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nn5n: scp-3734 Man-melting Armchair
SafeSCP-3734 Man-melting ArmchairRate: -20

Item #: SCP-3734

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3734 is to be kept in Observation Room 543-C in Sector-32.
Following Incident 3734-A (see Addendum-01), SCP-3734 is located in sub-basement 07 of Site-21 inside a concrete room. Aside from testing purposes, SCP-3734 will not be contacted physically by any personnel, due to its anomalous properties. Only personnel of Level 3 clearance and D Class personnel are allowed to access SCP-3734’s containment. The entrance is to remain locked unless required by Foundation personnel.

Description: SCP-3734 appears to be an armchair measuring 104 cm in height and 84 cm in length with what appears to be white leather for the casing of the chair. SCP-3734 was discovered in the abandoned house of the █████ family in ███████ County, in late 19██. Before SCP-3734’s discovery, the house had undergone multiple missing persons investigations.

Despite its appearance of an armchair, the object’s “leather” is made of tough skin-like matter. The inside consists of biological matter such as flesh, bones, and fat. The fat appears to be built up from being idle for long periods of time per day. The legs of the object are made of bone and tissue. SCP-3734 is capable of motion, but prefers to stay motionless in order to capture prey. It possesses a stomach under its seat, which it uses to digest the prey it catches. The stomach has [REDACTED]. The seat emits a highly caustic substance, known as [REDACTED]. It reacts violently to biological components, such as flesh and bone. It also contains a tranquilizing component known as [REDACTED]. When affected by this component, prey are immobilized.

SCP-3734 exhibits carnivorous hunting traits similar to that of Dionaea muscipula (commonly known as the Venus Fly Trap). It preys entirely on human beings and animals such as domesticated cats, dogs, etc. When seated upon, it emits a highly caustic substance, effectively melting the prey from the bottom to the top. The start of this process can take from one minute to two minutes to have effect on the prey, depending on what prey it is consuming. After the process has started to liquefy the prey, the prey is unable to escape by themselves. Prey can be removed from SCP-3734 after death and liquefaction has started. After the prey has been successfully liquefied, its seat [REDACTED], and the appearance of SCP-3734 returns to its normal appearance, without trace of its prey.

SCP-3734 also possesses regenerative abilities, growing back any lost sections of its body after being removed via laceration or explosives. It is also able to regenerate [DATA EXPUNGED]. No attempt has been made to destroy SCP-3734.

Addendum-01 - Incident 3734-A: In Observation Room 543-C, subject D-7456 was scheduled for experimentation with SCP-3734. Dr. █████ was present for the scene that followed. Following this incident, SCP-3734 was reclassified to Euclid.

Experiment Log-01:

The following is a transcription from security footage of Experiment 01-A. No damage has been made to the video tape.

*Subject proceeds to sit on SCP-3734. Subject starts doing idle motions, such as kicking feet, twiddling thumbs. After thirty seconds have passed, subject makes comments about how “this SCP isn’t doing fucking anything.”*

*At exactly one minute and twenty-four seconds after subject has sat on SCP-3734, subject winces and cries out. Subject calms down after a few seconds, then proceeds to comment about a rising pain. Otherwise, subject appears calm.*

*At two minutes and thirty-six seconds, the subject’s skin begins to bubble and peel.*

*The subject panics and begins to plead for help. Following protocol, Dr. Perkins did not intervene with the subject.*

*After pleading for help multiple times, the subject appears to asphyxiate, dying after thirty seconds.*

*It was found that subject D-7456 died from liquefaction of his larynx and lungs.*

*At three minutes and twenty-six seconds, the dead subject’s skin has liquefied, revealing lesions in muscle and bone similar to that of a chemical burn.*

*Nearing four minutes, the containment team enters and two agents remove the subject from SCP-3734. The remaining two agents examine SCP-3734, and the video tape ends.*

No further biological testing is to be made on SCP-3734 with human subjects.

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