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SafeSCP-3725 The Shield RingRate: -12

Item #: SCP-3725

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3725 is to be stored in a standard high-security locker on Site ██. SCP-3725 may be used for research purposes, if the experiment is approved by a Level 4+ personnel.

Description: SCP-3725 is a seemingly ancient ring with a shield like design.


It is dated to be approximately █000-█000 years old. SCP-3725's anomalous properties have substantial effects on the wearer.

The effects on the wearer are as follows

Event 1.) Upon initially donning the ring the wearer will begin to immediately feel a surge of energy, Resulting in the feeling of being stronger, faster, more nimble, and as plainly stated by D-13090 "Fucking incredible I feel like I can do anything." Upon further research it has been discovered that the enhanced physical abilities of the wearer are due to a result similar to blood doping, in this state the wearers heart through unknown means is able to work at 10x the capacity without either rupturing arteries, and veins, or the heart failing altogether.

The physical enhancements seem to vary per subject. For strength Agent. J.████ was capable of comfortably lifting 5 metric tons Dr.████ could only lift 4 metric tons with great effort.
This varying level of physical enhancement also carries over to both the wearers endurance, speed, and agility.

Event 2.)After the initial stages of Event 1, SCP-3725 after variable amounts of time after reaching a certain physical threshold SCP 3725 will being Event 2. Once Event 2 has been reached, the ring will rapidly "absorb" calories and nutrients from the wearer. While never in fatal amount it will level the wearer with signs of minor malnutrition, and fatigue, later followed by migraines.

The "limit" to SCP-3725's ability seems to have a "plateau" point in which the aforementioned event will follow. However removing the ring before reaching the plateau point will result in no Event 2. Removing the ring prior to the 2nd event will only result in SCP-3725 to reach it faster for the next subject, it is a unavoidable event and it is considered to be the way SCP-3725 "feeds".

The ring itself seems to posses a "stamina" like function depending on the wearer. The wearers physical abilities prior to the ring dictate the stamina. The exertion before reaching Event 2 can be extended based on how many times the wearer has used SCP-3725.

Recovery: SCP-3725 was found at the banks of the ██████'s river in █████ Greece. The item was discovered by embedded agents following the leads of local legends about a legendary item of power that turned men into gods of war. Following this lead to the site of the battle of ███████ the agents searched the area and came up empty handed, however following the local river for 1.3 kilometers lead to a sandy bank in which the ring was recovered, matching up with the descriptions of the local legends.

Experimentation Notes: As follows are text transcripts derived from the audio logs of Dr.████
Entry 12-██-20██
"So first test today was a success! Uhhh…… as of now the subject which wore SCP-3725 is only suffering from minor ailments, but other than that was able to complete the assigned tasks D-10419 was capable of lifting…… lets see here… ah 1 metric ton, him timed mile run was 1:13. After completed the tests D-10419 felt the effects as stated in Event 2. He was given a high calorie meal,
along with some nutrition supplements.(Dr.████ continually talks about other mundane details of the test.)

Entry 01-██ -20██
"Test after test we preform but the ill effects of SCP-3725 are so minor that I have sent in multiple requests for it to be used in the field!! The "stamina of the ring itself seems to grow depending on how many times said wearer has used the ring and triggered Event 2. Agent. ████ has tested with the item 6 times and has not only increased his enhanced abilities, but also has built up a "stamina before the Event 2."

Interview Logs:

Interviewed: Agent. ████

Interviewer: Dr.████

Foreword: Agent. ████ following the 6th test involving SCP-3725 was given a standard debrief and interview with Dr.████.

<Begin Log, >01-██ -20██

Dr.████: So here we are again…. ████ how are you feeling?

Agent. ████: As shitty as always, but these pills really help with the migraines.

Dr.████:Based on these test results, your physical abilities have increased by 25% for physical strength. You running speed has increased to 58 mph. Have you noticed these changes?

Agent. ████: Not really actually, lifting the starting weight vs what I lifted in the last test was just as difficult.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Agent. ████ will continue to preform weekly tests, under the directory of Dr.████ .

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