but can you remember anything it said, besides how it addressed you and Researcher Boswel?

Lindgren: I had asked it what it was when it first came out. And it just said, "Duke. I'm. Stroper1." Then it insulted us and said something about an amalgam. That's when we both fell to the ground. That's when Mila died. Then it touched me with the sword, and I was on fire.

Dr. Bartus: Thank you, Aarti. This was very helpful. I do wish you an expedient recovery. Is there anything I can get you?

Lindgren: No. Just let me sleep. I've found a very nice place in my dreams. It doesn't matter so much when things are wrong in your dreams.

Agent Philip Kaspersen reported odd activity within Sector H shortly before, and after, it was overrun by SCP-3674.

Dr. Bartus: Hello Agent Kaspersen. I've read your reports, and I'm wondering if you could clarify some things for me.

Kaspersen: Yes, of course. I should start at the beginning, right? I had noticed Agent Brandt slinking around Storage Room A5 on multiple occasions a few days before Sector H went to hell. I thought it was suspicious, but I didn't think it was odd enough to report. He gets a lot more interesting assignments than I, so who was I to question him? It's just a storage room, right? I mean, what could he be doing anyway? I don't know. Maybe I should've reported it. Well, I definitely should've. You think it would've done any good though? Maybe. Maybe I-

Dr. Bartus: Kaspersen, can you just slow down for a second? Nobody blames you. I don't need all the filler, just let me ask you some questions, and you will answer them succinctly, okay?

Kaspersen: Sorry. Got it.

Dr. Bartus: Okay, so Brandt was acting suspiciously. What exactly was he doing when you saw him? Was he with anyone else?

Kaspersen: No, no, nobody was with him. A couple of the times he was carrying something. I just assumed he was putting some objects in storage. Normal stuff, even if that wasn't a task he'd normally have. Wish I could tell you more than that.

Dr. Bartus: Alright. Where were you when the fire started?

Kaspersen: Uh… I was in the bathroom. Heard the alarm going off, thankfully I was done, and I went out to see what was happening. Might've forgotten to wash my hands, hope you'll forgive me for that, I swear I do it every other time. When I came out, I didn't see anyone at first, but I could smell smoke.

Dr. Bartus: What did you do?

Kaspersen: Well, I headed towards where I thought the smell was coming from. Wanted to see if anyone needed help. When I passed the cafeteria, I looked inside, and everyone in there was killing each other. People I liked were in there. People who would never hurt a fly. They were tearing each other apart. I didn't know what to do. I ran away before any of them saw me. I'm sorry. I should've done something. I should've tried at least.

Dr. Bartus: It's not your fault. I don't think you could've helped them. I need you to tell me what happened next.

Kaspersen: Yeah. Yeah okay. I turned a corner, and there was the fire. There were bodies on the floor, all of them burned up. I couldn't have helped them. It was so hot, and it was spreading so fast. I froze up, doctor. I froze. And then this bird came out of the fire.

Dr. Bartus: Tell me about the bird. In your report you said it saved your life.

Kaspersen: I mean, sort of, I guess. It was one of those taller birds, like a crane or a heron, maybe a stork. It just walked out of the fire like nothing was happening. It stopped for a second and looked at me. Then it strolled right past me, so I followed it. I'm not sure why. Maybe because it was just so damn weird? It started running, and for some reason I yelled at it to slow down, without even thinking about how absurd it was.

Dr. Bartus: And did it slow down?

Kaspersen: It actually stopped again. It looked at me, and before that day I never thought that a bird could look amused…but this one did. I knew it wasn't really a bird then. I asked it what it was. And it spoke to me, I swear on my mother's grave, it spoke.

Dr. Bartus: What did it say, Agent Kaspersen?

Kaspersen: It said "I am tyven2, Adam Cock." Its voice was hoarse and crackled like electricity, and it made me sick. It started running again, and I followed. It led me out one of the emergency exits, and then it was just…gone. Not like it vanished, but like it was never there. I started getting an awful, screaming headache, and I passed out.

Dr. Bartus: This might be important, can you tell me how tall it was?

Kaspersen: Oh. I don't know. I mean, it was tall, but what's weird was that somehow I knew it was taller than it looked. Does that make sense? I don't know. The ceilings in there are maybe three and a half meters, but I swear this bird was more than fifty meters tall. That doesn't make sense. Sorry. I don't know how to explain it. Wish I could articulate my thoughts better. Sorry, I'm saying 'I don't know' too much.

Dr. Bartus: It's okay, Kaspersen. You're not the first person to

Dr. Bartus: Is that everything you remember?

Kaspersen: No. Right before I passed out, I heard the loudest, most awful music I'd ever heard in my life. But I can't really remember it well now, so I think it might have been part of a dream. Was there music like that, Dr. Bartus?

Dr. Bartus: Yes, Agent Kaspersen. There was.

Captain Callista Monteiro led the rescue and recovery team sent from Site 24 to contain the situation at Sector H.

Dr. Bartus: Captain Monteiro, can you describe for me the events that you witnessed upon your team's arrival at Sector H?

Monteiro: I will do my best. I will warn you that my memories decrease in clarity at a certain point. An effect of whatever caused this situation, I assume.

Dr. Bartus: Of course. You're not only the only one to experience that sort of effect. Just tell me what you can.

Monteiro: We arrived at Sector H at approximately 9:30 am. I was in the MCV3, and as soon as we came to a stop, I knew something was wrong.

Dr. Bartus: How so?

Monteiro: There was a sense of…wrongness. I think we all felt it. It was…it was like the sudden realization that you're dreaming, except I knew I wasn't. I felt stretched thin, like everything that made me the person I am was being pulled apart at the seams. Not physically of course.

Dr. Bartus: Mentally?

Monteiro: Not…not quite, no. But you know that already, don't you? I can tell.

Dr. Bartus: I have to do my best not to lead you.

Monteiro: Yeah, I get it. It was like I suddenly knew I was made out of atoms. Not just in a distant, science fact sort of way. I knew and felt what I was made of, and it was very unpleasant.

Dr. Bartus: What happened after you stopped?

Monteiro: We were all dealing with that bizarre feeling I think, right? Yeah. It was maybe just a moment or so before I began to give my first order after arrival. The main door opened. Are you familiar with the main entrance of Sector H, Dr. Bartus?

Dr. Bartus: I've seen photographs, but I've not been there in person.

Monteiro: Ok. It's not really that important anyway. But, yeah, the door opened, and something walked out.

Dr. Bartus: Describe it for me.

Monteiro: It had the body of a man. Completely nude. It had the head of an owl though. An actual, real owl, you could see in the way it looked around at us. And it was impossibly tall.

Dr. Bartus: How did it exit the facility, given its height?

Monteiro: That's harder to explain. This is when it gets difficult for me.

Dr. Bartus: That's okay, just do your best, Captain Monteiro.

Monteiro: From what I was seeing, and from what made sense with how physics works to most people…it was probably around two meters tall. But it was really much, much taller.

Dr. Bartus: Can you elaborate?

Monteiro: Eh, it's not an easy thing to think about. I think you already have some idea though. Your face betrays you a bit, doctor.

Dr. Bartus: Perhaps. Try anyways.

Monteiro: I think it was probably around sixty meters tall. It's not like we were seeing an illusion or even a run-of-the-milll visual anomaly. There was this feeling of bizarre…charisma, I guess? And it made me feel like I could understand. My puny human brain was understanding something that I can't put into words. The thing's height wasn't about tallness; it was a representation of some aspect of itself that we just can't comprehend. I think that's what its wings were, too.

Dr. Bartus: It had wings?

Monteiro: Visually, yes. It had large, gray wings. But like its height, I think they were just some aspect of this entity that was beyond what I could understand. Ugh.

Dr. Bartus: This is hurting you, I'm sorry.

Monteiro: It's okay, I know this is important. Can we try to be quick, though?

Dr. Bartus: Yes, of course Captain. Be quick, but be precise.

Monteiro: The entity didn't look at us for long. It only said one thing, so loudly that we could hear it in the MCV, even from ninety meters away. "Amalgam is komplet. Quebre each other." And then it wasn't there anymore, and I couldn't even say for certain that it was really there in the first place.

Dr. Bartus: Quebre…is that Portuguese?

Monteiro: Yeah. It told us to break each other.

Dr. Bartus: And is that what instigated the violence?

Monteiro: Yes. Most of my unit began to attack and kill each other. I wasn't affected of course; just one of the reasons why they made me captain. But nobody in the MCV…they should've been…it has a device…

Dr. Bartus: I know, we believe it was sabotaged.

Monteiro: What? Nobody told me. Who? Who the fuck would do that?

Dr. Bartus: We believe we know who did it, though I can't divulge that information to you at this time. I hope you can understand.

Monteiro: Yeah. Yeah I get it. Can you do me one favor though, doctor?

Dr. Bartus: If I can, I will.

Monteiro: Have someone else notify the families of Nygaard and Tekin. I can handle the others, but not them. I can't do that.

Dr. Bartus: I mean, I don't think that will be a problem, but I just don't…oh. Oh, yes. Of course. I'll personally make the calls if I have to, Captain Monteiro. You have my word.

Monteiro: Thank you.

Dr. Bartus: I do have one last question for you, if that's alright.

Monteiro: The music?

Dr. Bartus: Yes. What did it sound like to you?

Monteiro: It was the loudest noise I've ever heard. Of course, I don't think we were hearing it with our ears. Not really. It was like ten thousand out of tune harpsichords loudly fucking a pod of screaming whales. I don't say it like that to be humorous. But you know, doctor, it wasn't really music.

Dr. Bartus: It wasn't?

Monteiro: No. It was words. Something was speaking.

Dr. Bartus: This…this is the first I've heard of this. What do you think it was saying?

Monteiro: Nothing that makes any sense to me. Others might've heard it differently. But…what I heard was something like "Eu nasci again. Jeg am Beleth."

Dr. Bartus: I understand the second part. What does the first mean?

Monteiro: Keeping in mind that I'm trying to interpret what a screaming entity said in a mix of the three languages I speak, I believe it said "I am born again. I am Beleth." I think somebody in Sector H fucked up big time.

Dr.Bartus: No, we believe this was intentional.

Addendum-1: Acting Site Director Anders Stensby met with Dr. Bartus to discuss the current state of Sector H and what may have happened to cause SCP-3674.

Dr. Bartus: I hope you've been able to settle in by now, Director.

Director Stensby: Ha. Temporary or not, this isn't what I would call the optimal time to take over as director of Site 24.

Dr. Bartus: I sympathize. I assume you've read my reports? I hope they've been useful to the investigation.

Director Stensby: Yes, and yes, they have been very helpful. Between you and the investigating agents, have you been able to put together any sort of picture of what occurred in Sector H?

Dr. Bartus: We believe so. It was intentional.

Director Stensby: You believe that Brandt was the sole saboteur?

Dr. Bartus: Yes, we do.

Director Stensby: He was responsible for the wrecking the MCV's suppression system, but the other part is what really disturbs me.

Dr. Bartus: The movement of SCP objects to Sector H?

Director Stensby: Yes. It's an embarrassing and unacceptable breach. And under normal circumstances, it never would have happened.

Dr. Bartus: We're investigating whether Director Carver's death is linked at all to this. So far, we don't think Brandt played a part in that.

Director Stensby: No. The evidence does not point to him. But I have a hard time believing it's a mere coincidence that my friend and colleague was murdered just a few weeks before Sector H went dark.

Dr. Bartus: They could still be unrelated events; there's no actual proof they're connected yet.

Director Stensby: I'm aware. I want to be notified immediately if anything comes up. Do we have any idea what happened to Brandt?

Dr. Bartus: Unfortunately we do not. Witnesses put him in Sector H during the attack. He could very well be dead. I don't think we'll know for sure until we take Sector H back, but progress there isn't optimal, if you can call it progress at all. I have a feeling we're just going to have to wait.

Director Stensby: Wait for what?

Dr. Bartus: For whatever is in Sector H to leave.

Director Stensby: You have a hypothesis?

Dr. Bartus: Sort of. These things were trying to put something back together, and Brandt was helping them.

Director Stensby: What do you think it's waiting for? What is its intent?

Dr. Bartus: I don't know. Maybe it's just not ready to leave the nest yet. I don't have any real evidence to back that up though. As for its intent… I don't think we can comprehend its motivations.

Director Stensby: And that horrific music?

Dr. Bartus: We're still analyzing it to see if we can circumvent its effects on our recovery team. So far results have been disheartening.

Director Stensby: Keep at it, Doctor. If there's nothing else, I believe we should get back to work.

Dr. Bartus: Understood. Thank you, Director.

Updates to the investigation into the events that precluded the loss of Sector H, and the state of the building itself will be addended to this document once approved by the O5 Council.

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