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EuclidSCP-3731 Saving Private BryanRate: -2

Item#: SCP-3731

Object class: Euclid Resolved

Containment procedures: SCP-3731 is to be kept in a standard containment locker in site-██. The locker containing SCP-3731 is to be placed in the center of 7 standard Class D personnel cell. Every day at lights out 7 randomly chosen D personnel are to be placed within these containment cells to prevent the effects of SCP-3731 from affecting anyone outside of its containment area. At 0625 all class D personnel involved in containing SCP-3731 are to be checked to make sure they are asleep. Any class D personnel found awake are to be sedated. SCP-3731 no longer requires containment (see addendum 1)

Description: SCP-3731 is a World War 1 English helmet made out of 5mm thick steel. The surface of SCP-3731 is heavy eroded and has suffered numerous dents. The helmet was issued to 17 year old Private █████ Bryan on 18th March 1915 and was later placed in a WW1 commemorative museum until recovery. Every morning at exactly 0628, the closest 7 people to SCP-3731 who are asleep or unconscious become subject to the objects anomalous effects. All under the influence of SCP-3731 report of having a lucid dream where they are one of a group of 8 soldiers preparing to go over the top in a French frontline trench. Historical analysis has proven this to be at the battle of Loos that took place on the 25th of September 1915. All 7 subjects within this dream are all able to see and interact with each other alongside Private █████ Bryan now referred to as SCP-3731-A. SCP-3731-A is perceived to be in a state of mental turmoil and constantly mutters ‘dear God help me’ and ‘I can’t do this mother’. At exactly 0630 a whistle will sound for all subjects to climb over the top and charge at the German trenches. Any subjects who do not comply or attempt to harm any allies within this dream are shot by one of a few nearby officers. At this point SCP-3731-A will slowly attempt to make his way across no man’s land towards the German trenches. In almost every case (see addendum 1) SCP-3731-A is quickly killed by either shell or gunfire, dependent on the actions of subjects within the dream. Any subjects who die within the dream of successfully survive for more than 10 minutes wake up with full knowledge of the events of this dream. No adverse effects have been shown on any subjects other than a few mild cases of shellshock in subjects after being subjected to SCP-3731 multiple times. Historical research has found that SCP-3731-A died during the battle of Loos and his helmet was recovered in an excavation several years later.

Addendum 1: During testing of SCP-3731, a task force was allowed to enter the dream on August ██ 2001. During the test a member of the taskforce reportedly pushed SCP-3731-A out of the way of an incoming shell and into a nearby shell hole. After the ten minutes ended all task force members awoke from the dream and SCP-3731 subsequently vanished from site-██. After thorough searching of site-██ it was discovered that all records of SCP-3731-A’s death had disappeared. 5 days later the death of █████ Bryan was reported on the news. He had apparently survived WW1 and died at the old age of 98. In an account in the book ██████ he talks about how a brave soldier saved him from a falling shell during in the battle of Loos. SCP-3731 was reportedly buried with him upon his death.

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