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nn5n: scp-3737 The Firecrackers
SafeSCP-3737 The FirecrackersRate: -13

Item #: SCP-3737

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
Item SCP-3737 is to be kept within a 31cm x 31cm aluminium tin case. The case containing SCP-3737 is primarily kept in a standard 5m x 5m x 5m containment chamber. While testing, SCP-3737 must be moved to a 45m x 45m x 7.5m testing chamber. Level 3 clearance is required to enter any vicinity containing SCP-3737.

Description: SCP-3737 appears as strand of 48 firecrackers connected by a 1.25m cotton fuse. Each firecracker is wrapped in red paper detailed with gold patterns and is approximately 12cm long and 2cm in diameter.

SCP-3737's anomalous properties manifest when the fuse along SCP-3737 is ignited and a firecracker erupts. When this happens, a large amount of a dark red smoke, now referred to as SCP-3737-A, emerges from within the firecracker. SCP-3737-A will not exit an area beyond 20m beyond the point of the initial explosion. Approximately 40 seconds after each firecracker's eruption, a human-like silhouette made of SCP-3737-A will manifest from the smoke. These silhouettes appear to be dressed in 19th century Japanese-styled clothing, and occasionally are seen interacting with each other.

If a human subject is to inhale SCP-3737-A they will undergo a sleep-like trance, of which is able to last up to 5 to 13 hours. When the subject awakens from the sleep-like state, they are unable to recall any memories, and instead remember only memories of a person who has lived during the 19th century in Japan. These new identities are fluent in Japanese; However, forget any previously known languages. Some subjects after trance are seen holding items of which the new identity is familiar with. (See SCP-3737 Test 3 and SCP-3737 Test 17)

SCP-3737 Test 3: Subject D-2237 is set in a testing room with SCP-3737. After inhaling SCP-3737-A, subject went into trance for approximately 7.5 hours. After subject awoke, identified themselves as "Usami Sukekazu". Subject was seen carrying a red envelope containing currency.

SCP-3737 Test 17: Subject D-3186 went into trance, after inhaling SCP-3737-A, for approximately 11 hours. After subject awoke, identified themselves as "Fujioka Sanemunei". Subject was seen wearing a locket with a distorted image inside.

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