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Item #: SCP-3054

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A fenced, circular perimeter with a radius of 1.5 kilometers has been established around SCP-3054-A. This perimeter is maintained by MTF Kappa-9 ("Paging Nurse Ratched") under a cover story involving groundwater contamination.

Efforts to develop a method of containing SCP-3054's effects outside of SCP-3054-A are ongoing. Meanwhile, all disappearances associated with SCP-3054 are to be reported to the Foundation's Disinformation Bureau for further action.

No personnel with a documented history of mental illness are permitted on-site.

Description: SCP-3054 is an anomalous phenomenon which affects patients interned in mental health facilities throughout North America. Affected patients will disappear when left unobserved. Investigations into these disappearances have uncovered records at each facility indicating a scheduled transfer to SCP-3054-A. Neither a source nor an explanation for these records has been determined.

The Foundation became aware of this phenomenon in 1981; however, analysis indicates possible incidents dating back to 1890. Furthermore, while the earliest incidents occurred within one hundred kilometers of SCP-3054-A, this 'area of effect' appears to have expanded over time (with the most recent incident reported in Vancouver, Canada). As of now, there have been 912 disappearances associated with SCP-3054. More are expected to be uncovered.


Interior of SCP-3054-A.

SCP-3054-A is Cragstaff Sanitarium — an uninhabited psychiatric institute located in a forested region 50 kilometers west of Hudson, North Carolina. Other than the previously mentioned transfer records, no documentation of SCP-3054-A's construction or operation exists. Researchers are working to determine when SCP-3054-A was built and whether or not it was actually used.

It has recently been discovered that any person with a documented history of mental illness may experience SCP-3054 while inside of SCP-3054-A (see below).

Addendum 3054.1: Text Logs

The following text logs were pulled from Foundation personnel's phones following the disappearance of Julia Owens, a Foundation researcher assigned to SCP-3054-A.

Julia: Hello?

Julia: Barry? Please reply.

Barry: Julia? Where are you?

Julia: I'm in the building.

Barry: Where?

Julia: In one of the rooms upstairs.

Julia: They don't let us keep personal items, but I managed to hide my phone.

Julia: I don't think they even know what the hell it is.

Barry: Wait, what are you talking about? Who doesn't let you keep personal items?

Barry: Let me call you.

Julia: No

Julia: Don't.

Julia: If the phone rings, they might hear.

Barry: Okay. Who might hear? I'm getting our supervisor.

Julia: The staff.

Barry: The staff?

Julia: In the building. The medical staff.

Julia: Give me a sec

Julia: I'm still inside the building, but it's like I've traveled back in time. There are doctors and nurses everywhere, all wearing… like, old-timey clothes.

Julia: They said I'm here to receive treatment.

Lindsey: Julia, this is Dr. Lindsey. You're telling me that you are currently inside Cragstaff, but it's open and running? With a medical staff?

Julia: Yes.

Julia: And it's not decayed, or broken down. It looks brand new.

Julia: I saw others here, too. Other people taken by SCP-3054, I think?

Julia: Lots of them. Confused. Scared. Most of them wouldn't even talk to me. Couple of teens, mostly adults.

Julia: Some of them were just sitting in chairs, drooling. Looks like they might have been drugged.

Lindsey: Alright, Julia. Can you tell me precisely what room you're in? We're going to go there and see if there's any way to get you out.

Julia: Room 203, I think.

Lindsey: We're on our way

Julia: Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. Door's locked. Windows are barred.

Julia: Looking out the window. Can't see much besides trees and fog.

Julia: Can't even see the sky.

Lindsey: We're inside the room. Can you see anything unusual? Try to move some objects around.

Julia: Everything's bolted down.

Julia: Someone coming gtg

Lindsey: Stay safe. Text this number again when you can. We'll keep someone monitoring it. And do whatever you can to conserve your phone battery.

Julia: Yo.

Julia: Anyone?

Lindsey: Yes. I'm here.

Lindsey: It's Lindsey.

Julia: Hey.

Julia: I've got all the settings on my phone running on minimum. Also, I'm keeping it turned off in-between uses. My battery should last a couple of days, at the very least.

Julia: Presuming I don't blow all my juice on Flappy Bird.

Lindsey: Okay, good. What's going on? Can you tell me anything new that might help us get you out of there?

Julia: Not much. All the windows are barred. Outside is overcast.

Julia: All the patients downstairs are different, now. Most of them are still confused. Just different faces. Different people.

Lindsey: Have you talked to any of them?

Julia: Yeah. A lot of them just got here. The ones who have been here longer, they don't talk much. Just stare and mumble to themselves.

Julia: There's a woman here in her sixties. Someone told me she came here when she was a little girl.

Julia: Apparently, she tried to escape once.

Julia: So they did something to her.

Julia: And now, now she doesn't try much of anything.

Julia: Just stares out the window and drools.

Lindsey: All the more reason for you to be as careful as possible, right?

Julia: Right. They told me I'll see a doctor, tomorrow.

Julia: I should go. Need to sleep. Will text you later.

Lindsey: Alright. I'll be here, Julia.

Lindsey: Try to keep the flappy-bird to a minimum, okay? ;)

Julia: <3

Julia: Daily report. Gonna try to keep these brief. Want to conserve power.

Lindsey: Hey! I'm here.

Julia: Same as before. Overcast outside. All different patients downstairs. Even that sixty-year-old lady is gone.

Julia: Seen too many different faces. No way they all fit inside this place.

Julia: Met doctor today. Talked for about twenty minutes.

Julia: Asked him when I can leave. He said: After we've fixed you

Julia: Asked him what the hell that even means. He said: That's for you to decide

Julia: So, I said: Well, in that case, can't I just decide I'm fixed?

Julia: He didn't think it was funny.

Julia: I asked him about the different faces.

Julia: He just said: Interesting.

Julia: Asshole is acting like I'm crazy.

Lindsey: Be careful. Don't antagonize them. Tell them whatever they want to hear. We don't know what these people are. We don't even know if they're people.

Julia: Yeah. The way he looked at me after that joke…

Julia: I'll play nice. Pretend to be a good little girl.

Lindsey: Good. We're still working on a plan to get you out of there.

Julia: Is that even possible?

Lindsey: Well, we can communicate, which means something must get through… which means that — yeah, there is probably a way to get you back.

Julia: I'd really appreciate it. The food here is pretty horrible.

Julia: gtg, footsteps

Lindsey: Stay safe.

Julia: Hey

Lindsey: Hey!

Lindsey: So, we might have some good news.

Lindsey: I think we figured out why it took you.

Lindsey: I know this is a gross violation of privacy — not to mention HIPAA regulations — but I thumbed through some personnel files, called in some favors. Found out that out of all the people assigned here, you're the only one who's ever been admitted to a mental health facility.

Lindsey: We think maybe that when someone is here, SCP-3054 'counts' it as you being interned in a psychiatric institute. But only if you've been interned in one before.

Lindsey: If we're right, it means we know how to send people over. And since you took your phone with you, that means we might be able to send someone to you with something even more useful. Maybe something that can bring you and everyone else back.

Lindsey: Anyway, it's not a solution, but it's a start.

Lindsey: Julia?

Julia: Yeah

Julia: Yeah that's good

Julia: I would very much like to leave

Lindsey: Are you okay?

Julia: Started meds few days ago

Julia: Foggy, hard to remember shit

Julia: Sorry. Hard to focus

Julia: Is why I haven't messaged. Been sleeping a lot

Lindsey: No, it's fine, I understand.

Julia: Been talking to other patients more

Julia: Some of them don't even remember when they first came here. I think it's the meds, but I don't know. Maybe it's this place

Julia: One of them told me you can petition to leave.

Julia: A judge shows up, and you plead your case, the judge can decide to let you go.

Julia: I asked if anyone ever got out that way. Nobody really seems to know or remember

Julia: I asked if anyone got out PERIOD

Julia: Same response

Julia: I think most of them have given up. They just stare out the window and chew their pills

Julia: But I'm not giving up

Julia: I'm not dying in this place.

Lindsey: Don't worry. We'll get you out. I promise.

Julia: I petitioned for a judge this morning. I'm seeing him tomorrow.

Lindsey: Are you sure that's wise?

Julia: It's a shot. I'm taking it. I can't stand this place, it's

Julia: It's not even hell. At least hell would be interesting

Julia: It's just waiting to die

Lindsey: Okay. Please, be careful. We still don't know what we're dealing with, here.

Julia: I will.

Julia: Going to sleep. Good night.

Lindsey: Okay. Good night. Stay safe.

Julia: Fuck

Lindsey: Julia?

Julia: Fuck fuck fuck

Julia: Fuck fuck

Lindsey: What's wrong?

Julia: Fuck

Lindsey: Talk to me, Julia. Please.

Julia: It didn't work

Julia: They doubled my dose of meds before I saw the judge

Julia: I'm slurring all over the place and he's just staring at me

Julia: Then a bunch of doctors I never saw show up

Julia: Start talking about how I don't engage with the other patients

Julia: Or shower

Julia: Or brush my hair

Julia: Fucking

Julia: Showers I don't even have any other clothes besides the set you gave me you fucking assholes

Julia: I don't even have a hairbrush how the fuck am I supposed to brush my hair

Julia: And no one told me I need to engage with the patients more

Julia: They never told me anything

Julia: Then they bring up the shit I said to the doctor

Julia: Like how I said the faces keep changing

Julia: Making it sound like I'm crazy


Lindsey: I know. You aren't crazy, Julia.

Julia: The judge said

Julia: He'd give me a choice

Julia: He could make a decision now, which meant

Julia: Either he'd let me out or keep me for another 6 months

Julia: Or I could 'agree' to stay for 3 months and petition again after

Julia: And I

Julia: I fucking couldn't

Julia: I was so scared I just buckled

Julia: I feel so sick

Julia: I'm crying

Julia: What is wrong with me

Lindsey: Julia, calm down. Please. I don't think you're going to be able to get out of this place on your own. I think you need to focus on keeping your head together while we figure out how to get you out, okay?

Julia: No you don't understand

Julia: I'm stuck here for another 3 months I agreed to it

Lindsey: Julia.

Lindsey: I don't care what you told them.

Lindsey: Once we figure out a way to bring you home, we are bringing you home.

Lindsey: I don't care if we need to blow the whole goddamn place down.

Lindsey: We are bringing you home.

Lindsey: Okay?

Lindsey: Julia?

Julia: Okay

Julia: I'm sorry I fucked this up

Julia: I shouldn't have said anything

Lindsey: Julia, you didn't do anything wrong. Relax. Whatever is happening to you isn't your fault. This place… it isn't right. Okay?

Lindsey: Julia?

Julia: Okay

Julia: I'm going to sleep

Julia: Please bring me home

Julia: I just want to come home

Lindsey: We will. I promise.

Addendum 3054.2: Voice Logs

The following audio logs are recordings of phone-calls received by Dr. June Lindsey from Ms. Owens' phone.

FOREWORD: Dr. Lindsey received the following call at 21:12.

<Begin Audio Log.>

VOICE 1: Hello?

VOICE 2: (rustling sounds) Lindsey. It's Julia.

VOICE 1: Julia? What's going on? Why are you calling? Are you okay?

VOICE 2: I escaped.

VOICE 1: You… where are you?

VOICE 2: I'm outside of the facility. It's dark, but I'm out. I'm fucking out. I faked taking my meds for a couple of days, hid them under my tongue — managed to steal a nail-file. Used it to pry up one of the bars of my window.

VOICE 1: Okay. Okay, Julia. I'm notifying personnel right now, give me a moment. We're going to do a search in the woods surrounding the facility. Give me a second.

VOICE 2: (rustling sounds) I'm moving, but it's slow going. You know that people can't walk in straight lines? I learned that on TV. Mythbusters, I think? But if you take it slow, you can get kind of close. You just gotta use something as reference points. I'm using the trees. Line up the trees, walk between them…

VOICE 1: (muffled, distant) Kappa-7, this is Dr. Lindsey. Come back.

VOICE 2: (laughing) Oh my God, can you imagine…? If my life was saved by TV? TV and a nail-file.

VOICE 1: (muffled, distant) I need you to begin searching the interior of the perimeter. We think one of ours might be in the woods.

VOICE 2: (laughing turns to strangled sobs)

VOICE 1: Julia…?

VOICE 2: (sniffling) It's okay. I'm okay. Just, God, I'm so glad just to hear your voice. Anyone's voice. But yours, especially. I was starting to think you aren't even real. They were never going to let me out, Lindsey. It's… so horrible. Everything in there is so horrible. We have to get everyone else out of there. We can't leave them.

VOICE 1: Keep talking to me, Julia. Keep moving in a straight line. Keep using the trees. There's a fence, about a kilometer out. We've got people patrolling it.

VOICE 2: (laughing, again) I'm going to tackle the first person I see. Just, tackle them and start kissing them. Boy, girl, or other. I don't even care. Fuck it. I'll marry them.

VOICE 1: Well, uh… (laughing) Just, um. Maybe give them a little warning, first? I mean, they're armed.

VOICE 2: (rustling) The worst part… the worst part is how they keep acting like you can leave. If it was just hopeless, if they just told me I'm never leaving, I could deal with that. But they keep dangling hope in front of you. Torturing you with it. I—


VOICE 1: Julia?

VOICE 2: I see a light. Up ahead. Hey! Hey! Over here!

VOICE 1: Be careful. Hold your hands up. Let them see you.

VOICE 2: It's not moving. The light's not moving. Are there any—

VOICE 1: Perimeter lights. Around the fence. Yes. Just reach it, and stay there.

VOICE 2: (rustling) Thank God, thank fucking God, I'll take anything over this, any—


VOICE 1: …Julia?

VOICE 2: (whimpering) No.

VOICE 1: Julia? What's wrong?

VOICE 2: (whimpering) No, no, no—

VOICE 1: Julia, talk to me.

VOICE 2: I'm… I'm at the front doors. It doesn't — how did I end up at the front doors that doesn't even make any sense I didn't leave from the front—

(Sound of doors opening.)

VOICE 1: Julia!

(Voice 2 begins sobbing incoherently)

<End Audio Log.>

FOREWORD: Dr. Lindsey received the following call at 13:05.

<Begin Audio Log.>

VOICE 1: Hello? Julia? Is that you?


VOICE 1: Julia, are you there? Who is this?

VOICE 2: Hello.

VOICE 1: Julia! Julia, are you okay? You haven't been responding to texts.

VOICE 2: I am doing better.

VOICE 1: You sound… what's wrong with your voice?

VOICE 2: It's alright. I understand, now.

VOICE 1: What's alright? What do you understand?

VOICE 2: You're part of my sickness.

VOICE 1: What?

VOICE 2: You're not real. You're a voice in my head.

VOICE 1: What are you talking about?

VOICE 2: I thought they didn't know about you. I thought they didn't know I was talking to you. But they knew all along.

VOICE 1: Julia, please. Whatever they're telling you, it's not right.

VOICE 2: I thought I was clever, stealing that nail-file. Trying to escape. But they were testing me. They left the nail-file out for me to find. They wanted me to see for myself. They wanted me to see just how sick I am.

VOICE 1: Please, stop. Please. Listen to me. You're not sick. You're not crazy.

VOICE 2: I am only speaking to you now as part of my treatment. But after this, I will not speak to you again. I must focus on being well. I must let them fix me.

VOICE 1: Please don't do this. Please stop. You can't let them win.

(distant, unintelligible voice)

VOICE 2: (muffled) Yes. Yes, sir.

VOICE 1: Julia?

VOICE 2: The doctor would like me to give you a message.

VOICE 1: Julia, please, stop. Please. We're going to come for you.

VOICE 2: He tells me to tell you, to tell your supervisors, to tell their supervisors, all the way up the line.

VOICE 1: Please, stop, I'm going to get you out of there, I promise—

VOICE 2: You are sick. You are broken. We will fix you.

<End Audio Log.>

As of this date, no further attempts to contact Ms. Owens' phone have succeeded.

Addendum 3054.3: The following emails are documented here to give context for the incident that occurred on 5-7-2010.

DATE: 21/06/2010
FROM: Director Browning <noitadnuof.pcs|gninworbb#noitadnuof.pcs|gninworbb>
TO: Dr. Lindsey <noitadnuof.pcs|yesdnilj#noitadnuof.pcs|yesdnilj>
SUBJECT: Re: Article Updates

Although it's clear that Ms. Owens was abducted by SCP-3054, the only details we have about this 'alt-dimension Cragstaff' are from her texts and phone-logs. And as you yourself discovered, Ms. Owens is a recovering schizophrenic (still trying to figure out how RAISA missed that one). Her testimony is anecdotal— at best. At this point, our knowledge of this dimension is purely speculative.

And we do not deal in speculation. We deal in cold, hard facts. No one outside of D-Class personnel is going through SCP-3054 until we're reasonably certain we can bring them back. Recovering Ms. Owens is high priority — but so is protecting Foundation agents here and now. I'm not sending armed personnel into a dimension we know nothing about. We need more data.

Furthermore, given the possibility that SCP-3054-A's nature may target subjects with documented mental illnesses, I am rejecting your request for psychiatric treatment — for reasons that should be absurdly clear. Instead, I'm giving you two weeks paid leave. Effective immediately.

Take some time off, June. Forget about Ms. Owens; let us handle it. Request some amnestics if you need them.

Whatever it takes — get your head back into the game. We've got work to do.

DATE: 05/07/2010
FROM: Researcher Phyllis <noitadnuof.pcs|sillyhpb#noitadnuof.pcs|sillyhpb>
TO: Director Browning <noitadnuof.pcs|gninworbb#noitadnuof.pcs|gninworbb>
SUBJECT: Incident (contact me IMMEDIATELY)

If you're reading this, either you already know what's going on (in which case, disregard) or you're turning your computer on before you check your phone (in which case, stop what you're doing and call me RIGHT NOW. You can keep reading while the phone is ringing.)

Dr. Lindsey disappeared. It happened just after she got back from vacation. She entered SCP-3054-A, said something about wanting to check on a hunch, then… an hour later, nobody could get in contact with her.

Three hours later, we're still looking for her. Suddenly, one of the structures on the west side of SCP-3054-A just collapses. Like somebody blew a goddamn hole through it.

We're all scrambling, I'm trying to call you and leaving you 5 voice-mails and over 20 texts — and that's when somebody finds the note. June left it on her desk shortly after entering SCP-3054-A. I scanned it and sent a copy to your phone, but I'll include it here so you can see.

If you're reading this, then I'm already gone.

Let me tell you about my vacation!

I had a wonderful time. Saw some family. Watched a few movies. Borrowed my father's pistol. Managed to get ahold of some grenades. Took a trip down to the shore. Found a psychiatric institute that would admit me overnight for 'grief counseling'.

I'm going in. And either Julia's coming back with me… or I'm not coming back at all.

Foundation personnel are to continue monitoring mental health facilities throughout North America to determine if any change in SCP-3054 has occurred.

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