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UnknownSCP-3705 The Gardener's ShadowRate: 11

Item #: SCP-3705

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3705's cape and the cassette tapes found at the site of SCP-3705's neutralization are to be contained in standard containment lockers.

Description: SCP-3705 was an approximately 1.8 meter tall, animate scarecrow composed of wood and straw. SCP-3705 was outfitted with a straw hat, a white shirt, and a cape worn around its neck. SCP-3705's cape was green and had a floral pattern design on it. SCP-3705 possessed burn marks on its body and clothing. SCP-3705's clothing also possessed 14 holes of various sizes. SCP-3705 was capable of sight and hearing despite having possessed no discernible organs or mechanisms that enabled these senses.

Eight legs composed of wood were attached to SCP-3705's torso, measuring approximately 1.25 meters. SCP-3705's legs possessed one joint located at the midsection of each leg. Each joint appeared to have been created through damage to each leg, as each leg appeared to have been forcefully bent from a previously straight structure into its jointed structure. At the end of each leg was a hole of unknown depth. Dimensions of the holes varied from each other. SCP-3705 was capable of expelling water from each of these holes. It is unknown how the water SCP-3705 expelled was acquired.

On 3/27/2004, SCP-3705 was discovered by the Foundation when SCP-3705's appearance was reported by undercover operatives working as helicopter pilots for local news stations at a forest fire located at [REDACTED]. MTF Epsilon-14 ("Into the Fire") was deployed to contain SCP-3705. SCP-3705 ignited and was disintegrated before MTF Epsilon-14 reached SCP-3705's location.

During further inspection after the fire was extinguished, a cardboard box was found at the area of SCP-3705's neutralization. Within the box were 17 video cassette tapes and the cape worn by SCP-3705. The cassette tapes contained videos showing footage of various events involving SCP-3705. A title for each cassette tape was written on a piece of masking tape attached to each cassette tape.

Title Event Notes
1 - Beginnings SCP-3705 approaches and waters a sunlit field of soil by expelling water from its legs. SCP-3705 is not wearing its cape. Burn marks are not present on SCP-3705, and holes are not present on SCP-3705's clothing.
2 - Caretaking The setting is identical to that of 1. SCP-3705 faces towards the field motionless. A northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) descends from above and attempts to eat a seed beneath the soil. SCP-3705 approaches the northern cardinal, and it flies away from SCP-3705.
3 - Triumph The setting is identical to that of 1 and 2. Fully grown sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) are present within the field of soil. SCP-3705 waters them.
4 - Initiative The setting is identical to that of 1, 2, and 3. Strong wind and rain are present. All of the sunflowers are uprooted by the wind. SCP-3705 approaches the field from off-screen. SCP-3705 inspects the scene before kneeling. It is believed that this is an expression of sorrow.
5 - Atonement SCP-3705 waters a field of soil in a different location than in 1, 2, 3, and 4. SCP-3705 begins wearing its cape.
6 - Shelter The setting is identical to that of 5. Strong wind and rain, similar to the wind and rain in 4, are present. Marigolds (Calendula officinalis) are growing within the field. SCP-3705 kneels over the marigolds furthest towards the direction the wind is blowing from.
7 - Amends The setting is identical to that of 5 and 6. SCP-3705 is in the same position as it was in 6. SCP-3705 leaves its position to inspect the field. No marigolds are in a considerably worse condition than they were in 6.
8 - Aid SCP-3705 approaches seven potted tulips (Tulipa gesneriana) on the grass overshadowed by a nearby tree. SCP-3705 carries each pot away from the shade of the tree to a sunlit area on the grass.
9 - Watchman The setting is identical to that of 8. A branch on the tree in 8 detaches from the tree and falls towards the potted tulips. SCP-3705 appears from off-screen and strikes the falling branch with its legs, causing the branch to land away from the tulips.
10 - Requiem SCP-3705 walks past the front of a house and enters the backyard of the house. Within the backyard is a garden containing angelonia (Angelonia angustifolia), cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus), and snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus), each of which show signs of dilapidation. SCP-3705 waters the garden. Analysis of the house indicates that it was inhabited by Terrence Marley, who passed away on 3/6/2004 at the age of 62.
11 - Unwavering The setting is identical to that of 10. SCP-3705 monitors the garden. Six Canada geese (Branta canadensis) approach the garden from off-screen. SCP-3705 approaches the geese to ward them off. The geese do not leave. SCP-3705 moves closer to the geese, at which point the geese begin honking and fly towards SCP-3705. The geese land upon and begin pecking at SCP-3705.
12 - Impregnable The setting is identical to that of 10 and 11. SCP-3705 is laying upon the ground. SCP-3705 stands up and inspects the garden. All plants are in the same condition they were in 11. Holes are now present on SCP-3705's clothing.
13 - Supervisor A male child and a female child water a garden of pasture roses (Rosa carolina) using watering cans. Both children's cans expend their supply of water. Both children place their can on the ground and walk off-screen. SCP-3705 approaches the cans and refills them.
14 - Tribulation SCP-3705 enters a burning house through its open patio door. SCP-3705 enters a dining room and maneuvers past burning furniture to reach a staircase. SCP-3705 ascends the staircase, parts of its body and clothes igniting as it does. As SCP-3705 reaches the top of the staircase, it expels highly pressurized water at itself to douse the flames on its body and clothing. SCP-3705 enters what appears to be a child's bedroom almost completely engulfed in flames. SCP-3705 begins to approach a potted carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) placed upon a window sill facing the entrance to the room. As SCP-3705 moves towards it, a burning ceiling fan falls from the ceiling and lands in front of SCP-3705. As SCP-3705 steps backwards, a large portion of the ceiling collapses. A part of the collapsed ceiling lands on the carnation, bringing it to the floor. SCP-3705 is unharmed by the collapse of the ceiling, and climbs over the wreckage of the ceiling and begins digging through it. SCP-3705 continues digging until the siren of a firetruck is heard. SCP-3705 leaves the room. Burn marks are present on SCP-3705 after SCP-3705 reaches the top of the staircase.
15 - Despondence SCP-3705 stands in front of the house in 14, the fire now extinguished. Placed in the grass in front of SCP-3705 is a cross constructed out of twigs. The twigs are bound to each other by a sunflower (Helianthus annuus) grown near the cross, wrapping around the two twigs. SCP-3705 is no longer wearing its cape.
16 - Drifter SCP-3705 walks up a hill. Smoke billows in the distance to the right of SCP-3705. SCP-3705 turns to the right and sees a forest fire.
17 - Absolution This tape depicts the events leading up to and during SCP-3705's neutralization. SCP-3705 runs through the burning forest. During this time, the Foundation is alerted to SCP-3705 presence, and MTF Epsilon-14 is deployed and sent to the forest. SCP-3705 reaches an area completely engulfed in flames. SCP-3705 expels highly pressurized water into the fire, creating an opening in the fire. SCP-3705 continues running through the opening, extinguishing any fire that comes near itself. SCP-3705 reaches a large field of early dog-violets (Viola reichenbachiana) that the fire has not reached. SCP-3705 quickly waters the violets. As SCP-3705 finishes watering the violets, the fire reaches the field. The field is quickly engulfed in flames. Due to reasons unknown, the violets are not visibly damaged by the fire. SCP-3705 moves to the middle of the field. SCP-3705 attempts to fend off the fire by expelling highly pressurized water into it, but to no avail. SCP-3705 ignites and is completely engulfed in flames. SCP-3705 remains motionless as it burns. The view of SCP-3705 is obscured by flames as the video ends. SCP-3705 is wearing its cape throughout the video. The field of violets in the video disappeared following SCP-3705's neutralization. The cause of its disappearance has been determined as not due to the fire, as the area in which the violets existed shows no signs of fire-related damage.

The following message was found written on the inside of the cape with black ink.

You have all of the tapes

You now know this warden's cause

Not all heroes wear capes

But this one does

Are We Cool Yet?

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