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EuclidSCP-3721 Camera ManRate: -16

SCP-3721 during a test.

Item #: SCP-3721

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3721 is to be contained inside a 50x50x50 natural enclosure with little to no light at all times. When personnel enter SCP-3721's containment unit, under no circumstances are they to bring any source of light with them over 8 lumens. This is for their own safety. At least one (1) recording device must be present in the containment unit at all times to properly observe SCP-3271's activity.

Description: Contained in Site-17 circa 2███. SCP-3721 is a humanoid anomaly only visible through video recording. When observed through a camera or other recording device, the object appears as a vaguely humanoid figure seemingly comprised of white static, and wearing a grey vest with a blue trench coat. Photographs show SCP-3721 giving off a sort of light, though this has never been observed in containment.

If SCP-3721 is ever in the presence of light over 8 lumens, it will begin to produce large amounts of gamma radiation, rushing at the source of the light. Unless it is for research purposes, personnel are warned against bringing any bright light source into the containment unit.

Addendum: Occasionally, quiet laughter can be heard in containment. This is a routine event. Any absence of this behaviour for an extended period of time should be reported to any personnel Class B or higher for investigation.

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