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SCP-3712-2 without its fur

Item #: SCP-3712

Object Class: Euclid Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All robots attempting to enter Robot Wars any robot combat gameshow are to be checked for instances of SCP-3712. All robots that are directly affected by SCP-3712 are to be routinely undermined by Foundation personnel prior to battles between other machines. During a battle, robots indirectly affected by SCP-3712 are to have their fur burnt. Spectators whose clothes are affected by SCP-3712-B must be administed Class-C Amnestics before battles involving SCP-3712, before instances of SCP-3712-B are seized by Foundation personnel and are completely burned away.

Under no circumstances may any Foundation personnel attempt to seize a robot directly affected by SCP-3712 that currently still has its fur. Instances of SCP-3712 must have its fur be completely burned away before being secured at an air-tight vault at Foundation Site 21. A small batch of fur generated by SCP-3712 is to be kept in a secure air-tight vault located at Foundation Site 21. Experiments requiring the use of the fur must be approved by the SCP-3712 research team.

As of ██/██/████, the transferring of any robot onto new owners must be overseen by Foundation personnel.

Description: SCP-3712 is a phenomenon affecting robots entering the British robot combat gameshow Robot Wars robot combat gameshows, and various forms of clothing. Although known to have Originated from Dublin, Ireland, the exact area where instances are created remains unknown. Instances consist of flammable red and black polkadot fur, with a pair of bloodshot eyes, eyebrows and a large grin, which attaches itself to affected robots. All robots directly affected by SCP-3712, bar SCP-3712-1 are named as "Diotoir, Son of Nemesis", although instances are known simply as "Diotoir" (Irish for Annihilator), on Robot Wars.

Many of the affected robots generally exhibit strong pushing power, with SCP-3712-1 being able to successfully outpush Robot Wars House Robot Shunt, and SCP-3712-3 withstanding repeated blows from eventual Series 6 champions Tornado before ultimately pitting it. However, a general weakness among the robots concern the lack of reliable self-righting mechanisms, which have been exploited by several competitors during battles on Robot Wars.

Robots that come into contact with competitors affected by SCP-3712 will begin to generate small patches of fur onto their armour and in some cases weaponry. Usually, this can be removed by burning the fur during battle. If left unchecked, the fur will begin to spread all over the affected machine, before eventually developing its own bloodshot eyes and wide grin within one week of initial contact. This has ultimately established new instances of SCP-3712, designated as SCP-3712-7 and SCP-3712-8. SCP-3712 can also give affected robots advantages and disadvantages; for example, Thor, upon having its axe affected by SCP-3712, was able to burn it, creating a temporary "fireaxe" with more damage potential. Other robots, including Tornado, have experienced decreased reliability when battling instances of SCP-3712, often causing them to lose battles as a consequence.

SCP-3712 can yield notables effects on clothing, including shirts, trousers, footwear and [REDACTED]. At the start of transmission, the instance is generally weak, and affected clothing can be cured relatively easily by burning the fur attached to it. However, after a couple of days, SCP-3712 will begin to modify the clothes, turning the materials to flammable red fur with black polkadots, becoming instances of SCP-3712-B. Testing on Class-D personnel has revealed that not only does it not become more difficult to wear instances SCP-3712-B, but according to the subjects, the clothing's textures still feel exactly the same, regardless of what fabrics the clothing was originally created with.

The rate through which SCP-3712 spreads depends greatly on the number of battles it competes in a given time. The worst outbreak known to the Foundation occurred in 2001, where SCP-3712-3 competed in Extreme 1's Tag Team Terror competition. It teamed alongside tag partners Mega Morg (which was forcibly withdrawn by the Foundation after almost being taken over by an instance of SCP-3712), and Pussycat, ultimately winning the competition and affecting ██ other robots and clothing. As such, the Foundation have generally been attempting to limit exposure by sabotaging instances prior to its battles. This included the creation of a Robot Wars House Robot with a flamethrower, known as Sergeant Bash, to continually pitting instances against robots with flippers.

SCP-3712 was brought to the attention of the Foundation during filming for Series 1 of Robot Wars, after roboteers began to report batches of fur on their robots. After the fur was burned by SCP personnel, all eyewitnesses were administed Class-C Amnestics and robots taken over by SCP-3712 were claimed as being part of a series of joke robots designed to entertain the audience. Spectators whose clothes are affected by SCP-3712-B are administed Class-C Amnestics before a battle involving an instance of SCP-3712, to enable the Foundation to seize the affected clothing. Because of the immense popularity of the Diotoir machines on Robot Wars, attempting to seize instances of SCP-3712 before they have battled and have had their fur burnt is forbidden by the Foundation. Attempting to administer Class-A Amnestics onto viewers of robot combat gameshows in order to make them forget SCP-3712 is deemed unfeasible by the Foundation due to the worldwide popularity of the shows.

SCP-3712-1 was the first instance to be successfully contained by the Foundation, after having its fur being completely burnt off on December 18th, ████, enabling containment. Situated in an air-tight vault, no instance of SCP-3712 has successfully been able to regrow any fur. A small batch of fur is also stored in an air-tight vault, which cannot grow while within, leading to the SCP-3712 research team theorising oxygen is required for growth. It was also originally theorised by SCP-3712 research team that the instances only occurred on Robot Wars. However, this was disproven on March 9, ████, when the Foundation discovered SCP-3712-4, a walkerbot covered with the red and dot polka fur, entered Techno Games, a spin-off of Robot Wars.

All instances of SCP-3712 were successfully contained and reclassified as Safe on were believed to have been successfully contained and reclassified as Safe on January 17th, ████, after SCP-3712-6 was defeated in battle, had its fur completely burnt and was seized. However, on December 31st, ████, exposure to undiscovered SCP-3712 caused spinner Kadeena Machina to become an instance of SCP-3712, designated as SCP-3712-7. SCP-3712-7 managed to affect ████ other robots, and established instances of SCP-3712-B, but was successfully contained on the same day as its discovery.

SCP-3712-8 was discovered by the Foundation during the transferring of Iron-Awe 7 whilst it was travelling to China to compete in the FMB (Fighting My Bots) World Finals, taking over the machine on January ████, ████. It is the only known instance of SCP-3712 that has not been neutralised, as well as becoming the first instance that has travelled outside of Ireland and the United Kingdom, increasing its potential of spreading. The Foundation therefore reclassified SCP-3712 as Euclid.

  • SCP-3712-1 (contained 18-12-████): Was discovered by the Foundation during filming for Series 1 of Robot Wars, on February 20th, ████. This instance, known as Nemesis as written on its underside, was a circular machine armed with a pneumatic spiked ram. It was contained after a battle against Robot Wars competitor Onslaught.
  • SCP-3712-2 (contained 27-12-████): First entered Series 3 of Robot Wars on March 24th, ████, SCP-3712-2 was the first to be known as Diotoir, Son of Nemesis, as written on its underside. The meaning behind the name has yet to be officially explained by the SCP-3712 research team, although it has been theorised that its name is to simply designate it as a predecessor of SCP-3712-1. All later instances of SCP-3712, with the exception of SCP-3712-4 and SCP-3712-5, have kept the same name. SCP-3712-2 was a heptagonal-shaped robot armed with a hydraulic lifting weapon. It was contained after a battle against Robot Wars competitor Pussycat.
  • SCP-3712-3 (contained 14-5-████): The third instance debuted in the first episode of Extreme 1 of Robot Wars on October 8th, ████. Like SCP-3712-2, SCP-3712-3 was a heptagonal-shaped robot, armed with a shovel instead of a hydraulic lifting weapon. Contained after a battle against Robot Wars competitor Spawn Again.
  • SCP-3712-4 (contained 29-3-████): The first instance to appear on a robot competition outside of Robot Wars, entering Techno Games on March 9th, ████. It was a walkerbot containing a petrol-driven 50cc engine, known as Ulysses. Contained after an Internal Combustion Sprint against Scuttle-B-Squared.
  • SCP-3712-5 (contained 18-3-████): Entering Techno Games on March 18th, ████, SCP-3712-5 successfully took over Robot Wars loanerbot Rigby, a box-shaped machine armed with an axe. Containe after an Assault Course event against Kat's Whiskers.
  • SCP-3712-6 (contained 17-1-████): The last instance prior to ████, SCP-3712-6 entered the Tag Team Terror competition in Extreme 2 of Robot Wars. Again keeping the heptagonal-shaped chassis, it was armed with a panel and overhead crushing arm. Contained after a battle against Robot Wars competitors Bulldog Breed and Robochicken.
  • SCP-3712-7 (contained 31-12-████): Took over previous Robot Wars competitor Kadeena Machina, an axlebot armed with a vertical flywheel. Entered the World Series of Series 10 of Robot Wars on December 31st, ████. Contained after a battle against Robot Wars competitor Apollo.
  • SCP-3712-8: Merged with Iron-Awe 7, a wedge-shaped machine armed with a rear-hinged flipper, on January ████, ████. First entered FMB, it is the only uncontained instance of SCP-3712 known to the Foundation.
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